Curious No More Ch. 01

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Big Tits

After having read his story online and sending feedback to let him know how hot I thought his story was, Sean and I started sending emails back and forth and even had some online sex together. It was a very easy and uncomplicated “relationship” – like most man-to-man sex, it was simply about getting off and getting off often.

It took several weeks of trying to coordinate schedules but eventually, we were able to set a date for when he was coming into my area for at least one night and possibly two. Sean lived about three hours away from me, but we were both very excited about what could happen if and when we were ever to meet.

Like me, Sean was a bisexual in a long-term relationship with a woman, but we both had needs that couldn’t always be met by our partners. Sean was in an open relationship while I needed something that was decidedly discreet. He also had a lot more experience than I did with gay sex. I had given and received oral sex several years before and also fucked a guy (that story for another day), but Sean had an ongoing relationship with his college fuck buddy. From Sean’s stories and emails, he sounded like the guy that I would want to take my ass for the first time. Our chat sessions were very intense and always ended in me begging for him to “cum in my ass.”

Being a contract worker, I was able to set my own schedule and thus getting time off for entertaining Sean wouldn’t be hard and as I often worked long hours, my girl wouldn’t question where I was. Sean and I had talked about what our first time would be like and just thinking about it got us both very, very hot. We had sent pictures of each other and our cocks and I was now about to see and feel the real thing. He was a good-looking guy in his early 30’s and I was in my late 20’s

I was to meet him at the hotel he had booked in my town. I called his room when I arrived and he said he was ready. I went up the elevator very nervous yet very excited, knocked on his door and as soon as I walked in, we gave each other a hug and then went straight to a deep, deep kiss before the door was even closed – I guess I was more excited than nervous. We knew from our chat sessions that we both enjoyed long deep kisses and after so many hot chat sessions, we didn’t need to ask permission. We started to pull our clothes off while we kissed and in between breaths we said our “hello’s” and decided that we could talk later. Most of our clothes quickly flew off and I dropped to my knees to help him with his pants and get my hands on that beautiful cock that I had only seen pictures of. For only the third time, I had my lips around another man’s cock and it was exactly where I wanted to be. Sean ran his hands through my hair and I revelled in the taste and feel of his cock. It was spongy but hard and I couldn’t wait for his load to wash down my throat. I bobbed my head back and forth and looked up at Sean who immediately smiled at me.

“You love sucking cock, don’t you?” he said. I moaned in response around his cock and grabbed his ass with my hands and pulled him closer until I was almost gagging.

“I want to hear you say you love sucking cock…my cock.” Through our emails and chats, Sean new this totally got me hot.

“I love your cock. I love sucking your cock, ” I said as I removed my mouth long enough to take a breathe. “I want your load.”

Sean told me to stand up and helped me remove the rest of my clothes before we started to kiss again and lie on the bed. We grabbed each other’s asses and grinded our cocks together. I started back down to his cock with my mouth, kissing all the parts in between and pinching his nipples. “I want your cream in my mouth and I want you to tell me how bad I want it!”

Sean lay on his back, “You want my cream, don’t you? You are a total cocksucker…you love sucking cock…you love sucking my cock! Do you want me to cum in your mouth? Do you want my load down your throat? ” I crawled down between his legs and simply moaned louder around his cock and started to play with his ass. He was able to reach down and start playing with my ass while I sucked his cock.

” Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, “Do you want me to make your ass mine?” I started to suck even more furiously, trying to take his beautiful cock as deep as I could, trying to show how bad I wanted him to take my ass, trying to show him how turned on I was at the thought of him pounding my ass.

“I want your cum so bad! Please cum in my mouth!” I started to finger him until I could feel his cock grow bigger in my mouth. I kept my finger in his ass as he finally let loose with a gasp and started to shoot his man juice down my throat. I kept my lips around his cock and pumped it with my other hand trying to get every ounce of his seed. It tasted even better than I remembered from my other experiences and I couldn’t seem to get enough. I was so close to coming while I sucked him, but even with him working my ass, I didn’t cum. My dick just kept getting harder and harder, flopping around gaziantep escort as I licked, sucked and swallowed his load.

