Daniel and Sara Pt. 12

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After watching the sunset, after another fine dinner, after drinks, the three paramours stayed for the nightclub. It had a staff member who acted as DJ, and she played a great selection of modern techno music, disco, popular music and some sweet slow songs for more romantic dancing. Sara and Steph danced together, with some men who asked, and even with Daniel, who gamely tried dancing to the modern sounds he was unfamiliar with. The girls had a great time, loving the hot sounds and the funky disco era tunes. But the most fun was when those slower, romantic songs were played, and they could take turns dancing close with Daniel. And of course, that was a true pleasure for him as well, holding first his beautiful, brown skinned daughter. She rested her head on his chest, her berry scented hair in his nose which blended with her perfume, and her soft but firm body pressed so close to his as they gently swayed in time to the music. She was so lovely, in a black and white patterned dress, mid-thigh and form fitting, with wedge heels. They held each other as if there were no other people in the world at all.

Steph looked at them, and felt the most wonderful love in her heart for her friend and her friends father, who treated her like his own. Then another slow song was played and she took her friends place in Daniels arms. She too fit there so naturally, even though she was a bit shorter. She stared up into his eyes, her arms snug around his upper back while his came around almost to her waist. Her large full breasts were pressing into his ribs, a very soft and wonderful feeling for him. Steph wore a very casual long red dress with printed yellow flowers and yellow strappy heels. Sara watched them with no sense of jealousy at all, just happiness for her best friend and her father. A part of her wished they could all be together forever.

Around 1AM they retired to their villa, wanting to get some sleep and an early start the next morning. As they settled into bed together in their usual formation (Daniel in the middle, surrounded by a lovely young woman on either side), Daniel also, for a fleeting moment, had his own thoughts about if there was any way they could all spend their lives together. But he quickly dismissed it as a middle aged mans folly. Enjoy what you have while you have it, old man, he thought.

They rose together at 8 the next morning. Daniel was on his side, his morning wood poking into Steph’s nice, round, ample rump, where it felt so nice and cozy. He groaned, really not wanting to remove himself from such a soft and comfy position. Steph, facing away from him, had a smile on her face, loving the feel of a nice hard dick rubbing against her butt. Sara said, softly “What are you two moaning about? And why am I being left out?”

“Your father has the most wonderful hard cock pressed against my ass. It feels heavenly, a really great way to wake up.”

Sara reached around her fathers’ hips and gave him a gentle squeeze. “I hope that’s not for Steph alone. I wouldn’t mind sharing in that.”

Daniel said, groggily, “You both know when I go to pee, that’s going to go down. Not that I wouldn’t love to share it with you both. But it’s as much about morning peeing as it is about morning screwing.”

“Perhaps” Sara replied. “But don’t you think we could bring him back to life pretty quickly?”

“I have no doubt in either of your abilities there. Especially if you joined forces. Let me empty my bladder, ok? Then we can discuss it. I really do have to pee.”

“Oh, all right, if you must.” Steph complained good naturedly. They let him out of bed and, after peeing and brushing, both women decided they too needed the bathroom. After everyone was done, Steph forced the issue, slipping her hand down into Daniels briefs, and quickly bring his cock back to full size. Not wanting to be left out, Sara was kissing him passionately. Daniel put up a half-hearted objection. “I thought we were going to get breakfast and go for the windsurfing class at 11.”

Sara said “We should have plenty of time. Now, hush, daddy. Let’s start the day right.”

“Yeah, daddy. With a bang!” Steph giggled. She immediately pulled his briefs down and took his cock into her mouth. “I do want breakfast, but I want an appetizer first.” She was sucking him with fervor, “We’ll make it fast for you, daddy. Babe, come help me here. He can take care of us later.”

Quickly, Sara joined Steph between Daniels legs, licking him all over. They pushed his legs up so Steph was rimming his puckered anus while Sara now sucked on his hard dick. Her dark curls were flopping all around his thighs while she was alternating between wet licks of his dick and sucking him like a vacuum. Meanwhile, Steph pulled his cheeks wide apart and probed his ass with her pointed tongue, trying to worm her way deeper into his ass.

Daniel was moaning and squirming all around his space on the bed. His fingers dug into the sheets and he could feel his balls tightening. They were right, this wasn’t taking ataşehir escort long at all.

