Dad’s Sad Dilemma Ch. 06

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Susie felt her heart leap and her tummy lurch at the prospect of sharing a bed with him, it was their first night sleeping, together or whatever, she laughed to herself. “Which bed are we using master,” she drawled sexily.

“Mine,” was all he said as he eased her up giving her sight of his hardening cock.

“Oh my master,” she said looking at his cock with a broad smile and a dampening fanny, “It gets so hard so quickly.”

I smiled proudly, “what do you expect when I am with a beautiful sex mad lady who is also naked,” I answered. Then looking at her swollen love lips I added, “And your cunt gets wet so easily as well.”

She blushed heavily knowing that he had realised the state she was in, then they both giggled and wrapped their arms about each other’s waist and headed for the stairs. On the stairs, they found a note from Ken, it read.

“Thought it was time to leave you both to get to know each other in private, hope you did not mind me not saying goodnight, but you were busy. I am in the spare room we will sort out properly tomorrow the sleeping arrangements. I wont say sleep well because I do not suppose you will get much sleep, ha, ha, but have a good night. I will cook breakfast. Love you both. Ken”

“That’s such a sweet note, he really is happy for us you know,” Said Susie.

“Yes I know he is, he is a good man and we owe him so much.” Jon answered.

She nodded as they made their way to Jon’s room. It was odd after all that they had done and said tonight, but Susie felt a little awkward at the prospect of going to bed with him, she was looking forward to it, but a little nervous as well.

Although he was in love with her and they had shared a very intimate and loving time, it did seem very strange to him, watching his naked and well-fucked Mother standing nervously by the bed and waiting to join him. He could see that she was as nervous as he was.

She smiled sweetly at him and his heart went out to her. “Come on Mum this is silly” he said taking her in his arms and kissing her.

She kissed him back eagerly feeling his hard cock pushing into her tummy, she was grateful to be in his arms again, it settled her nerves. They climbed into bed and just cuddled for a while, he was gently stroking her tummy and she was holding and rubbing his thigh. He turned her onto her side and they spooned together, she pushed her arse back into his body, feeling his cock nudging her sensitive lips.

With his strong hands he lifted her leg exposing her wet cunt to him and allowing him the access he wanted and giving him room to give her the attention she craved so desperately. He took hold of his now throbbing cock and lubricated it by running it between her wet lips; she moaned and pushed back against him. He slid it into her wet cunt in one long slow movement.

She shuddered and moaned as once again she marvelled at his size as he filled her like she had never been filled before. She noticed that her muscle did not put up as much resistance to his thrusts, but she still felt her inner muscles stretching a little as they gripped and squeezed his hard cock, he still felt fucking huge to her, but it was easier for her this time.

She never wanted this feeling to go away, a nice big cock filling her cunt so beautifully and being fucked by a man she loved more than she had ever loved anybody was pure bliss. This time there was no mad dash to orgasm; he fucked her with long slow strokes, pushing in nice and effortlessly and reaching deep into her massaging those places that had been so long neglected.

She pushed back trying to show him that she was an active partner and to let him know how much she was enjoying this. She was moaning constantly as the exquisite feelings that racked her body giving her more pleasure than she can ever remember experiencing. This was no mad lust filled fuck, he was making love to her showing her tenderness and affection, he was taking his time kissing her neck and back and gently massaging her tits, it was such a beautiful feeling.

When her orgasm came it was long and almost painful, he pulled her to him and shoved his pulsating cock even further into her shooting his load deep into her quivering cunt. For the first time in her life she felt that at last she was a complete woman. Susie was convinced that this man was the reason she had been put on this earth for, she just knew that she was here only to please and to love him unconditionally.

She had never felt such deep emotion and love. Never had she had such a caring man before, no one had ever loved her with the intensity and tenderness that he showed her, not even her husband whom she had loved; no one had ever made her feel so wanted and treated her so like a goddess before.

