Dark Room Antics

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I am in the darkroom red bulb lit, just about to expose my negatives, when there is a buzz at the door! I sigh and protect my film before letting in the intruder. It’s Jon my gay college mate. I am annoyed and it tells in the body language. I fold my arms across my ample bosom, not that that queen would even notice. He babbles on about me developing some pictures for him.

I relock the door and tell him to take a seat; I only have an hour before security will lock us in for the night. I have some fashion pictures to print for a project I am working on towards my final night school exam. I have suited men and breast pooping girls in ridicules sci-fi out fits. I have to print them in colour, they look like a parrot on flight as my eyes go out of focus and once again I here Jons voice.

Yes so? “Do you want to do them?”

I apologise and concentrate on the film that I have just been offered rights too.

Let me get this right? Your friends set up several tripods each loaded with film and ümraniye escort trigger buttons? Taking pictures for me to build a photo story out of? Cool!

In the darkness of the room Jon and I prepare trays and solutions watching pictures materialise before our eyes. Together we develop and swill the prints hanging them to dry at angles. I watch as different male body parts are exposed. One guy is fit toned and very muscular while the other is slim with narrow hips.

I notice that each model does not close their eyes each of them is very alert and aware of the other and look of love or maybe desire is showing. The photo of the kiss is most erotic both men are displaying their tongues reaching out to touch one another no dominance?

I am intrigued and a natural curiosity takes over my professionalism as I hurry to see the situation unfold. Next we have a pulled back head shot, Adams apple exposed, and his lover pulling on the hair while biting his earlobe, a look of love on his face. pendik escort Hurriedly we move along the line watching the story unfold. We looked at pictures of cocks in different stages of arousal.

I feel moisture wetting my pants, I shuffle awkwardly, trying to hide my aroused state from Jon but he looks sheepish too. I break the ice “good pics eh sweetie?” We both laugh and the atmosphere is broken and we continue.

As the prints dry we place them in order, it’s like a photo love magazine but better, I have never seen a man swallow so deep before, I would so love to be a fly on their wall. Only to hear them enjoying each other, sucking and slurping on cock licking each others bollocks.

Next shot is of a condom wrapper, it amuses me to see their display of safe sex but I approve. One guy rips it open with his teeth them pokes his tongue into the un-lubricated side and rolls it down over the others erection with his soft mouth. The head is swollen and his sack looks hard with bostancı escort cum. To my surprise they don’t fuck right away both partners wear a condom. My curiosity is heightened even more as the next picture will explain.

It his huge, a life like double ended vibrator, a helmet at both ends! The guys sit on the carpeted floor and crossed legged insert a jellied end into each others arse holes. Remember this scene unfolds slowly picture by picture, together Jon and I watch the dildo swallowed by each respective arse until they meet in the middle about 6inches a piece.

Facing each other and visibly fucking the tension and strain showing on their faces and the tightness of thighs and wetness of slick latex covered cocks. It is then I wonder about the necessity for protection? Neither male appears to be ready to ejaculate in the other? I frown at Jon and he just smiles. “Think about it” he says.

Being a novice to gay activities, although I admit my imagination does run wild; I have never experienced such games. The last and final picture clarifies my suspicions; the condoms are not for protection at all! But merely a vessel in which to measure each others own desire and need for the other! And believe me both condoms were full and hanging.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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