Dallas TX

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Paris ABS

I’m going forward with my timeline about 25 yrs. there was a long stretch where I didn’t visit adult bookstores. Going into my 50’s, wife not fucking or sucking, I had the old feelings.

I felt like going to the old hangouts, drop a few dollars and set sucked off. Ah, to be back in the old days.

I worked overnight and when I got off, just headed a little north to Harry Hines and see what’s up. I pulled into the newer and remodeled Paris. Twenty cars or so sat in the lot. A couple of guys meandering around looking to suck someone off in their car. Sorry fellas, not for me.

As I enter, the glare of bright white fluorescent lights and garish neon blind me. Uh oh Toto, we’re not in seedy adult bookstore anymore. 5 or 6 guys mill about in neat rows of DVD’s. One old man is mopping the floor.

My hard dick just went soft. It just wasn’t like the old days. I got some tokens and went to the arcade. It was darker, but still small little lamps to guide you. I went in 2 different booths and could not find a glory hole. I’m walking around sticking my head in looking and one of the other guys motions to me. He tells me the City if Dallas made everyone get rid of glory escort ataköy holes. Aparrently the city thought if you couldn’t see who the mouth or cock belonged to it was dangerous. So instead the built bigger buddy booths that 2-4 people could be in together.

My new friend asked if I wanted to go in and I said sure. He was okay looking, not that it was what I was after, I was after a mouth. I dropped some tokens in and a movie with a tranny was playing. He told to watch whatever I wanted. I liked this one so he drops to his knees and takes my belt loose. He runs his hands along my cock and he puts his mouth on my jeans and breathes hot air around me.

I can’t wait and start unbuttoning my pants lowering my zipper and fish my dick out. He’s ready and takes me in his mouth, slobbering all over me. His mouth is hot and wet. It feels so good in his mouth.

He puts suction on it and I’m the one holding on for dear life. This guy knee how to take cock. I swear he took all 8″ and could’ve taken more if I had it. No gagging, just full on dick sucking magic.

He pulled off and licked my low hanging nuts, taking them one by one in and swirling his tongue everywhere at escort taksim once it seemed.

He finally stood and asked me to sit down and finish taking my clothes off. I do as requested and he took his off as well. He had a 6″ cut cock that was really hot looking. He moved me to the edge of the bench and went back to sucking. He repeated everything, but then he dipped his head and slithered that tongue along my taint.

This had never happened before, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love it. I had never thought my ass could get fired up about something like this. I pulled my legs up and offered him my hole and stabbed it. He chewed it, he sucked it, he made love to it.

He went back to my dick. I was so hard I thought the skin would rip. His tongue ran along the bottom enticing my cum tube. It felt glorious, the smooth yet bumpy tongue massaging my cock coaxing the cum from my balls.

Just I started to yell out I was coming, my new friend shoved a finger into my asshole. Something, in my asshole triggered my cum to shoot out with force. It seemed to be a faucet that wouldn’t turn off. The guy was choking on my cum. It was coming out the sides of his mouth and escort etiler when he coughed, it came out of his nose.

Once my massive cum trailed off, he pulled back looking like he had a goatee of cum. He continued to pump my prick up and down, squeezing out the last remaining drops of gooey white cum.

He took my dick and used it to wiped up all the cum and pop it in his mouth to clean it. I was exhausted laying back against the bench. Sweating, eyes closed, ragged breathing exhausted.

Not sure if I could be more sexually sated than I was at that moment. I was drained. I don’t know about y’all, but once I’ve come, I’m done.

Today though, I was still horny. He stood up still licking and swallowing. He stood in front of me and I attacked his fuck tube. I took him deep without hesitation. I grabbed hold of his nuts with one hand and his nipple with the other.

His cock wasn’t that big, but very smooth. I hadn’t forgot how to suck cock and I was going to get his load. I was pulling and twisting his nipples while using my tongue on the soft underside of his hard cock.

His balls began retracting and I prepared to take his cum. He started thrusting harder at my cum hole. He moaned and I could fell his hard cock pulse. He delivered a wonderfully large load I greedily drank in. I massaged the his prick with my tongue, sucking out any leftover cum from his tube steak.

I was back and would be back from more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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