Daddy’s Good Boy

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Damien was a complicated man. He required things just so… he required control. He had to have complete control over his lover. He had to know that his lover depended on him for everything. He had to know that his lover worshiped him, just like he’d worship his lover. Damien was a flirty man on the outside, he didn’t seem to have any serious relationships, and everyone just assumed that he slept around, but Damien couldn’t.

Damien required more than just a flimsy one-night stand every so often.

Damien had to have more control than that, and he did. He had Scottie.

Scottie was a complicated man in his own right. He had an amazing mind-he was so bright, so knowledgeable. He required things just so, too… but in a different way than Damien did. Scottie wanted his lover to control everything he did, to tell him what to wear, what to eat, and to help him level everything out in his head. He needed someone to take care of his needs, and lead him with a strong, yet soft hand. Someone who could deal with his moods, and help him sort everything out inside of him. Scottie needed someone strong, someone who could protect him and who would love him as much as he loved him.

And for Scottie, who started out an innocent twenty-two year old man, and somehow became a submissive, perfectly groomed just for the older man, Damien was his world. Scottie looked at Damien like he hung the moon. Every word Damien said, Scottie hung on it. Scottie catered to Damien’s needs to a point where it was obvious.

Scottie had at one point been a good boy in all ways, and not just for Damien. But now, Scottie lived and breathed Damien. He made sure he did everything his daddy told him to. He didn’t touch himself without permission. He didn’t let other people touch him, even to just shake hands. He carelessly trusted the man with his very own life. He was truthful with Damien, even if it was uncomfortable. He kept himself shaved, but kept the hair on his head long just because Damien liked it. He made sure to always wear panties under his pants, even though it left him feeling embarrassed. Scottie kept his phone on him all the time, just in case Damien wanted him for anything.

Damien didn’t ignore these things. He saw what a good boy Scottie was, and he loved showing the boy exactly how proud he was of him. Damien loved to take the boy. He loved to make the boy whimper, and moan, and whine, and scream. Hearing his boy making the sexiest noises imaginable, for him… that was worth everything to Damien.

They didn’t stick to one thing. Sometimes, Damien was rough, and Scottie would arch his body into the roughness, he’d sport the bruises on his skin like a prize-to Scottie, they were. Sometimes though, Damien would take his time. He’d make sweet love to his baby boy, making Scottie’s entire body shake and shiver. He’d whisper sweet nothings into his ear, telling the boy how good he was, and how much he loved him. Scottie loved it either way his daddy gave him it. He would be happy if his daddy was happy, no matter what.

Damien realized how submissive his lover was. He knew that he’d let him take it too far simply just because he wants to please him. Damien was always so very careful not to take it too far. He only wanted his boy to whine in pleasurable pain, not in actual pain.

Scottie had left the bullpen early. Damien knew why of course. He had to head to his house, and for get ready for the night. Damien knew that, but when Scottie wasn’t in his sight, Damien felt like he needed to see him-to know he was okay. Damien shook it off, knowing he had to finish his write-ups before he could see the boy again.

Scottie was red as a beet as he pulled up the pink skirt he was supposed to wear. He looked over his slim body in the mirror and took a minuet to admire himself. Daddy liked to humiliate him, and secretly, Scottie loved it. Scottie knew his daddy knew that too, but… he was too shy to even admit it to himself. Scottie snapped the pink leather collar around his neck, and he reached down to the front of his skirt and felt his cock, hard as a rock, and aching to be touched between his legs.

His daddy had been very clear on what Scottie was to do. He was to go home early, and he was to get the outfit his daddy had bought him earlier in the week and put it on. He was to touch himself just enough to get hard, and then he was to put on a vibrating cock ring. He was to put his collar on, and the pink fuzzy handcuffs were to be seated on the table beside the couch so when daddy got home, they’d be easy to get to. He was to set out a vibrator, lubricant, and one toy of Scottie’s choosing. Daddy told him he could pick out anything he wanted. So Scottie ran dutifully around their bedroom, gathering the things he was told to get. He grabbed the belt he and daddy had picked out together, but had yet to use enough for it to be worn out. Scottie loved the belt.

Scottie set everything out just the way he was told, and then went to sit beside gaziantep escort the door, his hands behind his back, and his cock aching. He was already so horny, and his daddy hadn’t even walked through the door.

It felt like time crawled by at a snail pace, but when Scottie heard the keys jiggle in the door lock, he was at automatic attention. When daddy opened the door he saw his boy sitting by the door, his pretty brown eyes looking up expectantly.

