Daughters of Sol Ch. 07

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Anya Olsen

This story is told from Embla’s perspective after the last events of Daughters of Sol. Please read the previous chapters or this won’t make much sense. The pace of the action here is intentionally long and drawn out, unlike the earlier story.

The events of the ritual had drained her, emotionally and physically. Too many thoughts swirled in her head, along with the latent effects of the potion. The alcohol amplified the effects of the aphrodesiacs; it wiped out most of the temple’s herbal stocks, but they would regrow. Besides, they had about 60-70 more years until the next one; plenty of time to prepare. As she approached the temple’s dormitory, she saw someone kneeling before the statue of Lys.

“No doubt giving thanks to the Goddess, still revelling in the after-glow of the ritual”, I said to myself. Then I heard the weeping.

As I approached the figure, I saw the face of her father. He was normally so strong and powerful, but now he appeared weak with sadness.

“Father!” I exclaimed.

He turned his head with a start, “Embla!” He reached out and pulled me to him, and we embraced. “I— my sweet, innocent child… maybe not so innocent, as I thought.”

“I understand why you say that, Father,” I said. Truly I did. Any man who suddenly saw his sweet little girl scream for “daddy” to make her a “cum-slut”, and then watch her make love to another hot young girl… how could he see her as innocent again? “Daddy, I need to say something.”

I pushed away and stared into his eyes, which were reflecting in the dimming fires of the temple braziers. “I knew from the day I saw Her likeness erected here in the temple… I felt her calling to me. Now, after I’ve met the Seeress, I feel like I’ve met the Goddess, Herself. Her heart has been poured into mine, and it has unlocked a fire buried deep inside of me. I will do everything I can to spread her love to all who need it.”

“Embla,” he sighed and looked away. “It’s not just the… things I saw. Today has opened up old wounds for me. Your mother—” His voice broke and he fell to his knees, sobbing. “She—she was such a blessing to me. She was always happy, ready to do anything for me or you to be happy as well. Seeing these events have… I miss her.”

I leaned his head against me, which put it smack against my breasts because of his height. He put his arms around my hips and held me tight.

“Embla, I… it’s hard for a father to say such things to his daughter. But you’re all grown up and have served the Goddess so… vigorously. I feel like I can tell you about this.”

He gulped hard and continued, “After your mother died, my bed has been so cold. The only way I could manage was to make my heart cold, as well. Tonight, the fires of Lys have reawakened me, but alas it is for naught. I am older now, and there are no suitable maids for me to court; I am destined for unhappiness.”

“Father,” I whispered softly. My heart broke at hearing this. I put his head in my hands and looked down into his teary eyes. “Everyone deserves love and happiness, especially one who gave his own life up for his only daughter. The Goddess’ light can reach into the darkest places, and I believe she will find you one to call you friend.”

I leaned down to kiss him tenderly on the lips.

“Daughter, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I may not be the Seeress, or have any fancy title,” I started. “But I know of the Goddess’ love and power. You came to see the Goddess and seek her comfort. Now, let me be the love of the Goddess unto you this night.”

He was still wearing the ritual garb from earlier, so I was able to unfasten it easily. As it fell to the ground, he stood before me naked. I loosened the ties of my own garb, and now I joined him in the nude.

“Daughter, I—” he started to say, still looking up at me. I silenced his thought by shoving my nipple into his mouth. He instinctively reacted by kissing and sucking on bursa eskort it.

I felt his hand reach up to my sides, then slowly worked its way up to my other breast. He may have been out of practice, but his hands still remembered how to please a woman. The other hand found its way to my pussy, and he rubbed his thumb up and down my labia. My dampness turned to wetness, and I could feel it seeping out.

I remembered how he reacted in the ceremony to my words. I wanted him to feel good again, to drive him wild.

“Daddy,” I whispered softly.

His tongue briefly stopped at the word.

I got down onto my knees to match his posture; the meditation mat made it fairly comfortable. My tit was ripped from his mouth, but I soon replaced it with the soft flesh of my lips. At first he didn’t move, maybe because the kissing brought back old memories. He put his hands on my hips, but otherwise was completely still. I wanted him to remember the good feelings he shared with my Mother.

I slowly kissed, nibbled, and sucked on his lips as he seemed transfixed by their magic. I put my lips over his and shoved my tongue inside as far as it could go, letting it wiggle and writhe against his. Soon, my tongue and his played with each other like long lost friends. It started slow at first, but soon we kissed deeply against each other, taking turns pulling each other’s lips and swapping tongues.

