Danielle Submits Ch. 02

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NOTE: This is Part 2 of a story sequence. You may wish to read “Danielle Submits” before reading this segment.

Danielle lay quietly on the bed, heart racing at what she had overheard.

“Did he really say something about an enema?” she thought to herself. Curling tighter into her fetal position she shivered at the thought of having to endure such a thing.

“Danielle!” her thoughts were interrupted by Terry’s voice, “Come here.”

She quickly scrambled off the bed and still nude, padded into the living room of the hotel suite. Before she could say anything he motioned her to the center of the room.

“Assume your position,” he said simply as he stood looking at her.

Danielle immediately spread her feet the requisite 24 inches, laced her fingers behind her head, and pulled herself rigidly erect, all the while staring straight ahead. Her breathing had quickened and her breast rose and fell with each breath. She was aware of his eyes on her and her nipples hardened as she stood, unable to conceal any of her lush body from his gaze.

“Danielle, I have to say that I am less than pleased with your behavior since you have arrived here,” he said as he leaned against the back of the sofa crossing his arms in the process.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” Danielle stuttered, immediately reduced to that little girl she so quickly became when someone was displeased with her.

“Well, being sorry isn’t enough.” he growled. “You came in here before I got out of my meeting and immediately went into my personal belongings. Then you resisted when I had Luan up here to fit you for clothing for this evening. Then to top it off you acted like a child while she was shaving you. Do you have any excuse for your behavior?”

“I w-was scared,” Danielle stammered, “I didn’t know what was going to h-happen.”

“Well, that might be a reason Danielle, but it isn’t an excuse,” he replied. “Didn’t we go through all of this in our phone conversations before we arranged for you to visit?”

“Y-yes…” she replied.

“And didn’t I explain that you were to obey me without hesitation, no matter what I told you to do?” He asked as he moved to stand in front of her.

“Y-yes…” she replied again.

“And you came up here and behaved like a child.” he stated flatly.

“Yes…I’m so sorry.” Danielle replied, dropping her gaze to the floor.

“We did discuss what would happen if you disobeyed or misbehaved?” He questioned as his hands reached up and took her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, lightly squeezing.

“Unh! Yes-s-s-s-s!” she hissed as her pussy began to throb and her clit grew in both dread and anticipation of what she thought was to come.

“And what was that?” he continued.

“That I would be p-punished.” She said with eyes closed and knees trembling as his grip on her nipples tightened.

“Have you ever heard of a punishment enema?” he asked, releasing her nipples as suddenly as he grasped them.

“W-what?” she gasped, eyes opening wide in surprise and fear.

“You heard me,” he stated simply.

“Y-yes, I’ve read of them on the Internet.” She replied, her heart racing.

“What is a punishment enema?” he asked as he studied her reaction.

“W-well, it’s when an e-enema is given to inflict p-pain and discomfort,” she replied, uncertain what his point was.

“Exactly,” he replied, “And you are going to have one today.”

“Oh g-god no Terry! P-please don’t make me! Please…” she begged, dropping her hands and wringing them in anguish.

“Get back in position Danielle!” he barked.

She quickly moved back to her position, but tears ran down her face as she stood waiting for his next words.

“Tonight’s activities will require that you have a cleansing enema before we go to dinner, so I thought I would combine that with your punishment and kill two birds with one stone so to speak.” He stated without emotion.

“B-but…” Danielle interrupted.

“Hush Danielle!” he growled. “Damn girl, your mouth gets you in so much trouble! Now you have the same choice as before. Take your punishment like a grown woman or I’ll walk you to the elevator this instance and let you arrive on in the lobby without clothing.”

“But…” she stammered again.

“Danielle! Which is it?” he braked in frustration.

Danielle paused on slightly before she sighed in resignation and whispered, “I’ll stay.”

Before Terry could reply, there was a knock at denizli escort the door and Terry walked over to open it.