Scottie looked utterly perfect sitting there looking up at Damien. His brown eyes were wide, and dilated. His lips were lightly traced with what appeared to be pink chap-stick, and parted slightly. His body was positioned perfectly, outlining all of Damien’s favorite parts of the boy. The boy’s skin was pink from embarrassment, but he could clearly make out the tent in the short pink skirt he’d made the boy wear. Scottie’s thin neck looked wonderful with his collar around it, and Damien wished he could wear it all the time.

Scottie would wear it all the time if Damien told him to, despite the questions, and the utter embarrassment that would come of it. Damien had been tempted, but he didn’t want anyone to ask questions the boy wouldn’t know how to answer. Instead, Damien had gotten Scottie something special, something that would have to do in place of his collar.

“Stand.” Daddy said, walking to the couch, and sitting down. Scottie immediately jumped up and followed behind him. He sank to his knees in front of his daddy and smiled up at him with a sweet smile. “I have came to a decision about your collar.” Scottie perked up even more, staring at him. “I decided that it would be too risky for you to wear it, let alone unprofessional. You deal with too many people to wear it. However, I did find something to make up for that fact.” He said, and pulled a box out of his pocket. The box was blue, and larger than a ring box, but it was deep as well. He placed the box in front of Scottie on his lap. “Open it.” He demanded. Scottie scurPrice to do so, and gasped when he saw it.

The box encased the most beautiful necklace that had a lock on it. The lock had DR engraved on it, and Scottie smiled brightly. “DADDY I LOVE IT!” He squealed, and jumped into his Daddy’s laps and wrapped his arms around him.

“Daddy loves you, pet.” Damien said gently, and took the necklace out of the box and clasped it around the boys neck. Scottie flushed brighter, if that was even possible, and his hand immediately went to the lock, and held it.

“I love you too, daddy.” Scottie said, looking at Damien through his lashes shyly. Damien pulled out another box, smaller, and he opened it himself. He held the ring up to Scottie’s locket. It was an odd looking ring, but still beautiful just like his. The ring had a simple silver ring, matching Scottie’s. There was a ring cut out of the silver, but you could pop it in and out if you knew how. Which only Damien knew how to do.

The key held a significance that neither of them wanted to acknowledge.

Damien leaned forward and kissed Scottie, slowly but passionately. Scottie let out a quiet moan and moved his lips against his Daddy’s, not fighting for dominance, merely going with it. He didn’t need to. He trusted his daddy completely. No questions asked.

“Who’s Daddy’s little good boy?” Daddy demanded of Scottie who whimpered into his mouth and pulled away a little bit.

Scottie was red, blushing from something he didn’t even know how to explain. “I am.” Scottie said confidently, and breathed in and out heavily, waiting on his daddy to respond to him. His daddy didn’t verbally respond, but he did lean forward and press a loving kiss to his smaller boys lips, loving the way he tasted.

Their lips moved together, softly. Daddy controlled the kiss, but Scottie willingly gave over everything to the kiss. Scottie was breathing Daddy’s air, he could feel the heat radiating into his body, and he was whimpering into the kiss. Their tongues didn’t fight, daddy explored the smaller boys mouth. Scottie wound his tongue around his Daddy’s.

Their tongues danced then, making Scottie’s already hard dick pulse between his legs. “What does Daddy’s boy want?” Damien demanded, and Scottie whined loudly, and panted hard. He couldn’t really think about anything more than his daddy.

His Daddy’s warm body, his Daddy’s moist tongue, his Daddy’s hold on him, his daddy in general. Everything was his daddy.

“I want to suck you daddy…” Scottie whispered softly, looking down at his lap. Scottie knew he wouldn’t be cumming any time soon already, his cock was rock hard and he had been for what felt like forever. But Scottie didn’t care. He wanted to pleasure his daddy, no matter what. He didn’t care if his dick turned blue and fell off, as long as his daddy was pleasured.

Damien pushed him down to his knees, and pulled his hands behind his back. Scottie watched as his daddy pulled his hands together and put the cuffs on his thin, delicate wrists. Scottie pulled at them, just to see how much leeway his daddy had given him. He smiled when he realized not much. He watched as daddy unzipped, and unbuckled his pants, then pulled out his dick. Scottie almost drooled.

