Dad , Uncle Rog

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This is my true story, I am just having my new lover put this story on computer, because I am computer illiterate.

My name is Brenna, I am 19 years old. I work at a fast food joint and still live with my parents. My mom has slowly worked her way up in a big department store, and was just recently promoted to store manger. It takes up a lot of her time and we don’t see too much of her anymore. My dad, Brent, and his best friend Roger own a machine shop for rebuilding engines. Roger has been my dad’s best friend since they were nine years old. Whenever mom and dad had to travel out of town, it was Roger who always looked after me. Even though Roger wasn’t actual family, I called him “Uncle Rog'”.

It was a cold blustery Friday night, my boyfriend, Trent, and I were making out in the backseat of his beat up old Camaro. We were going at each other like world war three was about to happen, when he stuck his little five inch pecker in my soaking tunnel of love, and then proceeded to do his infamous “two pumps and a squirt” bullshit on me again. He immediately sat up, pulled his pants up and proceeded to drive me home. I was so fucking mad and frustrated at that point I could have killed him. He dropped me off a block away from my house, my dad hated him, and proceeded to try to give me a goodnight kiss. I bolted out of the car and in no uncertain terms, told him to take a flying fuck. I rushed through the house, and flew up to my room to cry my broken heart away. “Why can’t a guy last more than one minute?” was the only thing I could say.

I laid there a while, bored out of my mind. I finally decided I can’t stay in my room all night, so I went downstairs to see what was going on with the rest of the family. Mom was sitting on the couch reading some stupid love magazine.

“Where’s dad?” I asked mom.

She replied in a very perturbed voice, “How the fuck should I know, he’s probably over at the shop taking a bath in oil again!” I left the conversation at that, not wanting to rile mommy dearest anymore. I settled into daddy’s big ole’ recliner and turned the TV on. About 15 minutes later, the phone rang. Mom answered the phone, and almost immediately went bug eyed. her department store was just robbed, and the police needed her down at the store to verify how much cash and merchandise were stolen. Mom slammed the phone down, and told me that she was going to have to pull an all-nighter, to get the store ready for business the next day. She quickly rushed out of the house.

So, here I was, all alone in out big three story house. I turned on the satellite, as there was nothing on regular cable. I flipped through hundreds of channels, still not being able to find anything interesting. I was about to turn it off when I flipped past what was obviously two people having sex. I flipped back to see some cheesy Euro trash movie, with a bunch of softcore sex scenes thrown in. I watched the movie through three sex scenes, and noticed I had made a noticeable wet spot in daddy’s chair.

“Hooray!” I thought, “I’m getting horny again!” Knowing dad might get home soon, I decided to go downstairs to relieve all this built up frustration. I spread myself out on the king size waterbed in the guestroom of the basement and went to work on my poor aching clit. But for some reason, I could not get off. I rubbed as hard and as fast as my hand would go, but to no avail, I was doomed to not have an orgasm tonight. I got up to make the bed and straighten up, when all of a sudden the light illuminating the stairs came on. I heard my dad and Roger coming down the steps.

“Oh shit!” I thought, “I can’t let them find me in here, they’ll know what I was doing. I quickly went and hid behind some boxes on the unfinished side of the bedroom.

Dad went over to the TV and popped in a video, turned out the lights, and then both of them sat down on the edge of the bed.

“I wonder where that bitch of a wife went to, probably out whoring around again!” my dad said.

Roger replied, “I really don’t know, and I really don’t care. I still wonder what made you marry that battleaxe, I would have divorced her in less than a year! But, while we got the place to ourselves, let’s make the best of it.”

I wondered to myself what Rog meant by that remark, when all of a sudden, the video dad popped in started blaring music. I lifted my head to see what was playing and was shocked to see a gay porno playing. On the screen, two muscular looking dudes starting giving each other head. I watched the screen intently, as I had never seen a gay porno before. After a couple of minutes, I looked back at the bed, only to find my dad and “Uncle” Rog in a sideways 69, going at it pretty fast, just like on the TV.

