Daddy’s Shocking Discovery

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I sat back shocked. It was the only word I could think of to describe what I was feeling. Shocked!

I’d been worried about my daughter, she’d been acting a little ‘off’ lately, acting differently, not her usual self you know? So like any good father my first thought was to rummage through her room and check for anything that might give me a clue as to her change in personality, hoping to god it wasn’t drugs. I’d just finished snooping on her computer… and to say that I was alarmed was an understatement.

I wasn’t a prude by any means, and I knew that kids these days were growing up faster and faster, becoming sexually active and such well before they were ready — unfortunately it was simply a result of the times, social media making sex so readily available and influencing the young teenager at a baser, more primal level. But what I found on my little girls computer gave even me pause.

I’d never thought of her as more than just my little girl, even though she was now eighteen. Of course I knew she was growing up, becoming a woman, I wasn’t entirely clueless but she was only ever my baby you know, not a sexual being.

But well, now after seeing what I had just seen, my view of her was bound to change. Her browser history showed an ever expanding pattern of looking at porn sites, all free and all with explicit content, not just pictures but full length movies as well. I was blown away, and feeling not a little duped as I never even knew any of these sites existed. Even though I knew it was wrong I took note of a few of the more explicit sites with the intent of checking them out more fully on my own computer later that night.

That fact alone should have been more than adequate to concern me, but when I checked into her favourites I found a number of individual videos from the sites that my little girl had saved. I clicked through them, watching a few minutes of each with the sound turned down, each one making my eyes grow wider and wider, not to mention a certain amount of growth was happening in my shorts as I watched what my daughter had been watching.

They were internet posted videos of older men ranging in age from late thirties to possibly early fifties, in various stages of bodily fitness, and every single one of them were with younger girls. All probably eighteen and legal enough to be in a porn production, but the age gap was unmistakeable. That alone was disturbing enough as my first thought on seeing them was that my little girl was caught up with someone much, much older than she was, perhaps a teacher of hers and instantly I felt my gut clench along with my fists at the thought. I’d kill any man that laid a finger on my baby, the fact that she might have been a willing participant not even figuring into my reaction.

I flicked from one to another to another, each one along the same lines, each one showing a much older man fucking some nubile young teenager and her loving it. I was just coming to terms with this, when I felt my heart stop as I turned up the speakers and listened to the verbal interaction of the porn actors. At first I thought I had misheard the dialogue, and then a moment later I was wishing that I hadn’t heard the dialogue at all! Not only was this porn with an older male and younger girl, but this was made out to be Daddy Daughter porn. I gulped and panicked as I quickly shut down the browser and the computer and rushed out of my daughter’s room.

I went and hid in my room trying to wrap my head around what I had just witnessed. What on earth had possessed my little Maddie to start watching that sort of thing? I just couldn’t figure it out. I’d never done anything untoward with my little girl. I don’t think I’d even so much as accidentally let her see me naked ever. So then why? How? What on earth could make her want to watch something like that?

Admittedly I was the only parental figure around, her mother (my now ex-wife), having bailed on both of us a few years ago to be with ‘Tyson’, a guy she’d been having an affair with from her office.

That had hurt Maddie a great deal and now she rarely even saw her mother. The last time was when she had been thirteen and they’d had a raging argument. I’d had to go pick her up at two in the morning from the bus stop outside of her mother’s apartment. Maddie had told me that Melissa was a bitch and she hated her and never wanted to see her mother again. I’d taken that to heart and sued for sole custody. Melissa hadn’t even put up a fight which didn’t truly surprise me but it should have made me a little suspicious, although at the time I simply put it down to Melissa being a self absorbed bitch and left it at that.

I had asked Madeline what the argument had been about but my little Maddie had stubbornly refused to tell me more than it had been a big fight with her mother and that was that. I didn’t want to push, as it seemed to upset her a great deal, so I left it alone and then finally stopped asking when I saw that Maddie was coping much better as time passed. Now, now I wonder İstanbul Escort whether I shouldn’t have pushed a little harder to get it out of her. Obviously something had happened that set her down this path that set her to watching incest videos.

