Daddy Catches Stepdaughter Pt. 01

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It started because Sam was thirsty. He had been up late at night, walking blearily to the kitchen for a glass of water – his throat was parched – when he noticed that the door to Susan’s bedroom was ajar, a stream of dull lighting cutting a shard of light across the otherwise pitch dark hallway.

He had only meant to shut the door quietly, thinking that his 18 year old stepdaughter must’ve fallen asleep before switching off her light and shutting the door. However, his whole body stiffened when he took a glance into her bedroom, his mind losing all semblance of thought as his mind tried to process what he was seeing.

Susan was completely nude except for a pair of tight pink panties, stretched out like a cat on top of her pale pink covers. Her agile body was lithe and petite, squirming back and form with her hands rubbing in between her legs. She was masturbating – not very quietly, either, small girlish moans reaching his shocked ears as he took in the sight.

Sam wouldn’t lie. He had imagined his stepdaughter nude many a time, like when she reached over to pour him a cup of coffee and accidentally revealed to him the soft, large mounds of her breasts that pressed too tightly against her loose t shirt. He’d tried to shove those thoughts away but she was an attractive young woman and now – with her beautiful naked body writhing with pleasure as she rubbed her wet pussy – no one could blame him for enjoying the show, could they?

Her breasts were big for her age, round and heavy, her nipples flushed and as stiff as pebbles. Her thighs were spread open and her hand was down the front of her panties, rubbing furiously as her mouth hung open in a quiet expression of pleasure. Sam could see the glisten of her wetness coat the inside of her spread thighs as she rubbed her clit. He watched as her other hand came up to play with her tits, pinching and rolling her nipple between her fingers. A fresh moan breaks past her lips as she grinds upwards into her hand in a sensual, smooth motion.

Sam’s mind starts wandering.

God, what he’d do to be able to reach towards her and squeeze her breasts, feel her soft flesh beneath his palms as he rubbed his palms over her stiff pink nipples. He’d reach down and spread her legs to look at the outline of her pussy against her pink underwear. Maybe she’d raise her hips against him in arousal, begging with her large doe eyes for him to touch her pussy. tunceli escort He’d trace the covered mound of her tight pussy, feeling her slowly get wet beneath her tight pink panties…. Touch me, daddy, Susan would pout, and spread her legs wider to allow her stepfather to feel just how wet he made her. Take off my panties and touch me..

He’d tease her a bit, tracing her clothed pussy until her cute little panties were absolutely drenched and she was writhing and mewling with desperation. Only then would he slowly slide her sopping panties off her, revealing to him her wet, naked pussy, begging for his fingers or cock to slip right into her…

He shifted to his other foot, aware of how hard his cock was, straining against the front of his pants. His movements cause the floorboards beneath him to creak loudly, alerting his stepdaughter of his presence. Shit.

Susan sat up with a gasp, her cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment and her soft, pink lips hanging open in shock.

“S-Sam!” she hissed, “I didn’t know you were there..”

He sighs – he’s ashamed, of course, but he knows there’s an opportunity here.

Sam steps into the room. He watches as his stepdaughter’s eyes roam down his body to settle on his very obvious erection pressing prominently against the front of his pants.

“That’s not a very good girl thing of you to be doing, is it?” Sam asks quietly, “what do you think your mum would say if she knew what you were doing?”

Susan opens and closes her mouth in desperation, her large bright eyes begging him.

“Please, Sam..” she says desperately, “don’t tell mum, she’d be so mad with me-“

“Shh, of course I won’t tell,” Sam says, sitting down next to her. From this close Sam could really take in the beauty of his stepdaughter’s body. Her smooth skin and sensual curves. Her fingers still wet from playing with her tight pussy.

“Masturbating’s completely normal. It must be hard for you, hm? Your mother doesn’t let any boys come over. I’m sure you have needs.”

She nods slowly, calming down as she realises he wasn’t mad at her.

“Why don’t I help you out? It’ll feel much better.”

Sam knows that his stepdaughter is attracted to him. It came in lingering stares that rested on him too long, small blushes that flushed across her cute face whenever he spoke to her too close. He knew she wouldn’t say no.

“But.. tunceli escort bayan but, my mum-“

“She doesn’t need to know, hm?”

Sam rests his hand on Susan’s smooth thigh, slowly running his palm up her warm, flushed skin. Susan’s mouth hangs slightly open at his touch and she bites down on her puffy lip.

