Cowboy Matt and Mary-Lou Ch. 03

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After Matt, in all his leather glory, came deep inside the big-titted stripper, as Mary-Lou watched and her pussy exploded, the manager of the Raunch Ranch strip club came backstage looking for Mary-Lou.

Earl was angry because Mary-Lou hadn’t been cleaning and doing her janitorial work. Seeing Mary-Lou standing by the wall, cane in one hand, mop in the other, wet stains all down the front of her sweatpants, he yelled “what the hell woman!?! Stop fantasizing! Get back to the backroom and start cleaning or else you’re fired!”

Mary-Lou was both angry and scared: she was gripping onto her cane and mop to ensure she didn’t fall. Sweat poured down her bald head and bloated face, dripping onto her teddy bear sweater.

Matt noticed Earl yelling at the old disabled woman and swaggered over to them. Mary-Lou drooled as Matt swaggered over: his muscular chest glistening with lube and sweat, his black leather armbands and collar ready to burst from the pressure of his huge arms and thick neck, his shiny black leather chaps creaking loudly, his perfect cock and huge balls swinging free, and his slick black cowboy boots pounding the floor, showing his power and dominance. He was coming for her!

Matt towered over tiny Earl and asked in his charming southern drawl, “what seems to be the problem now here sir?” Earl angrily told him that the club’s new cleaner was not doing her job. “She’s doin’ just fine, Earl, don’t you worry” Matt informed him as he winked at Mary-Lou. Matt then suggested that Mary-Lou should be his personal cleaner for Avrupa yakası escort bayan his dressing room and said, “Earl, sir, let Mary-Lou clean my dressin-room? You know how my dressin-room, leather gear, and boots is always covered in cum, needin’ good cleanins!” Matt slapped him on his shoulder and laughed again. Earl shrugged, replying “yeah, Matt, you need a cleaner for your dressing room. Okay, Mary-Lou’s duties are now to clean your dressing room.” “Yee-hawwww” Matt laughed, tipped his black leather cowboy hat in thanks to Earl, and then told Mary-Lou to follow him as he swaggered off.

Mary-Lou almost began to cry: Matt stated that she was his! He had announced to that she was his wife whom he loved! They stood side-by-side, like a bride and groom, as Earl officiated the wedding! She was now married to the man of her dreams!

Matt swaggered ahead of Mary-Lou, his slick black cowboy boots pounding the floor, tipping his black leather cowboy hat to the other strippers that he passed, and then disappeared into his dressing-room. Mary-Lou couldn’t keep up with his manly pace because of age, weight, and mobility problems; she hobbled as fast as she could with her cane, panting with each troubled step, sweating profusely. Her legs and back were aching like crazy with every hobble. But she didn’t care: she wanted to get to Matt’s dressing-room and be alone with him right away.

Mary-Lou’s pussy creamed again when she finally saw Matt’s dressing-room. Leather was everywhere: his kinky Escort Ataköy leather gear — pants, chaps, jackets, vests, gloves, armbands, collars, cowboy hats, belts, whips, ropes, masks, cowboy boots — filled the room, the couch was leather, and his bed had black leather sheets. Matt was sitting on the black leather couch, his cowboy booted feet resting on the table in front of him, a beer can in one hand, the other hand resting on his shiny black leather chaps.

“Come on in, ma’am, welcome home” he greeted her and then chugged back his beer. Home! She loved the sound of that! “Glad to be home with you” she croaked out in her old, raspy voice that whistled due to her missing teeth. “Most important thing you gotta do is clean and polish all my leather.” He took another chug of beer, then continued, “my boots, hats, pants, chaps, everything. I want it all to shine real good, ma’am, like mirrors.” Mary-Lou excitedly nodded yes, “Yes! I can’t wait! I’m so excited to be with you!” Matt had no clue that by doing Mary-Lou the simple favor of sticking up for her, he now had a deluded mental case obsessed with him.

Mary-Lou was now living her dream. She spent almost her entire day and night in Matt’s dressing-room to be part of Matt’s kinky life. She only left to go get junk food or go back to her motel room to sleep. She spent her days rubbing Matt’s leather gear all over her body. She took his leather pants or chaps and rubbed them against her creaming cunt, getting them covered in even more bodily fluid than was Şirinevler escort already on them! She would use his cowboy boots as dildos, sliding the pointed toes deep inside her pussy until she exploded all over them.

Mary-Lou watched Matt’s sleazy striptease every night. Matt was a sex god, grinding his muscular body to the loud club music, humping the floor in his shiny black leather chaps, his brick chest straining under his black studded-leather vest, his slick black cowboy boots pounding the stage, and waving his black leather cowboy hat above his head shouting “yeeeee-haaawww”.

Mary-Lou’s favorite part was when he lubed up and jerked his amazing cock; he gyrated his hot body with every jerk of his super-sized cock with his right hand, rubbing his studded-leather vest with his other hand, loving his own body. Sometimes he’d look at the old fat woman in her teddy bear sweater clutching her cane, and stare straight into her eyes as he jacked off. And when he shot his stream of hot creamy cum, Mary-Lou’s pussy creamed all over her sweatpants.

But Mary-Lou became enraged when Matt fucked other people on stage or backstage. She hated it as Matt screwed the hot strippers with their perfect bodies, big tits, and crotch-high leather boots; she hated it as their leather boots rubbed all over Matt’s shiny black leather chaps; she hated it as Matt’s steel-hard cock penetrated their wet pussies so deep, right down to his cock’s big root; she hated it as the strippers removed Matt’s black leather cowboy hat from his head and pulled on his dark blond hair; she hated their loud, long, hot moans and howls as Matt jizzed deep inside them.

She would watch his amazing fuck scenes in anger and lust, clutching her cane so hard that it left calluses on her grimy hands. Matt belonged to her, not them! Matt married her, not them! Matt loved her, not them!

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