D Minus Four days

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At the end of D Day minus five days, Tara felt exhausted. The eight orgasms had made her pussy into miasma.

She slept for about two hours. When she woke up, she could barely walk. Her joints were aching with the extreme pleasure. Her back ached.

Yet, she had office to go to the next day.

She woke me up and said, “Need to go home”:

I asked, “You think I have finished with fucking you?”

Tara said “No. We have a lifetime to fuck. But, I have office tomorrow. So please get up and drop me home”

I bestirred myself and got up. He walked to Tara, who was sitting stark naked at the edge of the bed. I stood next to her and lifted her by her shoulders. She easily stood up. I softly kissed her on her raw red lips. Tara responded and kissed back.

Tara said, “Your mouth tastes of pussy”

“And yours? Of my dick”

I said, “Tara, I will drop you back. But before that, I want to tell you how much I love you and your pussy”

Tara smiled and answered, “I know. I love your wanton fucking”

I sat next to her and slowly fondled her breasts, while kissing her all over.

Tara said “More?”

I said “No. Just saying Bye Bye my way”

Tara let me feel her and fondle her.

I pushed her back on the bed, her legs dangling from the edge of the bed. I lay near her and kissed her all over.

My hand strayed onto her pussy. It was damp.

I lifted myself and kissed her on her pubic hair while playing with her nipples.

Tara responded and parted her legs.

I planted a deep kiss on her clit. Tara moaned with pleasure and said “Darling. I have to go”

I said, “I know”

I firmly held her wrists, licked her clit, and flicked it a few times.

Tara jumped and said “Oooooh. I love it. But, I need to go and repair my pussy”


“Yes, you fuck so violently, I have to apply some balm and get it soft and tight for tomorrow. You are an insatiable imp, you know that”

I let her go.

I helped her with her jeans and blouse.

I refused to give her bra back to her, saying, “This smells of you. If you had worn a panty, I would have kept that back to make do for the night. I would keep it on my pillow and sleep with my nose in it. It would remain me of my favorite pussy”.

When Tara was fully dressed, she pulled me up and said, “Wear your pants. We need to go”.

I said “No. Not so quickly. Stay back. We will fuck till the early hours”

Tara said nothing. She softly descended onto my dick and kissed the tip repeatedly and said “Thanks great cock”

Tara pulled the foreskin back, sucked it, and licked it and deep throated me.

She quickly broke into shagging me in her mouth. Soon I let fly the measly semen into her mouth.

She sucked my cock dry and patted it and said, “Drop me back now”

I wore my pants without my undie and tee shirt and walked out groggily and drove her home.

As we started for her home, she pulled the zip down, pushed her hand into my fly, caressed my dick, and went on saying “Poor cock You want more pussy”.

“But pussy needs rest to fuck again”

As we reached her home at 1 AM, with no traffic, she lowered herself onto my fly, pulled my cock out and kissed its tip sucked the knob once, stepped out, and slowly walked away from the car.

I drew down the window of the car and softly said, “I am not through with today. So beware!”

Tara said, ”Go away and go to sleep”

I ensured that her lights came on and she waved me that she was safe and then drove away.

All the way, I thought, surely fucking every day could become humdrum and she may loose interest. What could I do the next day to surprise her and to make her go wild with sexual pleasure? Every day of her life with me.

Frankly, I was too tiered to think and my cock was telling me that it had truly enjoyed the D Day minus five days.

I reached home and out a plan. I set my clock to five in the morning. I knew that Tara slept late and she enjoyed her long sleep in languorous delight. I also knew that she may be sleeping stark naked. Tara had once told me “If you ever drop in ever so softly, do not take pity on me, simply fuck me whenever you like however you like. If you me go when you want me, that will be a pity”

That is what I liked about her. She thought of my urge to take her. She also bizimkent escort knew that I loved her to enjoy every stroke and every fuck and every moment. If we did not both enjoy, what the heck were we doing?

I fell asleep quickly.

The alarm rang. Normally when the bell goes off, I curse the alarm and sleep a little more. But, today I sprang into action. I quickly had a bath shaved, changed, packed my office suit, shirt and tie, and rushed to my car. I ensured that I had taken Tara’s house door key with me.

I drove off gently and reached pretty soon. The Sun was just about rising and the sky was dark gray so far.

I parked, took my stuff and softly walked up. I did not want to tell the building “I have arrived. Now Tara gets fucked”

I softly turned the latch lock and walked in ensuring that the door did not creak. I took off my shoes and walked right into her bedroom.

Tara was sleeping stark naked as she had promised. Her legs were splayed apart, as if she knew that I would walk in and take her. Her hands were up and her hair was tousled.

Her breasts were glistening in the night lamplight.

The love bite I had planted on her left nipple was visible. It was red and the teeth marks could be seen clearly.

I quickly and silently took off my clothes and unfolded my plan.

I looked at her and sniffed her snatch got a massive erection.