Danielle, despite her need to hide her nude body, forced herself to remain in the position and stared straight ahead as Terry admitted two women, a blonde and a redhead, dressed in nurse’s uniforms. One was carrying a large briefcase and the other a long narrow case.

The blonde immediately walked to where Danielle was standing.

“Oh, look Lori!” she exclaimed as the redhead walked over, “Terry’s got a beauty this time!”

Lori walked over and without hesitation cupped Danielle’s breasts lifting she ran her thumbs over her nipples.

“Oh, yeah, Leeza,” she cooed, “She’s really something!”

Danielle’s knees trembled and her breathing began to rasp as Lori continued to lightly punish her now flinty nipples.

“And look!” Leeza continued, “She’s already hot as can be!”

Danielle blushed as they discussed her like she was a doll or a small child, but was unable to quiet her raging sexual excitement.

“So Terry,” Lori said turning to face him, “We’re doing a punishment job then a cleansing enema?” “That’s it,” Terry stated simply. “Where do you want her?”

After looking around the suite, Lori said, “Let’s just use the bedroom. The bath will be closer at hand that way when she needs to use it.”

Danielle blushed in panic at the thought of what Lori was implying.

“What’s your name sweetie?” Leeza questioned as she absentmindedly stroked Danielle’s nude hip.

“D-Danielle” she replied staring at the floor in embarrassment.

“Okay Danielle,” Lori said, “Let’s get you in here and ready.”

Danielle cast one last pleading glance in Terry’s direction only to have it met with a cold, warning stare. Dropping her hands to her side, she walked into the bedroom, feeling like a small child about to be spanked for bad behavior.

“Okay darling,” Lori continued, “Just crawl up on the bed and get on your hands and knees.”

“Oh!” Danielle gasped, as Lori firmly grasped her arm and placed her on the bed.

Meanwhile there was a clatter as Leeza began opening the two cases and removing various pieces of equipment.

Soon Lori had Danielle positioned in the center of the bed on her hands and knees. Danielle, blushed red as she imagined the spectacle she presented….Ass in the air, knees spread wide with both her anus and now dripping pussy fully exposed and her breasts hanging down with her nipples rigidly erect.

She was brought back to reality as she felt one of the nurses pulling straps around her thighs just above each knee.

“Wha…?” she blurted in panic.

“Hush sweetie,” Lori cooed, “It just the straps for the spreader bar.”

“Spreader bar?” Danielle questioned as she turned to face Terry who was now leaning against the door to the room.

“They’ll use straps and bars to keep you in the proper position Danielle.” He explained.

And just as she heard the clips on the bar snap into the eyes on the leather straps on her legs she remembered from stories that she had read how bars were often used to hold subjects’ legs apart when “things” got unpleasant.

“P-please! I’ll behave!” she begged as her heart pounded in panic at the thought of losing all control “Please don’t restrain me!”

“Oh but see Danielle,” Terry explained calmly, “You aren’t behaving. You’re acting like a small child.”

All the while Leeza and Lori continued their preparation. After attaching the spreader bar to Danielle’s legs they then placed leather cuffs on her wrists. Before Danielle could begin to struggle they pulled her wrists to the straps on her legs and clipped them to the bar as well. The result was to push Danielle’s breasts into the bed and elevate her ass so that the elevation, combined with the effect of the spreader bar, left her ass cheeks splayed apart and her anus totally exposed. Finally Leeza placed a pillow under Danielle’s upper body.

“You won’t e able to move much sweetie,” she teased, “But at least you will be able to breathe!”

By turning her head Danielle could just barely see through a full length mirror what was going on in the room.

She gasped as she saw a tall chrome IV stand that had been set up and the foot of the bed. Hanging from the hook on the stand was a large red enema bag out of which ran a long tube which was looped over the other hook on the stand. At the end denizli escort bayan of the tube was a strange looking device consisting of what looked to be two deflated balloons and two bulbs like those on an old fashioned blood pressure cuff.

