Dark Goddess

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I never knew what to expect.

We had been friends for a long time. I loved her style of flair, and even though she was only 3 years younger than me, sometimes she seemed many years my senior.

We met through a friend at a night club, and I was amazed at her style and pizzazz from the beginning. Had I had the nerve to do as she did, I would. However, I have always been bad with money, and a glandular problem has always made my stomach extend past my shoes, more than I have ever liked.

She was light-hearted, fun, honest, and had many other attributes that I admired. It didn’t hurt that she was a looker, and did not have an ego that she knew it and was out to make everyone else know that she did.

Raven black hair hung from her head. Eyes that looked into your soul and seemed to tell you that she could determine whether you were a decent man or not from the get go. Skin as smooth, and almost as white as pure ivory. Her tiny frame could do nothing to hold back the ample, yet not over abundant, cleavage. You could not pigeon-hole her into a specific style, because it changed every time you saw her.

One night, she was dressed as a vampire goddess, another night, a punk chick minus the shaved or multicoloured hair. It always looked good on her, and even if she showed up wearing a burlap sack from Idaho, you would find yourself wishing you were a potato.

We never had contact outside of the club we both frequented. This only served in my desire to know her more. All of our communication was done through mutual friends. Until that fateful night that I never expected.

I was an amateur writer, and my biggest vice was wine. I know it is sad, but I found that a few glasses of the grapey nectar helped my creative juices flow. One night at the club we were discussing our plans for the weekend, and I told her that because I had been suffering from a case of writers block, I had purchased a few bottles and was planning on secluding myself in my den and using them up as I wrote a few pages for my latest attempt at creating.

I had been at my desk for a while and the half bottle of red had not really helped in creating anything. I was stunned to hear my doorbell ring. I was expecting no visitors, or packages. I was instantly embarrassed when I opened the door in only my knickers and found her at my door. I ducked behind the door and apologized for my lack of garments. She smirked and simply walked in.

She swept past me and placed herself in the middle of the living room. She stood there with one of her hands on her hips; the other was partially hidden behind her back. Her hair was hanging straight down. She tossed her cloak on the chair revealing her black and silver corset that showed how ample her cleavage could be. A matching ultra mini skirt that flowed from her body showed that her stockings were held up by straps that were either attached to the corset, or a garter belt. Black high heels made the outfit halkalı eve gelen escort one of pure desire, but the topper was the mesh fingerless gloves that came up past her elbows. God, this was enticing and I was happy that I was wearing black silk boxers. A thong on me would have seemed unsexy at this point.

“I have had enough of the testing at the club and have come to inform you that you may be worthy to join a special clique within our little group. You have met about 10 of us in the club, and there are only 3 who are in this special group.”

This had me intrigued, but apparently I was not allowed to speak as she continued without giving me a chance to ask what she meant.

“You have less than 5 minutes to do to me what ever you wish. My clothes stay on, but can be moved around to your convenience. If in that time I do not deem your actions worthy, I leave. Soft and sweet, hard and aggressive, both are acceptable. Begin!”

I needed no further commands. She had been responsible for many a good sexual encounter in my life. Too bad she wasn’t actually there for any of it.

I took her hips with one hand and pulled her close to me. I placed my other hand on the back of her head and pulled her lips to mine. Our tongues meshed and wrestled with vigour. I could feel her rise to me with desire for me to continue. As I continued the saliva trading, I lifted up the back of her skirt to discover that the stockings were held up by a garter belt, and a tiny string of a thong was all that was left to be seen amongst the items that covered her body. This allowed me to grab a plentiful amount of her ass as I pulled her closer to me.

Regretfully I pulled away and walked around to her back. The hardness of my member pushed against the small of her back as I sunk my teeth into her neck. There was enough space between her breast and her corset for me to place my hand down and finally feel what had been hiding from me all this time. They felt so nice and smooth that I couldn’t wait to see if they matched my minds eye. I then placed my other hand upon her thigh and slid up to the fabric of her panties. I stayed on the outside and merely massaged between her thighs at first. As I massaged her, I would push gently against her mound now and again, biting harder into her neck each time that I did so.

Seeing that my 5 minutes was almost up, I placed my thumb and forefinger onto her nipple, and slid my other hand into the side of her underwear so that her pubic lips were on either side of my finger and at the last second pinched her nipple while biting harder and sliding a finger inside of her to make the last moment of my control as pleasurable as possible.

She gasped with pleasure as I did this and placed her hand on the back of my neck for full excitement. Now that my time was up, I pulled away from her and went back to the front of her. I stood about 2 feet away halkalı grup yapan escort from her and waited for her verdict.