“Let me help you,” Sam whispers. His fingers are now at her inner thighs. He could feel her wetness on his fingertips as he teasingly danced his touch over the edge of her panties, skirting the edge of her wet pussy. Susan unconsciously spreads her legs wider for him, as if she was already begging for more. Her nipples were stiff and he longed to reach down and suck on them, swirling his tongue around those sensitive nubs and hearing her moan for him.

“O-okay,” she whispers, “but please, nothing too much..”

Sam smiles. “Daddy will take care of you. Lie down, princess.”

She obeys slowly, settling back down into her soft covers. She remains propped up on her shoulders, gazing at Sam’s every movement.

“Is it okay if daddy rubs his cock on your pussy?” Sam whispers, “I won’t slide it in. It’ll feel good for you, too.”

Susan nods eagerly. She wanted to see her daddy’s cock, too. Sam smiles and unbuttons his pants to take out his painfully hard cock. She gasps at the size – it was nice and fat, a decent length as well, and she felt her clit twitch at the thought of that thing stretching her pussy open.

“Now I’ll take these off, okay?” Sam plays with the edges of Susan’s pink panties.

“Okay, daddy,” she whispers, and Sam smiles at her before slowly moving that piece of fabric down her thighs.

What a beautiful pussy his stepdaughter had. It was puffy and wet, lips glistening with her arousal, pink and throbbing. It was practically begging for touch, her cute pink clit swollen and twitching beneath her hood. Susan spread her legs wider. “Please, daddy, touch me,” she says shyly.

How could Sam turn her down? With his cock in one hand, he brings his thick fingers to rub against her wet slit. Her reaction was instantaneous, a moan breaking past her lips as her daddy rubbed her engorged clit and sunk the tip of his finger into her tight pussy.

“Does that feel good? You like that?”

“Y-yes, daddy,” Susan moans, writhing and twitching with pleasure as Sam rubbed slow, firm gentles into her escort tunceli twitching clit. She’s never been touched like this before, never with fingers so experienced or confident. She could feel her pussy leaking juices onto her sheets, staining them with her own arousal.

“You want to feel my cock on your pussy? Hm?”

“Yes daddy, please,” Susan begs.

Sam brings the tip of his cock up to her wet, puffy pussy lips and slides his cockhead between them, making sure that his hard length slides deliciously against his stepdaughter’s sensitive clit.

Susan lets out a muffled squeal of pleasure at the feeling of her daddy’s thick cock rubbing against her sensitive pussy and she gasps, pushing her hips upwards for more.

“Tsk, be patient, darling.” Sam cooes.

He thrusts slightly, groaning at the feeling of his stepdaughter’s wet, soft pussy sliding around the length of his hard cock. His dick was immediately slicked up with her juices, her pussy only becoming wetter as she grew closer and closer to the edge, moaning and writhing on her sheets. He thrust gently, making the whole length of his cock slide through her puffy pussy. It felt amazing, warm and wet, and the sight of his stepdaughter writhing with pleasure only added to the experience. She was twitching and moaning, her nipples stiff with pleasure, her hands kneading her round fat tits as her pussy twitched and gushed against her daddy’s thick cock.

“Daddy, I’m going to cum..” Susan whines.

“Yeah? Cum on my cock, baby. Grind right against it and cum for daddy.”

Susan nods her head, shuddering with pleasure as Sam’s cock once again slides against her sensitive pussy lips and swollen clit.

It only takes a few more slides of his hard cock through her pussy lips before Susan starts to cum. She cries out, her lithe curvy body going taut as her back arches off the bed. Her pussy grinds greedily against Sam’s cock through her strong orgasm, slicking his cock with her juices as she shakes on her bed, her tits bouncing with the force of her movements.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” Sam hisses, the sight of Susan’s orgasm sending him over the edge. He takes his cock into his hand, wet with Susan’s pussy juice, and within two firm strokes he’s cumming all over his stepdaughter’s firm round tits. His cum coats her tits, splattering against her stiff nipples, and Sam lets out a loud groan of pleasure. It’s the strongest orgasm he’s had in a while, and he hadn’t even fucked her.

When he finally comes down from his dizzying climax, Susan giggles cutely as she looks down at his cum coating her tits.

“Thanks, daddy,” she says shyly, “wanna help me again tomorrow night?”

“Of course, baby,” Sam smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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