The heat rose inside of me, but I resolved to bear the hunger in order to heal my Father’s heart. I reached my hands down to find his semi-erect cock. It had been asleep for years, and had some trouble waking up. I pulled on it with one hand and moved my other hand lower; my fingers barely touched the hairs and skin of his sack as they floated over it. His body shuddered, and his knees became weak.

I moved my hands up his chest slowly, tracing each curve of his sculpted muscles. They came to rest upon his shoulders, and I lowered my fingers to a grasp one by one. I pushed gently, almost barely. He moved back agonizingly slow, until his muscles could stand it no longer and he fell to the mat. There he laid before me, knees in the air and open wide. His penis had still not fully hardened.

I looked at it with pity and inched my face closer to speak to it, making sure my breath would be felt on the tip. “How long have you been alone, friend? Months? Years? A lifetime… Fear not, for the Goddess grants love to each of us.” I licked the tip once, and looked up; Father was looking directly at me.

“Father,” I said. “Close your eyes and lay your head back. Focus on the pleasure, and let the Goddess fill your mind with happy memories and good promises to come.” He sighed and laid his head back.

I closed my mouth around the head, letting my lips slowly move against the rim. I moved my tongue to caress the underside, and I heard a sharp intake of breath from him. I moved my tongue in a circle around the head, and then lowered my mouth onto his shaft. His pelvis trembled and shook as his penis found its way into the back of my throat. I prayed to the Goddess to dull my gag reflex, so I could grant him the most pleasure I could. I moved as slowly as I could. All the way up. Then all the way down. And again. And again…

As I was doing all of this, I felt his cock grow to full strength, and now it felt massive inside my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off to whisper in between motions. “Daddy,” I said. “Let me… taste you… feel you… drink you… Let me…”

I started moving up and down in long fluid motions, quicker than before. I maintained a steady pace, and I felt his hips start moving gently. I grabbed his hand and moved it up to my soft, silky hair. He took hold and I let him have control, to use my mouth for his pleasure. He guided me up and down, increasing the pace and fucking my face as he started thrusting up into me. He went deep into my throat, and I did my best to breathe bursa escort bayan through my nose.

The Goddess must have granted me my wish, for I didn’t gag at all. But soon I felt lightheaded from lack of air; the world swooned around me as my Father’s cock pounded my throat. His breathing became labored, and soon I felt him tense up.

He moaned in pleasure, “Oh! Oh! Ingrid, I love you! I love you so much!” He screamed the name of my Mother, the wife of his youth. He let out a long final moan as his cock started jumping of its own accord. Each gob of hot sticky sap entered my mouth. It didn’t taste like much, but I determined to swallow as much as I could. It was too much, soon it escaped my mouth and dripped down between us. His hand dropped still to the mat, and he was breathing hard.

I got up and grabbed one of the cleansing bowls, which contained water sprinkled with Rosemary. I drank some water to wash down his fluids, then I washed off of his spent penis and off my face.

I straddled one of his legs and moved the cool wet cloth over his chest. But my pussy was on fire, and I started rubbing against his leg.

He must have noticed, because he sat up and looked into my eyes. His eyes were red and puffy, and tears formed at the edge. “Daughter, you have brought me peace with my past. I saw your mother, and we finally said goodbye.”

I smiled and hugged him, pressing my bare breasts against his rock hard chest.

“Now,” he said, looking into my eyes again. “It’s every father’s duty to provide for their children’s needs. And I know you have a need right now.”

“Father—” I started to respond, but he put his finger to my lips and gave me a scolding look.

“Daddy,” I whispered. He smiled once again.

“Alright,” he said, as he leaned me back onto the mat. He grabbed a nearby pillow and put it under my head. “Let’s meet this Goddess of ours.” he said as he gingerly lowered his head to my vulva.

He rubbed his finger along the edge, and dipped it inside. Feeling my wetness, he wasted no time in assaulting my clitoris with his tongue. He made little circles around it, sucked on it, kissed it, and rubbed it. One of his hands massaged my inner thigh as he worked, which caused a wave of tingly sensations to shoot directly into my vagina. I couldn’t stand it; soon I felt that familiar wave rushing up from inside of me.

I arched my head back and screamed in primal passion as fluid gushed out all over his face. He lapped at my squirting pussy like a dog from a stream. As the wave subsided, I looked down to see his beard completely drenched. He started chuckling and a smile came across his face.

“What is it daddy?” I asked.

“Ha! Your mother was a gusher, too,” he explained. “Like a mountain stream she was. I loved to drink deeply from it, and you taste the same.”

