Cultural Awakening

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Allow me to first set the background for this story. I am a senior sergeant in the U.S. Army. I am also single 27-year-old soldier being stationed in Germany for my first time. It is in the late 1970’s and I was stationed in a small town along the East/West German borders.

I reported into my command and was assigned a Company. When I reported to my company my first sergeant welcomed me as he reviewed my personnel file. Seeing that I was a German linguist he smiled and said he had an assignment for me immediately. He informed me there was an ongoing project to improve German-American relations and seeing that I already spoke German, I would be ideal for the program.

I am thinking great, first day and I’m already being volunteered without much choice of refusing.

The first sergeant went on to explain that during the Christmas holidays they tried to match single American soldiers with German families to stay together and enhance relations between the two allies. He was going to pair me up with a family and I would be going to stay with them the next day throughout the four-day Christmas weekend.

I was then led in and introduced to the Company Commander and the first sergeant explained his immediate plans for me. The commander welcomed me and said he thought that it was a wonderful decision and reminded me that I would be representing The U.S. Army as well as The U.S. and the be on my best behavior.

Great, I thought, what a marvelous way to spend the holidays. Not know that I was going to receive my first lesson of German culture that would make me want to experience more and more of German hospitality.

The next day a German gentleman in his mid to late 50’s picked me up at the gate. He introduced himself as Manfred and told me I would be staying with him and his family for the weekend.

As we drove to his home in a small village about 30 kilometers from the base we exchanged pleasantries and learned more about each other. He was a textile merchant and was in the German Army during WWII. He was on tanks and was captured and sent to a POW camp in the United States, where he said he was treated well and then released after the war. I also learned he has a young wife only, 32 and two daughters from a previous marriage, ages 18 and 20. We had an enjoyable ride and conversation and finally arrived at his home.

Manfred insisted on carrying my suitcase into the house and as we entered I was awe struck by the beauty of the house and furnishings. Manfred had indeed done well since the war. He showed me the bedroom I would be staying in and I was dazed when he told me I would be sharing the room with his daughters. I protested that it wasn’t appropriate but he said nonsense you will be just another member of the family for the weekend and not to worry about it.

Manfred then led me to the kitchen where his beautiful wife Ingrid was preparing lunch. Allow me to describe Ingrid. As you already know she is 32 years old but could pass for 25 any day. She has medium length blonde hair, the bluest eyes you have ever seen, and a body that most women strive to maintain. She was wearing a black straight dress covered with a full apron as she cooked. The apron and dress were unable to hide the charms of this beautiful German wife. She has, I would guess a 34D breasts, a nice slim waist and probably around a 34 in hips. I was again awe struck by her beauty and her smile as she shook my hand and welcomed me to there home.

Ingrid asked me where I was from and I told her and tried to explain exactly where that was in the US.

She then asks me to sit at the table and offered Manfred and I coffee and cake.

We drank coffee and enjoyed the cake together as we became better acquainted and got to taksim escort know each other better.

Just as we were finishing coffees, Andrea, their 18-year-old daughter came into the house carrying a set of ice skates over her shoulder. Her cheeks were red and flushed from the cold air as she came bounding in through the kitchen door. She was just as beautiful as her stepmother was. If I had not already known she was not Ingrid’s daughter I would have sworn they were mother and daughter. Andrea was also a blonde haired blue eyed beauty that radiated youth and energy.

She stopped suddenly upon seeing me and Manfred made introductions and told Andrea that I was the American that would be spending the Christmas weekend with them. He further told her she should treat me as a brother and a member of the family. Andrea then surprised me by throwing her arms around my neck, giving me a hug and kissing me on the cheek as she said, “Schones Winachten Bruder”. (Merry Christmas brother) She was giggling as I tried to erase the memory of her firm breasts pressed against me for the brief moment and the reaction my body was having from that brief encounter with this angelic creature.

Ingrid then told me to make myself at home and that if I wanted to take a nap until dinner it would be ok. I had told her while we were having coffee that I had just arrived yesterday and the time zones were difficult to adjust to so rapidly. She also told Andrea to show me where I could put my clothes and to help me unpack.