With a “plop” sound, I released Sean’s cock from my mouth. He pulled me up and we started to kiss deeply, his tongue trying to find any remnant of his seed in my mouth, but I had swallowed it all.

“That was fucking awesome,” Sean said breaking our kiss, “you’re a natural.”

“So intense,” I replied, “I can’t believe I waited so long to get your cock in my mouth. It feels so good…I get so turned on just thinking about sucking your cock, it makes me want to do it again and again.”

“Before I give you another chance, do you feel like getting high?” In our chats we had discussed how much we liked fucking after smoking some weed – Sean new exactly how to push my buttons and I hoped he would push every one of them. “Fuck yeah, let’s fire it up!”

We shared a joint as we lay there on the bed naked, occasionally grabbing each other’s cock. By the time we had finished smoking, both our cocks were hard and ready for round two. We started to kiss again. Having not cum yet, my cock was leaking like a faucet. Sean rubbed the head of my cock, but I warned him he would make me cum if he kept it up. “How do you want to cum? Do you want me to blow you?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm, “Or do you want me to fuck it out of you like you want me to? Make you a real man?” I ground my hips in to him and pulled his ass cheeks apart and found his manhole.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said quietly as I did to him what I hoped he would do to me, fingering his hole.

“Say it again,” Sean said, ” say you need my cock in your ass.”

“I want you to fuck me,” I replied.

“No,” Sean countered, ” say you need my cock in your ass. You know you want it. You are a cock whore. You are MY cock whore. Say you NEED my cock in your ass.”

“I need your cock in my ass.” He started to roll me over on to my back.

“Say it again.”

” I NEED your cock in my ass!” I said with more emphasis.

“Are you my cock whore?” he asked.


“What do you want? What do you need?” He had reached into his bag beside the bed and grabbed the lube, which he was now applying to my hole, and my cock was dripping more and more precum.

“I want and need your cock in my ass…I want you to make me cum with your cock in my ass!” I was almost foaming at the mouth I wanted it so bad. He pulled a condom out of his bag and rolled it over his cock. He had stepped off the bed and pulled my hips towards the edge of the bed while I was on my back.

“Are you ready to take my cock?” he asked as he went back to playing with my ass. “Once I fuck your ass, it will be mine forever…” I felt him remove his fingers and in their place was something that I had imagined many times. My legs were up on Sean’s shoulders as he started to work his cock into me. “Give me your cock! I want your fucking cock!” I said as I pulled my legs down and tried to pull Sean closer to me by wrapping them around him. Sean put one hand on me and gently held my chest down. As I moved, I felt his cock start to push in more and it stunned me for a second. “Hold on” he said, “You’re going to get my cock, but were going to do it so that you’re going to keep wanting it. Try to push out and relax as I push in just like you do with your dildo.” The dildo…thank goodness for that toy, it made me want to try cock even more and now it would make it easier from all the times I had stuffed myself with it.

I did as he asked and after a bit of burning and pain, I felt him pop through my outer ring and slowly ever so slowly I felt fuller and fuller and it started to be pleasurable. He would pull out a bit, apply more lube and push slowly back in. My cock had gone soft, but it was still leaking and finally I felt Sean’s balls against my ass. I looked up at him with my mouth open and almost drooling – it felt so fucking unreal. He had his hands on my hips and started to rock his hips very slowly against mine. Every part of me felt on fire in a good way. I was finally getting fucked by a man and I wondered why I had waited so long. My cock started to get hard again.

“Feeling ok?” he asked. I looked up at him into his glazed eyes and smiled and moaned. “Fuck me…fuck me so hard…oh shit Sean, I can’t believe that you are fucking me! Fuck me man!”

He started to saw his hips back and forth and I responded by pushing back. I was finally able to wrap my legs around him and he bent down to give a deep kiss. He started to bite and suck on my neck, as I pulled at his ass with my hands, trying to draw him deeper into me. He started to hit a spot that was sending shockwaves over my whole body. He was nailing my prostrate and nailing it good. My cock became harder than it ever had before.

“Fuck me, man! Fuck me! I love your fucking cock! I want you to fuck me hard!”

“Yeah man, that’s it…take my cock…I own your ass…”

The more Sean talked the more I wanted him to fuck me, however he had other ideas. He pulled his cock out of my ass and suddenly I felt like my ass was a gaping hole – but not for long. Sean pulled me off the bed and lay down on his back.

