Daddy’s Little Girl

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The squeaking of the bed wasn’t the only sound in the room. You could also hear Beth moaning and the unmistakable sound of wetness as my cock plunged into her tight young pussy. Beth moaned louder and louder but I didn’t care because I was finally fucking my 18-year-old daughter, but I need to start at the beginning.

Beth had been a cock tease since her tits began to swell while in eighth grade. The boys couldn’t stay away from her and she knew why. Older boys all the way up to 18 would stare at her everywhere she went. As she continued to grow up and out, she refined how she dressed, gradually changing from the subdued dress of a eighth grader to what would easily be considered a slut or whore by the time she was a senior in high school. It seemed as her tits grew her sweaters and tops didn’t. They continued to get tighter and lower cut as her breasts grew and grew until they finally stopped swelling at a D cup. Her body continued to mature also, her legs grew long and lean and because to her love of running, and her ass became tight and firm. She tanned almost daily and I was sure that she didn’t have a single tan line underneath whatever tight and revealing she wore.

Her mother and I divorced when she was just in eighth grade; maybe that explains why she changed. We had always been close and I knew that she was very upset at her mother and I for getting divorced. I moved twenty miles away, close enough for Beth to talk anytime she wanted but far enough to get away from my frigid wife. My wife had never wanted sex as much as I, she was happy once a year under the Christmas tree, not near enough for me. I wanted sex often and always. I cheated on her, she never knew, I just loved pussy and always had a fetish for big tits. That is the one thing that I could never figure out, my ex had only a small B cup rack, just barely over an A cup but Beth was truly blessed with her big firm tits. I know they are firm because I did have the joy of seeing them more then once when she sunned herself at my place by my pool. The pool I had built for my own amusement, I found it a good way to pick up women and once they were in their bathing suits their inhibitions seemed much lower and sex was easy then. Beth spent a lot of time at my house during the summer, swimming and tanning. It wasn’t very often that Beth didn’t stop by to swim and tan and I saw first hand how big she was growing.

It was the summer of her senior year, she was 18 and was wearing a D cup and her tops were tight and slight. I could easily see her nipples poking through the thin material of her bikini top, and she didn’t seem to care. She would bring friends by, some girls but mostly boys, or maybe I should say young men. She never admitted it but I knew that some of them were a lot older. I would find beer cans later in the evening and knew she was drinking and that they were buying the beer. I never said anything, I figured that it was better for her to drink here then somewhere else and have to drive afterwards. I also figured that I would get more attention from her by allowing her to do this, something that I was sure her mother frowned upon. Beth figured this out quickly and knew how to play me, she had a Ataköy Escort certain look and knew how to hug me, pressing her tits tight against me, to get whatever she wanted or when she pushed the envelope and knew I was mad at her.

It was at the end of summer when I returned home earlier then normal and found the usual beer cans littering the pool deck and something else, the thing that concerned me was what I found in the ashtray. There in the ashtray laid 2 roaches and a half smoked joint. I looked around and picked up the joint, lit it and took a drag, feeling relaxed almost immediately. I was impressed that at least her male friends had good taste and bought high quality weed. I took another draw and held it in as long as possible, before letting it out slowly. I snuffed the lit tip out and placed the joint in my pocket to use again later. I walked toward the house and noticed a familiar car in the drive, my wife’s brother, Jack’s car I thought to myself as I walked in the back door; Beth must have had to borrow it. I heard music coming from Beth’s room and walked down the hall to say hi to her. I stopped in my tracks when I heard her moaning and him commenting on her oral skills. I didn’t know what to do, throw the door open, leave or stay and get some good jack off fantasy material. I quickly chose the later; after all I hadn’t been laid in over three months

I stood outside the door and listened as Beth’s uncle continued to talk about her oral skills.

“Damn girl, you can sure suck a cock,” He said.

“Easy girl, I don’t want to cum too fast.” Jack said.

Beth finally stopped sucking her uncle’s cock and spoke, “Well you know what good marijuana does to me, makes me horny as hell!”

“I know baby girl, does the same thing to your mom, that’s how I got to fuck her the first time.” Jack said.

“And that’s how you got me to suck you the first time, you know how horny I am usually and the weed just makes me want any cock, even your little one.” She laughed.

“You better watch it,” he hissed, “or I will fuck your little pussy weather you want me to or not.”

“Not unless you want to spend some time behind bars, it is weird enough that I suck your cock,” Beth replied.

“Fine, fine, just please let me cum on your tits,” Jack begged, “That’s all I want is to shoot all over those big tits of yours.”

“Ok fine Uncle Jack, you can cream my tits again, but don’t forget the other part of the arrangement, the money!”

“Don’t worry Beth I have it with me, the $200 you said, just let me do what I want to your tits.”

“That’s good Jack, now get over here and titty fuck me before Dad gets home,” Beth added, “I don’t want him knowing that I suck you for cash.”

“No problem, just squeeze your tits tight around my cock and I will shoot in no time.” Jack said.

Now I sure didn’t want him enjoying this so I thought to myself what to do. I quietly moved back to the door and got outside quietly, I then noisily opened the door and shouted, “Beth I’m home, I’m heading out to the pool first, come out and talk to me.” I then quickly moved around the corner and watched as barely a minute later Jack came Ataköy Escort Bayan rushing out and quickly drove away, thinking I hadn’t seen his car. I sat in a pool chair and waited for Beth to come out and join me. Ten minutes later Beth appeared around the corner and was wearing her skimpiest bikini, carrying a towel and a beer for me. She handed me the beer and jumped in the pool, playing it cool the entire time.