Danielle’s heart began to pound as she saw Leeza pour two large containers of cloudy liquid into the enema bag. The bag now hung heavily on the IV stand as Lori picked up the tube and began to spread clear lubricant all over the device on the end.

“We’re about ready Terry,” Leeza stated as she patted Danielle’s upturned ass.

“Danielle, look at me!” Terry commanded in a tone of voice she had not heard before.

She turned her head and gasped at the cold expression on his face.

“Danielle, any time you are punished, I will tell you what you are being punished for and what your punishment will consist of. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir” Danielle whispered as she nodded her understanding.

“In the past two hours you have gone into my personal belongings, resisted my instructions and behaved like a little brat in front of my friend Luan. For this, you will receive a punishment enema. Do you understand?

“Yes,” came her whispered reply.

“Do you wish to leave now?” He inquired. “You do have that option.”

“N-no s-sir,” she whispered again. “I’ll stay.”

“Okay,” he stated without inflection then turned to the two nurses, “Leeza will explain your punishment.”

Danielle, heart pounding, turned to face the opposite side of the bed where Leeza stood holding the end of the enema tube which glistened with its coating of lubricant.

“Danielle, this is a twin bulb enema tip.” Leexa explained quietly. “Each bulb inflates with these little pumps. We will insert the first bulb into your anus and once it is inside you we’ll pump it up like this”

Using a few quick squeezes on the inflation bulb Leeza filled the bulb until it was tight and glistened with lube.

“Oh my god!” Danielle whispered in growing panic as she realized what was about to happen.

“Then,” Leeza continued, “We’ll pump up the bulb on the outside of your anus like this.”

She quickly filled the outside bulb as well and held it so that Danielle could see that virtually no space remained between the two glistening balloons of rubber.

“That way,” Lori interjected, “You won’t leak when we fill your cute little butt with the enemas you’re going to get!”

“I d-don’t think I can d-do this!” Danielle begged as she turned back to Terry.

“Too late,” Terry replied with a cruel grin. “You had your chance to leave and didn’t take it. Now you have to get through this before you’re given the choice to leave or stay.”

“B-but I j-just d-don’t think I c-can…” she stammered struggling in vain against the straps that held her in position, finally giving up and closing her eyes in resignation to her fate.

Without saying anything else to Danielle, Terry turned to Lori and Leeza and said, “Go ahead ladies.”

Danielle’s eyes flew open at the sound of two pair of surgical gloves snapping onto the nurses’ hands. There was a brief hesitation then she gasped as she felt warm lubricant being spread around her anus.

“Just relax baby,” Lori cooed as she used her gloved finger to spread lubricant around the sensitive opening of Danielle’s anus.

“Oh p-please d-don’t do this!” Danielle begged as Lori began to lightly push her finger into the now winking opening. After a couple of partial penetrations Lori swiftly impaled the quaking Danielle, pushing her middle finger in until the knuckle rested against the crinkled tissue of Danielle’s anus.

“Y-i-i-i-i-e-e-e-e-e!” Danielle squealed at the full insertion of Lori’s finger, puffing her breath in and out as Lori pumped her finger in and out. In only a few strokes Danielle felt her clit begin to engorge and despite her best efforts could not resist pushing back against Lori’s invading finger.

“Well well,” Lori grinned. “Look at this Leeza! This little one seems to enjoy a finger in her butt!”

“Whoa! No shit!” Leeza replied. “God, look at that clit sticking out of its hood!”

Grinning wickedly Lori roughly stroked her finger in and out of Danielle’s clinching anus while Leeza reached between her legs and lightly stroked her burgeoning clit.

“Ah y-yes! Oh m-my god! Yes!” Danielle panted as she struggled against her bindings as her orgasm began to build.

Suddenly, escort denizli cruelly, both Lori and Leeza withdrew their hands and left Danielle embarrassingly hunching the air in vain.

Without hesitation, Leeza picked up the dual bulb and after spreading more lube on it, pressed the tip into Danielle’s anus.