She knew that in the eyes of the law it was wrong, but by God it felt so right to her. She just knew that this was the right decision for them both because she could feel his love for her it was as strong as hers was for him. Beylikdüzü escort With tears of pure joy and contentment she drifted off to sleep with him still semi-hard inside her.

Susie was the first to wake up, she felt the strong arms of her lover gently holding her, she was slowly coming back to life and when she opened her eyes she was, for a split second unsure of her surroundings. Then it all started to come back to her, she looked at her sleeping son next to her, and remembered all that had happened last night, she smiled to herself as those erotic memories came flooding back.

All the teasing culminating in the great fucking he had given her, that would account for the little soreness she felt in her fanny, which had been used properly for the first time in so many, many lonely months. She blushed to herself as she recalled that she had really let her self go and that she had eventually given her self to him totally. She was now his and Ken was no longer part of her sexual life.

She got out of bed and felt the dried juices on her thighs and pubic hair, she had not had that sensation for so long and she smiled contentedly. Her tummy got an attack of butterflies as she realised that she was now Jon’s property, in her mind he now owned her, she was his to do with as he wished, she was his woman lock stock and barrel, or should that be tits, cunt and arsehole she thought laughing to herself.

She found her scribbled notes from the night before detailing the new rules she must obey, she read them and again her tummy fluttered. Susie made her way to her bedroom, she was glad Ken was in the spare room it gave her some privacy to get herself ready. She went into the en-suite bathroom and run a shower and soaped herself vigorously getting every nook and cranny scrupulously clean.

She took a razor and sitting on the edge of the bath started to shave her pubic hair off just as Jon had told her to, it did not take long and when she was finished she was surprised at how nice it felt being bare down there and how great it looked, she could see her feminine folds hanging sexily down from her pussy. She was glad because Jon had said how sexy they were and how he loved them. She gently pulled at them trying to make them longer still and marvelled at how smooth and soft she was.

Taking her copy of new rules with her she went and looked for something suitable to wear for him, it had to be very short and see through he said and no panties. She found a very, very short nightie that she had forgotten about. In recent times she had not needed to wear it there was no point in showing her wares, but now it was different, she wanted to please Jon, wanted him to see her and wanted him to see that she was obeying his rules.

She loved him and his great firm body and oh my god that cock, he never inherited that from his father she thought wickedly. She slipped the nighty on and was shocked at just how short it was, coming to just below her fanny; it was a very pale pink with spaghetti straps. She may as well not be wearing it you could see every curve, every detail of her body through it. She was sure he would like it; she so wanted to impress him and to prove to him that she would happily do as she was told.

She was after all now his and she still found that a strange thought, she hoped that he would not only see her as a lover, but also as his fuck toy and plaything as well, she loved that dirty idea so very much. She wanted to be those things for him she knew she could not refuse him anything. More importantly she knew that he loved her and that she loved him so nothing was off limits as far as she was concerned. Her tummy lurched as she wondered if he would fuck her this morning.

Suddenly though she was a little afraid and unsure of herself, what if he had just been a randy young man last night and he was not serious about his commitment to her or to each other, what if I have made a complete and utter fool of myself, her heart skipped at beat as she contemplated those fears.

He had seemed so sure last night, so honest and showed her love and tenderness like she had never known, he just had to be serious about their new relationship she assured herself. She decided that she would bluff it out and go to him dressed like this and just see how it goes. She went and made some coffee for them both and found her self standing outside his bedroom door shaking like a leaf and praying that nothing had changed.

Jon woke up and quickly remembered last night’s wonderful events, making love to Susie, his mother, her coming across to him in a way that he would never have thought possible. The passion and love and sheer sexiness of the woman amazed him, she had wanted a dominant lover and he had easily adopted that role.

