Daddy’s Little Psychopath Ch. 05

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Like I said last time, you guys can count on me to continue writing by hook or by crook.

Unfortunately, all of my previous data got erased when my old computer died, which—combined with a new job—slowed down my ability to write. But like I said, I’m determined to finish this story for you all, so after much toil, here’s the fifth chapter of Daddy’s Little Psychopath

Now for my new readers: this is the third installment of my Daddy’s Little Psychopath series. Chapter One can be found here, Chapter Two can be found here, Chapter Three can be found here and Chapter Four can be found here. You can expect this story to contain the following tags: cuckquean, father-daughter incest, mother-daughter incest, rough sex, reluctance, and blackmail. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can try most of my other series, as they are quite different from this one.

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Addendum to editors: This story does not contain any scenes of explicit sex with characters under the legal age of consent (18).



In the past few weeks, David had begun to use the pool continuously. Almost overnight, he suddenly had a use for it, and our poolside had sprung to life once again after years of neglect. Except this time, David wasn’t alone. It wasn’t Ronnie that was joining him, either . . . it was . . . those other women.

Young girls, one after another. David began inviting them to our home and treating them to dips in our pool. For years, he’d been procrastinating to figure out how to make the Jacuzzi feature work, but he got it up and running in only a day just so that he could get those other floozies to come and take their tops off for him. First every other night, then practically every, David shared the pool with some hot young thing, and sometimes even two or three. One night, I came home from a late night at work to find David sitting out in the Jacuzzi with a redhead on one arm, a blonde in another, and that Katy girl sitting atop David’s lap while facing him. I couldn’t see anything below the surface of the water, but the look on David’s face told me that his cock was inside her, and she was fucking him something good.

One of the other girls licked and nibbled on David’s ear while the other stroked her hands all over his chest. It was obvious that my husband was in pure bliss, as he couldn’t even keep his eyes focused. Katy’s eyes were locked on his, and she often leaned forward to kiss him on the lips while she gently ground her hips into his. Her body was sparkling and wet from the water and lights of the Jacuzzi, and her tits were dripping with steam and sweat. David sat back and let his three lovers do all of the work, while he simply enjoyed himself like a king on his throne.

Eventually, I heard David cry out, “Oh shit! Oh shit! Almost there!”

Katy’s chest began heaving and she fucked him faster, placing her hands on his shoulders while she bucked on top of him like a cowgirl.

“Please, David! Cum inside me! I need your hot cum in me, please! I need it so bad!”

The two continued fucking for at least another three minutes until David began grunting in earnest. I saw his expression lock, and he looked passionately into Katy’s eyes as they both did what I assume was a mutual orgasm. I saw their gazes remain transfixed while David came off his high enough to realize that I was standing just inside the house, looking out into the patio. David’s eyes looked right at me, and he didn’t flinch, waiver, or show a hint of regret or hesitation. He stared at me with the eyes of a lion.

It was at that time that I realized I hadn’t yet even taken off my coat or dropped my shopping bags. I had been so engaged in what was going on outside that I didn’t even remember what I was supposed to be doing inside.

Eventually, Katy rose, her naked ass coming above the water’s surface just for a moment as she lifted herself away from David’s cock. David’s attention went from me to her again, and I watched as she gently pulled both of her arms until she went down on her knees. Then, David’s hand touched the top of her head and pushed it under the surface, keeping her held underwater right below my husband’s legs. David’s eyes glazed over once more, and I knew that Katy was deeply sucking his throat, even while his strong hand kept her submerged.

She was down there for some time, and I started to worry. By reflex, I watched her head attempt to rise at least twice, but David kept her down there. He forced her to keep his plugged in her mouth and under the water. My concern only grew when her attempts to rise were thwarted three extra times, but David finally let her up the fourth time.

Katy burst from the water hastily, choking desperately and clamoring for breath. I thought she would be furious, or rus escort at least upset, but she threw herself back into my husband’s arms yet again and their tongues slithered together lustfully.