His Daddy’s dick was perfect, so long and hard, and manly. The hair at the base of his shaft was neatly trimmed, but it made his dick look so much more masculine. Scottie was told to keep his smaller, thinner dick shaved. Scottie loved the comparison. Whereas Daddy’s was masculine, and thick, long, and sexy, Scottie would call his own pretty, it was smaller, barely even a handful for his daddy, and it made Scottie feel better knowing that his daddy was even bigger than him in that way, too.

Scottie leaned forward, unable to use his hands to guide the larger dick into his mouth, but daddy helped him. He pulled it up by the base, and held it for Scottie so he could wrap his mouth around it. Once he had the tip in his mouth, his Daddy’s hand fell off his dick, and went straight to his hair. Scottie let out a whimper as he felt his Daddy’s strong grip latched onto his hair.

Scottie licked the head of Daddy’s cock, and sucked in earnest. He took some of it down his throat and choked lightly, before pulling back and sucking hard on the tip. He was careful to avoid scraping the sensitive flesh of his Daddy’s cock with his teeth. He didn’t want to risk hurting his man.

Scottie deep-throated him again, his throat contracting around the head he somehow managed to take in his throat. He choked lightly, and daddy groaned, loving the feeling of his throat. Scottie felt amazing, just knowing that he was pleasuring the man who he gave his entire life to. He couldn’t imagine his life differently even if he tried. Scottie let himself get low on air before he slowly pulled back, breathing in through his nose as he took him out of his mouth.

Suddenly daddy picked him up by his underarms suddenly, and sat him in his lap. Scottie couldn’t wrap his arms around his Daddy’s neck, but he rested his entire body against him not afraid of falling at all. Daddy wrapped his arms around Scottie’s thin waist, holding the boy close to him. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to move in the morning.” Scottie let out a whimper, and panted. He didn’t know how to breathe, he’d forgotten.

“Please…!” He whispered, and Damien smirked at him evilly, and bit into his earlobe hard. Scottie arched up, and moaned loudly. Heat was surrounding them, unable to catch his breath.

“I’m going to fuck you right here, on this couch.” He said, and Scottie nodded desperately. He wanted that so bad. “But it would be so sad to waste this unique opportunity where you picked out what toy I use on you…” He said and Scottie whimpered. He wanted his daddy spank him, but he wanted to be fucked more.

Scottie knew ultimately it wasn’t his decision. He didn’t want to dwell on what he wanted. He wanted to please daddy over himself, so he would keep that to himself. “What does Daddy’s little boy want?” Damien asked, and Scottie bit into his lip, his dick hurting so bad. He could feel himself leaking precum all over the front of his panties, and he was on the verge of cumming, but he knew that he couldn’t cum. He couldn’t because daddy had him in a cock ring.

“I want whatever you do, daddy.” Scottie whined, and Damien raised his eyebrow.

“What do you want, sweetheart.” Damien said it to be a question, but it didn’t leave any room for negotiation. It was clearly a demand, and his daddy didn’t seem to be up for any kind of bull shit about wanting to do whatever he wanted.

“I want you to fuck me…” Scottie admitted softly, and daddy hummed lightly, and ran his finger down Scottie’s spine, and to tease the crack of his ass. Scottie whimpered, and pushed his ass back into Daddy’s touch. He wanted nothing more than to have his daddy in his ass.

“Tonight is about you, pet.” Daddy said softly, and pulled Scotties panties down in the back and pushed Scottie up. He pulled his panties down and the boy kicked them off. He pulled Scottie down into his lap, and grabbed the lube off the table and poured a bit into his hand and then rubbed Scottie’s pretty little hole with his fingers. Scottie moaned, and bit down on his lip in desperation.

Once his daddy was sure he was wet enough, Scottie felt the head of his cock against his tight ring of muscles. Daddy pressed in hard, and fast. Scottie yelped, shocked by the entrance. He loved it though, it felt so good. He wanted it so much, he didn’t care if it hurt like a bitch, he just wanted to feel his daddy inside of him. Maybe that made him a slut, he didn’t really think so. He just wanted to feel his daddy, he just wanted to make his daddy feel good.

Daddy picked up the pace, fucking Scottie harder, making him moan loudly. Scottie was seated in his Daddy’s lap, Daddy’s arms wrapped around him like he was the most special thing he’d ever held, and Scottie was feeling so loved. It was times like this when he felt the most loved, not always just when his daddy meant for him to feel loved. Scottie loved having sex with him, he just couldn’t help but lose himself in his Daddy’s arms.