As he got close, both girls went to his cock, both their tongues licking all around the head, especially the glans. They knew from experience this would bring him to a shattering orgasm, and they weren’t wrong. He thrusted his hips up and he cried out as his cum shot up into the air, splashing on the cheeks of both his lovers. After they lapped up the remnants from his cock, they did the same from each others faces.

“I said I wanted an appetizer” Steph said. “Just enough to hold me until breakfast.”

“Good call, babe” Sara said. She was smacking her lips, swallowing every drop of his seed. “And it didn’t take long at all.”

After Daniel got his wind and wits, they all cleaned up enough to be presentable, got into their bathing suits, the women put on coverups, and Daniel a shirt, and they went to the buffet breakfast. They ate heartily, but didn’t overdo it. They didn’t want to be stuffed before taking the windsurfing class.

About 10 people showed up for the windsurfing, including a couple they recognized from yesterdays’ orgy. They exchanged shy smiles.

Windsurfing is very challenging. It takes a lot of practice to get the hang of managing balance and measuring the wind. All three ended up in the surf many times, laughing pleasantly at each other until about 2 hours later, Sara got the balance figured out and was able to go short distances before again being spilled into the ocean.

“That’s so much fun! Did you see me out there?!” she cried out to her partners. “I could do this every day!”

Steph was getting frustrated. She was happy for Sara, but she wasn’t having much fun not being able to balance on her board. Daniel was more objective. He didn’t exactly love being dumped into the water constantly, but he knew it was an activity that some took a lot of time to get the hang of.

Sara said “Do you guys mind if I stay here for a while more? I want to keep trying this. I know you’re not having a lot of fun with this. You can go do whatever you want. I don’t mind.” She looked at them both and said “Seriously. Do whatever you want.” She was obvious in her meaning.

“Are you sure honey?” Daniel asked. He didn’t want to risk hurting her.

“Very sure. Go, have fun. Just save something for me for later.” She smiled a sweet, warm smile. “I’ll meet you for a snack at 4 by the bar.”

After the kissed Sara, Steph and Daniel walked hand in hand to their cottage. “Alone at last.” Steph giggled. “Seriously, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Sara. I know she gave us her blessing, she won’t mind, will she?”

Daniel put his hands on her shoulders and smiled at the petite redhead. “No, she won’t. It’s not like we’re cheating on her. We’ll make it up to her later.”

He kissed Steph lovingly, short and sweet kisses mixed in with deep, sexy ones. They held each other close, and Steph said “Daniel, make love with me. Don’t just fuck me. I want you as a lover.” She kissed his chest, very tenderly. “I want to feel your love.”

“I do love you, honey. You’re such a special young woman. I can’t tell you how grateful I’ve always been for your friendship with Sara. You’re very easy to love.”

Steph was melting inside. “It’s pretty easy to love you too, Daniel. You” a kiss to his tummy “are such” another to his chest “a good man” and she found his lips with hers.

They laid down on the freshly made bed, dissolving in each others embrace. He helped Steph out of her suit top and covered her upper body with hot moist kisses. When he got to her breasts, he paid extra attention to her nipples, thick and hard with desire. She was moaning and writhing under Daniels gentle, loving touch and kiss. She ran her fingers through the crown of his hair, even through the thin strands on top of his scalp. His hands were stroking her hair as well, while he continued to suck and nibble her nipples. Then he eased her bottoms down her legs and, even though she was salty from the sea water, he was biting her inner thighs, working his way to her pussy. He took a long, slow lick along her slit, sending shivers all through her body, and a moan from her lips. He licked all around her pussy, almost teasing her. Steph leaned up on her elbows so she could watch him, and, most importantly, look into Daniels eyes.

Daniel looked back up at her, never losing contact as hit tongue flicked all over her sensitive lower lips. Steph’s hips were shifting all around as he kept up the rhythm, gradually going faster around her, from just below her clit, down to her puckered ass and then back to the top again. He used his fingers to pull her lips apart and push his tongue into her hot little pussy. Steph gasped, now grabbing his head with one hand as the other pinched and rolled her nipples.