“So . . . INTENSE . . .” she gasped. “Makes me . . . cum every time!”

David smiled at her and then turned his attention to one of the other girls. “Come on, now, she’s got me hard again.”

The redhead’s grin went from ear to ear as she rose to set herself upon my husband’s lap . . . and it all began again.

You may be wondering how all of this made me feel. After all, my husband had just brazenly fucked some teenage slut in our pool and manhandled her without giving a care to me. But, the truth was, I didn’t know how to feel about it. On the one-hand, I was used to David’s extra-marital capers. It had been a few months after I’d discovered that he’d begun an affair without own daughter, but I’d also learned that it wasn’t largely his fault. Ronnie, as it turned out, was a vengeful and manipulative bitch who’d been scheming to take my husband away from me for years, and she had finally succeeded . . . sexually, at least.

But David had still loved me. He and I were trapped under Rhonda’s rule, but we still had each other. He never stopped making love to me, or holding me in his arms, or making me feel like I was the woman he’d married. At least, at first.

In the past weeks, David had suddenly changed. I had no idea what had caused it, but I was sure Ronnie was behind it at least partly. Ronnie was behind everything. I don’t know what she did or said to him, but David had become almost a different person overnight. I had always known that David reluctantly enjoyed having sex with Rhonda . . . after all, our daughter grew into a gorgeous, sexy woman, so why wouldn’t he . . . but as of late, the “reluctant” part had ended. Now, David fucked Rhonda, and any other woman that opened her legs for him, with utter abandon.

Twice in the past week, I had come home to find that David had taken the day off work. I knew this because the moment I opened the door, I could hear the sounds of fucking coming from out bedroom. Rhonda and I had a little . . . agreement, and she usually didn’t like to fuck David in our bed—she said the smell of my body disgusted her.

But that day, it wasn’t Rhonda I found in our bed, but Sera, one of the coeds that Rhonda had arranged to be David’s “servicers”. When I walked into the room, David was mounted between Sera’s legs, rutting away like a man possessed, making our bed creak and moan with each driving thrust as he relentless pounded the girl’s pussy. Sera’s long, shapely chocolate legs were spread wide apart, giving my husband ample access as he drilled into her tight cunt. Well, I’m assuming she was tight, anyway . . . David’s cock is impressively thick.

Sera’s mouth was wide open, and all that escaped it were cries of joy and ecstasy. It was clear that David was putting everything Rhonda had taught him about fucking to work as she slammed every inch of her pussy and kept her on the heights of ecstasy. If I had to use my womanly empathy to guess how many times Sera came then, I would put it somewhere between six and seven . . . and that was only after I’d walked into the room. Who knew how long the two of them had been at it before I arrived.

As I had so many times in the past, I found myself mesmerized. I’d been privy to threesomes with David before, but he was always much more base and animalistic when he fucked someone without me around. It sounds weird of me to say this, but I had almost begun to prefer watching David fuck someone than taking part of it myself, because I felt like David really let himself go when that happened. In the past few weeks, I had learned that watching my husband give pleasure was usually better than receiving it from him myself.

David fucked Sera without either noticing me for another twenty minutes and she came several times afterward until David finally let himself go, and came deep inside her pussy. David never wore condoms anymore, even though he had for the first few threesomes we’d had together. Now, whenever I saw him fuck someone else, it was always bare, and he always, always finished in either their ass or pussy.

I wondered whether or not he was trying to get these girls pregnant. I couldn’t imagine why—we already had five children running around the house, without even counting the triplets that David had put into our daughter.

But that was only the beginning of the change, before the true depths of his transformation could be felt. I finally realized how much of a different man my husband was one day while I was out in the garage doing some cleaning. I’d woken up pretty horny that morning, after hearing David and Ronnie fucking half the night, but when I woke up in the morning and looked for him, I entered Ronnie’s wing of the house and sıhhiye escort heard Ronnie giving the soundproof walls a true run for their money. So, I left the two of them at it and decided to work off my energy in a productive way.

