Danes Bad Day

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Dane was having a bad day. He’d stubbed his toe on the couch, gotten shampoo in his eyes, and spilled hot coffee on his shirt. It just wasn’t going his way. He was tense and snappy and his thoughts were all over the place.

Shawn came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his mate, kissing the back of his neck. The move sent chills down his spine and he shuddered, before shrugging Shawn off. He didn’t want to be touched. Shawn persisted, sliding around to hug the front of Dane, kissing his collarbone.

“Shawn..” Dane sighed, exasperated with the man in front of him. But Shawn really did look cute trying to get his attention. After more kisses peppered his neck and his cheek and finally his nose, Dane chuckled, pulling Shawn into a hug as he gently pecked him on the lips. “you know, you’re awfully cute when you want attention.”

“Oh am I?” Shawn smirked, a mischievous grin that made Dane want to do something about it.

“Yeah. Now what have I told you about that particular smile, Shawn?”

Shawn blushed, his smirk growing wider. “That you want to wipe it off my face.”

“Exactly. Bedroom, now.” The werewolf’s eyes flashed red with the command, and Shawn felt his body move towards the bedroom in response.

“Yes, alpha.”


Dane loved it wen Shawn called him alpha. There was just something about it that made his body tingle.

Dane growled, following behind Shawn so close that they almost stumbled. Shawn started to go to the bed, but Dane grabbed his wrist ensest porno and pinned him against the back of the bedroom door.

Shawn swallowed, his breathing growing heavy as Dane placed his hands on either side of him.

“Shawn, my cock needs some attention. What do you propose to do about it?”

Dane stopped, suddenly feeling shy. “sorry, I, uh. I don’t know what that was-“

“Dane stop.” Shawn cut him off before he could finish his sentence. “It’s hot. Now tell me to suck your cock.”

Shawn smirked again.

Dane nodded, then swallowed hard as he shook his head. “oh, okay. Um, yeah.

“Shawn. Suck my cock.”

Shawn grinned. Dane was so cute when he blushed, but it was fucking hot when he was dominant.

Obediently, Shawn dropped to his knees and started to undo Danes belt. In a matter of seconds, Danes erection was freed and bared to the bedroom air. It twitched, something that made Dane blush even harder. He started to step back and pull Shawn to his feet, but Shawn took Danes cock into his mouth before he had a chance to do so. Shawn moaned, and Dane gasped as his mates tongue lazily twirled its way across the underside of Danes dick. Dane steadied himself with a hand against the wall, moaning as Shawn worshipped his cock with his mouth.


Yup. Shawn was good at that.

They both sighed in pleasure before Shawn stood, wrapping his arms around Danes neck as he kissed him, slowly turning to pull him down escort porno on top of him on the bed. Danes tongue fought for dominance and won before he began to kiss along Shawn’s jaw and neck, leaving hickeys in his wake.

Dane slowly made his way downward, sucking on Shawn’s stomach as the man gasped and writhed beneath him. Danes fingers deftly undid Shawn’s pants and pulled out his already hard length. It was dripping with precum, something Dane was hesitant yet eager to taste for himself. His tongue darted out, lapping up the sticky salty drops.

Shawn inhaled sharply, gripping at the sheets as Dane began to suck him off. Fuuck that felt good. Dane was inexperienced, but eager to please his mate. He couldn’t take more than a few inches, so he made up for it with his hand, pumping it up and down as he sucked.

Shawn moaned, holding onto the Danes hair as his back arched in pleasure. He hissed, pulling Dane up into a kiss after a few minutes.

“Dane..” Shawn groaned, whimpering into the kiss as he pulled off Danes shirt, scratching his fingernails along his back. “please.. more..” he breathed out, hard and heavy. Dane grinned, pulling a bottle of lube out of the drawer next to his bed and pumped a generous amount onto his fingers, inserting one into Shawn’s tight hole.

Shawn gasped. Since he was used to topping, this was a new sensation for him. He whined, panting hard as Dane began to finger him. After a couple minutes, another finger was added and gizli çekim porno Shawn hissed. Dane kissed the pain away before adding a third, twisting his hand and scissoring his fingers in a way that made Shawn see stars.

Shawn moaned, pulling Dane closer as he begged for more. “Dane please.. more.. I need you..” he was panting, needy and desperate as Dane chuckled.

He was all too happy to oblige.

He lubed up his cock and pressed inside, groaning at the tight sensation. Shawn hissed at the pain- Danes cock was quite a bit bigger than his fingers. Dane shushed him, slowing his movements until Shawn had adjusted and started to push back against him. Dane began to move his hips forward and backwards, thrusting slowly until Shawn was begging him to go faster.



Shawn groaned, Danes thrusts growing stronger and faster, both of them grunting with each forward movement. Dane suddenly grabbed Shawn’s cock, jerking him off fast and hard until ropes of cum shot all over Shawn’s shirt and Danes hand. Dane didn’t mind, locking eyes with Shawn as he fed the cream to his mate. All the while, he never broke stride, his thrusts remaining rhythmic and powerful as Shawn licked the bitter spooge off of Danes hand.

Finally, Dane swore. “Oh fuck oh fuck gon gonna gonna cum, Shawn fuck!” His body tensed and he came with a grunt before falling into Shawn’s chest.

“Aww, shit!” He lifted up immediately, having forgotten about the remnants of Shawn’s orgasm covering his shirt. He sighed, while Shawn just laughed. They both sat up, Dane slipping out of Shawn’s ass as Shawn took off his shirt. They laid down together, spooning as they hummed.

This was nice.

Words weren’t necessary, and I love yous went unsaid. They didn’t need to be. They both just.. knew.

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