Curious Desires

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Cass was just wandering around the New York City streets trying to find a good looking bar where she could find a good looking man to fulfill her needs.

She was hoping to try out something new, you know the whole submissive thing. Her current boyfriend was too gentle to ever take control of her the way she desperately craved.

She entered the bar and locked eyes immediately with a pair of stunning green eyes belonging to a sexy man around her age of 28.

She walked up to him and they began to talk about life and then after a few drinks she asked him if he had an apartment nearby. He just so happened to live right next door.

She was already wet with anticipation as they walked out of the bar and next door. Cass was antsy as the man (whose name she found out to be Kyle) found the right key to open his door. The minute they were inside, Kyle slammed Cass up against the door effectively closing it and claimed her lips with his own.

You’re going to become mine tonight Cass, he whispered lowly and seductively in her ear, before nibbling it and commanding her to jump as he carried her to his bedroom. He threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her and began to kiss everywhere, but her lips teasing her the way he knew he could.

He found her sweet spot on her neck and began to suck her. Cass’ head fell back as she moaned a loud “KYLE!” Her skin tasted so sweet in his mouth as he sucked and nipped at her feverish eve gelen escort skin.

He moved his kisses down stripping off her shirt and unhooking her bra, he kissed around her breasts and took one nipple into his mouth as he kneaded the other with his hand. She moaned loudly again which made him growl against her hard nipple, making her feel so good inside. He kissed down her stomach and paused to rip off his own shirt.

She looked up to stare at his gorgeous 8 pack on display all for her own private show. Kyle kissed right at her waist line before tugging down her shorts and kissing her inner thighs, teasing her a bit more.

Now with Cass only in her black lacy thong, Kyle decided to strip down to his boxers, where his erection could be seen from miles away. He continued to kiss around her heated core while he slipped two fingers into her thong to pull it down and throw it across the room.

She tried to speak again, but Kyle smacked her ass with an abrupt “QUIET!, you are my submissive tonight you don’t speak unless I tell you to.” He gave a couple kisses right in her pussy. His tongue came out to lick up all the pre-wetness that came with the anticipation.

He began to lick the alphabet, paying special attention to her clit and poking his tongue into her entrance just a bit. He continued to suck on her clit as he stuck 1 finger, then two, then three into her throbbing pussy. fatih escort She let out a loud moan of appreciation. Don’t make me get out the blindfold and gag, I told you to be quiet. He continued to pump his three fingers and licked and sucked her clit until she came for him and he sucked that all up.

His throbbing dick could not be restrained much longer so he commanded her to get on her knees on the bed while he took off his boxers to unleash the monster in his pants.

Her eyes widened and filled with lust and anticipation as she began to lean forward to put her pretty little mouth around Kyles dick. She licked the tip at first then swirled her tongue around the base and began to use her hands to guide his massive dick in and out of her mouth. Kyle let out a groan and gripped her hair to help guide her at just the right speed. She continued to suck and lick and bob her head until Kyle gave her the warning he was about to cum. She was told to swallow every last drop if she did not want a punishment.

Cass did exactly as Kyle told her and swallowed every last drop of his warm cum. She loved the feeling of it running down her throat.

He pulled her up from her knees and layed her down on the bed. Are you on birth control, he asked hopefully. She responded with a happy nod of the head. Then without warning he slammed his dick into her pussy and guided her hips back and forth thrusting as fast halkalı anal yapan escort and as hard as he could to get the maximum amount of pleasure.

Cass loved it as her eyes rolled back to her head and she moaned kyles name over and over. Kyle seemed to be enjoying it just as much and he moaned and groaned about Cass’ tight pussy and how good it felt. Cass was instructed to hold her orgasm until Kyle got there. He finally did and they both cummed at the same time riding out their climaxes with yells of pleasure. Good thing this room was sound proof or they would surely get noise complaints.

Kyle was not done with her yet, he pulled her up and he layed down in her place telling her to ride him, he loved this position so much. She got on top of the massive dick, wondering how it even fit inside her. She began to lower herself up and down, but that was not the right speed for Kyle, so he grabbed her hips and lifted her up and down as fast as he could. The smack of Cass’ butt against Kyle was an incredible sound even though it was drowned out by the moans and groans filling the room.

They reached their second orgasms at the same time and came together. Kyle then stood up with Cass right next to him. He grabbed her and brought her up to the closet door, where he slammed into her from behind, banging the closet so much he was afraid the door might fall right off the hinges. This was a new level of pleasure though as he pounded into that beautiful ass that Cass had been blessed with. They finished up their third round and decided to hop in the shower to wash off and do a bit more banging against the shower door. They cleaned up and fell asleep in Kyles bed after the four rounds of incredible intense sex they had just endured.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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