Daddy, Please…

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Daddy’s feet fell noiselessly on the carpeted floor as he made his way down the hall. Walking was difficult due to the hardness throbbing in his pajama bottoms. He stopped at Honey’s bedroom door. “Can I really go through with this?” He wondered while at the same time the ache in his loins urged him on.

Daddy quietly opened the door and there she lay with only a sheet covering her beautiful body. He crept up to 18-year-old Honey’s sleeping form as his mind’s eye drifted back to the sultry days of the past summer. He had spent everyday watching her romp in the family pool. He remembered how Honey had insisted on wearing her favorite string bikini that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Many times a day Daddy found himself seeking a private spot to take his hardness in hand and jack off as he watched the water cascade off those perfect breasts.

Now the days were growing shorter, summer was at an end and there Daddy stood, next to her bed. Daddy could see the contours of Honey’s lovely body through the lone sheet covering her; he gently picked up the corner of that sheet and moved Ankara escort it off her. She stirred a little bit but didn’t wake up. Daddy’s heart pounded in his chest as his cock continued to throb in his pajamas. Daddy’s body shook and he could barely breath as his eyes raked over her lovely body.

Daddy’s hands ached to touch those breasts which he watched all summer long, his lips tingled at the idea of sucking on them. Daddy stood there willing himself to reach out and touch her. Finally, after what seemed like forever Daddy got down on his knees next to the bed, his cock was almost painful it was so hard. A shaking hand reached out and gently caressed a young, succulent breast. Daddy’s breath caught in his throat at the soft yet firmness of it. “Oh, this is heavenly!” He thought.

“MMM…” Honey moaned softly.

“She must think she’s dreaming. I’ll just have to make that dream come true.” Daddy thought to himself.

Daddy continued to stroke and tease Honey’s breasts. Her nipples grew hard, and her breath ragged. Daddy could stand the temptation no longer. He moved closer Ankara escort bayan to Honey and a tentative tongue flicked one of Honey’s hard nipples.

“Ohhh…” Honey uttered.

“Daddy?” “What are you doing?” Honey moaned quietly.

“Don’t worry Honey, I’m going to make you feel real good.” Daddy whispered.

Daddy began to lick and suck one breast as he teased the other with his fingers.

“Oh Daddy, you are making me feel good.” Honey moaned.

Daddy’s hand left Honey’s breast long enough to travel down her body to her pussy, it was warm and oh so wet. Daddy couldn’t believe how turned on Honey was. It wasn’t long until Daddy worked his tongue down to Honey’s pussy. Daddy teased and nibbled on her. Honey’s body jerked and bucked against Daddy’s tormenting tongue.

“MMM… Daddy!!!” Honey moaned.

“Daddy, you’re going to make me cum!!!” She continued.

“Daddy, please make me cum!!!”

Honey came and came again; wave after wave flowed over her wanting body. Daddy lapped up all of Honey’s juices, meanwhile, Daddy’s cock continued to throb; Escort Ankara he couldn’t stand it anymore. Daddy stood up long enough to get out of those pajama bottoms.

“Baby.” Daddy groaned “I want to fuck your tits.” “They’re so beautiful, and I have to fuck them.”

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck my tits.” Honey whispered.

Daddy straddled Honey’s chest and squeezed his hardness between her beautiful breasts. He worked his tool between those tits moaning and grunting the whole time. Daddy’s body bucked and jerked with each thrust between those breasts. Every now and then Honey would stick her tongue out and flick the head of Daddy’s hard cock; this sent electric shocks through Daddy’s horny body.

Finally, Daddy could stand no more. He knew it wouldn’t be long, fucking those tits just felt too good.

“Oh Baby!!! This feels so good.” Daddy moaned.

Daddy could barely breath, his body was shaking.

“Honey, Daddy’s going to cum!!!”

“I’m going to cum all over your tits!!!” Daddy grunted.

With that and one final grunt Daddy shot his hot cum all over Honey’s breasts. Some of his cum splashed onto Honey’s face and she licked it off, the rest covered her chest and throat. Daddy collapsed next to Honey on the bed.

“Oh Honey, that was great.” Daddy panted.

“Yes it was.” Honey whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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