Dale’s Special Family Ch. 15

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Big Tits

Dale pulls up outside the house at the address indicated on Lara’s note. It is the twin’s place. A large two story, ranch style home that says ‘typical American’. The puzzled nephew pulls into the driveway and keys the engine.

Before he could reach the front door Lara is already there, holding it open. She looks delicious in Daisy Dukes, short halter-top, and no bra.

“Hi,” she greets with a kiss.

“Hi,” he replies returning the kiss and adding a hug. “Who’s here for this?”

“Come an’ see,” Lara responds, escorting him into the house.

While walking through the entryway into the large kitchen he wonders what has been planned. Bettie said on the phone it was his reward for being so open minded about her and Lara. It has only been a few days since deciding to expand the marriage.

The two of them quickly move through the living room. The conversation with the lovely spouse said this was going to be party. Yet, there are no accouterments displayed to give an impression of party atmosphere. Dale ponders, as Lara pulls him through into the den, at what type of get-together this is going to be.

He sees who is waiting as they enter. The occupants click off the TV as the pair comes through the door. Three sets of attractive eyes turns.

Bettie sits at the end of a dark red sofa. The lovely Latina gives a loving stare. The brown of the irises are solid and very dark. This means there is something special planned.

Dale acknowledged resentment of being excluded from the original affair when they had talked about it. There was even an admission of a hit to the old macho pride. Yet, the loving husband accepted that there was no intention to show disrespect or lost of love for him.

Bettie wearing a top consisting of one piece of cloth that stretches across the front with a dozen strings tied in back. It was a shirt simply because it covers a woman’s bosom. Beneath the garment is a tight, short mini skirt that barely passed a set of rounded thighs.

Lynda is at the other end of the couch. She is staring just like Bettie. Her blue eyes are filled with thought. The ever-ready sibling shifts anxiously in the chair. The dancer’s firm muscles shows with the movement. A slight summer dress exhibits an athletic body well.

Pat sits in a La-Z-Boy. The Nubian beauty is wearing a crop top, minus a bra, and a pair of tight jogging shorts that barely covered a pair of rounded ass cheeks. A dimpled smile appears on the exotic face. He wonders where Pam is.

Lynda suddenly gets up and bounces over. A big hug and a passionate kiss are given. The sexy sister gently pushes him onto the couch.

A forbidden full chest and slim hips thrust hard onto her brother with the uncontrolled fall. The siblings’ groins squash together. A set of stiff nipples could be felt poking through the thin dress.

Lara and Bettie lean into Dale, as Lynda stands back up. The three exchange kisses. The two hot females snuggle into him. The lengths of the slender bodies press fully. A hard rod bulks visibility in the pant crotch.

They press even closer. The two lusty women hold Dale in position. The young husband feels slightly confused as to how to respond. The situation seems like an unreal fantasy.

Bettie kisses a corded neck and around to his mouth. A deep French tongue dance follows. A soft hand explores a full packaged. It is getting harder with the caresses.

Dale looks over at Lynda. His sister has returned to the couch. A hand is under the hem of the short skirt. A set of dancer’s legs has opened to accommodate a probing finger.

Pat, still on the chair, is swirling a finger around a nipple straining under the tight crop top. A right hand glides over the crotch of the jogging shorts.

Suddenly the women stop in mid motion. Sly glances are exchange by the quartet. Sardonic grins appear in unison.

“I think it’s time.” Lara announces.

The women stands up and immediately disrobe. Titties bounce from the sudden release. Four beautiful and BALD pussies are exposed!

“You all shaved your cunts!” Dale amazes with a transfix ogle at the naked honey buckets.

“We all know how you love bare cunnies,” Lynda reminds. “So we decided as part of the reward we would be as nude as possible for you, dear brother.”

“That’s why you’re the only guy here,” Pat, tells, “We figured that you would enjoy being the only cock in a sea of hot cunt.”

Which reminds me,” Dale, scanning the room, wonders, “Why am I the only guy here?” He quickly notes, “Not that I’m complainin’.”

“Because, my dear husband,” Bettie reveals, “You’ve been so open an’ willin’ to let me have my way as I wish.”

“An’ a lot of men would’ve been upset at the idea of a marriage being extended without askin’ first,” Pat adds, then quips with a dimpled smile, “You know, Tiger, the macho thing.”

“What about Josh an’ Bobby?” the puzzled husband wonders, “Aren’t they part of this? Haven’t they been open-minded an’ sharin’?”

“In many ways they have,” the pretty Latina wife kartal escort points out, “But they still expect a certain amount of exclusivity with their women.”

“Which is why Terry an’ Melissa ain’t here tonight,” Lynda informs, “Their guys really didn’t want them here without them.”

