Crusing at Sea

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Recently, on a cruise to Alaska and back, I signed up for an excursion to see the inner running of the ship. There were only a few interested in this excursion so after meeting, we left the main decks and ventured below.

After about a half an hour, I got lost. Standing too long in awe of the large machinery that runs the ship, the group moved on and left me there. After looking around for a minute or two, hoping someone would miss me and come back for me, I decided to follow one of the aisles through the engine room. Coming upon a door without any warning on it, I opened it and entered. Mistake number one. I found myself in what looked like the crews quarters. I tried the door again but it was locked. Turning around, I heard a voice ask me what I thought I was doing. I looked around but couldn’t see where the voice was coming from so I just stood still and waited.

After what seemed like an eternity, the voice asked me again what I was doing in there. I stammered that I was lost and was sorry for coming into this area where I shouldn’t have been. Again I waited. Nothing happened for a moment then a curtain on one of the berths slid open and a face came into view. He looked me up and down then started to get out of the berth but stopped.

“Quick,” he said, waving me towards him. “Get in here before you are discovered.”

I almost ran over to his berth and literally dove into it as he pulled the curtain closed behind me. After straightening myself out, pulling my legs free from him and stretching out, I noticed I was at the opposite end of the berth than him. My head was at his feet and viscera versa. I also noticed in the dull light, he didn’t have a stitch of clothing on.

I looked down the berth and found him looking at me. I had given his crotch a quick look as my eyes traveled up his naked body and I’m sure he noticed. He smiled and rolled over on his back, which gave me a little more room, but it also exposed his groin and cock. He motioned for me to be quiet with a finger near his mouth. I did and put my head down on the bed, hoping this ordeal would soon be over. Little did I know a new voyage was just beginning.

We didn’t talk for what seemed like forever. Finally, he looked over at me once again and asked me where I came from. I told him about getting lost and left by the group and with hearing that, he seemed to perk up and his smile got bigger and bigger.

I stretched out a little more or tried to in the little berth and when I did, he watched me. I had on a pair of shorts that were loose around the legs and a t shirt. I don’t ever wear underwear so when I moved to stretch out, my shorts rode up my thighs. That caught his attention. His smile grew a little more and he said something but it was in a language I didn’t understand. The next thing I knew, the curtain opened and another man got in the berth with us. He was a little bigger than the first man and he was also naked. I couldn’t help myself but I watched his cock Casibom and balls swing as he hopped up into the berth.

He noticed me watching him and smiled, saying something to his friend in their language again. Watching the two of them smile at me and look me up and down, I sensed something was up. He moved around me and soon I was sandwiched between the two of them. When I moved to let him get beside me, again my shorts rode up my thighs and this time I didn’t adjust them. Both of them noticed and soon a hand landed on my bare left thigh and then another on my right. They started to run their hands up and down my thighs and legs while talking to each other.

I leaned back and rested my head against the side of the berth while they continued to rub my thighs. Soon it started to take effect. The more they caressed my legs, the higher they got on my thighs until my shorts were bunched up around my crotch. I was getting hard and they knew it. They had gotten quiet for now and were concentrating on caressing me.

One hand found the inside of my thigh and touched my hardening cock. I must have groaned a little because the smile returned to their faces and now both of them were pulling at my shorts, trying to get them open. They undid my belt and unzipped my shorts. I lifted my ass off the bed and allowed them to pull my shorts down off me. I kicked my shoes off and took my t shirt off. The three of us were totally naked in that small cramped berth and the fun was just beginning.

As each of them grabbed my cock with one hand, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around their cocks. We pumped each other for a few minutes before I leaned over and found the first man’s mouth, slipping my tongue through his lips to explore him. After a few minutes, I leaned over the other way and did the same to the other man, opening up his mouth and thrusting my tongue deep inside it. I went back and forth, kissing each of them as they continued pumping up and down my shaft making me harder and harder.

Having never been with another man in a sexual situation before let alone two men, in my mind I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to do next but the feelings I was getting from the two of them was overwhelming me. I wanted more and I soon got it. One of them leaned down and I found my cock surrounded by a very wet and hot mouth. I felt a tongue lick up the side of my shaft then over my head, splitting my slit open before running down the other side of my shaft. I groaned again and turned my head. I hadn’t heard him but the man on my left had gotten to his knees and when I turned my head and opened my eyes, his cock was pointed right at my mouth. Only a few inches separated us as he moved closer, straddling my leg. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and for the first time in my life, I felt a hard cock slide over my lips and deep into my mouth. The combination of a hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and having my cock sucked almost got to be too much Casibom Giriş and I groaned and moaned over and over again while the two men worked me over.