However she was not in bed and he also wondered if she was having second thoughts. In the cold light of morning he also had his doubts about his behaviour and how he had treated her, what if she is disgusted Beylikdüzü escort and appalled at what happened and all that he told her was going to happen. God he would have to move out if she had got carried away on night of lust and was not really serious. But he hoped not because he really had fallen in love with her and he would be devastated if he had lost her so soon.

The door opened and in came Susie, he was amazed she looked stunning, lightly applied make up, a shorter than short nightdress on and no panties, but she had slipped on some stockings and a pair of heels and her perfume wafted towards him. She looked beautiful, he was really happy not only because she was here, but she had dressed so sexily.

It meant that she probably still loved him and judging by the way she was dressed it looked like she had followed his rules. She was obviously still happy for him to continue being her lover and master. She smiled weakly at him not knowing how he would react or what he would say, “Good morning” she whispered as she put the coffee down.

He thought she looked a little apprehensive and laughed to himself, she must have had the same worries as I had, he thought. Moving quickly to reassure her and himself he smiled at her.

“Good morning, I am very pleased to see that you dressed as I instructed, now turn around I want to see how short that dress is,” he told her with a warm smile.

A surge of relief washed over her and her pulse quickened, as she now knew that he wanted to continue this new exciting adventure and that means he would still love her, she rushed over to him and kissed him.

“Oh Jon I was so worried that you might have changed your mind” she panted between kisses, “I was so afraid that I might have lost you before we had got started,” she added with a little tear was running down her cheek.

Jon delicately wiped it away, “there is no way I want to lose you, but I was a little worried as well,” he confessed, “but seeing you looking so beautiful and dressed in that sexy and wanton way, made me so happy,” he said with feeling.

They kissed like the new lovers they were. When the hugs and kisses slowed he looked at her. “I still want to see your gorgeous arse so turn around for me before I have to punish you.”

With a huge happy grin on her face she eagerly jumped from the bed and struck a sexy pose for him, “you like master,” she asked.

Her tummy fluttering as she called him master, she wanted to tactfully reassure him that she meant all she had said last night and that she was still happy to be his property. God the more she thought about it the more she loved it, being owned and possessed by a strong dominant man. She shivered, as he slowly looked her up and down, his eyes lingering on her shaved pussy.

“Yes I like very much, you have done well, my little sex slave,” he answered.

She thought that it was the first time he had called her his slave and it sounded nice to her. She passed him his coffee and sat on the edge of the bed.

“So you still want me to be your master then”? He asked.

She nodded yes to him with a grin.

“Now are you sure, because I will do the things I told you about last night and it will be difficult to turn back after this.”

Susie sighed, “oh yes I am so sure, I have never felt so content or so happy, having you as my master has made me complete I feel a real woman for the first time in my life.”She sighed happily.

“I am sure that I was put here to please a man and am even more certain that you are that man. I am convinced that you and I were fated to be together in this way.”

He took hold of her hands, but did not speak.

“I will willingly submit to you, endeavour to obey you in every way, I am happy to be your plaything or your fuck toy. I will try to be the biggest and the best slut for you there is nothing to outrageous for me, if you tell me to I will let other men fuck me even gang bang me if that’s what you want.”

I will be the most loving woman in the world for you. I love you and will do all I can to ensure your happiness, but I will also be the dirtiest fucking whore for you Jon, because being everything to you will make me an exceptionally happy woman.”

She took a deep breath to steady her nerves; she had never spoken like this to anybody before, never ever vented her deeply hidden fantasies to a living soul. She kissed him tenderly and then carried on speaking.

“I also know that you will always give to me your love and respect and I know that you will always care for me and protect me that is very important and so very special to me, we are a perfect couple joined by our love and desire to please each other.”

Jon felt a lump in his throat as she offered herself so totally and completely to him, as her little speech was said with sincerity and also in the cold light of day he accepted that now in every real sense of the meaning her love and her body were totally Escort Beylikdüzü his.