Andrea and I then went to the bedroom and she helped me unpack and put my clothes in the closet and said I could share one of her drawer for my underclothes. She opened the drawer and moved her silky underwear over to make room for mine. Seeing the brief thongs and bras made me think of just how sexy she must look in them.

I ask if it would be okay if I showered before lying down for a nap and Andrea said sure she would show me where everything was located. She then showed me where the bathroom was and where the towels were kept. She then explained to me that the water was cold that I had to turn on the water heater for 10 minutes before I showered. She then turned on the heater and I went back to the bedroom and stripped and put on a robe to go to the shower.

I climbed into the shower, enjoying the warmth and was daydreaming what was to come sharing a room with Andrea. Would I be able to resist her and be the good American representative that was expected of me? About that time the bathroom door was opened and I heard someone enter. Before I could look to see what was going on the shower curtain was pulled back and a very naked Andrea entered the shower. What I said and Andrea just giggled and said not to worry we always share the hot water in this house.

I didn’t know what to say but my cock was growing rapidly. She looked down at me and gasped and asked are all American men so big? I said I am not that big. I measure 7” long and about 2” around. She said compared to her father I was enormous. Needless to say I was flabbergasted to hear her say such a thing and immediately wondered what this weekend was going to bring.

She then giggled again in her innocent way and said don’t use all the water and moved next to me hugging me as we both stood underneath the showerhead. She asked me to wash her back as she washed her front and I joyfully complied running my soapy hand down her back, across her shoulders and over her heart shaped ass. I then leaned down to wash her legs and she turned around pressing her well-trimmed pussy into my face. I couldn’t resist any longer and I kissed her pussy and slid my tongue between her lips, making her gasp with surprise and pleasure.

She topkapı escort didn’t pull away instead she reached down holding my head between her hands and pulled me even closer to her tender pussy saying yes, eat me.mmmmmm. Who was I to say no and I slide my tongue deep inside her and trailed it up and down across her clitoris making her shiver with excitement. She tasted so good and I could not get enough of her. I continued teasing her clit and licking her sweet pussy as I caressed her breasts with my hands, feeling her nipples become hard and enlarged with her excitement. Then she started shuddering and clamped my head between her legs as she climaxed filling my mouth with her sweet nectar.

Andrea then pulled me up and kissed me passionately tasting her own juices on my lips. She looked me straight in the eye and said that she had never been eaten before and that I was wonderful.

About that time the water turned cold and we both jumped out of the shower turning the water off and drying each other. As Andréa dried me she reached down and grabbed my hard throbbing cock and stroked it. As she was stroking my cock she looked at me so sweetly and asks me if I would make her a woman, for she has never slept with a man. As much as I wanted to I told her it wouldn’t be right, after all I was a guest in their house. She said it would be ok, tonight after her parents went to sleep she would come to my bed. I started to protest and she placed her finger to my lips and said shhhhh, I want you.

I went to the bedroom and changed and took a nap dreaming of what had occurred and trying to figure out if it was indeed a dream or did it really happen. About two hours later I felt someone in bed with me and Andrea kissed me with her luscious lips waking me, telling me to wake up it was time for dinner. I kissed her back and fondled her butt and breasts and she giggled again shoving me away and saying not now silly, later.

I had a difficult time with dinner thinking about what had happened and what was likely to happen with Andrea. She didn’t make things easier, for while we were eating she would reach over and place her hand on my thigh under the table and smile at me.

After dinner we retired to the living room and had several drinks and talked. I was sitting on a sofa while Manfred and Andrea shared a loveseat. We talked and laughed and I learned many things about this German family. One of which was that they not only shared baths and showers but that they also shared bed with each other occasionally. Wow was I ever dumbstruck with that knowledge. I knew then and there that this was indeed going to be a great weekend.

