Daddy’s Little T-girl

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This is one of the five tales form Sleepover Stories. I thought it deserved a stand alone (as do some of the others.)

All characters are 18+

All the other boys in my life were disgusted when they found out my secret. All of them. If I told them outright, they’d lose interest quickly, some blaming my personality, others being honest about their distaste for transgirls. If I waited until I was sure he liked me, he was horrified to learn the truth. Once, I had waited until deep into the relationship to let him find out about my body naturally. That one had been the most painful rejection of all, both emotionally and physically.

Even my own father had rejected me at an early age. At seven, when I discovered my identity as a girl, my mother supported me and let me express my femininity, buying me dresses, skirts, blouses and panties and doing my hair. But my father had strongly objected, arguing with my mother over it – a never ending fight that would ultimately end up in separation. So my father’s rejection was the first I felt, and all the other boys in my life seemed to just follow suit.

After the traumatic incident with the last guy, I had never let another guy in, relying on my best friend Shante (and sometimes Danielle and Kira) for emotional and sexual intimacy.

And I was fine with that. I was into girls too and Shante and her friends were really sexy. We’d have sleepovers at Shante’s and tell raunchy stories to each other, getting really turned on before we would finally make each other cum. And for the longest time, that was all I had known of sex.

One day, out of nowhere, my daddy sent my mom and I a letter. He was telling me and mom he was sorry for what happened when I was little. That he was a changed man and that he wanted a second chance to be a family. He begged mom for a meeting, but she had refused. She didn’t trust him. But after more letters and more begging from dad and me, mom came up with a proposition. She would let me spend a weekend with him and I would report back his ‘acceptance level’. If he passed, mom would allow him a face-to-face meeting with her to further discuss things.

My parents still loved each other. I knew they did. After so many years of separation they never got a divorce. Dad, in his letters, seemed to still be in love and I had never seen my mom bring another man home. The fact that they loved each other so much made me feel guilty, being the real reason they split (though mom never said so, I remember.) So, I felt it was my duty to play this huge part in their possible reconciliation. If daddy showed just a little bit of progress, just a tiny bit of open-mindedness, I would embellish it and hope that once they got back together he’d continue to grow to accept me more fully.

Now this was about a year or so after I started getting my more womanly body. My tits had bloomed, my face softened and my hips were nicely shaped, all thanks to the sexy Dr. Abdullah. I had on a little white skater dress – the strappy kind that shows off a lot of cleavage and was just a bit too short – with heeled sandals, just to look extra feminine and gauge daddy’s initial reaction.

When he opened the door and saw me, he gawped wide-eyed at me for a few seconds before saying, “Oh my god, Felix – uh, I mean, Hailey. Sorry. Hailey. Is that really you? You look amazing. Wow! I mean, I can’t believe you used to be, uh- sorry, come in.”

Daddy was fully blown away at my appearance. The last time he had seen me, I looked like a copper coated popsicle stick with long hair wearing leggings and a little tee. But I could tell he thought I was pretty now because he was nearly speechless as he looked me up and down. As he checked me out, I appreciated his appearance too. He was way, way sexier than I remembered. He was tall and muscular, his flawless skin a shade lighter than me. As he smiled, I could see where I got mine from. It was simply beautiful – wide and radiant with milk white teeth and subtle dimples. I don’t know why and I tried to fight it, but I was immediately attracted to my daddy!

I blushed and came in. I put my bags down in the guest bedroom and sat at the table and he finished cooking dinner. We talked and caught up. He told me about work and I told him about all the things he had missed.

He eventually asked me if I had a boyfriend. “Uh – I mean, you do like boys, right? I don’t mean to assume anything.” It was the third time he kind of put his foot in his mouth. But rather than be offended, I was happy that he corrected himself every time. He was really trying.

I smiled. “Yes, I like boys…, and I like girls too,” I admitted. Then I sighed and added, “but mostly girls though, since the boys don’t really like me.”

I almost regretted sharing that piece of information until he replied, “Really!? Why not. You’re so beautiful, Hailey. You’re gorgeous.”

I blushed at my daddy’s genuine complement. “Thank you,” I said shyly, trying not to smile too hard. But daddy’s eyes on me made me happy. And my smile made him smile that heart-stealing Bakırköy Escort smile. God! He was so handsome!