He felt a little emotional himself. “Thank you for the trust you are showing in me and the love you have given me. I love you as much as it’s possible to love anyone and I will never let you come to any harm.” He could feel a lump in his throat as he whispered softly “You now belong to me and I will not let you down.”

They cuddled each other for a few minutes in silence. Susie was pleased with her little speech, she got across exactly how she felt and how much she adored him as a lover and master, she also let him know in no uncertain terms exactly what she was prepared to do for him.

It strangely excited her immensely when she said she would be a perfect whore and slut for him it was a previously well-hidden side of her nature that he was now bringing to the fore and she liked it very much, his dominance over her was already starting to liberate her.

“Excuse me, I need to visit the bathroom, I need a pee,” explained Jon.

Eyeing up his stiff cock, which bobbed in front of him as he walked she got up and followed him to the bathroom. He looked at her in a curious way.

She smiled and said. “As your slave there are some things I feel that I should do, or at least would like at times to do for you.”

Jon smiled as she shook off her nightdress then took hold of his cock and pointed it at the toilet pan, she started to rub and squeeze it,

“Come on master go for me,” she giggled.

“It is hard enough to go when you’re cock is stiff anyway and you are making it even stiffer and more difficult,” I chuckled.

Eventually he started to piss and again she felt it flowing through his manhood as she gently held it, last night she thought how nice it was and this morning it felt even better this would be something she would very much enjoy doing for her new master and lover she thought happily. Jon stopped his flow and she looked at him with surprise.

“You are not finished are you”? She queried.

“No, but I want you to sit on the toilet and open your legs wide for me.” He told her.

Without hesitation she did as he told her, “now pull the hood back and reveal your clit for me.”

When she had done that he started to piss again aiming the flow at her clit and cunt, it was a perverse pleasure pissing on her genitals it showed graphically his hold over her. She was shocked when his strong flow hit her clit it sent a jolt of pleasure coursing through her body. It excited her no end that he was doing this it felt beautifully dirty, but some thing more than that, it was another act of ownership.

She was sure it was not a conscious thought of his, but none the less it excited her and bought out the kinky side of her nature, Susie was really getting carried away by the sheer nastiness of it all.

“That’s it master piss on your slave, humiliate and degrade me, show me my place and demonstrate your ownership of me, cover me with you piss master.” She told him excitedly.

It was so nasty and so in keeping with the mood she had been in the last few days. This was the act of ultimate submission; she loved how by allowing this it proved to him just how sincere she was.

Jon was more than surprised by her reaction and comments, he had done it because he had read somewhere that it was a good feeling for a woman to have her clit stimulated in this way, but she had reacted so very differently. He recalled from his research that the dominant person would often treat their subs in this way to sort of prove that they have power over them and that was how Susie had taken it.

He then aimed the flowing cock at her tits and saw his piss running between them flowing down over her tummy and down between her legs. She was eagerly rubbing it across her body, he aimed it up to her neck and saw it splash her face and was surprised to see her smiling he could not believe how happy she looked.

She was indeed deliriously happy, he had marked her with his seed last night in her cunt and mouth and now the ultimate humiliation, pissing on her had marked her as his in a way that nothing else could. There was only one place left, her arse she thought. She had never allowed anything to be done there; to her it was a very private place.

But it was the only virgin hole she had left to offer him and she wanted to give all of her self to him, wanted him to have something that nobody else ever had. Once he had taken her arse and had cum deep in her bowels she would have the mark of his seed everywhere, she made up her mind that she would very soon surrender that to him.

She now felt very kinky indeed, being pissed on had woken another side of her slut personality that she did not know about, and as his flow slowed to a trickle with just a few drips she leant forward and took him into her mouth. The piss felt warm and tasted of nothing in particular, but the sensation and nastiness of what she was doing was bringing her close to orgasm.

She sat back with a smile. “Well master you have me well and truly marked as your slave now and I am so happy. I hope you did not mind me licking you dry, I thought it seemed better than shaking it,” she added with a grin.

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