Scottie loved watching their bodies as they had sex. He loved comparing his Daddy’s to his. Seeing Damien’s mocha skin, and sweat shined abs never failed to make Scottie feel small and insignificant-in a good way. The way his muscles contracted as he fucked him, as he owned him, made Scottie feel special.

The sound of skin slapping skin as daddy pistoned in and out of Scottie was like music to his ears, his moans and whines only getting louder as time went on. Scottie was achingly hard, leaking between his legs, and he had a bit of precum even dripping down onto his pale thighs. He was too far gone to even manage a gentle blush, too caught up in the pleasure he was being given.

His skin was burning pleasantly, his sweaty body wiggling around on top of his daddy as he was being fucked. His lips parted as he panted, wishing for nothing more than to be able to grip at his Daddy’s shoulders. When he came, he knew he’d be loud, obnoxiously so. He also knew that daddy liked that. Daddy liked it when Scottie couldn’t muffle his embarrassing loud moans, and screams. When he came, he couldn’t control himself, but typically he muffled his face in pillows, or the bed, or even his Daddy’s shoulder, but in this position, he couldn’t muffle them, even if he buPrice his face in his Daddy’s neck. He would still be loud and clear.

That turned Scottie on more than he’d like to admit. There should’ve been something that didn’t turn him on, he figured, something as humiliating as it was to be loud and obnoxious when he was cumming… that should’ve been a turn off. But no, just knowing he was going to have to apologize to his Daddy’s neighbors if any of them asked merely had him moving faster, more desperate for his impending orgasm to wash over him.

Scottie was wiggling his ass as best he could, but considering that he didn’t have access to his hands, and he couldn’t move much due to the feeling of his Daddy’s weight to hold him down. Scottie was happy to let his daddy move him normally, but right now, he really just wanted to be fucked. He normally wouldn’t have even been trying to move the slightest bit, but he was just so, so fucking horny. He just wanted to cum, but the ring around his cock was keeping him so hard, and it was making his dick hurt just the slightest.

“Daddyyyyy… Pleaseee… I need to cummmm…” Scottie normally didn’t drag out the endings of words, but Damien knew when he was beginning to drag them out like a petulant five year old. That was when he knew that Scottie was really getting ready.

Daddy only wanted Scottie to cum if it was going to awe-struck the boy. Otherwise, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Quickies were okay, sometimes… but he wanted his boy to know that in the end, his daddy could make him cum like a fountain. Scottie was gorgeous, and his daddy wanted him to know that he was all his.

Scottie let out a startled cry when Daddy’s hand came down hard on his ass cheek. “Do you like taking Daddy’s big long cock, baby?” His daddy demanded.

“Yessss ohmigawd daddy pleaseeee… I love your big hard cock!” Scottie cried out, his entire body shivering as goosebumps raised on his skin. His entire body was heating up, but he felt so, so ready… He knew the moment his daddy undid the cock ring, he’d cum for all his worth. He couldn’t wait to show his daddy how good of a boy he was.

His daddy fucked him harder, then. Scottie began whimpering, his hands tugging on the cuffs that were circling his wrists. If he wanted to be punished, he could easily maneuver around them, but he didn’t want to. He wanted his daddy to control every part of him, even if it was making his body ache, and his head spin in a hazy and amazing circle. His body was so in-tune to every single touch… he couldn’t grasp onto everything.

His daddy wrapped a strong hand around Scottie’s thin cock, and pulled from root to tip. Scottie squealed, sure he’d cum even though he was wearing the cock ring. “Does Daddy’s good boy wanna cum?” Scottie whimpered, looking into his Daddy’s eyes. His Daddy’s dark eyes were full of lust, passion… Scottie shivered. He wanted his Daddy’s cum inside of him now, he wanted to be full of nothing but his daddy-his Damien.

“Y-yes please daddy…” Scottie whined into his Daddy’s ear, leaning closer so that his breath ghosted over his ear. Daddy paused momentarily, and then… “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Scottie screamed loudly, throwing his head back. His entire body went rigid with the force of his orgasm. Scottie was too caught up in his own orgasm that he didn’t even notice Damien cursing, or feeling his hole being filled up with cum.

Scottie collapsed against his daddy, spent. His breath was shaky, and ragged as he struggled to find a grip on the world around him. Scottie was shaking, he couldn’t get a grip. He just… he felt so amazing.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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