My heart jumped into my throat, I had no idea my dad was gay, but there he was, deep-throating his best friend in the whole world. I stared in disbelief as they continued to suck each other’s cock for about 20 minutes. Then they both stopped, turned on their backs and were trying to catch their breath. After a bursa eskort bayan little bit, they both got off the bed. Dad walked over to a shelf and picked up a bottle of something, and walked back over to Roger, who was leaning forward over the foot of the bed. Dad squirted something in his hand, and then rubbed it all over his rather long dick. It was pretty dark in the room, I couldn’t gauge his size very well.

Then, he turned towards Roger and bent over a little bit. They both fumbled around a little bit, and then dad started jack-hammering away at Roger’s ass. Roger was moaning and groaning, but was not making any “pain” sounds. I had been fucked in the ass once, and I thought it hurt like hell, but obviously Roger loved it. I watched in complete shock as dad fucked his ass for at least thirty minutes, occasionally spanking his ass, then he all of a sudden backed up, turned to the right, and shot his load all over the carpet.

By this time, I was completely wet, my panties were soaked clear through. I slipped my hand under the thin wet silk and barraged my clit with ninja fingers.

Apparently, it was dad’s turn to get pummeled, as he bent over the bed, and Roger lubed himself up with the bottle. I had seen Roger’s dick a couple of times when we were all swimming, but it had grown several inches from it’s soft state. I guessed his dick to be around nine inches long. Dad is a few inches taller than Roger, and it was evident as Rog had to stand on his tippy-toes to enter my dad. He started out slow, and slowly built himself up till he was resembling a jackrabbit.

From my vantage point, I could see sweat building on Roger’s back, and his legs started to tremble. I was on the verge of an earth shattering orgasm, with three fingers up my twat, when he pulled out of dad, turned around, almost facing me, and let his cum fly. That was all it took for me, I bit my lip so hard, trying to muzzle my own orgasm. It was a good thing the video was still playing that awful music, as it drowned out my muffled cry.

Dad and Roger both cleaned themselves up rather quickly, got dressed and went upstairs. I pulled my panties back up, and just sat there in utter disbelief as to what I just witnessed. I knew that if mom knew this, she would immediately file for divorce, and sue dad for everything he was worth. I couldn’t do that to dad, he loved me much more than mom did, and he always give me whatever I wanted. That always pissed mom off even more.

Thinking about dad and “Uncle” Rog just kept me on the edge of reality and orgasmic bliss. I snuck upstairs to my room, and had several mind bending orgasms before I passed out into a nice comfortable coma.

When I awoke the next morning, dad was already making his delicious strawberry waffles.

“Good morning, sweetie, did you have a good time on your date last night?”

“No, dad, all Trent could think about last night was sex, so I told him off for good! If he darkens our porch ever again, I give you my permission to beat the holy hell out of him!”

“Well darling, I highly doubt he will be by here anymore, he saw me carry a short block engine fully assembled across the shop once, he knows I can cannon-capple him in a heartbeat.”

“Just don’t kill him dad, he can always serve as a bad example!” We both laughed heartily at the pathetic excuse for a boy.

“Honey, I have got to deliver an engine to a customer today, it will take me about three or four hours to get there and back. Your mother called me this morning and said she is going to have to stay at the store all day, apparently somebody high on PCP shot the place up last night when they tried to rob the place. She said nobody was hurt. So, you will be on your own today. If you need any help or anything at all, Roger is just two blocks away at the shop.”

“Hmmm? This could get interesting.” I thought to myself. Dad gathered up the dishes and left on his delivery. I puttered around the house for a while, cleaning the kitchen, and tidying up whatever needed to be done. All I could think about is watching my two favorite guys doing each other. “Poor daddy! Mom never gives him any sex, so he has to get it from his best friend” then I started thinking, it had been a while since I remember Roger going out on a date either.

I realized that neither one of them were getting any, so they decided to do the next best thing, each other! Just thinking about it gave me goose bumps, and another wet spot. I went up to the safety of my room, and frigged my clit as hard as I could. After about 10 minutes of this, I realized again that I was not able to cum. Apparently, I needed sexual stimulation from another person. Words echoed in my head “If you need anything today, Roger is just two blocks away.” I needed something alright, but I didn’t quite know how to get my plan into effect.

“DING!” it finally struck me like a ton of bricks. I would blackmail Roger into having sex with me, if he refused, I would simply pull out my trump card and tell him what I know, bursa otele gelen eskort bayan and that I would not be afraid to tell the whole world. With my plan half-assed planned out, I trotted right down to the shop.