Images seemed to play across my mind and I was still very aware of the fact that my dick was still hard in my pants. I didn’t think it could have — or should have — been possible for me to be aroused by the situation but I was. The imagery I kept seeing in my head, the older men caressing their younger, beautiful counterparts and the knowledge that it was supposed to be a daughter and her Daddy did strange things to my head.

I knew it was wrong, that I shouldn’t be thinking about such things but for the life of me I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding or the rush of blood that throbbed through my engorged cock. I tried pacing about my room, trying in vain to push the images away from my mind, but to no avail. In fact it was becoming increasingly awkward to keep walking about with the massive boner pressing against the zip of my pants. I grit my teeth as I realised that I wouldn’t have any choice but to physically make it go away.

I mean, I know it’d been a while since I’d been laid, easily a year, and though I had tried to get back into the dating scene I just couldn’t seem to find anyone I felt truly compatible with. Once bitten twice shy I guessed, but that hadn’t really worried me before now. Now though, well maybe I should have tried a little harder to find another woman? Who knew, maybe that would have made all the difference with Maddie? Maybe it might have helped to dissuade her from her current interest in incest? Who could really say, but for the moment I was much too distracted to think it all over properly.

I gulped as I squeezed myself through my pants and then groaned softly as I felt a dribble of pre-cum ooze from the tip of my fully inflated cock. I shook my head and grit my teeth again as though I tried not to consciously think about it, I unzipped my pants and reached inside my shorts to free my fat member. I wrapped a hand around my thick veiny length as I pulled it free and groaned inwardly as I noticed how hard I was.

The head was dark purple and angry looking, glistening with a slippery film of pre-cum and so hot in my grasp. I couldn’t help myself, I began stroking. My eyes nearly rolled up into my skull as I pumped my fist along the length of my cock. Instantly those images that refused to get out of my mind jumped to the forefront and I found myself thinking about those beautiful young girls as I wanked my cock in my room. I felt a vague sense of jealousy as I thought of the guys that were fucking them, and I couldn’t help but picture myself as being the guy standing behind the delicious young thing as she knelt on hands and knees, swishing her butt at me and begging for her Daddy to fuck her.

I tried to keep an image of one of the girls from the videos in my mind as I heard the words ticking over in my head. “Oh Daddy, please Daddy fuck me, fuck your little girl I want it so bad Daddy!” The words I replayed in my head making my cock throb even more as I stroked faster. God I couldn’t believe how horny I was right at that moment. Never before in my life had I ever thought about anything as remotely taboo as incest, not ever, but right at this moment the thought of a Daddy doing his daughter had me so turned on I could hardly breathe.

I swear I tried my hardest to keep the image of one of the girls from videos in my head, her young nubile body underneath me, writhing in pleasure as I fucked her hard, her voice crying out in my ear, “please Daddy fuck me, fuck me.”

But before long, images of my little Maddie began filtering in. Every time I became aware that it was Madeline I was seeing in my head, I shied away from it, forcibly refocusing my mind on some random young nymph from the movies, but it wasn’t long before my little girls visage snuck back into my head. I kept trying to push it away but she always returned. Finally I gave up and though I tried not to acknowledge that it was Maddie I was thinking about, I knew that the line was beginning to blur. The line became so blurry I didn’t realise I’d rubbed it out completely until I felt my cock expanding and I groaned out my little girls name as my cock throbbed painfully and exploded in my hand, my cum shooting out from my dick in blasts and landing with a soft splat on the carpet between my feet.

I was breathless; I had never cum as hard as I did in that moment, thinking about my little girl as she begged me to fuck her. Cum drizzled out and ran over my knuckles as I continued to stroke my cock and I squeezed every last drop from it. I felt guilt swirl, as a kind of revulsion shook through me making me feel like some twisted, perverted creep as I realised I had just cum while thinking about fucking my own daughter. What on earth was wrong with me?

After a moment I pulled myself up short. If I felt this way, how İstanbul Escort Bayan then did my little Maddie feel? I mean, she was the whole reason I’d suddenly been thrust into this predicament. What on earth had happened to get her into this … this ‘incest’ thing? There had to be something didn’t there? It wasn’t just like one day she woke up and decided she’d be interested in fucking her daddy? No I was sure there was more to it than that and I was determined to find out what that was — surreptitiously of course.

