Cut Off Pt. 02

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To best understand this story it would be advisable to read Cut Off first.


Weeks had passed since my first sexual encounter with Sue. E-mails were sent. Some went unanswered others had very short replies. One response said that she wasn’t blowing me off but that her personal life was just too busy to make time for me.

Patiently I waited for her to tell me when we could get together again. One unsolicited e-mail came through but the two dates she gave me were very short notice and I could not make them.

Lisa, my wife, had changed her attitude toward me making a second date to get laid. She did not have the enthusiasm that she did prior to the first date when she found her sex drive again. When pressed as to why her response was simple. She had no problem with the mechanics of me sticking my cock into a strange pussy but now she realized there was also hugging and kissing and that bothered her a bit.

I pressed Sue for a firm date and she set things up for a Tuesday evening. I offered to take her out to dinner and she accepted. When we finally did meet again at the restaurant it was as if there was never a gap in our communication. We sat, we ate and she explained why things in her life were so busy that this was truly her first opportunity to get together again.

When we finished dinner she asked what I would like to do next. I explained that I would just like to spend sometime with her. She offered to go to her house so I followed her to her home once again. Talking for a bit more, we started to kiss and embrace. I started to unbutton her dress and she asked if I would like to go to her bedroom. Who was I to say no?

Her king size bed was all neatly made and she went to the far side to turn down the covers. I matched her moves to the turn down and before I knew it she was climbing into bed completely naked. I undressed and did the same, meeting her in the middle where we locked arms and lips and rubbed our genitals against each other. It did not take long before I had a raging hard on. When we were together last she had a total of 3 orgasms and in order to give her the most satisfaction I could tonight, I asked if she usually had multiple orgasms during sex. She claimed that she did not and explained that it was just probably due maltepe escort to a build up during her one year of mourning.

I moved between her legs with my face and proceeded to spread her bald pussy lips so I could orally assault her female genitalia. My tongue slid up and down her gash only to stop occasionally to dwell on her clit which was met by her moans and groans. After a few minutes I had a warm wet flow of liquid from her pussy into my mouth. She responded with a long low groan but it did not appear to be a full on orgasm. I swallowed as much as I could but admittedly some escaped into the folds of her body.

I needed to take a small brake and I “came up for air” so to speak. I reached up for her nipples when I remembered how sensitive they were. Rolling them between finger and thumb I thought she was going to cum but it only took her to the next level. I went back down on her while playing with her tits and it wasn’t long before her body shook with a crushing orgasm.

Giving her time to enjoy the afterglow I moved up alongside of her. Waiting for several minutes I asked her if I could fuck her and in a split second she said yes. I mounted her missionary but the softness of that bed was becoming a pain in the ass. I pressed against her vagina and the head of my penis entered her. Twisting and turning, I realized that there was no way I was going to get as deep as I wanted in this position. I withdrew my cock and asked if she would mind trying doggy style. With a big smile she said that she actually preferred doggy and I asked her to assume the position on the edge of her side of the bed.

I got out of the bed and came around to her side with my rod flopping in the air. Positioning myself between her legs I waited for her to guide me into her tunnel but no help came forward. I reached between her legs and found her outer labia and as I spread them plenty of her natural lubrication flooded the area. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and re-entered her pussy. She felt wonderful and by her moans I could tell she was enjoying it also. I slid in and out of her for a few minutes when she commented, “You’re so hard.”

Pushing my cock into her as deep as I could, she asked me to fuck her harder. I reached maltepe escort bayan around her and grabbed her by the tits and began to pound her. For a moment I looked to my left and caught our images in her dresser mirror. Sliding in and out of her it looked like we were performing a sex show. Her tits were dangling, my cock became visible on the out stokes and her face was full of enjoyment as was mine. In a way I guess we were performing. She maintained her position almost like a statue as I rammed away. I would almost swear that during that pounding she had a second orgasm but could not be sure. My own orgasm was beginning to build but I did not want this to be over so quickly.

“Would you mind if we took a break for now and come back to it later? You feel so good I want to make this last,” I said.

She agreed and I returned to her side. I started to suck on her tits and it was like I turned on a light switch. Sue was ready for more sex. As I continued to play with her chest I reached down and slid 2 fingers up into her sopping wet pussy. She took a deep gasp and then reached over for my cock. She stoked me while I finger fucked her and nibbled on her now rock hard nipples. Her chest was getting pinker and her face was getting redder and I knew she was close. With two fingers in I took my thumb and placed it on her clit and rubbed. She trembled and shook and it was over. A tranquil smile came across her face and we lay there embracing one another.

At some point afterward I asked her if she used “toys” to which she responded yes and jumped out of bed. “A girl has to do what a girl has to do,” she commented.

Out of her dresser she took a small purple thing. It was only about 3-4″ long and I thought for sure if she used it like a dildo it would get lost in her vagina. Here this little toy was a vibrator with about 18 settings on it. There was a push button on top and she knew exactly how many clicks it took to reach her favorite setting. Jumping back into bed she placed it between her pussy lips at the top of her slit directly against her clit.

More joy came across her face as I re-entered her tunnel with my fingers. She grabbed her own tits and it was not hard to tell from the look on her escort maltepe face she was starting to build to another orgasm. This climax took a little longer but I was in no hurry to stop playing with all her goodies.

After she came and with a totally soaked pussy, we talked for a bit. Although everything was great and we blew away her 3 time orgasm being a fluke thing, we got right down to her role in sex with hubby. I got the impression that her husband controlled the who, what and where of sex in their married lives. Hey, every couple is different but both should enjoy the journey. Right?

I asked her if she would be kind enough to do doggy again and she wasted no time in getting into position. I got behind her and between her legs. I had to find her entrance as she did nothing to help me gain entrance to her warm wet tunnel. Once I was in I pushed deep into her several times and she stayed like a statue. This bothered me because she should have been free to respond in her own way. Without pulling out I stopped fucking her and told her that she should be enjoying this too and it wasn’t against the rules for her to slide back and forth on my cock and grind her hips against mine. Reluctant at first, she started her gyrations. Burying her face in the mattress she began to enjoy taking control of the situation and riding me and she let me know with her moans of passion. About then it became time for me to unload but now we were riding each other. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and I was answered with, “where do you want to cum?”

“I want to cum in your pussy but only if that is okay with you?” I said.

“So cum in my pussy,” was her reply.

I took control of our motion and grabbed her by the hips. A little before I ejaculated into her cavern she let out a moan as if she had another orgasm. That sent me over the top and I could feel myself squirting inside of her.

When I was done, I pulled out and she collapsed on the bed. With my cock now wet and starting to go flaccid I returned to my side. We lay there for several minutes when I asked if there was anything else she wanted.

“Not at all. I raise the white flag. I surrender,” was her reply.

We cuddled for many minutes but it was getting late and time to go. We both had work the next day. I got dressed and she walked me to the door. During out night together we had compared our schedules and it looked like weeks before we could even get together again. I told her to just let me know and we would make it happen. I have written two e-mails since just to see how she is doing and gotten no response. I wonder why?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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