Cynthia Lures Her Neighbor Ch. 01

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First chapter in a planned series. Thanks and appreciation to DyannBridges for the excellent editorial work and suggestions.


Sitting on the front porch of my townhouse, I waited for Stuart to arrive. As far as he knew, all that I had in mind was for him to fix a couple of problems with my laptop. I shifted in my favorite glider chair – the Pacific blue of the wood showing off the white cotton of my wraparound sundress. Highlighting my tan as the hem rode high on my legs with the movement.

It might look accidental when I ended up flashing him a look up my dress, but I had definite intentions for my recently-single neighbor. Plans that had been on my mind when I slipped on skimpy black panties this morning. Panties more suitable for the mid-thirties wife who had moved out on him three months before, than for a lady in her fifties.

Still, post-fifty or not, ‘nice legs’, I decided as I flexed my thighs.

I’d gotten to know Stuart a bit the past few months while we both used the indoor pool at our complex set in the Nebraska countryside, just outside the city limits. He was polite, charming, had a jet-black goatee trimmed short, and — after working off his frustrations with a seemingly-endless series of swim laps — he had developed a build I wanted to examine up close.

The past few weeks, he had finally started making jokes again, and it seemed like he was recovering from the breakup. No signs he was dating: no strange cars in the driveway, and his never seemed to disappear for longer than it took to go to the grocery store.

Of course, with young folks these days, that doesn’t mean anything. I know all about the sex apps and dating sites out there. Still, during the previous week, I had caught him glancing at the back of my one-piece a few times as I got out of the pool, and naughty thoughts began popping into my head. I keep myself trim, despite a generous set of breasts to fill out the top of my suit, but it had been too long since I had gotten to enjoy intimate attention from a man. The toys in my dresser might take care of basic needs, but I wanted more.

My ladybits were insistent about that, so I came up with the idea of ‘computer issues’ as an excuse to invite Stuart into my house. Once I got the front door closed, it would be nobody else’s business what happened. And if I needed Stuart to keep coming back to ‘fix my computer’? Well, nothing unexpected there – I have a reputation in the neighborhood Şişli escort as a technophobe.

Realizing it was about time for Stuart to make his arrival, I tucked a bit more fabric under my belt, causing the hem to rise a couple inches. When I led the way up the stairs, Stuart would get an eyeful. After that? No rush. I could go the slow seduction route if I needed to, but I imagined that after months of celibacy, he might not need much convincing.

Stuart gave a cheerful wave as he walked past my detached garage and up the porch steps. Our cul de sac was isolated from the next street by a screen of tall oak trees and chest-high shrubs. The greenery set off the pastel tones of the neighborhood house styles, and once the leaves fell, festive white and gold lights kept the branches from looking bare.

Bareness was on my mind, but what I wanted to see was Stuart’s chest. And legs. And what I pictured in my head as well-groomed areas in-between.

I stayed seated long enough for him to get eye-level with my lap, and was pleased to see his gaze linger before making their way back up to my face. I braced myself a bit wider than necessary as I stood up. Perfect. I might as well have had a magnet between my legs from the way his eyes snapped back downwards. I wasn’t sure if he’d caught a glimpse of my black panties – they made a sharp contrast with the white of my thin sundress – but he seemed to enjoy the view.

“Thank you again for coming over to take care of me, Stuart,” I said.

I leaned forward to pat him on his bare arm, exposed by his tank top – same blue shade as his eyes. Oops – did the front of my dress slip open just a bit and show that the half-cup bra matches the bottoms?

I turned away before Stuart could see me smiling wider than usual, and held the door open behind me as I walked through. The sleeveless dress probably didn’t show much to the side. Probably.

“My laptop is upstairs on the desk next to my bed. Would you like a cup of coffee first?”

Bless him, Stuart managed to get his eyes up almost quick enough for me not to notice.

“No thanks, Cynthia. Lead the way.”

I caught a flush on his cheeks as his gaze flickered to the steep stairs. I guessed he was realizing that ‘ladies first’ might be the gentlemanly offer, but he was going to be looking right up my dress if I was in front of him. Before he could reconsider, I was on the stairs, moving fast enough to put me a couple of Sultangazi escort bayan steps ahead of him. As perfect a viewing angle as I could manage without being even more obvious. I saved that for the landing at the top where I had left a pair of slippers.