We just sat and talked for hours. As we spent more time we quickly reconnected as daddy and daughter. Eventually in the evening, the conversation got somewhat serious as we sat about a foot apart on his couch. “Y’know, Hailey, I wish I’d have understood you sooner. So many years away from your mother…, and it didn’t need to be. And if she lets me come back, I’m going to make it up to her. But for this weekend, I want to make it up to you. Tell me, what can I do in two days to make up for years of being a bad dad?”

I thought for a moment and realized I had fantasies in my mind about what it would have been like to grow up as daddy’s little girl. None of my specific ideas would be appropriate at my age, but I did miss out on being daddy’s little girl and wanted to feel that love. And somewhere in my mind, I knew that having my sexy daddy treat me like a little princess would turn me on. In an innocent sort of way. So, convincing myself that it was innocent (which was somewhat true), I whispered, “I just want to be your little girl like I never got to be. Do things that a daddy and daughter are supposed to do.” My voice was so small and needy, I could see it breaking my father’s heart.

“Like what, Hailey? I’ll do anything,” he said, looking me right in the eye.

I looked at the floor, blushing shamefully as I spoke in a small voice. “Things like…, call me ‘baby’, and ‘princess.'”

“Aww, Babygirl! Of course. C’mere, Sweetheart.” He wrapped his arms around me in a big hug. I lay my head in his chest, took in his scent, and relished in his warm, strong embrace. “Look. I love you. And you will always be my little girl. My beautiful princess. From now on, okay?”

“Mmkay,” I said, muffled by my daddy’s large chest. He smelled so good – a sexy and clean scent but still manly. I felt so small and so needy in his arms, but also secure and feminine and wanted. This is how it feels to be loved by a man. This is what it is to be loved by a daddy.

Daddy nuzzled the top of my head with his face and sniffed my hair, inhaling deeply. “Mmmm, I used to love this smell. Back when you were a baby I used to be obsessed with the smell of your hair.” He chuckled and sniffed again and then sighed. “Oh, my baby girl.” He inhaled me again as I secretly took him in too. “You still smell the same.”

I squeezed him tighter. “Never stop doing that,” I said, a little more sultrily than intended. My tucked-back penis started to react to the underlying lust inside me. Oh my god, I want my daddy so bad, I thought as he held me tight.

After a few serene minutes, daddy let me go. “So, what else can I do for you, Princess?”

My heart smiled. “Keep calling me sweetheart and princess for starters,” I said. “I love that.” Then I thought about the times my mom would paint my toenails and how often I thought how it would be so much fun to do that with daddy. Then I thought about how much it would turn me on to have my sexy daddy touching my little feet. A win win! “I want you to do my toenails. Full pedi.”

“As you wish my pretty princess,” he smiled.

I went and grabbed my mani-pedi kit from my pack and returned with bubbly excitement. I kicked off my sandals and sat back on the couch, laying my feet in daddy’s lap, wiggling my toes. “Wow, even your feet are cute. You grew up to be such a pretty girl.”

“Thank you, daddy,” I said, blushing and smiling gleefully.

“What color do you want, Princess?”

I didn’t have to contemplate. “Pink!” I said, grabbing the four different shades of pink from my case and handing them to him. “You can choose which one,” I said.

Daddy chose the pale, bubblegum pink and began to apply the polish to my toenails. A couple times he colored outside the lines, tickling my sensitive toes into a fit of giggling every time. “My silly little girl,” he’d say light-heartedly and then wipe the paint from my toes. Once all my nails were pretty and pink, daddy blew lightly on each one to dry them.

“All done, Kitten,” daddy said after tickling my toes with the cool air, giving me a little stiffie.

Feeling a little flushed, I asked daddy to rub my feet. I needed to feel his hands on me, right where I knew it would keep me turned on, even if he didn’t know it. I felt naughty for tricking my daddy into foreplay but that just made me wet. I could feel my pre in the middle of my panties, right near my bottom.

I relaxed into the foot massage. Daddy’s firm but gentle hands were melting away my tensions, my worries, and my inhibitions. After a couple of minutes, with my head tilted back and my eyes closed, I began to lightly moan and ever so slightly arch my back when the feeling was just right. “Umm everything okay, Angel Cake?” my daddy asked.

“Yes. It feels so good. Don’t stop.” I couldn’t take the sex out of my voice. I tried but I just couldn’t. I was just about sure daddy knew what he was doing to me. And Bakırköy Escort Bayan he didn’t stop. “Thank you, daddy.” For not stopping when you know you’re making your little girl horny. I wished I had the courage to say that last part aloud.

