Crazy day – Part 3

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Recap: I have screwed my ex and my neighbor so far in one day now I’m waiting on my gf to arrive and be number 3 for the day….

While I waited for the time to pass I text some with my ex before her man got home teasing her about future sessions.

My gf text me to just go ahead with dinner before she got home.

Even got texts and naughty pics from my neighbor.

When she got home she made and drank a drink fast then made another while telling me about her day.

When she asked me about mine I just said it was ok pretty normal day everything was fine as I replayed screwing the two other women in my head.

She went on and on about her day till she was starting to slur her words.

The sex she has is very vanilla but every once in a while she’ll try something new.

So she stops talking about work and is drunk enough to want spanked so she changed clothes into booty shorts and a t-shirt.

She sat down in front of me on the ottoman with a paddle and said I wanna suck your cock.

As I stood up pulling my cock out, I noticed the curtain wasn’t pulled shut and she was still being this way but it’s dark out anyway I thought to myself.

I decided I’d see how much I could get away with since she was kind of drunk.

She started sucking my cock as it got harder and harder in her mouth she pushed her head further and further down.

Ohhh yeah I moan as I took my shirt off.

She spit all over it then gagged herself a few times.

After that she pulled her shorts down just past her ass cheeks got face down with her ass up making her ass clap begging for me to spank her.

Please baby smack my ass she moaned clapping her ass cheeks.

I grabbed the paddle and right as her ass cheeks clapped I smacked one cheek then the other.

Oh fuck yeah baby give it to me she bursa escort moaned out.

She kept shaking her ass at me moaning yes baby yes baby yes as I continued to spank her ass cheeks till they were both red and stinging.

She buried her head in the couch cushions sticking her ass out like a target moaning fuck me baby.

I slapped her ass cheeks as I stepped up behind her pressing my hard cock into her soaking pussy.

I thrust into her hard and deep making her ass bounce as I pound her.

I kept pounding her till she said her stomach wasn’t feeling too good and we should stop.

I said ok no problem and she went off to bed as I started to watch TV thinking how I at least fucked all 3 in the same day.

I get on my phone and go back to the messages from earlier and see I have missed texts from my neighbor.

Apparently she was texting me while my gf and I were fucking cause she could barely see in the window from her garage with binoculars.

I couldn’t believe she could see or would and the texts were pretty slutty like:

Yeah I suck your cock better than that.

My pussies wet thinking bout earlier and watching you at the same time.

I wonder if she can taste me on your cock?

I can almost feel you fucking my throat and whipping me watching you fuck her.

Thats it spank that bitches ass, I love watching you work sir.

Thats all she can take no wonder you beat my ass when you can.

What’s better my pussy or her pussy?

I can almost feel those thrusts, get deep in her.

Wtf I didn’t even get to cum watching so I know you didn’t, what a let down.

I read them all and my mind started going crazy wondering if she was a stalker or just a good slut.

But my cock thought for me and I text her asking if she was still bursa escort bayan up.

Yeah do you want to blow your load before bed? She responded.

Yes but has to be quick! I text back.

Don’t worry I got you was her reply.

I went to tell my gf I was going to smoke a joint in the garage but she was passed out already.

I rolled a joint, turned off the motion lights then went outside.

I sparked the joint and as I blew the hit out I saw the silhouette of my neighbor.

I opened the gate making sure it didn’t make nosie, let her in and closed it.

Thank you sir she whispered as she walked to the garage.

She smelled like a fresh shower as I followed behind her.

I locked the door as I turned on only one set of lights.

I got a good look at her now and damn she was in a satin robe, when she opened it I was surprised to see her in a mesh cupless crotchless bodystocking.

Holy shit I said a quicky as I coughed from the joint and shock by what she was wearing.

Oh I know but I’m a slut that knows you got disappointed tonight she said walking up to the hood of my car.

Now you can properly blow your load with a slut that knows how to properly submit to you for a good fuck she said as she squeezed and pinched her beat up tits from earlier.

I walked over to her checking her out smoking and sharing with her.

Her bodystocking was amazing and tight on her like they should be.

She could tell my cock was getting hard again and bent over the hood.

She shook her ass at me and said take it.

I put the joint out and buried my face in her ass and pussy licking her all over.

Oh fuck yeah show me what she could’ve had she moaned pressing her ass back into my face.

I slapped her ass cheeks as I kept bursa escort kız licking her pussy, she tasted amazing.

I licked her up and down as she shook her ass on my face it was heaven.

I could tell she was close so I pulled away spit on her ass and pussy pulled my rock hard cock out and aimed right for her pussy.

Oh God yes fuck me I can take it she moaned out as I sank my cock into her.

I couldn’t stop myself I slammed my cock into her reached up to her tits grabbed a handful and just pounded into her wet pussy.

Oh yeah I’m gonna cum she moaned.

I gripped her tighter and kept pounding her.

Her pussy clamped down hard as she came.

Oh yes I’m cumming for you she moaned.

I pushed her head down on the hood and started slapping her ass hard.

Oh yeah give me all she missed out on she moaned out.

Oh fuck yes slut I moaned pounding her pussy.

She could feel my cock flexing in her pussy.

Blow your load, make me feel like a slut again she moaned.

Fuck yeah your my slut now I moaned as I slapped her ass more then had a thought on where to cum.

Fuck yeah I am cum somewhere you can’t with her she moaned pressing her big ass back on to me.

Hell yeah you asked for it slut I said slapping her ass.

I pulled her hands back to hold her ass open.

Yeah get deep in there she moaned as I pounded her getting close to cumming.

I gonna cum I moaned.

Do it show me what she missed she moaned.

I grabbed her hip, pulled my cock out and some cum landed on her ass as I pressed my cock into her ass halfway.

Stroking as I blast my load into her ass.

Oh yeah take it all I moan.

Oh fuck yeah cum in my slutty ass she moaned.

I thrust deep into her ass blowing my load.

Oh fuck yes give me what she missed out on she moaned.

I slowly pulled my cock out and wiped it on her ass.

She turned gave me a kiss said glad I could help.

She got her robe on and left in the shadows.

Then I finished my joint with empty balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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