Shortly after Ingrid joined us in the living room and sat down beside me on the sofa. She had finished dishes and cleaning in the kitchen then changed clothes before joining us. She was wearing a silky robe that came to mid-thigh as she sat beside me. She said to me I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to get comfortable for the evening. I told her of course not, she should be comfortable. What surprised me however was when she leaned across me to get a beer from the coffee table her robe parted and I was treated to the most beautiful sight of her full naked breasts. The sight alone caused my cock to jump and become semi hard immediately. She must have noticed for when she pulled back she ran her danty hand across my thigh moving her fingers across my now ever hardening cock.

We continued talking and drinking as we sat in the living room. Several times as Ingrid reached for something to snack on or to get another drink she would brush against me and smile. I was speechless not knowing what to or where this was leading, after all Manfred was tesettürlü escort sitting just across the room and he had to of noticed Ingrid’s closeness and friendliness. He just seemed to smile and enjoy my discomfort.

Shortly thereafter Manfred left to go to the bathroom and Ingrid placed her hand on my thigh running it up to my now fully engorged cock and looked at me and ask if I enjoyed my shower earlier. I didn’t know what to say and she said don’t worry Andrea had told her how good I made her feel and that she hope I enjoy my stay with them. She then leaned into me and kissed me as she caressed my hard cock. I slid my hand inside her robe and fondled her breast as I kissed her back, forgetting where I was. I continued kissing and caressing Ingrid’s breast feeling her nipples harden and her excitement build. Then she finally broke our kiss and whispered to me to save myself for Andrea and to be gentle with her. My mouth dropped open and she laughed. I then noticed Manfred had returned and was sitting back across from us. He simply said to me now you know why I married such a young wife, and winked at me.

I had never been in a situation like this before but as long as everyone was ok with it who was I to argue.

Later we went to bed and as Andrea shut the door she told me I should be ashamed. I ask her what she was talking about and she said my poor father would be exhausted tomorrow because I had gotten Ingrid so excited she would wear him out tonight. We both laughed as Andrea came to me and threw her arms around my neck, pressing her youthful body against me and saying, now it’s my turn.

I stumbled back to the bed lying down with Andrea still in my arms. She literally tore my close off of me and removed my jeans and boxers getting to my hard cock. Without any encouragement she took my engorged cock into her mouth and started sucking and licking my cock. All I could do was moan and run my fingers through her silky hair as she pleasured me.

I didn’t want to waste my first load in Andrea’s mouth so I pulled her up to me and kissed her and told her it was time for me to make her a woman. She giggled and stood up and removed her clothes and then climbed in bed with me. I started kissing her eyes, her lips, her neck and then down to her breasts. Kissing and licking and sucking making her moan with the wonderful sensations I was giving her. She was moaning and thrashing around as I moved to her honey box and slide my tongue inside her. Licking and teasing her clit I brought her to a climax very quickly. She screamed as she climaxed and I could feel her tremble with pleasure.

She then reached down pulling me up to her succulent lips and kissed me and looked into my eyes and told me to take her. I aligned myself with her wet dripping pussy and slid the head in. I moved in and out slowly allowing her to get comfortable with my size. She then reached around grabbing my buttocks and suddenly pulling me all the way inside her bursting her hymen. I stayed still allowing her to get over the initial pain as I kissed her lips, her eyes, and her neck. Then I started sliding in and out slowly. As she loosened up she started thrusting against me telling me harder. I started pounding that tight wet pussy making a woman indeed out of her. Faster and faster I drove myself into her. Feeling her shudder underneath me as she reached on climax after another. I knew I wasn’t going to hold out much longer and I told her I was going to cumm. She pulled me into her and said Yessssss cum inside me please. I thrust inside one more time and started ejaculating time after time filling her virgin pussy with my hot sperm. As I climaxed it caused Andrea to have another orgasm.

Exhausted we lay together with me still inside her kissing and caressing. Andrea said that it was wonderful and all that she hoped it would be. She kissed me and thanked me and said she was so glad that it was I who made her a woman.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms with me still inside her and holding her to me.

The next morning ………….

To be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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