She took a moment to compose her self then looked at me. “Your performance has been considered acceptable, however before we continue, we must see if you measure up to the proper standard.”

She placed her hands into my boxers and reviewed what I was equipped with. It seemed to meet with her approval, based on the smile on her face. The motion was nothing new to me, but the fishnet of the glove was. The coarseness combined with the movement of her hand was quite nice and I tossed my head back in pleasure.

Suddenly she went down on her knees and lowered my boxers to around my ankles, all without taking her hands away from me. I could feel her breath so close and it only served to keep me hard. I let out a gasp of amazement as she took me into her mouth without warning. She caressed my balls as she kept my shaft well lubricated with her saliva. It was hard not to explode as she gave me the best head I had ever had. She kept the pace fast and it wasn’t too long before I was ready to explode, but she must have sensed this because she stopped, stood up and backed up to the 2 feet distance we had had before and placed one of her legs on my coffee table.

“I have given you something, now you must reciprocate.” I was informed. With no hesitation I got down on my knees and placed my face between her legs. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and placed it against the patch of silk before me. I used my tongue to probe as much as possible, and the feeling of her pushing harder against me told me that I was doing well. Although I was not commanded to, I took a bit of initiative and moved the silk panties aside. This gave me full access to her shaved pleasure area. I placed my tongue inside as far it would go and also suckled on her clit. I almost couldn’t breathe as she pushed harder onto my face as I went into her with full force.

Her hips gyrated harder as her moaning became louder. Suddenly she let out a roar of ecstasy and I felt my mouth almost flood with her juices. She fell backwards and I was thankful that my couch had been there to catch her as she went down.

“Well, that was good, but you have more to do.” she informed me as she stood. I couldn’t help but notice that her knees were a little weak. “Strip me now!” was her new command.

I did as she commanded by walking up to her and reaching around her to untie the corset. The full view of her naked breasts were a sight to see. They were so pure and perky. I then lowered her skirt to leaver her wearing only the panties, garter belt and stockings. I noticed that the panties were outside the garter belt so that they could be removed while the stockings stayed on, so I removed them first. I was about to take them off too, but she grabbed my hands and told me that they had to stay on. Fine halkalı masöz escort by me.

Now that I had her almost naked, I awaited my next order. Almost immediately, it was given. “Lie down on the couch and take what you are given.” I did as I commanded and she straddled me. It felt so good to feel her slide down my shaft as her lips encircled my manhood. She started of rocking slowly and I was all too eager to join in the motions. I grabbed her hips and we started to synchronize so that we were totally fluid together. After a few minutes, she started to push harder and move a little faster. It looked like she was going to come again.

She let out another scream of pleasure and then grabbed at my shoulders. I was so lost in the events that I didn’t even notice at first that she had pulled herself back to lie down on the couch while still keeping me inside of her. At first she kept her legs apart and in the air so she could grab my ass and keep me sliding inside of her, but soon she wrapped her legs around my waist and kept me locked in. I was still able to push, but she was making sure that I stayed inside as deeply as possible. I couldn’t hold back as soon as she dug her nails into my back and scraped them along as far as she could. I was so aroused that even though I filled her with my cum, I stayed hard and could only keep on going.

We were on the couch for as long as I could keep going, and I was surprised I had lasted as long as I had. I was close to cumming when she pushed me off of her and repositioned herself. Next she had chosen my favourite position by placing her self on all fours at the end of the couch so that her arms were on the arm rest.

As soon as she spread her legs to give me access, I placed myself inside of her again and again there was no holding back. I plunged into her and almost pushed her off the edge of the couch with my first thrust. I held on to her waist as tightly as I could and pumped as if I had a gun to my head. She had told me that rough was ok, so I reached forward with one hand and wrapped her hair around it. She whimpered with excitement as I pulled her head back and then, with my other hand, raked down her spine so that you could see the trails that my fingernails left behind.

I used her hair to pull her closer to me each time I thrust forward. Soon she was gasping again and I could tell that an orgasm was soon approaching. For her and for me.

The sounds of my thighs slapping her ass while she groaned and whimpered. She must have been able to tell that I was close again because I heard her order me, “You may cum again and fill me with everything you have left.” That was all I needed. I picked up the pace and soon we were pushing and pulling as hard we both could. A fire started in my balls and before I could call out, I was flooding into her. The scream we both let out as we came together should have disturbed the neighbours, but to this day, I am amazed that it didn’t. They must have been out.

We lay there on the couch for a few seconds, and then she simply stood up and got dressed. As she walked out the door I heard her voice flutter over her shoulder, “You have been deemed worthy, and we shall meet like this again. But tell no one, or you lose your membership.”

Next time at the club should be interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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