After a few more minutes of the most delicious daddy daughter foot massage, I was totally relaxed. Too relaxed. I had begun to hum and moan in earnest now, arching my back even more and opening my legs as I impishly searched my daddy’s lap for his cock. I just had to see if he was hard for me like I was for him! As I slid my heel around his lap, I just felt the hard swell against his thigh when daddy stopped rubbing.

“Y’know what, Hailey? I have a really good Idea,” he said as he got up. “You just stay here. I’ll be right back.” And off he went, away somewhere else in the house.

I obeyed daddy and waited, thinking about the mistake I had just made. What was I thinking!? He’s just learning to accept me as a girl, as his daughter, and I try to feel his cock! If he had been upset that his little man turned out to be a little girl, he would be disgusted that she got turned on during a foot massage and tried to touch his dick. I started to think I had ruined everything, for me and for mom and for dad too. Then I had another, less virtuous thought. Daddy’s cock was hard. What if he wants me too?

Daddy returned about five minutes later with a Bluetooth speaker (definitely using that time to cool his libido). “Daddy daughter dance?”

“I’d love to,” I answered, thinking of all the possibilities for grinding and touching and cuddling that dancing provides. But daddy had very different ideas. He played ‘Happy’ by Farrell and held my hands as we danced fast, our bodies two arms’ lengths apart, stepping this way and that way, spinning and twisting. Good, clean, daddy daughter fun. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself, but all I could think about was finding a reason and a way to put my body on his.

After a few songs of giggly, fast-paced workout, I was nearly out of breath and so requested a slower song. As is appropriate for a slower song, I pressed my body to my daddy’s, lay my head against his shoulder and we began to rock slowly side to side. I put my arms around daddy’s neck and he put his around my waist, his large hands gently exploring my waist and hips as we floated around his living room.

“I can’t believe I missed out on this,” my dad said as he held my body on his.

“You didn’t miss out. We’re here now,” I said.

“And I’m so grateful I get to spend time with my sweet little girl,” he said and again took in the scent of my hair.

“Oh, daddy,” I said, “I am so looking forward to you coming back home. So we can be together all the time. You and me.” I don’t think he understood how bad I wanted him for myself, even though I ground myself against him as I said it in a sultry voice.

His hands went up my sides slowly, then back down to my hips, then followed the outline of the band of my panties around to my lower back, right above the swell of my butt. “Mmmm, I would love that, sweetie. I just hope I can do enough to earn a good report with your mother.”

“You already have, daddy. I would never give you a bad report. Not ever. No matter what happens. No matter what you do with me. I want you.” I was planning to say I wanted him in my life, but the last three words didn’t make it past my lips.

Daddy didn’t make a reply. He just let his hands roam around my hips and to my back, just barely daring his fingers to slip beneath the line of appropriateness – the waist of my cherry red thong. I wanted him to go for it, to put his hands on my ass and claim it as his. But he never did.

He took another whiff of my hair. “Mmm. It’s so intoxicating,” he sighed as he took another. I smiled against his chest, then took in a big whiff of his manliness – his body wash, mixed with his natural musk and the sweat from our vigorous dance. It was a daddy smell. I was in heaven and my little penis agreed, pulled back between my legs as it was, dripping precum into my panties.

“Princess? Are you sniffing me?” daddy asked, chuckling lightly.

“I’m not the only one who’s smell is intoxicating. You’re…, you’re turning me on, daddy,” I replied honestly, then held my breath as I awaited his reply.

“That- that’s…-” He froze in place. “It’s… not right for a daddy to turn his little girl on,” he said quietly, his hands falling back down my body toward the danger zone as he looked down at me. I took in his scent again, digging my nose into his chest and inhaling deeply, making a show of it. He laughed and spun me around to take his sweet bodily fragrance away from me, but pressed me tight against his body with his strong arms. I’m not sure if he was aware, but I could feel his semi-hard cock against my butt through his pants. “Guess we’ll have to dance like this since you’re being so naughty, Little One.”

“Mmm, sorry daddy,” I sang as I folded my arms on top of his and began to move with Escort Bakırköy daddy to the slow music. The next song was ‘Close’ by Ella Mai, one of my favorites. I began to rock my hips side to side, my booty pressed into my father’s crotch. As I seduced daddy with my slow, sexy dancing, I could feel him relax again into the subtle sensuality of the moment, feeding the low current of sexual tension with his body.