Upon entering the shop, I didn’t see Rog anywhere. I looked in the office, but nobody there. I was about ready to leave, when Rog came up behind me and poked me in the ribs, making me jump about ten feet high. I turned around real quick to find that he had wet hair, and was not greasy.

“I had to take a shower, I was loading a set of heads into the hot tank, when one of the heads fell off and splashed into the acid bath, I had to rush under the shower real quick, or else go to the ER with third degree burns.”

“Perfect!” I thought to myself, the guy I have had a secret crush on the past few years is freshly cleaned, and I have something to bring him to his knees.

“Are you sure that you’re alright? Do you need me to check you out for any burns, your face looks a little red.”

“Well, I scraped my lower back on some metal or something when I was rushing to the shower, can you tell me if it looks bad or not?” He turned around and lifted up his shirt, exposing his taught back muscles to me. I felt a twinge in my pussy as I felt his back, examining the teeny weenie little scratch he had.

“Poor Unca’ Woger” I said in my best little kid accent, “Wooks wike your gonna need to call an ambuwance!” With saying that, I swatted his ass fairly hard.

“Owwwww! Dammit, that hurt!” he glared at me, making me feel a little guilty. Then I remembered how his ass got sore, from those repeated spankings my dad gave him last night.

I looked him in the eyes, and got face to face with him, and said, “Is your ass sore from daddy fucking it all night long?”

Roger just stared at me, not knowing what to say. Finally, after a couple of tense minutes, he replied, “Where in the hell did you hear that kind of rumor?”

“Oh, it’s no rumor, Unca’ Wodge, I saw you and dad give each other head, and fuck each other’s ass last night. I was hiding behind the boxes in the corner, you guys surprised me last night, so I thought I would just hide for a while till you left, and Oh Nellie, did I get a show last night.”

Roger turned just about every shade in the rainbow. He was not able to look me in the eyes. He stared at the wall, contemplating the news he just received. Finally, he turned to me, still not making eye contact, and said, “I ‘spose your going to tell your mom? I knew eventually we would probably get caught, but I always thought it would be your mom to catch us, not you. I’m really sorry you had to see that, you know I would never intentionally hurt you. If there was some way to persuade you from telling your mom, I would be all for it.”

“I just want to know why you turned to each other, how come dad just didn’t go out and cheat on mom with another woman? And why didn’t you go looking for another woman?”

“Well, we were getting drunk one night, wallowing in out self pity of not getting laid for a while, we popped in a porno, and before I knew it, we were both chin deep in dick. At first we felt guilty about it, then we decided it was better if we just considered it as ‘bustin a nut’ and nothing else. We have been friends for a long time, and it just made sense to turn to one another, instead of finding some skank that might give us something that won’t wash off! We don’t do it that often, but we try to get together at least a couple of times a month, just to relieve some tension. We have only slept with each other, and have kept it secret for years. I would do anything to keep it a secret!”

“Well,” said Brenna. “I can think of something that can solve all of our problems. First, I am without sexual gratification, as I broke up with Trent last night. Second, I saw two huge cocks last night that would probably like to have some female attention. Here is my deal, I want you to fuck me right now before dad gets back from his delivery. If you don’t, I will tear up my clothes and go running out of this shop shouting “rape” as loud as I can. And then I’ll tell mom everything. I’m sure the cops will want to….mmmmmph!”

You know, it’s kind of hard to talk when you have monster meat in your mouth. Roger grabbed my head and forced me down so quick, I experienced vertigo. I slobbed his knob for a few minutes until he pulled my head off his cock. He then picked me up, basically ripping my skirt and panties, and sat me down on his lap. I wiggled around until I felt his enormous head poking at my holiest of holes!

Roger pulled my head back to his, and he bit my neck, then whispered in my ear, “I have wanted to do this to you ever since that time when you were 14, and come out to the pool wearing that thong bikini. I know you were teasing me back then, but just wait till you get all nine inches of this high hard one!”

With that, he pulled down on my shoulders and rammed his meat all the way bursa eve gelen escort into me in one stroke. Everything went into a flash for a little bit, I came back to reality feeling Roger grabbing my tits and using them as handles to pull me up and down his hot rod. I came three or four times right in a row, that is the first time any guy has ever made me do that. Shortly thereafter, I felt the all too familiar hot squishy feeling deep within my belly. I’m on the pill, so that really didn’t matter to me.