“Oh my god, Daniel, lover, that’s so good, so wonderful. Don’t ever stop doing that!” She was shaking all over now, and his face was mashed tight to her kadıköy escort bayan pussy. Her thighs were closing around his head, then opening again, back and forth as his nose pressed onto her clit. Steph was in heaven, climbing the ladder towards her orgasm. She gripped and tugged her nipple hard and when he flicked her clit with his tongue she came, and came, and came. It was like an unending rolling climax that didn’t stop until she rolled away from his face and hands. She was panting, trying to gain her breath and she pulled herself into a semi-fetal position. Daniel shifted until he was behind her, cradling her in his arms, kissing the back of her neck and her head as she trembled in the aftermath. Steph took his hand and kissed it, tasting herself on his fingers.

Daniel whispered in her ear “You’re beautiful, honey, and even more so when you’re cumming. I hope that made up for this morning.”

She gripped his hands in hers and said “Oh my god, yes. That was amazing. You always make me feel great, but wow! I’ve never had better lovers than you and Sara. You MUST be related!” She chuckled, and Daniel joined her in warm laughter. “Now, what shall we do about you?”

He kissed her, turning her face so their lips met. “You don’t have to do anything about me, sweetie. We can wait until later, when we’re all together.”

“Are you sure?” Steph could feel him, hard and full, pressed against her ass. “We still have time before we meet Sara. I don’t want to leave you frustrated, or, worse, with blue balls.” She caressed his swollen cock, then she lifted her leg and rubbed the head of his cock on her lips. “Come on, just slide right in, baby.” She shifted her hips back and pulled Daniels cock into her hungry pussy.

They both cried out softly as he penetrated her pussy from behind, lying on their sides. Daniel reached with his upper arm and his hand cupped her lovely full breast as his hips met the soft curve of her ass. “Baby, you’re so warm, so wet.” He kissed her shoulder as he slid in and out, his hand feeling the heft of her big titty. Steph was kissing his arm, and then his lips, as their bodies rocked together in comfortable rhythm, steadily moving faster together. Each stroke sent waves of gentle pleasure through Stephs body, It didn’t take too long before they were moving automatically in unison. Her upper leg straightened out and he reached down to rub her clit as he fucked her faster. His cock and balls were framed by her thighs and her red pubic hair. His lower arm held her tightly as he stroked her clit faster. They were grunting now, both getting very close, when her pussy clamped down and gripped his cock, and they came together. His hot cum sloshed into her pussy, churning from his pistoning cock. Her own juices blended with his before they settled down, snuggling in their afterglow, their bodies sweaty and sticky.

“Oh my. Oh my goodness. Daniel, my love. Oh god.” It was all she could say, and it was more than he could muster. He kissed her cheek and shoulder. Her long red hair was in his face. Not for the first time, he was lost in how great she smelled, how good she felt, what a lovely woman she was. She, for her part, was taken by how skilled he was, but more importantly, how decent and kind he was.

He kissed her again, his cock slid from her pussy, and he held her tightly. “You’re amazing, Steph. Beautiful and amazing. I’m so lucky to be here with both of you. You should thank Sara; it was her idea to invite you to join us here. Speaking of which, we have to meet her in 20 minutes. Can you move?” he asked her jokingly.

“Barely” Steph replied. “I don’t know if my legs can hold me right now” she teased. They did get out of bed, used the bathroom in front of each other (another barrier crossed) and cleaned as best they could without a shower. They threw on some clothes and got to the bar 10 minutes late. Sara gave them a knowing wink and smile.

“I assume you have a good reason for keeping me waiting” Sara teased. “Hope it was worth it.”

“It was” Steph replied, a small shy smile on her face. “Very much. And thank you again for asking Daniel to bring me. This has been a wonderful time, and it’s only the third day.”

Daniel kissed his daughter on her cheek, then her lips. “Hey honey, how did the windsurfing go?”

“You should have seen me! By the end I was able to stay on the board for as much as two or three minutes at a time! It’s so much fun!” She was bubbling with excitement. “So, what did you two do?” She asked with a knowing smile.

“Oh you know, this and that” Daniel said nonchalantly. “Nothing special.”

Steph gave him an exasperated look and a slight elbow to his ribs. They all laughed at that. “We had a good time. Believe it.”

“I hope you both have something left for me! I’m feeling a bit neglected here!”

“Give me some time; I’m sure we can accommodate you, baby.” Daniel told her with holding her hand. “We won’t leave you deprived. Let me order us something to escort maltepe eat; it’s still a few hours until dinner.” He went to the bar to order some snacks.

