Darling Daughter-in-law

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I heard some one crying while passing through the passage. The sound was coming from my daughter-in-law’s room. I stopped. I glanced through the door. I saw my daughter-in-law was lying on her stomach and crying.

Shall I go in and enquire? Will that be all right?

My name is Hariram. I am aged 62 years. I was a teacher in the school at my native place. I came here to stay with my son after my wife died just two months back. My son Rahul insisted that I should stay with him in city and not be left alone in village.

Rahul’s family consists of his wife and a son. My grandson is five years old. Name of Rahul’s wife i.e.my daughter-in-law is Mohini.

Mohini has come from a good family. She is very beautiful. She gives me lot of respect. She touches my feet every morning. I keep staring at her breasts when she bows down to touch my feet. She understands every thing but keep smiling all the time. I always fantasize to sleep with her.

Once again I saw in the room. I couldn’t control myself as I saw her big buttocks and beautiful young body. I went in side. I touched her shoulder and asked her, ‘What happened Bahu? Why are you crying?’

She began crying loudly as she saw me. I was annoyed. I said, ‘Why don’t you tell me what has happened?

She got up from the bed. She wiped tears from her face with the pallu of her sari. Her breasts were exposed as she lifted her pallu. Her small blouse couldn’t cover her big breasts. She noticed what I was looking. She covered her breasts with pallu of her sari. She said, ‘Babuji, your son doesn’t love me!’

I was shocked. I said, ‘Bahu, this is a serious matter. You must tell me in detail.’ She was reluctant. I said, ‘don’t hesitate; I am like your father.’

She spoke after some time, ‘There is pain in my body since few days. Doctor said that taking just medicines may not help. A body massage by dear and near could help immensely. I requested my husband but your son refused to massage Avrupa Yakası Escort me! He said he is a MAN! He said that he will never give massage to a woman! Babuji, isn’t it his duty to help his wife?’ she started crying again. I was shocked to hear this. I couldn’t react. She said, ‘Leave it Babuji, I shouldn’t have bothered you.’

I thought, this is the opportunity to strike! I said, ‘Bahu, I can help you. If you don’t mind, I am ready to give you a massage!’

‘Really?’ she was very much excited. But next moment she was worried. ‘What if some one finds it out?’

‘Are you out of your mind?’ I touched her hand. ‘Are you going to tell people that your father-in-law is giving you massage?’


‘Let’s start right now!’ I said.

‘Now?’ she was frightened.

‘What’s the harm?’ I was becoming restless.

‘Okay.’ She went in the kitchen and returned with coconut oil in a small bowl after giving it little heat. She lied down on her stomach in the bed. Something happened in side me as I saw her big buttocks. I asked, ‘Bahu, where shall I start from?

She replied, ‘Babuji, start from whenever you want. It’s paining every where!’

I applied the oil and gave massage to her back. She pulled her sari and exposed her legs. I massaged her legs. Taking a chance, I inserted my hand and touched her silky thighs. Her body shivered. She said, ‘Babuji, please don’t do that!’ but she said in such a way that I was encouraged to go ahead. I twisted her body and touched her buttocks.

She was smiling.

I kept the bowl of oil aside. I placed my hands on her waist. I touched her belly button.

‘Ahaaaaa!’ she uttered.

I stopped. ‘What happened, Bahu?’

She said, ‘Babuji, massage me properly!’

She was inviting me openly! I forced my body on her and cupped her breasts in my hands. She was frightened. ‘What are you doing, Babuji?’

I said, ‘I am doing what I am Avrupa Yakası Bayan supposed to do!’ I fondled with her breasts.

She said, ‘Babuji, what you are doing is not proper!’

I said, ‘I know but I can’t help. Your blouse is the obstacle. Remove your blouse and I shall do it in a proper way!’ I pulled her close. She tried to stop me but I was determined. I undid her blouse. I kissed her naked breasts.

She sat in my lap and kissed my lips. She said, ‘Babuji, I had no idea that you could be so naughty!’

I undressed her totally. I stroked her naked buttocks. She placed my hand on her pussy. I massaged her pussy for long moments. I inserted my index finger in her pussy and prepared the juice. She undressed me. She was happy to see my cock.

‘It’s too big! How solid it is!’ she touched it and said, ‘Babuji, please hurry up and screw me! I am dying to let this thing inside me!’

I mounted on her. I fucked her. She was so happy that she kissed me endlessly. She said, ‘Babuji, you are a good lover. Your son can’t fuck me the way you have fucked!’

We went to take a bath. We had lot of fun in bathtub. She was very eager to get fucked in bathroom. I made her stand with her back in front of me and her hands holding corner of bathtub. I grabbed her breasts and entered in to her from her back.

We had our lunch in one plate and went to relax in bedroom. We slept entangled our bodies in to one.

My grandson returned home at three in the afternoon. My daughter-in-law gave him lunch and made him sleep in his room. She returned to me and undressed. She sucked my cock for hours.

I said, ‘Mohini, my dream has come true!’

‘What was the dream, Babuji?’ she asked while squeezing my nipple.

‘To sleep with you in my arms! I was dreaming this since I came here from my village!’

‘How lousy, low and mean father-in-law you are!’ she said and slapped me.

I gave her a good Escort Avrupa Yakası beating on her buttocks. She kissed me. She said, ‘Babuji, my wish is also fulfilled today!’

‘Darling, what was your wish?’

‘I was watching you working up in the every morning and was wishing to get crushed under your body at least once!’

‘My darling,’ I said, ‘Why only once? I am ready to crush you daily!’

We had privacy of 5 to 6 hours in the morning. My son Rahul would leave for his office at nine in the morning and my grandson would return from his school at three in the afternoon. Our love prospered between this time gaps. My daughter-in-law conceived a child from me. She delivered a beautiful daughter.

To immortalize our love, she named her RIHA. (It’s reverse of my name, HARI.) Rahul, my son didn’t sense any thing.

Its thirteen years now since our affair began. We still make love whenever we get opportunity. We get it very less though.

Mohini, my daughter-in-law is just 35. She has become more beautiful and sexy than ever before. Riha, our daughter who is 12 now is growing up to become beautiful like her mother. She likes to wear shorts. I love watching her slim sexy legs.

One evening Mohini was cutting vegetables for dinner. I was eyeing her sexy body. Riha came in to living room and asked me, ‘Grandpa, what do you like more, a matured mango or undeveloped cherry?’

I said, ‘Of course, matured mango!’ she didn’t like my answer and went back to her room. I saw that Mohini was smiling. I asked her, ‘Bahu, what happened to Riha?’

She gathered the chopped vegetables and headed for kitchen. She said, ‘Babuji, you are a budhdhu!'(Budhdhu means idiot.)

I followed her in the kitchen. I asked, ‘Bahu, why did you call me “budhdhu”?

She placed my hands on her breasts and said, ‘My dear Babuji, you just enjoy matured mangos!’


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction by this writer. If any similarity is found in some living or dead person or in any of the acts described in the story; it is unintentional. Please do not copy the acts described in the story. Writer doesn’t advocate free sex or incest. If any one is encouraged to copy the events written in this story; seek medical/legal help urgently.

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