Leaning over to pick them up was the most natural thing in the world, and I felt a rush of heat down low as the bottom of my dress slipped up nearly to the top of my bikini-style undies. The half-gasp as Stuart got a leisurely look at my shamelessly-exposed ass was enough to make my nipples harden.

I had to fight to keep from clenching my legs together. My pulse was racing at what Stuart might be thinking, and I could feel my control beginning to slip. I realized I didn’t want a seduction dance that played out over weeks – I wanted my young neighbor to tell me I had a nice ass and beg me to straddle him on my mattress.

I straightened up, walked into my bedroom around the queen-sized bed with a fluffy pink quilt tucked up around the single pillow in the middle, and over to a desk with my open laptop. Pretended to be surprised at the white stockings draped over the back of the office-style chair.

“Pardon me, Stuart. All by myself here, and there are times I just leave my clothes lying around wherever I happen to take them off.”

There was no mistaking the blush on Stuart’s face this time. Or the sudden gleam of interest in his eyes. “All that swimming at the pool, I’m sure they looked great on you. Looks like they go with the outfit you are wearing. Fun date last night?”

“You rascal,” I said, running my hand over his muscled arm, tugging at the fabric covering his shoulder. “No date for me. I just like to have a glass of wine and dress up – even if it is just for myself.”

“That sounds lonely.” He patted his tank top, “This isn’t exactly fancy attire. Next time, invite me over. I’ll get all fancied up and share a few glasses with you.”

I gave a playful wink and rubbed my fingers over the fabric of his shirt. “You look just fine as you are. I’d offer you the wine now, but you might think I’m a wicked old lady to be drinking at nine in the morning.”

“Nothing wrong with wickedness. And I wouldn’t call you old.” He gave me an exaggerated head-to-toe look. “Nope, definitely not old. Wine or not, if you want to deal with your laptop later, I’ll be your audience while you play dress-up.”

Despite his bold words, I could Escort Taksim see vulnerability in his eyes. A single harsh word away from flinching and backing down. For an instant, I wanted to track down his ex and slap her upside the head for whatever she had done to put that look on his face. Regardless of my own desires, I felt the need to remind Stuart that he didn’t need to be nervous around all women.

I turned to fully face him, one hand on my loosely tied belt, and tilted my head with a smirk. “Dress-up? After all the work I put into this outfit for you? Didn’t you like the view following me up the stairs?”

I thought Stuart had been blushing before, but now the red flaring on his cheeks could have been fresh rouge as his voice stumbled with an apology.

I leaned forward and placed a gentle finger on his lips. “Nothing to be sorry for. I was just glad to see a handsome man like yourself didn’t tell me to cover up.”

A grin showed Stuart’s relief, and I saw a hungry look take over those blue eyes. The same shade as my glider. My pulse raced as I imagined those eyes underneath and between my legs. Rocking back and forth above him.

I forced myself to concentrate as he cleared his throat, his voice dropping to a lower register.

“Having you cover up was not what I was thinking.” He ducked his head for a moment as his voice paused. “I’ve seen you at the pool. It’s just…”

“Different in my bedroom? When it’s my panties, not a swimsuit?” I curled my finger under his chin and lifted until our eyes met and he nodded. I waggled my hand at him. “Off with that shirt. My turn for a bedroom peek.”

Stuart’s eyes widened, and he swallowed hard enough for me to hear it. Maybe he wasn’t used to a woman who knew what she wanted. Maybe he wasn’t used to being wanted. Wonder how my neighbor might feel about being a boy-toy.

His shirt came off, and there was the chest I had seen before, usually holding droplets of water from the pool within the dark, curly hair. Softness in places, but all the exercise had given him a pleasing set of muscles for me to admire, defined just well enough to be visible. Handsome, without looking like an underwear model.

I took my time, looking him over from multiple angles, letting him know I was intent on the sight of him – shirtless. In a pair of gym shorts. Standing next to my bed.

“Delightful.” I ran my tongue over my lips. “Your pool time has you looking…” I offered up my most wicked smile. “Tasty.”

I tugged at my belt again, then extended my hand outwards. “Well, Stuart? Dressing up? Or dress off?” I swung my filmy nylons so they fluttered against his bare chest. “Stockings? Or would you like to check out how my two-piece suit looks on my mattress?”

To be continued.

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