Dark Light

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Morning light.
All im doing is gazing at a girl.
Her body soaked up the rays of the sunlight painting the room. She was in a complete dreamstate. I to walk with her in the dreams she was having. Time was a meaningless value when i looked at her lying there. Her gorgeous body, barely covered by the sheets, her mouth pursed close, her eyelids concealing those hazel swirls of lust and passion. The seconds turned to minutes. Everything stood still as i watched this girl lying in her dreams.
My hands dropped to her waist, our lips closed against eachother. We kissed then and there, hidden in the crowds of drug fueled bodies, pulsing to the beat the DJ was spitting at us. My heart beat at an incendiary rate, my head flying high, my hands gripping her body tightly.

Laughter fell from her lips, she was swimming in euphoria. She dropped her hands from the back of my head, falling down my chest. She came in close and grabbed my cock, lent in an swirled her tongue around mine. The smile she shot at me after that had my mind fueled with lust for her.

A smirk cracked across my face. She knew what she had a vague idea of what she was getting herself into with me.

As our bodies closed in on eachother, i pulled her hair back and kissed her neck, my mouth worked its way up to hers and we joined once more. My hand pulled on the back of her hair. I suddenly parted from her and gave her a knowing look. As the crowd roared in savage applause at the final drop, the beat dissipated and the crowd followed suit. I mingled in with my friends just to say bye and worked myself a good distance ahead of them. Outside the club i lit up a ciggarrette. The girl walked out of the club with a myriad of friends. All of them bored me save her.

They turned the other way and she walked towards me, still smiling.

“You surprised me. I hope you didn’t turn up here just for me” She grinned.

“Honest mistake really” I uttered in a defeated tone.

To intoxicated for words we began a tread back to my friends flat, a place i often retreat to since he’s out most of the time and i like the area he lives in.


We fell to the sofa, the tv blaring out images my mind didn’t care enough to make sense of. I found her head laying on my shoulder, arms wrapped around my waist. A rush of feeling flooded back through my mind as i pulled memories of our last encounter to the front of my mind.
This was an especially interesting girl. She endeared me, engaged me, i lusted for her whenever i thought about her. What should have been spontaneous sex last week turned into something a lot more potent. We both shared the same sex drive, the same demeanour and a gorgoues contrast with our outlooks in life and social positions.

She looked up at me, her lips slightly parted as her breathing began to pacen. She had amazing eyes. Hazel embers that lured and pulled me in. They spoke with experience, something a lot of people lack at this age.

There antalya escort bayan was no hesitation on her part, she knew exactly what she wanted. She threw herself ontop of me, wildly laughing at the daunting prospect of fucking me again. It was an unfathomably large endeavour on both parts, but it worked so perfectly. In unison i opened my jeans and she parted her thong to one side, wetting the top of my boxers with her warm cunt.

The dancing in the club had just been building this up, this whole night had been a series of teasing and mind games. And the moment the door to this flat closed we both knew we had already dropped every act and we were out for eachothers ecstasy.

The lips of her pussy parted over the outline of my cock, still concealed by my boxers. Her hands draped over my chest, we both acted accordingly and ripped eachothers shirts off. At the sight of her chest i lent up to pull her bra aside and bite her.

She anticipated this and threw my head back down… she lent over me, mouth gaped into a large smile, eyes aflame with sexual excitement, her tongue froze in the air, she beckoned the tongue from my mouth and in one swift movement she sucked it into her mouth and kissed me, biting my lip and pulling back. She yanked my hair back. Pain shot through me, igniting a raw and brutal want to pulverise her insides.
Just what she wanted.

She lent back up and undid her bra from the front and threw it to one side.

A gorgeous form she had. Young and tight at eighteen years of age, brown hair cut to medium, an amazing ass and gorgeous tanned skin.

She pivoted downwards on my cock, forcing my member to stand to full attention. She felt it pulse through her cunt, it was lusting to fuck her senseless. She moaned gently, gyrating her hips in a circular motion, i felt her pussy become wildly wet as she worked herself into a euphoric state of sexual deviance.

I pulled my boxers down and kicked off my jeans, the heat of the moment found me picked her up and spinning her round, i slammed her down onto the sofa cushion, my hands gripping the back of her hair, my other hand dragged itself down over her tits, her soft nipples slowly becoming erect.

I swirled my tongue around hers and worked my way out from her mouth and down to her neck, giving a swift bite here and there, when i reached her nipples i felt them grow in my mouth, she let out a breathless moan as i bit down on her and tightened my grip on her dripping wet cunt. She pulled the back of my hair and forced her lips onto mine.

She pushed me back up with extreme force behind her kiss, flipping positions, i found myself pinned down on the sofa, her eyes two roaring inferno’s glaring at me, smiling like a fuck crazy devil child. She dragged her tongue down my body fiercely, the bottom of her tongue draping over the length of my cock. She worked it and swirled around it, making it glisten with her spit, she opened her mouth and bit the top of my escort antalya head, grabbed my balls and squeezed gently.