“Show me how bad you want my cock…ride it like you told me you want to. Show me that I own your ass!”

I climbed on top of him and straddled his lap, lifting my ass up while reaching down to grab his slicked up cock. Leaning forward, I kissed him again as I guided his cock back into my ass with almost no discomfort or pain at all. Just the thought that my ass was already getting used to cock was incredibly hot. We both gasped in pleasure, and even though my ass had now been popped by a real cock, it was still very tight. I put my hands on his chest as I started to rock back and forth, while he held my hips trying to drive his cock deeper into me.

“Ride my cock…you know you love it…say it!”

I didn’t even hesitate, “I love your cock…I love riding your cock! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be able to hold off. When I am high I can usually fuck forever, but this was so intense. I could see and feel my cock flopping around as I rode him. He tried to grab my cock but I told him I wanted to cum just by his cock in my ass. I could feel his cock getting bigger and I knew we were both very close. I could feel every ridge and vein in his cock. It may have been covered by a rubber, but the whole experience and riding his cock while being high was putting me into another world – a world I new I would want to visit again many times!

I could feel myself starting to go over the edge, “I’m going to cum…fuck me…fuck…fuck…ah…fuck…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I started to blast all over his stomach and I could also feel his cock swell as he came in my ass. “Oh fuck yeah…take my load…take it you slut…uhhhhhh!” Sean pulled my ass as hard down onto his cock as he could, “that’s it man, milk my cock. You love it. Ride it!”

My orgasm seemed to last forever and I couldn’t believe how much I had cum. I had literally coated his stomach and I could still feel his cock throbbing in my ass.

It took a few moments before I could even open my eyes and when I did, I realized that I had my head buried in his neck. We turned towards each other and kissed.

Sean flexed his cock in me, sending little waves of pleasure though me. I squeezed back. “You’re a natural – I new you would be.”

“Oh fuck, you did it man,” I said still trying to catch my breathe while feeling my heart pounding in my chest, “You made my ass yours, and you’re going to own it again.”

After several moments, Sean removed his cock from my ass and we just lay there, both of us spent from him taking my ass for the first of many times I hoped. As my first experience taking a cock in my ass, I couldn’t have hoped for a more satisfying time.

“That was so fucking intense,” I said through heavy breathing that had yet to calm down. In fact, my heart was still beating fast and hard too. I looked over at Sean and he was just smiling at me, his stomach and chest still covered in cum. He scooped up some and put it too my lips which I greedily sucked down. This gave me an idea.

I looked down at his cock which was still semi-hard and noticed that he still had a rubber on. I placed my hand around the bottom of his cock and pulled off the condom. My touch seemed to get him hard again. I leaned over and started to clean off his cock with my tongue. Sean moaned. “You are such a cock whore aren’t you?” I just moaned around his cock and kept lapping up all his man juice until it looked like there was nothing left, but this time I wanted to make sure that he got a little taste too and saved some in my mouth. As I kissed him, we started to grind our hips against each other. The cum on his stomach acted like lube as we kissed and made it even more hot than it already was. As debaucheries as this seemed, we knew we had a lot of time left to get even more dirty.

“Do you want to smoke some more?” he asked.

“Hell yeah…let’s fire it up again.”

As we smoked up, I started to realize how different my ass felt. It was a little tender but other than that, the biggest change I noticed was how “empty” it felt (even compared to my 8″ toy, Sean’s 7″ cut cock still felt bigger!). I asked Sean if he ever felt that way and he said sometimes, but maybe I was just feeling ready for more. He wanted to know if I was still OK with everything that had happened. I took a big hit off the joint and leaned into Sean who opened his mouth. I blew the smoke in and finished with a deep kiss. I grabbed his hand as we kissed and put it on my cock – it was rock hard.

“I think we’ve really turned you into cock whore,” he said as he blew out the smoke I had just blown into him. It made me think; “I know this experience has changed me for sure, but I don’t think it has turned me gay. I still love pussy and I really love fucking a lot and I find that it is simpler when it comes to guys. I still prefer pussy, but sometimes I just want to cum and I know I can always count on another guy to feel the same way. For me, the turn-on is the other person wanting to fuck as bad as I do.”