I chuckled a bit, too. I hadn’t known my Mom very much; she got sick when I was really little and died. To learn of what we shared brought me closer to her.

“Oh, Goddess be praised!” I said, sighing a big relief and sitting back up. He brought himself up next to me and wrapped his big strong arms around me. I felt so safe and secure as I laid my head into his chest. I spoke muffled into his arm. “I’m so glad I could help you, daddy.”

He unwrapped his arms and placed one hand on my shoulder. “Earlier you mentioned the Goddess would bring me happy memories, and she has. I finally have peace with my past, my wife and companion, and I feel that she smiles on us even now.”

I placed my hands on his shoulders. “Daddy,” I said, enjoying the way his face quivered every time I said it in that soft whispering voice. “I also spoke of promises to come. I know the Goddess will meet your need for companionship. I feel her even now; she isn’t even aware of it now, but she is coming.” His eyes were wide, and filled with hope. “But for görükle escort now, until the Goddess provides a way through the darkness, let me be your lamp.”

“Daughter, what are you—” he started to protest.

“Fuck me, daddy.” I knew the words that would drive him over the edge. “Use me, make me your cum slut.”

He visibly shook at that language. “Daughter,” he started. “As much as that kind of talk excites me, another thought excites me more. I want to make love to you. I want to give you all of me for the time that we have together.”

I smiled and started tearing up. He leaned in to kiss me. It was not reserved and guarded like before; now it was a tender kiss of passion. Our faces remained locked as he leaned me back down to the mat. He kneaded and massaged my breasts, and pulled on my nipples gently. I could see he was rock hard again.

“Daddy, I have a request” I said. “You helped me with my first words, held my hand as I took my first steps. Now, be the first man to show me the pleasure of love. Give me the seed from which I was planted.”

Wordlessly, he moved to spread my knees apart. Then, he inserted himself into me. It was large and filling. I gasped in shock. I felt him come upon the gates of my love, and stopped.

“Do it, daddy,” I pleaded. “Take my womanhood and fill me with your manhood.”

He gently pushed into me; slowly, but steadily. I felt a sharp pain as my skin ripped open, but he continued to push into me. I felt pain, pressure, all sorts of uncomfortable feelings. I squirmed and writhed in displeasure. But he stayed still in me, and reached down to caress my face gently. The soft motions soothed me, and the pain subsided as I adjusted to this new bodily intrusion.

He started agonizingly slow, in and out, in and out. I felt my wetness returning, and he picked up the pace when he could move more freely.

Wanting to give him the most erotic experience possible, I started talking to him again in that small, sweet voice. “Daddy, I’m so wet for you.” I said. “I NEED your cock inside me so badly. Please give it to me, daddy.”

“Anything for my sweet baby girl,” he said in that comforting voice that dads always seem to have. “Take my cock, baby. Take Daddy’s cock. This is where you started, and now I have it inside you.” I think he was talking as much for himself as he was for me.

“Oh daddy, that’s it!” I moaned as I felt the pleasure rising. “Oh it feels so different with the real thing, I’ve never felt anything like this before. Oh it feels so good!”

As the pleasure built up for him, he became more forceful. I was having a great time with it. “That’s right, feel the Goddess moving inside of you,” he said.

As each powerful thrust penetrated my flesh, I felt the Goddess’ aura penetrate my spirit. “Oh Daddy, I feel her. I feel you. I feel her with you! Ohhh cum in me Daddy. Plant your seed into my womb; I pledge our child to the will of the Goddess.”

“Yes, baby girl. I’ll give you my seed, and the child will grow up strong in the Light. As you’ve healed my soul, so shall this child be a healer to others.”

His groaning increased and my own pleasure rose, too. We grunted and groaned more and more, our climaxes fast approaching a collision.

“Daddy! Daddy! I’m coming, I’m coming!” I cried out.

“Daughter, here it comes— I— I— aaaaaaarrrgggh!” He yelled out in ecstacy, echoing in the temple.

We convulsed in unison as our bodies were wracked with pleasure. I felt his cock explode inside of me, spewing his sticky fluid deep into my womb. I was in heat, too, so it was a good chance I’d get pregnant from this.

He collapsed on top of me, and we laid there for quite awhile.

The day’s activities wore heavy on both of us, but we both felt energized.

“Stay, daddy,” I pleaded, “worship with me longer.” I led him to the bed-chamber just off the main hall, and we worshipped the Goddess long into the night.

* * * * *

Nine months later, I gave birth to a baby girl. I found that I could not produce milk, so we had to bring in a nursemaid. She fell in love with the village, the Goddess, and my Father; and they were married within the year.

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