I was about an hour into the task when I was carrying a box of garbage to the front of the garage, where the workers know to pick it up. The box was way more than I should have even tried to handle, and I accidentally fumbled it before I got there. With a frustrated groan, I stopped and bent myself over to begin collecting things. I was about halfway finished when I felt something bump into me from behind.

I turned in fright, and found David standing right behind me, with his hands on my hips.

“David! Where did you c—”

“Shut up and keep your voice down,” he told me. “Unless, of course, you want to attract attention . . . “

I started to ask what he was talking about, but then I felt his hands tightly grip the hem of my spandex pants, followed by a loud rip.

“David! What do you think you’re—”

Before I could say another word, David had his pants pushed down and his cock had entered me from behind. There we were, right in the back of our home while my husband thrust himself deep into me and began to fuck me. I could barely even think straight for several seconds until my mind settled down from the initial orgasm.

“David . . . ugn . . . ” I moaned, still attempting to draw some breath. “What in the world is this?”

“This, my dear, is the way it will be from now on,” David began, his hands gripping my hips tighter as he continued to pound into me. “I’m just giving you a taste.”

My knees almost buckled. David had to hold me steady while he continued to bang me in my hunched-over position.

“From now on, your job is to give me this pussy . . . or anything else that I want . . . whenever I want it . . . with no questions asked. Is that clear?”

“David, I—”


Our home was in a tightly secluded area, but there were still people who came to the nearby parks and hillsides for recreation or wildlife observation. On top of that, this was the season when all the bird watchers liked to come out to find some rare and endangered type of fowl that lived in our area or something, so I knew that in all likelihood, other eyes weren’t far off.

The fear of being caught only enhanced the insane pleasure I felt at the moment, but it also made me more eager to give into my husband’s demands.

“Yes! Yes, it’s clear!” I agreed. “Oh, oh God . . . I’m cumming.”

“Don’t you dare,” David told me. “Sometimes, the sound of a woman’s orgasm makes me cum on reflex, and I’m not ready to blow my load just yet. First, I want to straighten out a few other things, understand?”

“L-Like what?” I asked, trying my best to keep my body in check.

“First, I want you to know that both Katy and Sera are pregnant.”

My heart skipped a beat. This was something I’d feared and knew, with the way David had been fucking them, was inevitable. Still, it made me worried. We lived in a huge home, but now we were expecting ten young legs and feet running through. What was David thinking!?

But then he continued. “I’ve come to like this. I’ve come to enjoy my new life. I’ve come to love what Ronnie does for me, and I wanted you to know that she’s replaced you as my favorite.”

Another shock went through me, but this time, it wasn’t entirely pleasurable. “David . . . what are you saying?!”

“I’m saying that, for all intents and purposes, I belong to Ronnie now. She’s done more for me in the past four years than you did throughout our entire marriage.”

I whimpered, not just from David’s words, but because I knew that Ronnie had every inch of the house bugged. So, she would know what David had just told me . . . if she wasn’t aware already.

Then I started to worry. What was this then . . . what David was doing to me now? Was this a “goodbye” fuck? Was this one final thing to remember him by before a divorce? Even after everything that he’d done for the past months, and the years I hadn’t known about before that, I still loved David . . . I still needed him. I couldn’t see my life without him at all. We’d sworn we’d always be together until death.

But if I’d already been replaced, then, he didn’t need me anymore.

“So, what I’m telling you is that you need to better earn your keep,” David spoke up. “You don’t own this house—Ronnie paid for every brick. You don’t cook, clean or watch the kids—Katy does that for us now. And you don’t give me half as much sex as any of the other girls . . . including Ronnie. So, what exactly can you do for me?”

There was a long pause where I was sure that David was waiting for an answer . . . but I couldn’t think of anything. Not like this . . . not with him both fucking me sincan escort and making me feel like so much garbage at the same time. I was on the edge of both tears and orgasm at the same time.