When they were alone, Sara asked Steph “So? What did you do?”

“Babe, we’ve had some wild times together, the three of us. He’s also made love to both of us. But this afternoon, I really understood why you feel like you’ve fallen in love with him. He’s so sweet and sexy, loving and gentle and an animal all at the same time. Is there any man out there my own age like him? I could definitely fall in love with him.”

“I understand completely. Your dad would kill him, though.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just a dream, anyway. Not going to happen. But a girl can wish, right?” Steph sighed. “He just made me feel so loved. He’s never made me feel like I’m just a fuck, you know? He really knows how to make a girl feel special, as you know well. But today, I really did feel so much love.”

Daniel returned with a few snacks. “What did I miss? Talking about me?”

Sara smiled. “Yeah, all about you. Nothing good. We decided you’re an asshole.”

Daniel spit out his beer. The girls laughed uproariously. He knew better but Sara caught him completely off guard.

“Wow, my own daughter called me an asshole. Nice.” He smiled back at them, taking in the joke. “I even let you fuck my asshole this morning. And now I’m being called one.” They all laughed hard at that.

“Well, you are what you eat!” Steph added, keeping them from eating as they laughed like crazy people.

And so it went for the next few days. It was the best vacation any of them had ever taken. They ate, slept, swam, sunned, danced. They went windsurfing and snorkeling. They tried waterskiing. Played beach volleyball with others. And they had sex, wild threesomes, shower sex, the girls gave him a few of those hand jobs (which they all loved), and other times they made love. Eventually it was the day before Steph had to leave. Sara and her father still had three more days alone after she left, due to Steph having to be in Florida for the start of her school a few days before Sara had to be in Binghamton.

After taking turns in the bathroom (the girls went first, as they did most mornings) they all got back into bed and cuddled nice and close. It was a very loving combination, with gentle kisses being traded and shared, the girls kissing their ‘daddy’ and each other. Hands started roaming, touching, caressing. Sara and Steph reached for Daniel’s cock, slowly stroking him until he was fully hard in their warm slender hands. He was reaching to either side of him, finding a moist pussy for both hands, his middle fingers stroking both girls hot gashes as they spread their legs wide in a very lewd manner. It was teasing and sensual, and all three were getting more and more aroused, quickly.

Both Sara and Steph started using their thumbs on Daniel in the new way they all found so fucking sexy. Instead of a lubricant, the girls would squeeze his cock, bringing a couple of drops of his precum to the tip and they then used that on his glans, rubbing around and around, bringing loud moans of intense pleasure from his lips. After a while the girls moved, so their faces were near his cock and their asses and pussies were by his face. It was easier for them to play with him while he could reach their hot cunts from a better position. He was sliding his fingers up and down their slits, rubbing their clits for a while, then going back to their pussies. Meanwhile they would lick the head of his dick to keep him moist and so their thumbs could slide around easier.

Everyone was now deeply in heat. Both girls pussies were dripping wet with their juices forming on their thighs and Daniels cock was all red at the head, swollen and straining. He had an incredible view of the loveliest asses and pussies and he pushed two fingers in each one, both girls clamping down on his fingers with their muscles. Their thumbs were swirling around faster and faster, and it was now a race to see who would cum first, or who would cum last. Daniel upped the ante by using his own thumbs to press and circle their clits while he fucked the girls with his fingers. In response, Steph and Sara kept licking on his dick, which was now sticky-smooth with their spit. Everyone was shaking all over, and suddenly Steph lost, cumming first, her pussy gripping Daniels fingers while he pushed her button hard with his thumb. A few moments later, Daniel was shooting his load, squirting up a foot in the air before splashing down on his belly. Seeing her father pop sent Sara over the top and she came hard, screaming as her pussy spasmed and gushed. Daniels’ hand and wrists were all gooey, and Sara and Steph were slurping up the warm man cream from Daniels body. Who’d believe they could have so much fun from just using their hands (mostly)?

After everyone caught their breath, Steph said “I am going to miss you both so much! Even forgetting the sex, and I don’t want to forget that, I’m just going to miss my friends. Why don’t you both come to Florida with me?” she asked jokingly, well, mostly.

Daniel was caressing both girls butts, so soft and warm under his hands. “Yeah, let all move into your dorm room. That won’t cause too many questions!”

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