“Wha…?” Danielle cried out as she felt the folded rubber of the balloon slide into her upturned ass.

Just as suddenly the bulb slid into place and Danielle simultaneously heard and felt the air being pumped into the balloon inside her anus.

“Y-i-i-i-e-e-e-e!” Oh m-my god p-please don’t d-do this!” she cried out as the second bulb began to inflate.

The sensation of her rectum being pressed against from the inside was soon joined by the outer balloon filling until it pressed against the soft tissue of her anus and pushed against the widespread cheeks of her ass.

“Oh my god! Please take it out!” she cried as she stared straight ahead, unable to move.

“Hush girl!” Leeza scolded as she gave the tube a tug to insure it was in place. “Just relax. You have a long way to go yet!”

After letting her rest a moment, Leeza put her hand on Danielle’s hip.

“We’re going to start your first enema now baby,” she said soothingly. “This is your punishment enema. We have mixed a harsh sop with the water and I can tell you that you are going to be very uncomfortable. Try to take deep breaths and relax and it might be a little easier on you.”

Then, turning to Terry, Lori raised an eyebrow in question and Terry nodded.

Danielle heard to clamp on the enema bag click open and immediately felt a rush of warm water in her bowels. At first the feeling was rather pleasant, warming her rectum and bowels, but it soon began to feel uncomfortable as her bowels filled and the flow of water continued unabated.

Danielle grunted as the first cramp hit, and gasped as it was quickly followed by a second and third.

“O-oh please help me!” she cried out as she struggled against the leather holding her in place. “Please don’t do this to me!”

“Oh baby,” Leeza cooed as she rubbed Danielle’s belly working the enema deeper into her bowels, “You have such a long way to go yet.”

Soon Danielle’s body was covered with a fine sheen of perspiration as she suffered through repeated cramping of her bowels and soon, to her total embarrassment, she heard herself begging to be allowed to go to the toilet.

“Oh p-please!” she cried out, “I’m so full…I’m going to mess the bed! Please let me go to the toilet! P-please let me go…I’ll be good, I promise! P-please just let me go!”

Finally, after more than thirty minutes, Terry nodded his permission to the nurses and they quickly removed the straps from her arms and legs. Danielle, found to her horror that she was so full that she couldn’t walk without assistance and they helped her onto the toilet seat. The final embarrassment came when Lori reached around behind Danielle and released the valve on the inner balloon, allowing it to deflate and the offending liquid to rush from her body. Despite her abject embarrassment, they had to hold her as she sat on the toilet and emptied her bowels.

Before she knew it, Danielle found herself back on the bed on her hands and knees with Lori feeding the inflatable bulb back into her anus.

“Why?” Danielle moaned in terror at the possibility of another punishment.

“Hush baby,” Lori cooed, “You’ll like this…It’ll soothe you.”

Again there was the inflation of the balloons in her anus and again the rush of warm water, but this time just as the cramps began, Lori ran her finger over Danielle’s clit, slowly teasing it into erection.

“Oh y-e-e-s-s-s-s!” Danielle gasped as the pressure on her clit increased.

At the same time Leeza reached under Danielle and began to pinch and twist her nipples until she was gasping in passion. The water in her bowels could be heard sloshing as she alternately squirmed against Lori’s finger as it punished her clit and pushed her nipples into the pinching grip of Leeza’s fingers.

Soon she was panting and crying out in orgasm, caught in a miasma of sensations that she had never experienced before.

Again she was put through the embarrassing ordeal of relieving herself with the help of the nurses who again had to hold her on the seat of the toilet lest she collapse.

Finally, the nurses stood her in the shower and bathed her with scented soap, taking one last opportunity to finger her anus and pussy until she had one last knee buckling orgasm. They dried her with a warm towel and put her to bed.

She fell asleep immediately, whimpering as her body shuddered with one last tiny orgasm.

It was 4:15.

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