Dale looks over at Pat. The sexy woman smiles broadly. It says she knows what the next question is going to be.

“It was either Pam or I to run the store.” The dark eye beauty tells, “My sister lost the coin toss.”

Leaning into Dale, Bettie states softly, “You are willin’ to share me to the fullest and without restrictions.” With a quick kiss, she completes, “An’ that is why you’re being rewarded. “For us women, that’s really a turn on to find a guy who lets us be us.”

“An’ with our close friends, we want to make this a special ‘honeymoon’ to consummate the new marriage arraignment.” Lara hotly promises, “This is gonna be a night you shall never forgot.”

“Now watch, dear husband,” the sexy Latina wife says moving up behind Lara, “while I bring our woman to a climax.”

She kisses and licks the older partner’s neck. Lara leans back as pink nipples harden quickly. An arm wraps behind the sexy Latina’s neck.

“Lara,” Bettie hisses, “You’ve still the hottest body I’ve ever made love to.” She adds in a lower husky voice, “An’ I love you so, my new wife.”

“Jezzus!” a turned on Pat exclaims, “That’s such’a hot scene. Two women actin’ as mates.”

Bettie pushes Lara onto the couch. She quickly rotates so the two naked females bodies are rubbing. Four beautiful tits squeeze up against each other. The taboo lovers embrace into a deep, passionate kiss. The older woman’s hands roam the younger body finally settling on handfuls of ass.

The sexy Latina continues to kiss down a tanned, fit body. A hard nipple is captured in a hungry mouth. Dale could hear the sucking sounds of lust.

“Ohhhhhhh, Baby,” Lara coos, “that really feeellllllll good!” A firm back arches so the lovely mounds stand upright.

Kisses trails down a flat abdomen. A pair of finely sculptured legs opens up. Knees rise to accommodate Bettie’s attention.

“Go for it, lover,” Lara sighs, “Eat your woman’s pussy.”

Dale is rock hard! The sight of the female relatives fucking is always a massive turn on. The fact these two are his ‘wives’ only increases the erotica. To see them go at each other is insanely hot.

He looks over at the other two women. Both are enjoying the show. Each is fingering wet pussies lustfully.

Bettie’s head now moves up and down between Lara’s legs. The sucking noises increase with the gyrations. The older blonde’s hips hump in unison to the young raven-haired beauty’s tongue.

“Oooooooooo!” Lara moans, getting more excited, “Oh god! You’re gonna make me cum.”

The dark pink cunt is sucked on even harder on. A nervous tongue licks and washes an extend clit. A hot mouth captures a fleshy knob. It is inhaled deeply.

“Sweet Mother-of-God!” Lara shouts with an arching back.

“Make your woman cum!” Lynda encourages huskily still finger-fucking rapidly.

“That’s she is!” Lara wails, “That’s she is!”

Curvy legs cross a trim, brown back. Excited hands bury into a dark tress. Perfect thighs hump back at the assaulting tongue.

Bettie sucks even harder on Lara. A greedy mouth clamps over the hot honey hole. A twisting tongue Frenches the mature pussy uncontrollably.

“Yes!” Lara yells in a sexual lust, “Make your mate cum!” The fit hips increase the humping, “Go for it, Lover!” She shouts hot encouragement, “Make your baby climax!”

All could hear the sounds of deep and long sucking. Bettie is a vacuum cleaner of lust. A lustful mouth bites and chews on the wet, tender flesh. The young wife is out to make the older lover cum hard.

“I’mmmmmmmm Cummmmmmmmmmin!” Lara shouts, “I’mmmmm cummin’ all over your lovely face!”

With that the tall blond twists and contorts in a sexual frenzy. The model’s legs tighten around the raven-haired head. Hands press the pleasure making Latina to go deeper into the climaxing twat.

The sucking and slurping continues as Lara begin so slow down as the orgasm completes. Slender legs fall open. The hot aunt lies spread-eagled and panting.

Bettie sits back on legs. The Latina’s lovely face shines with the older woman’s juices. A lower lip is licked slowly. The favor of her lover’s cunt is relished.

“Are’ya ready?” Bettie asks Lara.

“Yeah!” she answers breathlessly, “Let’s continue the show.”

Lara and Bettie suddenly pull Dale off the couch and onto the floor. They grab at his clothes. Each yanks roughly at the garments.

“You didn’t think you are gonna keep these things on?” Lara quips pulling off shoes.

“Yeah!” Bettie giggles, “You’re gettin’ raped, buddy.”

“Your wives are takin’ charge here,” the sexy blond hotly states.

Within seconds the young husband is a nude as the women. They then drop to knees outside each of muscular thighs. Fingers maltepe escort bayan begin feathery touches of the hard shaft.

