Dave’s Surprise Ch. 03

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Ever since I discovered Dave’s surprise I have become much more comfortable with my sexuality. Great sex is great sex regardless of gender and as far as porn goes I have always been most turned on when same gender sex occurs either in print or video. Marie loved watching us and loves to talk about it when she and I make love, although sometimes I get the impression she would prefer the extra Friday night for just she and I. While she enjoyed her fun with Rachel she says she prefers sex with me and perhaps girl-girl is not her thing. Secretly I was hoping to get her and Rachel together and possibly join them, but that probably won’t happen.

As time went on we continued our monthly get together and sometimes we did not even open a deck of cards! The four of us might cook out, have a few drinks and have sex until almost dawn. We do everything men can do sexually speaking and still have plenty of sex drive left for our respective women. Our indulgences do not hinder our professional life, if anything we work together better and better! I also discovered I love sucking cock and love swallowing a nice hot “load”! I was especially looking forward to this Friday because the week has been tough and I could use the “recreation.”

One other surprise is for me is I discovered I love anal sex! Ever since Kevin “mounted” me at Dave’s house I was hooked and Kevin knows how to use that huge cock of his! Sometimes I orgasm without even touching my cock just from the awesome fucking I get from him and he is insatiable! His favorite position is face to face, my legs on his shoulders and his cock hits that “spot” on every deep thrust. When I do come he holds my cock and either gives me a facial or shoots it into my mouth, then I get his load too…HOT!

What Marie and the group don’t know is Kevin and I get it on at least once a week, just he and I. I think Kevin and Mike’s spouses may know their husbands are having sex together but I doubt they care. Kevin’s wife travels a few days a week and I really found once a month is just not enough for me! We chose olgun porno to keep this tidbit private as neither of us want to complicate the arrangement we have with the “group” and I sure don’t think Marie would appreciate it. She is aware of our card game but has no idea we usually don’t play cards.

Marie mentioned yesterday she wanted me to herself this Friday. I was torn between how much I wanted to get loose with my buddies but a part of me wondered if perhaps I should give up my extra curricular fun and work more on my relationship with my babe. I decided this Friday I would forego the group and Marie and I would go out and share the evening. I told my friends to count me out this time, Dave was disappointed but smiled and said “don’t worry about it, you will make it up to us” and shook my hand.

Friday arrives and I told my boss (Adam) I needed to get out of the office on time tonight.

He said, “Ah the card game!”

I knew he wanted to be included but obviously no way we wanted him to know what goes on and Dave does not like Adam for some reason.

I told Adam, “That was up to Dave, his home his game and actually Marie and I will be going out tonight.”

He reminded me, “You still have all of my month end reports to do.”

Like I forgot geeze! No problem, I am only about 4 hours from finishing them and I have all day.

Marie and I spoke a couple times that day and I could tell she was really looking forward to this evening and so was I. About 10:00 AM the office network crashes and I am still at least 2 hours away from completing my work. The day went on and looked like not only can I leave on time but possibly early. As luck would have it at 4:30 the network is live and now I can’t possibly leave without doing my month end reports, not only that all the work I had finished earlier was wiped out so now I had to begin all over again!

I called Marie and she was noticeably disappointed but understood I had no choice.

I told her, “We could get together tomorrow, porno all day if she liked!”

She said, “We’ll see.”

Then the phone went silent. Damn! Nothing I could do about it though. As Dave was leaving the office he reminded me showing up late was better than not showing up at all. I called Marie back to try to console her but her phone went straight to voice mail. I worked until about 7:00 and the network again crashes.

Adam said, “Don’t sweat it, he would stay and get the network people out and we could finish up on Saturday.”

So now my evening with Marie is ruined, my reports are not done, I have to work Saturday and may have to reconstruct all my data from the beginning again. I called Marie a few times and still only got voice mail, so I called Dave.

Dave said, “Come on over and leave your clothes at the door we are in the hot tub, no clothes allowed!”

I got there and noticed Rachel’s car was there then let myself in (I have a key) and did as I was told. By the time I got to the hot tub area my cock was already aroused!

Dave smirked and said, “Hey Mikey I think he likes it!”

There was a great steak on the grill for me and ice cold Martini with my name on it. I got in the tub and got comfortable, I asked where Rachel was (she loves to watch) and Dave said she was out but may be back later. After I dined and drank a bit I was anxious for some action. I pulled Dave out of the tub and had him sit on the edge, I reached for his cock and pulled it into my hot mouth, it swelled instantly! Mike came over and placed his hardening cock at my face, I reached out for his also. I took turns sucking both of them while they moaned. Love it! Sucking cock is such a turn on for me! Kevin moved up behind me and lubed my asshole…perfect! What a feeling sucking 2 cocks and a great ass fucking from Kevin.

I looked up and Rachel was standing about 20 feet away and talking on the phone, no problem, nothing she hasn’t seen before. I was hoping she might join us but deep down I knew that Porno 64 was not going to happen either. That would complicate what is a very nice situation for all of us. I concentrated making Dave come first, my tongue was swirling around his velvet smooth cock head and his pre come was flowing like crazy. I gently fingered his ass and that drove him over the edge. His hot come filled my mouth then he moved so Mike could take his place.

Rachel was getting an eye full and rubbing her pussy outside of her clothes, then I saw a flash, she was taking pictures with her cell phone. Mike’s cock was fucking my mouth vigorously and Kevin was really doing me. Mike shot his load down my throat. Mike got up to get a drink and he and Dave watched while Kevin stopped and turned me over face-to-face, legs on his shoulders, cock in my ass! He fucked me even harder and was hitting the spot every time. He knew I was ready to come and aimed my cock so my come squirted into my thirsty mouth. He then withdrew from my ass and plunged his cock into my mouth! Kevin can go on seemingly for hours and my mouth was getting a bit tired but I wrapped my lips around his huge wet cock and got him off. Kevin always comes like a porn star! Filled my mouth and ran down my cheeks!

Wow what a session! I was worn out and realized I had swallowed all four of our hot loads including my own! It was now well after 1:00 AM and I remembered I had to work tomorrow. We sat around and Rachel came out to join us sitting around making small talk with 4 naked guys! I needed to get some rest and said goodnight.

Dave said, “I knew you would make it up to us!”

I had to admit afterward I felt a bit guilty and to think hours ago I was ready to give all this up! Perhaps some day I may, just not today.

I cleaned up and dressed and checked my cell. 4 missed calls from Adam, none from Marie.

I called Adam back and he asked, “Did you have a good time or did you loose you ass?”

I told him, “Both!”

If he only knew and I am not so sure he does not!

Then Adam remarked, “Marie called the office a few times and he covered for me, then she showed up about 8:45 with dinner and I was not there! He had most of my reports finished but would need me to come in Saturday and finish and sign off on them.”

…To be continued.

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