“Well, you must feel pretty turned on right now…” he asked with a glean in his glazed eyes.

“I don’t think I’ve been turned off since I knew you were coming into town,” I said as I was starting to play with Sean’s cock again. We were touching on and off as we smoked the joint and now that we had finished it off, we both knew we were headed for more hot man-to-man action.

“Let’s take a shower,” Sean said as he started to pull me off the bed and towards the bathroom, ” I think we should clean up before we get dirty again.”

I followed his sweet naked ass to the bathroom, my cock flopping around semi hard as I walked. He turned on the water and as we waited for it to heat up, I walked up behind Sean and started to bite his neck and ear as I played with his nipples with one hand and his cock with my other. My cock started to get very hard as it grew between his cheeks. I let it slip up and down between his cheeks and Sean pushed back. He told me to stay in the shower and said he’d be right back as he went out to get his bag of condoms and lube. He came into the shower and we embraced as our mouths found each other again. We grabbed some soap to lather each other up and we were both feeling very turned on as evidenced by both our cocks standing straight up. I was lathering his cock when he turned his back to me and kept playing with my cock. “It’s your turn, ” he said as he turned his head back to me where our lips met again. I reached down and started to play with his ass. “Work your fingers in” he gasped. “Warm me up and give me that cock.”

I grabbed some lube and squeezed out some onto the top of his ass crack and let it slide down his ass until I could work it into his ass. I played with his rosebud slowly working a finger in deeper and deeper very slowly. Sean was moaning and pushing back onto my finger, so I then slipped in my second finger. His legs were starting to shake. “Let’s go back to the bed before so you can give me your cock long and deep,” Sean said with a lusty, glazed over look.

Sean climbed on the bed on all fours and exposed his ass to me as he reached back and pulled his cheeks apart. My cock was so hard; it felt like it was going to explode out of its skin. I grabbed a rubber and unrolled it down my cock and lubed up some more. With Sean’s ass high up in the air, he was at a perfect height for me to put it in him. I started to work my tool into his ass. It was so tight, but I was able to wiggle and push my cock in with Sean pushing back just enough for me to easily slide in. Even with the rubber on, it felt fucking spectacular! So tight and hot – Sean’s ass felt like it was made for my cock. We were both moaning and I knew Sean liked long and slow fucks, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it long, his ass felt so good wrapped around my cock. I grabbed his hips and started to push in and out of his ass going as slowly as I could.

“Oh fuck man, your ass feels so good…you’re so fucking tight,” I could barely get the words out.

Sean was moaning, his head buried into the bed and his arms spread out clutching the sheets,

“Keep fucking me man, your cock feels so good…it feels so natural, doesn’t it? You love fucking my ass.” Sean really new how to make me hot. I could barely think, everything was a complete blur and all I could really feel was his tight ass. I just grunted as I kept fucking his ass. It was a challenge to keep fucking him slowly but I had never felt so high in my life.

I could start to feel Sean’s ass squeezing around my dick. He was starting to get close too, and he let me know it. “You’re gonna make me pop….oh fuck…don’t stop…breed my ass…oh fuck, fuck….FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” I could feel his ass squeeze so tight around my cock that it triggered the largest orgasm I’ve ever had…EVER! I started to cum and I couldn’t stop. It seemed to just go on and on and on and then I shot the biggest load of my life too; bigger than the load I shot when Sean fucked me. He collapsed on the bed and I stayed in his ass, falling on top of him. We just lay there, breathing heavy and trying to focus.

My cock stayed hard in his ass even for what felt like several minutes and I playfully squeezed my cock and pushed into his ass, which made him squirm and moan a little. I began to finally be able to speak,” That was unfucking real…. I can’t even describe it.” Sean moaned again as I started to withdraw my cock from his ass. He was covered in sweat and as he rolled over, I noticed all of the cum he had shot on to the bed which was now sticking to his stomach. He just smiled.

I looked at my cock, which was still semi hard, but the rubber was starting to fall off as it was filled and leaking down my cock and balls with the giant load I had shot. Sean went to the bathroom to clean up while I lay back on the bed. He brought out a towel, which I used to clean up our mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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