“Oh damn!” Dale sighs with the gentle touches.

“We’ve been practicin’ a new technique, husband,” Lara predicts, “You’re gonna love it.”

“Really?” he quips, “What’s make ya think that?”

“Cause your mates are good fuckin’ whores,” Lara states factually.

A mature sweet mouth inhales the stiff rod to the base. A pink tongue snakes the shaft. The long blond headed tress slowly gyrates on erect cock.

“That’s notta lie,” Dale agrees hoarsely enjoying the experienced mouth.

He then feels a second mouth on the ball sac. Bettie licks and kisses each testicle with gentle pecks. His rod gets harder than it has ever been.

“Sweet Jesus,” Dale marvels, “How can one man be so lucky to have two magnificent cunts as wives?”

“I think he’s ready for the new position,” Bettie suggests.

“Yes he is,” Lara agrees removing the pleasure-making mouth from erect, pulsating dick.

“Now you just lay there, my man,” Lara instructs.

The two women then shifts around until each is lying on either side. Both position until curvy legs are intertwined over Dale’s groin area. He is confused as to what is going on. There is no idea what is coming next.

“This should be interestin’,” Dale hears Lynda’s voice comment.

The two wives scissors legs between his. The bottom legs slides underneath Dale’s. Somehow they manage to intermingle limbs together in a Karma Sutra position. The puzzled husband is feeling a bit uncomfortable at first.

The two women then snuggle in closer lifting slightly to lie over the trap man. Four full beautiful titties squashes against Dale’s sides and chest. It is then the comprehension of what hot mates have done.

A double set of cunt lips is surrounding the stiff rod. A pair of hot, pink pussies is engulfing a hard cock. The young husband would have never believed it could be done if it wasn’t happening to him now.

“Sonofabitch!” Pat awes, “It can be done!” She adds hotly, “You’re gonna hav’a teach me that position!”

Lara and Bettie then capture the other’s clit. Oversensitive knobs are twisted and tickled. Warm juices flow against a very stiff shaft. Firm hips hump in unison.

“Where do ya learn this?” Dale is enjoying this double cunt rub.

“Did’ya think we only did each other in Frisco?” Lara quips.

“Ooooooh!” He speculates, enjoying the sensation, “This is gonna be somethin’ really fun.”

“Just think what else we might’ve learned in the bay area?” Bettie lustfully cogitate, “We’re gonna be a pair of fantastic pieces o’ asses for you, Honey!”

The extended clits are constantly being played with. Hips hump and push in harmony. The wet pussy lips feels wonderful against the hard shaft. The cunts are hugging and kissing the rod. Hot dripping juices run down the erect dick, onto the balls and between a set of muscular legs.

“Sweet Jesus!” a moaning Dale pants, “This is the most pleasant feelin’ I could’ve imagined.”

“Ahhhhhhhh!” the already sensitive Lara moans, “I’m ready to cum again.”

“I’m right with ya, sweet lips!” Bettie sighs.

The two’s hip action picks up. The juices stream even more. Dale’s balls tighten. The sperm is boiling in his sacs. The hot husband is ready to pop!

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” Lara’s orgasm had starts.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” he groans as spurting follows.

“Oh fuck me!” Bettie squeals, “My orgasm is here!”

The married trio are moaning and writhing. The sounds are accompanied with incoherent moans of lust. Three bodies react to rising climaxic waves.

A stiff cock vibrates as a sperm river exits. The sex hazed husband arches between the sexy mates. An extra hard cockhead that extends above the squirming pussies becomes a fountain.

“Goddamn!” Dale wails, “Here it comes!!”

A white stream fires into the air and splatters onto the fit female bodies. The women rock back and forth. Anxiously the spouses take turns catching the sperm. One gob would splat against Lara’s breasts and body. Then Bettie would lean in to allow cum to land on her hot, sweaty body. Another gob would fly out and splat against Lara’s breasts and stomach.

Dale is amazed. He had never seen anything like it. A long cock is a super stiff as it flings gob after gob of thick cum between the wives. They rub the exploding juices on each other as hot cum lands.

The exploding dick slows down squirting in smaller repetitions. The cockhead throbs as the last dribbles of cum exits. It shrinks below the caressing pussies.

Bettie shifts so face a masculine crotch. Lara’s womanhood is still pressing against the retracted balls. Dale feels a warm mouth inhale the oversensitive rod.

A rigid cock begins pulsating with the passionate sucking. The thick cum oozes into Bettie’s mouth. She in turn, spit the white cream onto Lara’s waiting pussy. A bald, mature cunt is drenched a watery white. The pulsating escort pendik pussy is coated with the foamy cum.