Once I felt I had gotten myself adequately under control I cleaned myself up and went about my usual business. I knew Maddie would be home from flute lessons soon and I’d better get my butt into gear and start dinner. I popped my head back into Maddie’s room for a moment to double check that I hadn’t left any tell tale sign that I’d been in her room. When I was fairly sure that she wouldn’t be alerted to my snooping I closed her door and went to the kitchen to get on with dinner.

Maddie arrived home just after five thirty as she always did on a Thursday afternoon. I heard her as she closed the front door and dropped her stuff on the hall table. I took a deep breath and reminded myself to play it super cool.

“Hi Daddy.” Maddie said with a big smile, just like she did on any other day, only now that I knew something so private about my little girl I couldn’t help but read more into it.

“Hi Baby.” I answered as she stepped in under my arm and hugged me about the waist, laying her head against my shoulder. I tried not to tense up. I tried to act like I did on any other day, as I hugged her about the shoulders. But I was acutely aware of the fact that her small breasts were pressed against my side, the entire length of her body was pressed against me, I could even feel the top of her mound pressed in against my outer thigh. I had to swallow and take a breath, counting to ten to stop myself from boning out right there and then. “Ah, how was flute practice?”

“It was good. Mr Havish says I’m so good I’ll be first chair next term.”

Mr Havish! My mind instantly grasped at the name. Was he the person that was influencing my little girl? Was he responsible for getting her into incest?

“Ow, Daddy you’re pinching me!” Maddie whined.

“What? Oh God sorry,” I said releasing the tight grip I had about her shoulders. “Baby I’m sorry,” I apologised immediately. “I’m a little bit distracted at the moment I didn’t mean to pinch you.”

Maddie smiled reassuringly. “It’s okay Daddy, it didn’t hurt that much. Are you okay? What’s got you so distracted?”

I blanched; I was supposed to be playing this cool wasn’t I? “Ah, nothing to worry your pretty little head over baby, it’s just work stuff, you know how it is.”

“Oh okay. Well can I help you with anything?” She asked me as she snuggled in again for another hug. I found myself taking a few more deep breaths as I struggled not to read too much into my little girl’s actions.

She’d always been an affectionate child, lots of hugs and kisses. As she got older of course that died down a bit, but she was still very much a hugger. That is, with me at least, I thought. Was that because she just liked hugs? Or was it because she wanted hugs from me? I swallowed nervously as I tried to stop thinking like this. I could feel my heart pumping fast and if I wasn’t careful the blood it was pumping would soon be flowing to a part of me I didn’t want it flowing too!

I cursed myself for a fool for not changing out of my loose suit pants and into a snugger pair of undershorts and jeans. If I started sporting a boner from having impure thoughts about my daughter there’d be no hope of hiding the fact from Maddie. I took another breath and tried to rein myself in. I rubbed a hand up and down her spine, something I did whenever I hugged her like this, something that had always been totally innocent for me before this afternoon, but now, as I ran my fingers along her spine I couldn’t help but wonder what it was that Maddie was thinking about as I did it.

I gave myself a mental kick, this line of thinking wasn’t helping. Get it together and hurry up about it, I told myself. “Ah, no honey, I think I’ve got this all under control. Why don’t you go change and wash up for dinner?” I told her, using the excuse to put a bit of distance between us.

“Okay Daddy, if you’re sure?” My little girl said staring up at me. I had to bite the inside of my cheek as I looked down at her angelic little face and really noticed for time just how beautiful my little Maddie had become.

I know, I know, as a parent I’m biased as every father will tell you his little girl is an absolute gorgeous little princess, I know. But in my case, biased or not, it was truth. As much as I disliked my ex-wife, she did have some good qualities about her, namely being her genetics. Maddie had followed her mother in looks, with one or two traits inherited from me, which made for a really nice blend.