He never pulled away from me or took his hands off me. In fact, he let his hands begin to roam over my swaying body, down over my taut tummy, around my widened hips, and down the outside of my upper thighs, my hands on top of his. At a point, I interlocked my fingers inside his and began to guide his palms over the landscape of my feminine body, giving him a tour.

I led him back up towards my breasts, where he stopped me just underneath my cups. I traced my boobs, taking his hands outward, just grazing the outer swells of my tits up and down, up and down until daddy objected with a lighthearted chuckle. “What are you trying to do to me, Sweetie?”

“Sorry daddy,” the innocent little girl inside me said as I led his hands back down my sides. Our hands remained in the safe zone of my body for a few moments as I wound my hips and swayed side to side to the music, feeling daddy’s dick get bigger against my booty.

It turned me on that I was turning him on and my hands soon sailed down to my thighs again, bringing daddy’s with them. I slowly inched my way between my inner thighs, right below my private parts, then began to ascend even slower. “Oh my god,” daddy gasped when his finger tips brushed up against my little girlhood through my dress, tucked back inside my panties. I tried to push his hands further, so daddy could really feel his little girl’s desire but he pulled his hands away and stepped back.

“I think that’s enough dancing for tonight, Hailey. Sorry, umm, I think I’m gonna have a shower and give us time to uh…, y’know, cool down. Feel free to watch TV or whatever. I’ll be back down in a little while.” And with that, daddy spun on his heel and disappeared upstairs.

I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, unable to pay attention to anything on the screen. Daddy is clearly turned on by me. And he knows I know. So why won’t he touch me? Is it because he’s my daddy and I’m his daughter? Or is it because he still thinks of me as his son, Felix? I sat and contemplated my situation, and how good it felt to be with him. How safe. How secure. How sexy. How horny.

I went to the guest bathroom on the first floor and found myself unable to pee due to my stiffie. So I waited a while for my swelling to go down, then pulled my dress up and pushed my panties down, sat down and started to go. I looked down at my panties and they were slimy in the middle from my pre and soaked everywhere else due to my sweating crotch when I was dancing. But still, after I peed, I pulled my panties up and tucked myself back in.

Daddy was standing by the door when I came out, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama pants, his awesome chest bare. “Hey, Sweetheart. I- I just wanted to say… I wanted to apologize for running away like that. I don’t want you to feel like I’m rejecting you as my daughter, but, uh, what we were going to…- um what we were doing wasn’t right. You have to know that I would never do anything to take advantage of you. And I’ll do anything to make sure you’re safe and secure.”

“So…,” I said in a tiny voice, “you didn’t run away because you think of me as a boy?”

“No, no! Of course not. How could I? I mean look at you. You’re absolutely gorgeous. If I wasn’t your dad-” he stopped in his tacks.

I smiled mischievously. “What? If you weren’t my dad you’d fuck me?”

“Babygirl, that’s not what-“

“So you do think of me as a boy.” I had him in an impossible situation. I know. I’m a minx.

“No!” he exclaimed.

“Then tell me. What would you do with me if I wasn’t your daughter?”

“You’re really doing this? You’re really gonna make me say it?”

“Say what?” I teased.

Daddy sighed. “That I’m attracted to you. That you’re the most beautiful girl I think I’ve ever seen. That you turn me on with a smile, not to mention when you grind that beautiful body against me. That if you weren’t my daughter, I’d have my way with you, cock or no.”

I smiled evilly. “Mmm. So you wanna fuck me.”

“Hailey…,” daddy said in a warning tone.

“Just say it once and I’ll stop. I’ll go back to being daddy’s good little girl.”

“Yes, Kitten. I would love to fuck you. I wanted to grab your ass while we were dancing. That’s why I turned you around. But when you ground that perfect ass of yours against me, I knew it was a mistake. I wanted to grab your titties and feel them in my hands. I wanted to touch you between your legs and see if you were hard for me like I was for you. I wanted to pull off all your clothes and fuck you deep and long and hard, okay! You satisfied?”

His confession had stirred me up again. “Not until you do it,” I said cheekily. Daddy sighed again. “Okay, okay. I guess it’s enough to know daddy thinks I’m sexy. So, what else did I miss out on? What else do daddies and daughters do?” He sighed in relief, but the things I had in mind would only serve as seduction. “How about a kiss?” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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