She enjoyed watching my face contort into a sex crazed gasp, my lips parting and letting out a loud groan. Her tongue flicked over the slit of my cock, and in an instant she swallowed the length of my cock. She gagged as she forced my cock past her gag reflex. Consuming almost the whole length of my cock, i pitched up on my hips as pleasure shocked my system.

I felt her tongue writhe against the underside of my cock, her eyes glared wildly at me, her lips pursed around it, she sucked down hard and pulled off it, a loud pop from her mouth as my dick fell from her lips. She smiled and kissed the head.

I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her to my lips, a quick kiss, a surge of excessive force had her flip around, i buried my face in her cunt.

warm and wet, dripping. I smothered her clit with my tongue, swirling around it, feeling her body tense up in ectasy, i dragged my tongue upwards and plunged it deep inside her. She began to fuck circle her clit fiercely with her fingers, i dragged my tongue further upwards and rimmed her briefly, temptation had built to a breaking point within me.

My hands found her hips, i lifted her and placed her ontop of my cock, she promptly lifted my cock up and teased herself and me, placing the head of it in her warm cunt for a moment, circling her hips around. Her gorgeous ass in full view as she worked herself up for the fuck.

As a moan escaped her lungs i pushed upwards, the length of my cock plunging into her, she yelped in a moan, a shock of pleasure surging through my nerves and hers. She rode my cock, pounding me senseless, planting her hands on my chest for support, feeling my cock slam deep inside her pussy over and over, her cunt was dripping down the length of my cock, i saw my member glisten in the fragmented dark.

She yelled out in a cry of pleasure as she made herself cum on my cock, she span around and let our lips touch on eachother, without a moments hesitation or consideration for the orgasm she was riding off i threw her over and ripped her ass open, i threw her legs back and crouched over the edge of the sofa.
I forced my cock deep inside her cunt, letting the cum from her orgasm wash over me, i pulled out of her pussy and pryed her tight asshole open, the head of my cock slipped inside, surprise flooding her senses.

In one fell thrust, the whole length of myself plunged inside her tight asshole. She screamed out in pain and pleasure. I forced her leg back and pulled out, i went inside her pussy again and quickly retreated back into her asshole. Overflowing her senses with a maelstrom of feeling.
I viciously pounded her asshole, all the lust that had built from tonight was now swirling around in the air, filling the distance between our eyes and lips, pulverising her insides, delivering us into a state of sexual euphoria.

I was moaning antalya escort loudly as i fucked her tight fuckhole senseless. She was fingering her clit wildly and throwing her body around on the sofa to the rhythm i was pounding out inside her.

I gripped her by the neck and pulled my cock out, i threw her to her knees and made her taste my cock. Grabbing the back of her hair and yanking her head down on myself. I pitched one knee up and fucked her throat. Gagging fiercely, her hands planted on my hips, her eyes looking up at me in both a sexual and pleading way. I fucked her throat harder, my cock slamming past her gag reflex, each time a vicious lurch made her throat tighten around my cock head. I pulled out and watched her catch her breath for a fell moment… She was still fingering her clit wildly, a defeated look of domination on her face. I pulled her up to my level and threw her over on the sofa.

I fucked her cunt doggy style as she worked herself up for another intense orgasm, my balls slapped against her as the whole length of me forced its way inside her again and again. Ecstasy washed over her face, i felt the tell tale signs of her cumming. The walls of her cunt closing in around my cock, a sudden rush of wetness.

She screamed like she had never screamed before. I spanked her hard as she rode the waves of her orgasm, her body was bent over, her ass pointing up in the air, not able to power her limbs, overcome with the shocks to her system of constant fucking.

I stood over her and drived my cock deep into her ass, i was out to destroy her body. I was overcome with desire, her wellbeing forgotten as i pounded her yet again.

She grabbed ahold of my legs as i fucked her asshole senseless, every gasp of breath she got escaped her lungs in the form of a breathless scream of pleasure and pain. I felt my balls fill up with cum, my vision clouding over, she felt my body succum to the begginnings of an extremely intense orgasm. I stepped off the sofa and began to wank myself fiercely, she immediately batted my hand off and forced my cock down her throat, my cock throbbing inside her, her eyes looking at me with a euphoric look, having just came herself.

As she began to work my balls with her hand, whilst she was sucking hard on my dick i felt my world come to a close. An orgasm washed over me, my cock stiffening inside her mouth, bracing itself as floods of cum rushed from my balls through my shaft. She slammed her hand down my cock and opened her mouth, an overflow of cum shot from my cock, dripping inside her mouth and down onto her tits, she was still gazing wildly at me, immensely satisfied. Strands of white cum dripped from my cock, she was smiling still, an twistedly innocent look on her eyes as her hand carressed my cock, cum still dripping down her tits.

She stood up and shot me a look that was to hard to comprehend all at once. Passion mixed with immense sexual satisfaction, and a myriad of other things i will have to explore in the near future.
She went to the bathroom.
I collapsed on a bed.
Ill let sleep take ahold of me for now.
My mind dreamily anticipating holding her in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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