The one sucking my cock wanted more, he wanted my balls too but in order for him to get to them, I had to lie down. When I did, I raised my legs and opened them to allow him access to my whole crotch. I soon had a hard cock back in my mouth as the other man straddled my chest and thrust his hips forward, sent his cock deep into my mouth again. He leaned over me and started to thrust his hips up and down, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth as he fucked my face.

I felt a hot tongue working its way down and over my balls then down further until it reached my hole. God, that felt good and I lifted my hips a little more, allowing my cheeks to be parted. I felt my whole crack being licked and my hole sucked. It was a new feeling for me and I was loving it. The man above me was grunting every time he thrust his cock into my mouth and his balls slapped my chin. He was working hard at fucking my face and I soon had a mouth full of hot liquid, sliding down my throat as fast as I could swallow. He continued pumping in and out of my mouth as he came until he was dry then he slowly slid his cock out of me and turned around, lowering his ass over my face. Looking up, I could see his puckered brown hole and sticking my tongue out, I started to lick his crack as he lowered himself almost right on top of my face.

At my other end, I felt a finger enter my ass hole. I didn’t hurt and I groaned into the ass above me. Another finger was added and then a third. They pumped in and out of me as my legs were raised up in the air more and more. The man on top of me held my legs apart and high as the other man finger fucked my hole. Feeling my hole being licked and finger fucked, spurred me on in my licking of the man’s hole in my face. I continued licking him as I felt something else against my hole. I braced myself because I knew what was going to happen, and the way I was feeling, I didn’t care. I wanted a hard cock inside me in the worst way. I muttered into the ass hole above to fuck me.

The head entered me first and still there was no pain. It seemed to slide into me easily. It went further and further, each time stopping for an instance then moving deeper into my canal. After a few minutes, I felt a set of balls against the back of my thighs and a head against my prostrate. What a feeling.

Slowly, the man started to fuck me. First he pulled his cock almost out of me then thrust it back fully up into me. He did this several times then started going faster. The man straddling my chest held my legs firmly as I was getting fucked. I couldn’t have moved even if I had wanted to which I didn’t. The feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of me, scrapping the sides of my canal going in and coming out was overwhelming me and I started to moan louder with every thrust.

I really started Casibom Güncel Giriş working on the ass hole above me. I furled my tongue and tried to enter it. I poked and poked my tongue at the opening until it gave in, my tongue entering the hot insides of another man. I tongue fucked him as much as I could while the cock inside me was fucking me faster and harder.

I felt a hot sensation and the cock inside me exploded, sending hot liquid far up inside me, filling my canal around the hard cock and spilling out around my hole. As the man withdrew his softening cock, I felt his hot come run down the back of my thighs and into my crack. The man above me got off me and I felt him move between my legs and his hard cock was soon fucking me too.

He was a little bigger and it seemed longer too as he fucked me fast and hard. His balls made a loud crack as they slapped against my thighs every time he thrust into me. All I could do was enjoy it and I did, moaning and groaning with each thrust. Soon he came too, adding his hot liquid to the other man’s already in me. This time, it gushed out of my ass when the softening cock slid out of me.

These two weren’t finished with me yet. One of them started to lick my hole again, cleaning up the hot come that had run down my thighs. Before long, my legs were raised again and the first man that had fucked me was hard and fucking me again. This time he went slower and it took a long time for him to come inside me. The other man fucked me again too and after being fucked four times, my ass was full of hot sticky come and it literally flooded the bed under my hips.

I rested for a while, lowering my legs and stretching out as much as I could. The two men were at the foot of the bed and were talking between themselves. After a while I opened my eyes and found that the berth curtain had been opened and there were several more of the crew standing there, all of them naked and with very hard cocks. I groaned as I looked at the different sizes of cocks pointing at me and knew I was in for a long day.

Pulling me from the berth, I was forced down on my hands and knees on the floor. A cock immediately entered me and started to fuck me with long, slow thrusts. I must admit, it felt good and then even better as I felt a mouth surround my hardening cock. I was getting double teamed, fucked in the ass and sucked off at the same time.

I lost track of the numbers but they took their turns at both ends of me over and over again, fucking me and sucking my cock. I even had a few hard cocks deep in my mouth as they fucked my face too. I could feel the hot come start to run down my thighs but before it got very far, another cock entered me and started to fuck me. At one point, I had a cock inside my ass and my mouth while my cock was deep inside a hot mouth.

Finally they finished and I collapsed. My ass burned and my cock hurt. The come ran out of me, down between my cheeks and was pooling on the floor under me as I lay there, my head spinning. I don’t know how many times I had been fucked or by whom but I was happy and felt great. I decided then and there I would come back and have another session with these men, if they would let me. Of course, they said yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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