“Whew! Goddammit! you are just as tight as I thought you would be. I just thought I would never get the opportunity. Does this mean you will keep your end of the bargain by not telling your mom?”

“I remember saying that there were two cocks who would like female companionship, you’re just one. If you don’t want me to tell mom, you must tell me when you and dad are gonna do your little thang again. I want to join in!”

“Brenna, you and I aren’t related. You can’t fuck your dad, that’s illegal.”

“It’s only illegal if you get caught, right? Besides, dad will have no choice, give up this shop and that $250,000 house to mom, or fuck me, easy choice, right?”

“Alright Brenna, I will let you know within the week when we will be getting together again.”

“One more thing, Unca’ Wodgah! If you tell my dad what is going on, I’ll go straight to mom! Capiche?” With that threat, I tweaked his nose and headed back home with the knowledge that I would be servicing my two favorite guys very soon.

Five agonizing days later, I received a call from Roger. He let me know that my dad and him might get something going tonight as mom had to do end of the month records at work. He told me they would be working somewhat late, so be ready for whatever happens. I hung up the phone, let out a real big squeal and jumped high in the air. Tonight is the night! Finally! I went upstairs, took a long aromatherapy bath, and prepared myself for tonight’s carnal sins. I picked out the sexiest little black dress that barely covers me. I decided that panties and a bra were only gonna be a hindrance tonight, so I left them off. I used some of mom’s fancy french perfume, knowing that daddy liked it a lot. Not knowing when they were to arrive downstairs, I decided to wait on the bed, and then hide in my familiar spot when they got there.

I only had to wait an extra thirty minutes, I heard the car pull up in back and knew that my life was about to change forever. I rushed over behind the boxes and crouched down.

The first thing I heard my dad say was, “Whoooowee! smells like a french whore down here! Somebody must have spilled some perfume or something!”

Roger, knowing everything, quickly changed the subject, talking about an engine they just rebuilt. Dad once again popped in the porno tape they watched last time, settling back on the bed. I could tell from peeking that Roger was getting impatient, he moved right over to my dad, unzipped his pants, pulled out dad’s dick, and began to polish the purple pearl. Dad enjoyed this for a few minutes, and then got up and removed all of his clothes. Roger did the same. They settled into the sideways 69 again, moaning and slurping and bobbing. I saw Roger roll his eyes my way, and brought his free hand up, making a waving gesture. “Here goes everything!” I thought.

I quietly snuck up behind dad and got within a foot of his head. With a not so quiet voice, I tried to make my best mother impression.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” I bellowed. I swear dad jumped three feet in the air, did a mid-air twist, and landed on his feet by the side of the bed. I was blocking the TV, so all he saw of me was my silhouette. He got on his knees real quick and started babbling about how this was not what it looked like.

I retorted, “It looks like your sucking his dick!” Dad started stuttering and was actually at a loss for words. Roger couldn’t hold it in anymore and started to bust out laughing.

“Take a good look, Brent! That’s not your wife!”

Dad looked back at Rog, then me, then stood up and turned me so my face was lit by the TV. “Brenna, what the hell are you doing down here? You should be in bed.” Brent just grabbed his forehead and sat down on the edge of the bed, like he just got a huge headache. “I suppose you’re gonna tell mom, right? Great, there goes the house, the business, everything I have worked my whole life for!”

“Not really, dad. I won’t tell mom on one condition,”

“And what condition is that, no curfew, boys in your room, what?”

“Well, daddy. If you and Uncle Rog will fuck me tonight and whenever we get the chance, I will not tell mom.”

“Are you fucking insane? You think I would fuck you just to save my marriage to an old bitch?”

“Either that or live on the street, broke, trying to make alimony payments. The way I look at it, your getting the new and improved model of mom, plus you get to be with Roger still.” Saying that, Brenna removed her robe, and revealed the black dress she was trying to wear. She started a seductive dance, slowly shedding what little clothing she had on. Her dad just stared, with his mouth hanging the floor. When Brenna was completely nude, she sauntered over to her dad and planted a big wet juicy two minute kiss on him. She backed away slowly, “So, have you changed your mind yet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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