Maddie Escort İstanbul stood at about five-six and she had her mother’s heart shaped face and slender nose that turned up at the tip, just a little. She had a mass of messy, loosely curled, chocolate coloured hair that fell down her back just below her shoulder blades. She had wonderfully arched brows and high cheek bones that made her face seem a little gaunt but in all honesty it suited her. Her lightly tan skin, I think the term is ‘olive’ complexion was from her mother’s side as well and made her seem a little more exotic than my own fairly pale skin.

From me she inherited a pair of incredibly blue eyes that had a darker ring about the iris that was almost black — so very striking to be staring into right then that it nearly took my breath away — and lips that were full and plump, looking ripe and delicious and so extraordinarily kissable!

I felt my heart skip a beat as I stared down into her face, her eyes looking up at me with such adoration in them that I didn’t even realise I’d almost frozen in place. My hand had stopped, resting against the small of her back, my palm flat against her spine as unconsciously I pulled her tighter against my side. My lips had parted and I fought to steady my breathing as I resisted the unimaginable urge to lean down and brush a soft kiss against her lips. I was trying to fight it but I don’t know if I was winning as I felt my body shifting slightly and I began leaning forward just a little.

Alarm bells were going off in my head and I could hear that little voice in my head screaming ‘what the hell do you think you’re doing?!’ but it was like I was outside my own body, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from leaning even closer to my little girls face.

I heard her sharp inhalation of breath and felt her arms tighten about my waist as her eyes fluttered… breaking the spell just enough that I could get myself under control once again. In a flash I realised that I couldn’t pull back from her, not without making her aware that something not quite right was up, so instead I kept leaning towards her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek in lieu of the kiss I wanted so desperately to place on her lips.

As I drew back I could see the disappointment written all over her face. I don’t think she realised she wasn’t that great at hiding it. It made my heart race. Knowing that look of utter disappointment was because I hadn’t kissed her on the lips put a chink in my hastily donned armour and I felt my resolve already beginning to crumble. I took a silent, desperate breath and forced a smile. “Off you go honey.” I said patting her bottom and garnering a cheap thrill from the action I’d done a million times before now.

She gave a half pout and said, “Okay Daddy.” She dropped her arms from about my waist and my first instinct was to grab her and put them right back where they had been, but I resisted and stood still as she walked away.

Once she was out of sight, I let out the breath I’d been holding and slumped. I gave myself a shake and tried to pull myself together. Come on Trent, get it together man, I berated myself. This is your daughter, your little girl, stop being such a colossal fucking pervert! I couldn’t get the look on her face out of my head. She’d wanted me to kiss her. I knew it as sure as I knew my name. But I couldn’t, it just wasn’t right. Hell this whole situation wasn’t right. I needed to stop this madness but for the life of me I didn’t have the first idea of how to do that. I sighed and finished up dinner.

It wasn’t long before my little girl was back, looking much sexier than I had ever seen her before. Or at least, this is the first time I’d even noticed that her attire was quite sexy for her age. She’d always been slim, good genetics and a balanced diet helping out in that aspect, and tonight she came back to the table wearing a pair of incredibly small — so small as to say skimpy — bed shorts and a thin cotton Tee with a panda printed on the front.

A cotton Tee that was so thin I could almost see right through it and believe me it made it blatantly obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. The material pulled tight against her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. It hugged so lovingly against her small ‘B’ sized, upturned breasts. I could see the soft puffy nubs of her areola and nipples where they capped her sweet little breasts and as I sat at the table I felt my cock beginning to swell. It was enough to drive a man crazy as all I could think about was how much I wanted to suck on those delectable little breasts of hers…

I gulped as I dragged my eyes away from her and blinked, fighting once more to get myself under control. Sweet Jesus I never imagined that it was going to be this hard! Did she notice how strange I was acting this afternoon and so dress accordingly, wanting to tempt me into something ‘more’? I just couldn’t tell… and I needed to calm down. I took a moment to think back, to think over other dinners on other nights and as I did I realised that my little Maddie dressed like this nearly every night. Tonight was just the first night that I was really noticed it. I gulped as I thought back over the last few months and realised that the signs were there and that I’d never picked up on them… until now.

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