“Since you don’t have an answer, I’ll give you what I’ve been thinking about: I want you to be ready . . . at every waking and dreaming second of every day . . . to do whatever you can to please me and Ronnie. I’m giving you this opportunity because you’ve been totally loyal to me despite everything that’s been happening in the past few years. But, that is the only courtesy I will extend. Furthermore, this offer is pending whether or not you answer the next question to my satisfaction.”

I held my breath. Despite myself, I could feel the wetness trickling from between my legs.

“Did you get your tubes tied yet?”

I gulped. “N-No. I know . . . I know I needed to, but I just haven’t—”

“Good,” David said as he reached forward and lifted my sweater above my tits, fondling them. He squeezed them vigorously, evidently more than pleased with my answer. “I want more babies from you.

“The only good thing you’ve done in your life is give me beautiful children and a daughter who’s showed me all the love a true daughter can. Other than that, what have you given me? All those years of ‘happiness’ we had together? Even a month with Ronnie easily trumps that.”

Again, I was dumbfounded. These sounded like Ronnie’s words, not David’s. Had she forced him to say these things? Maybe that was it. Maybe David was only saying this because Ronnie had made him.

I wanted to believe that. I truly did.

“Ronnie’s shown me the light,” David told me. “I only care about three things now: making my beautiful, slutty daughter happy . . . finding out how many other sluts I can fuck at any given time . . . and how many babies I can make with them. And if you aren’t adding to any of those three, then I have no use for you. Understand?”

I swallowed hard. “Y-Yes, David.”

“Hmph,” he responded. “Admittedly, I’m used to younger wombs now, so I don’t even know if one this used up can give me what I want. But, it’s mine, anyway. Understand?”

God, why was this making me shiver all over? Why was this making me so wet?! “Yes, David.”

“Furthermore, the conditions of my service to Ronnie are now the conditions of your service to me. You will not refuse me, ever. If I tell you to bend over and spread your legs, you will do it, even if I call and tell you to do it at the grocery store. You will not speak of this deal to anyone, not even Ronnie, and if you are doing anything else when I desire your pussy, you will drop whatever it is immediately and serve my needs.

“Is this understood?”

“Yes, David.”

“This offer is more than fair to me,” he said. “None of the other girls are being treated so leniently.”

I don’t know why I said these next words. They . . . just slipped out of me. “T-Thank you, David.”

David gave my ass a firm slap and then I felt him begin driving harder into me. “You may cum now.”

I let go with everything I had. I’d been building up ever since he’d first forced me to hold back, and it was like setting off an atomic bomb. I came so hard that I blacked out, and only came to when I felt David squirming his cock into me, trying to coax the last bits of cum.

When he was done, he just turned and left me, forcing me to scramble back to the house to clean up and find some clothing. While I was showering I took time to absorb everything. I sank into the water and sobbed, still positively shaken.

I knew then that I’d lost the man I’d married. The David that had been with me from then on had gone, and I didn’t know if he would ever be back. It didn’t seem likely, with the way Ronnie kept him so sated and wrapped around her finger. If I had to be honest with myself, I had lost my husband months ago . . . actually, maybe even before then, when he and Ronnie first started fucking behind my back. I think this was just the pure, uncensored reality finally slapping me in the face.

David belonged fully to Ronnie now. Even his tone, his wording sounded like hers. By all rights, my marriage was over.

But, as I sat there, the obvious thought never crossed my mind. Not once did I think about leaving, or divorcing David. Not once did I think about walking away from it. Curiously, I was numb to by the time the water stopped running. Once the initial shock had died down, I was left with nothing but purpose . . . and fulfillment.

This “new” David excited me as much as he terrified me.




I had to admit that I was amazed at how eager to follow my orders The Bitch had become. Over the past few months, I’d noticed some sort of change in her. It happened right after the day I saw Daddy going out to meet her near the garage. Unfortunately, I never found out what happened between the two of them that day, because by sheer bad luck, my audio surveillance file was corrupted. I ordered Daddy to tell me some of the details the next time we fucked, but it would have been nicer to hear it straight from the recording.

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