I finally spoke, “So what’s this in the ashtray little girl?”

Beth swam over and shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t mind your drinking here, but this is a little too much.” I said, again pointing to the ashtray.

“Chill out Dad, it’s only a little weed, you never smoked it in your younger years?” she asked, beginning to give me her ashamed look.

I stood my ground and tried to look as displeased as I could, Beth finally got out of the pool, her nipples visible through her wet top and walked over to me. It was obvious to me that she was trying to do to me what she was doing to her uncle as she bent over deeply and showed as much cleavage as possible. She neared me and reached out for a hug, but I responded by reaching into my pocket and pulled out the unused joint.

“Maybe we should try a little now, what do you think?” I asked her, wondering if she would have the nerve to take a toke.

Beth stood back up and rubbed her nipples against me doing so. “Well as long as you don’t get freaked out by it, I guess we can share a little smoke.”

I lit the joint and took a long drag then passed it to my daughter. Beth reached out and took the joint from me and took a long drag herself. We both exhaled slowly, savoring the feeling and relaxation. Beth shivered and I knew it was time to head inside. The evening was becoming chilly and Beth was in her wet bikini. I stood up and took Beth’s hand and led her to the house.

Once inside I closed and locked the door quietly, not wanting her to know. Beth walked into the living room and sat on the couch, wrapped in the towel. I sat in my favorite chair and took another toke of the joint; I was beginning to get pretty buzzed and wanted a higher high. I inhaled deeply and again offered the joint to my daughter, she reached out for it and dropped the towel from around her, her nipples were like hard as rocks, from the wetness of her suit and the coolness of the house. Beth again took a long drag from the joint before laying it down in the ashtray.

“Well Dad I need to change before I catch cold.” Beth said, feeling my stare on her tits and body.

“Ok,” I told her, “don’t make me sit here by myself.”

Beth got up and slowly walked back to her bedroom, I swear she grabbed at her nipples before walking into her room and closing the door. I stayed sitting for several minutes trying to rationalize what was happening. My ex-wife and daughter were both having sex with Jack. To make matters worse I now knew Beth was charging Jack to cum on her tits and I didn’t know what else they had done. Finally gathering my energy I knew what I had to do, I got up and walked down the hall to my daughter’s room. I stopped at the door, trying to decide if I really wanted Escort Ataköy to follow through on my fantasy. I reached my decision when I slowly pushed open the door and found Beth asleep on top of the covers, naked. The sight of her in all her glory was almost more then I could stand. Her tits were firm and unyielding, her legs tan and tone and her pussy was shaved almost bare, only a strip of neatly trimmed hair remained at the top, mohawk style.

I moved into the room and stripped down, my 8-inch cock standing proud in front of me. I slowly walked around the room enjoying the view of my daughter from all angles. I finally got on the bed, trying not to wake her and moved behind her, my cock almost touching her. Beth moaned slightly but didn’t wake. I took my hand and began to rub her pussy lips. They were framed wonderfully between her toned thighs as she slept in the prenatal position with her knees pulled up toward her chest. Beth again moaned but again didn’t wake. Her pussy responded by beginning to wet and soon I was sliding my finger between her full pussy lips. Precum ozzed from my cock and I began to rub harder on my daughter’s pussy, my finger coming teasingly close to her honey hole. Beth moaned again but again didn’t wake so I took my attack one step further. I straightened my finger and applied a little pressure and soon my finger disappeared into her pussy. Beth was so wet that my finger moved easily and deeply into her. I continued to finger my daughter and soon I was finger fucking her quite fast and hard. My cock then took over and I moved higher on the bed and removed my finger from her wet snatch. I held my cock at her pussy and slowly slid my cock into her. I fucked her with slow strokes but soon my desire began to show and I picked up speed.

Beth moaned and I guess the shaking of the bed woke her, “What’s going on?” she asked, before realizing what was happening.

“Easy baby, just lie there and enjoy.” I said gruffly.

“Daddy??” she responded, “No you have to stop this isn’t right.” She protested.

“Well if your tits are good enough for your uncle then your pussy is mine.” I replied.

Beth tried to pull away from me but I could tell from how her pussy tightened around my cock that she loved it. I continued to pound at her and was thrusting deeply into her. Beth finally relaxed and began to enjoy my fucking her. She moaned more and begged me to fuck her hard. I was more then ready and fucked at her with short hard strokes. It was then that her pussy contracted around my cock and I knew she was climaxing. Beth began to make guttural sounds as she came and her pussy became tighter and tighter. I continued to stroke deeply into her and finally felt my load rising, with one final thrust my cock exploded in her pussy and filled her cunt with cream. I moaned loudly in orgasm as Beth’s pussy milked my cock for every drop of cum, finally spent, we broke our embrace.

After ten minutes Beth asked, “How long have you know about Jack and I?”

Sheepishly I responded, “Just since today, I came home early and heard you sucking him. I need to have you suck me sometime, he sure seemed to enjoy himself.”

“Well as long as we keep it between ourselves I guess that wont hurt anything.” Beth whispered, adding, “Your cock makes him look so small and immature.”

Thirty minutes later I got to experience Beth’s oral skills and then I moved to fuck her doggy style, but that is where the story began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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