Daddy’s Kitten

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My name is Mary but my Dad loves to call me Kitten. I know my Mom hates it when he calls me by that name. I heard her say to him that it sounds so sexual. I love when he uses that name. Dad would only call me that when Mom wasn’t around.

One day I was in my bedroom and I was fingering myself. Yes, I was thinking about my Dad right then. There was a knock on my door.

“Are you okay in there Kitten?” He asked.

“Wait Daddy,” I told him.

Dad didn’t wait. He opened the door. There I was naked and touching myself. Dad walked into my room and stood there looking at me. He finally walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. He reached out and touched my pussy with his hand. I let out this moan as his fingers went to my wet gash. He pushed a couple of fingers into me. I thought I would orgasm right there.

He finger fucked me for a few minutes. I got so worked up. Daddy finally stood up and undressed before me. I was now looking at his fat member. His cock was easily the largest one I had ever seen. Dad climbed up onto my bed. He pulled my legs apart. His cock head was inches from my hole. I soon felt his mushroom rubbing against my opening.

Dad started to push into me. I let out this gasp. He fed me a couple of inches. I didn’t think I could take all of him.

“You’re so tight Kitten,” he told me.

He was right about that. It hurt as dikmen escort he was feeding me more of his hard bone. It took some long minutes before he was completely inside me. He rested his cock in my quivering tunnel. I placed my hands onto the sides of his chest. Dad then took me for the first time. I was having one orgasm after another. I know I screamed as he plowed deep into my belly.

My pussy muscles were wrapped tight around my Dad’s large dick. He gave it to me hard and fast that time. I never wanted him to stop fucking me. I couldn’t even bring myself to tell him I wasn’t taking birth control. Dad went deep into my hole. His big balls were hitting my bottom each time he entered me. I wanted him so badly. Just keep fucking me, I thought to myself.

Dad took me for a long time. Maybe close to an hour. All I could think of was having him seed my belly. I didn’t have long to wait. Dad grunted and then arched his back. I felt my Dad flood me with his white hot cum. I think we both cried out as I squeezed his cock dry of all that cream. Daddy had a lot to give me that first time. I could feel it running out of me and down my crack.

Eventually my Dad stopped and rested his spent cock inside my pussy. I was shaking so much. Dad then lowered his face and he chewed on my hard, pink nipples. That was the icing on the cake to our lovemaking. elvankent escort I did tell my Dad that I wasn’t taking birth control pills.

“I don’t care Kitten,” he told me. “I just had to fill you with my cum.”

I did like feeling my Dad’s seed coating my pussy. This was the beginning of our lovemaking together. Whenever my Mom was out of the house, Daddy and I would have sex together. We soon found out that riding my Dad’s cock was our favorite position. I would use my mouth to make my Dad hard. I would mount him and then slide down onto his hard pole.

Having him part my pussy lips with his fat cock sent chills up and down my spine. He would stretch me wide with his hardness. Dad would raise his hips up every time I lowered myself. He would also fondle my tits as we fucked. My nipples would get so hard. I started to cry out for him to give me his seed.

“Do you want my baby seed Kitten?” He would question me.

“Yes Daddy!” “Coat my eggs with your cum!”

We both knew what would happen eventually. I knew he would cream my eggs and he would give me what I fantasized about. I knew it was crazy thinking that way but I wanted my Dad to impregnate me. Daddy would tell me that my mother didn’t like having sex these days. He wanted only me for his sex partner. That’s what I wanted as well. I didn’t want to share him.

I emek escort loved submitting myself to Daddy. He would often go roughly when we fucked. He had me get on my stomach. He pulled up on my hips and parted my ass cheeks. Daddy would drill me hard from behind. Once his cock was buried in me, I would clamp down onto his fat cock. God, how I begged him to give me a hard fucking. I soon found out I loved his long prick going in and out of me.

I was often vocal in bed. It was more like me screaming to be fucked. There was just one problem. Mom caught us in bed one day. She came home earlier than planned. The face she made was priceless. Dad was pumping his cock in and out of me. I was telling him to give it to me deep. That was when I heard my Mom’s voice.

“Oh my God!”

She turned around and left the room quickly. We didn’t even stop. Daddy continued fucking me until he came. After that the fireworks began. Dad went out into the living room and I heard their loud voices. The weird part as that neither my Mom or Dad left the house. There is this silence now between both of them. I’m waiting for the day when one of them leaves for good and they get divorced.

No matter what happens, Dad and I continue to have sex together. Maybe Mom has turned a blind eye to what is going on. She certainly won’t be please when she learns I am pregnant. Yes, I told Daddy I want his baby. He says he wants to see me with a big belly. We have no plans to use pills or condoms now. Feeling his bare cock inside me is too much of a turn on.

I get wildly excited when my Dad’s hot seed is coating my pussy. I will write more when everything plays out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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