Dale peers over to find Lynda with a pair of fingers up Pat’s cunt. The black girl’s hips are bucking wildly against the pumping hand. Lynda captures a wonderful brown mount in a greedy mouth

Bettie returns to Dale’s side. The girls then squirm in closer. Dale could feel hard nipples rubbing against bare biceps.

Bettie whispers into his ear, “That is so fuckin’ hot. I’ve never done anything like this in my life.” She adds a nibble at the ear for emphasis.

Lara, on the other side, leans in, “I’ve never cum so hard in my life. I’d like you to try that again.” She sucks at her nephew’s neck and breaths heavily into the other ear.

“I’ll certainly do my best,” a sex-hazed Dale promises.

They kiss the neck and chest as each drops a hand down to the semi-hard shaft. The ball sac is gently cup by Lara while Bettie works the shaft up and down. He sighs in pleasure leaning back. Wrapping an arm around each of the wives, strong hands palm a pair of firm asses. Both moan grinding pussies against big thighs harder.

As the lustfilled trio twist and rub, Dale peer at Pat. Lynda had her going. The large brown tits rise and fall with the short breaths. They are the most perfect breasts ever seen. The sibling is proud his sister could please such a magnificent woman.

Lynda is fingering a very wet pussy as well. Rounded hips ground against the invading hand. The former stripper rubbernecks around the room. The sexy blond alternates from the lusting trio on the floor to a very turned on Pat humping in lust. The erotic lustfulness of the moment washes over everyone.

“Who wants it?” Bettie asks stroking a hard dick.

“Go get ‘im, woman!” a gasping Pat orders Lynda. “There’s others who can complete gettin’ me off.”

The sexy sibling, jumping from chair like it was suddenly electrified, volunteers, “I want it!” She moves over next to him, “I wanna feel my brother’s hot cum wash over my body.”

“Lay down,” Bettie commands.

Lynda instantly obeys. A set of dancer’s legs eagerly open wide. Dale gazes into the forbidden pink and very wet crotch.

Bettie and Lara both position the loving husband between the curvy legs. The two women maintain on each side of him. Each places a hand on a hot crotch. Dale’s manhood is worked in earnest. One hand circles the balls gently. Another jerks with long hard strokes.

The center of the activity wasn’t far from cumming when the spouses add mouths and second hands to the fray. The young husband as being more than loved. He was being worshipped with lust.

“Omigod,” he moans, “What are’ya girls doin’ to me??”

The response is free hands reaching behind. Soon Dale could feel fingers flickering over a set of tight ass cheeks. The sensation is sensual and good in conjunction with the stroking in front.

Meanwhile a pair of tongues and mouths works at his neck and chest. The massaging of the cock is being effective. Involuntarily moans emit loudly.

The wives are into a teasing mode. The masturbation switches speed. Lara slows the petting motion of the retracted balls. Bettie squeezes tightly in short, hard strokes.

“Oh fuck,” Dale moans again automatically flexing an athletic body to the pleasuring making touches.

“Time?” Lara asks Bettie.

“Time!” Bettie confirms.

Both wives speed up the action. Lara tickles and fondles the warm ball sac with rapid movements. Bettie strokes the hard rod with fast quick jerks.

“Oh fuck!” Dale groans, “Oh motherfuck!”

The hot sperm is released! The first gob flies out, striking Lynda in a line from navel to chin. A second gob flew much like the first. The third squirts impulsively landing heavily on the sibling’s chin, mouth, and nose. The fourth launches, landing in an open and expecting mouth. The rest of the spurts floods out onto hard pink nipples first, then stomach and bellybutton, and finally drips onto that hot, dripping cunt.

The girls watch as Bettie milks one last thick gob from Dale’s aching member. With a final squeeze it drips from the end where it lands in a white creamy trail down the inside of a dance’s trim thigh.

Without hesitation Bettie bends down. A pink snake begins licking the drops from wet crotch. Lynda closes eyes to relish the feeling.

Lara bends over the retracting dick. She sucks on the taboo tool. The head of the spent cock is washed clean.

The hot aunt then joins Bettie. The sex driven Latina works up Lynda’s torso. The two women laps and sucks up all the juices off the hot blonde’s body. They pause every few moments to swap cum soaked kisses. Then the lustful cleaning job is continued.

“Out of the way, Tiger,” Dale hears Pat feeling a shove as she presses in, “Let this sister show ya how to love a cunt.”

Dale stumbles on knees to get out of the way. This erotic show needs to have a full view to watch. All four of the hot and sexy women would soon be enrapt in a lesbian scene. The voyageur husband loves the idea this is an exhibition just for him!

Pat positions between the curvy, alabaster legs. A grinning Lynda opens wider to accommodate the dark beauty. The lust filled Nubian thrust a face into clean shaved pussy.

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