I walked near her face and started to jerk myself off. Pretty soon I was about to come. I thought the best way to wake her up was to spray her face with my cum.

I went on shagging and soon sprayed my cum onto her face.

Tara woke up with a start.

Tara said “God. I was startled. I have never been woken up like this. With cum”

Tara added, “This is good for my complexion” and started to slowly rub the cum into her face.

Tara added, “Can I have a little more cream please?”

I said, “Suck it out”

She reached for my torso and tried to pull me down. When she could not pull me down, she grabbed my cock and pulled me down.

She placed a pillow beneath her head and started to kiss my cock and lick it lightly. Suddenly in one swoop, Tara gobbled my cock and started to suck it hard.

She did a quick blowjob on me. I spent my next cum inside her mouth.

Tara said, “This will be good for my digestion”

I pulled my wet cock from her mouth and said, “What would you like now?”

Tara said, “Any thing you like”

I said “Darling this D Day minus four days”

Tara said “So?”

I said, “You deserve a present”

“So what do you have for me?”

I answered back with action.

I scooped her up from the bed and took her to the drawing room. I made her sit on her favorite chair. This chair was special. Tara knew what would follow. She knew her legs would be placed on the handle and strapped to it.

I did exactly that.

I then pulled her torso down, so that her pussy dangled out from the chair.

I slowly knelt down between her legs and started to run my fingers lightly over her whole body, with special care to her nipples.

I kissed her on her nipples and then quickly lowered myself a position that I could start cunnilingus.

I kissed her all around her mound for over ten minutes.

When she was getting frantic, I slowly reached her outer lips. I licked each one, one by one.

Tara started to run her fingers through my hairs and started to lead my head where she liked.

Tara would say “Here. Here. More here”

Soon enough she was moaning and trying to raise her buttocks and she was getting her climax.

Her pussy juices just poured out.

I released her legs, scooped her again, and took her to the bedroom.

I put her on the bed and told her “Where would you like to fingered first. The mouth, your ass or your cunt?”

Tara tried to say “No fucked”

I just stopped her, inserted my fingers into her mouth, and ordered her “Suck them and wet them”

She sucked my right hand’s middle finger and wetted it well.

I pulled out my finger and told her “Turn over and spread you legs”

Tara pleaded, “Please do not finger bugger me. It hurts”

I just said “Spread you bum cheeks with your hands and relax. I will do what I want to with you. No argument with me”

She placed bostancı escort both her hands on her buttocks and spread the cheeks apart.

I spat a little on her ass.

I caressed her buttocks a little and then with one swift stroke inserted the middle finger all the way in.

Tara yelled and cried out with paid.

I quickly pulled the finger out. I pulled her up to take the doggy position.

I spat a little more onto her ass.

Then with no warning, I started to finger bugger her.

She let out a small yelp each time it went in.

With my other hand, I started to play with her pussy from between her legs.

Soon she was telling to be rougher and to fuck her ass until it tore apart.

Within a few minutes, she had her second orgasm and she collapsed in a heap.

She was panting and lay on the bed nearly motionless.

I waited for a while and then told her to turn over. Reluctantly she turned over.

I positioned myself near her head and slowly ensured that her mouth could grasp my cock.

And then I told her that she would have to suck my cock while I finger fucked her.

Tara held my cock at its base and started to suck the knob of my dick with a slurpy noise.

In the meanwhile, I parted her legs and inserted my middle finger into her open pussy mouth.

I started to stroke her pussy slowly. She tried to synchronize her sucking with the strokes I gave her.

Suddenly I pulled my cock out of her mouth and my position so that I could really finger her deep and well.

I started to vary my pace. Half in then wait. Then suddenly lunge in. Then a circular motion. Than three quick in and outs.

The element of surprise was turning her mad.

I did that for a while. I then felt that she was ripe for an orgasm.

I changed my pace to a steady finger fuck and made her come. She screamed and writhed with pleasure and collapsed.

Tara was breathing hard and quickly. Between her gasping, she said “Okay. That is enough. I need to go to office too”

I told her “Darling. Less than seven orgasms is not too good for your pussy”

Tara said “What?”

I sat myself down on the edge of the bed while she recovered.

When Tara appeared back in control, she propped herself up on the pillow and said, “When do you want to fuck?”

I said, “Whenever I like”

Tara said, “That is terribly unfair”

“To whom?”

“To me”


“Since every satisfied pussy deserves at least one wet cock, you bastard” and laughed.

I pulled her by her hand and asked her to get up. Tara did what she was asked to do.

I walked her to the dining table. I made her climb the table and sit at the edge.

I pushed her down with her legs dangling out.

Tara asked “Now what?”

“Pussy eating time”

She tried to stop me. I grabbed her wrists, sat on a chair with both her legs on two sides, and started to lick the entire pussy.

I ran my tongue over her mound and then through her slit. I dallied over her clit and then started to flick it with my tongue.

Tara started to jump with each flick. I held her hands firmly and went on controlling her pussy.

I left one wrist and lifted one thigh over my shoulder. Then I grabbed the free wrist and left the other to put the other thigh over my shoulder.

I licked and flicked until she started screaming with pleasure.

“Leave me. I can’t take it any more. Please. Please. More. More. Aaaaaah”

She had her next two orgasms on the table.

When I was through, I got up, scooped her up, took her to the bed, and put her down.

Tara was gasping for breath and having paroxysms passing down her body, with pleasure.

Tara asked, “Can I get ready now?”

I said, “Yes”

After ten minutes of rest, Tara got up and went to the long mirror to see her pussy. It was swollen and was pouting with all the fun it had.

She said, “It is really tender”

I let her into the bathroom. When she was going in, I said “Keep the door open. I mat want to come in and take you”

Tara said “No. You wont take me anymore today. I am tender all over”

I got up, went behind her, and walked into the bathroom with her.

I made her sit on the toilet seat and shut off all other noise and said, “Piss”

Tara büyükçekmece escort protested. I insisted.

Tara started to piss. It made a nice musical noise when it emerged from her cunt.

When she finished, I said, “that was not too bad was it?”

I said, “I like the slight hissing sound that your pussy makes”

I added “Can you make your pussy sing? Hahahahahaha. That would make you a musical woman?”

Tara said “I am, so embarrassed”


Tara said, “Leave. I need to shit”

I said “No. I will stay”

Tara blushed. I insisted and stayed in while she shat.

She got up, flushed the toilet, squatted on the floor, and cleaved herself with toilet paper.

She dropped the toilet paper into the toilet bowl and flushed the toilet again.

Tara said, “That is really naughty of you”

I went out of the bathroom, took off my clothes and walked in and said, “Let us give each other a bath”

Tara readily agreed.

We first got under the shower and soaped each other.

I took some shampoo and washed her hair. Then I applied some conditioner and rubbed her scalp. She murmured, “That is nice. It is so relaxing”

She shampooed my hair and then I soaped her back and then took very long to soap her breasts. She cooed with pleasure as I applied the soap on her nipples.

I firmly applied the soap in circular motion on her breasts. I could see she was turned on.

Tara took some soap and applied all over me. Then she grabbed my cock and applied soap on it.

Without warning, she pulled the foreskin back and started to apply soap on the knob. That was unbelievably pleasurable. I jumped up with pleasure.

The moment she saw that she applied more soap and started to run her fingers over the knob.

I made her leave the cock and applied soap on her crotch.

I soaped her pussy lips and her pubic hair.

She stood her ground.

I sat down in front of her and said, “I have to clean every part well”

I parted her pussy lips and started to apply soap with my fingers on her clit.

Tara screamed, “Stop it”

I did not listen to her and went on applying soap and irritating the clit.

Tara grabbed my hairs with one hand and the door with the other and simply had her next orgasm right there.

I let her finish and then stood up.

Tara caught my cock and started to run it over her slit. She naughtily added, ”I am soaping both the friends together”

Tara was enjoying it and her eyes were rolling over with pleasure.

Tara said, “Let the two friends meet each other”

I parted her pussy lips while she ran my cock over the slit.

Soon she had her next orgasm.

Tara was exhausted. She said, “Why don’t you fuck?”

I said, “That is my choice. It is my gift, so I choose”

I dried her with the towel and she dried me.

I pulled her out of the bathroom to the bedroom.

I made her lie down on the bed and applied body cream all over her.

I asked her “Do you want body cream or bawdy cream?”

Tara asked “What?”

I did not answer.

I took the cream and applied it liberally over her pussy.

Tara moaned and raised her buttocks.

She was clearly enjoying the attention given to her pleasure.

I did not let her have her next climax.

I pulled her up and chose her dress for the day.

I put on her bra. Then her panty.

I patted her on her pussy and kissed her on her forehead.

I made her slip into her loose silk printed light blue pants and a tight black short top. She looked quite nice in it.

I helped her blow dry her hair and applied all her make up and her perfumes.

Tara said, “You can dress me up quite well”

Tara said, “What will you wear?”

I said, “I have brought all my stuff”

She pulled out my shorts and vest and helped me get into them.

She helped me into my clothes etc.

We had breakfast together.

When we were ready to leave, Tara softly called me from inside her bedroom.

I reached there.

Tara said, “How can I leave without saying thanks”

I said, “Thanks about what?”

She pulled me near and said “To be so selfless and to care only about my pussy”

With that she pulled my zip down, unbuckled my belt, tore open the trouser hooks and grabbed my placid cock and kissed it with deep long kiss.

Tara said “One day I will make up for this to you”

I said “No you don’t have to make up. I will fuck the shits out of you every night”

I wore my clothes again and we left.

I softly said “Happy birthday minus four days Darling”

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