Davy’s On The Road Again Ch. 15

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“Somebody needs to know the time
glad that I’m here,
Watching the skirts you start to flirt,
now you’re in gear,
Go to a show you hope she goes,
I’ve got nothing to say but it’s O.K.,
Good morning good morning,
good morning good morning.”

“So? Are we ready to tackle Dinosaur National Monument this morning?”

“If you really want to go there, yes. But, to be honest with you, I’ve hiked the place and I found it to be dreary, especially after some of the places we’ve seen. I mean, you can go looking for fossils if you want to but I could easily pass. I don’t want to be a killjoy bu…”

“I hear you, babe. If it’s worth moving on, then let’s move on. I saw Jurassic Park and it was juvenile…but I liked the velociraptors.”

“Good by me. Here’s what you do. Take 40 to Steamboat Springs. Just south of there, we turn north on 36. I’ll take you from there.”

Route 318 led right into 40 and it was just a little more than an hour to Steamboat Springs, an easy as it gets. The scenery was your basic western backdrop, nothing major but perhaps we were jaded by this point. Amy livened things up as we drove through Steamboat Springs. She put on the Beatles and lit a spliff which was a bit odd as it was still early in the day.

“Hey? It’s not noon yet. What gives?

“Just pay attention, your turnoff is coming up soon.”

“Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields.
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.
Strawberry Fields Forever.
Strawberry Fields Forever.”

“Aha! So that’s where we’re going!” I saw the sign in front of me and made my left. It read “Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs – This Way –>.”

“You’re going to love this place, Davy Harper. It is beaucoup cool.”

In a few minutes, we pulled in. Amy went into the office while I walked Santo. She returned with a map to our private massage and pool cabin.

“During the winter, this place is the absolute shit, I swear. But even now, it’s mighty fine. We have massages waiting and our own little private natural pool. The place is completely natural mineral springs and the temperature in the water is usually over one hundred degrees.”

Our cabin was cute and rustic at the same time. Our massage therapist was waiting for us. She suggested that we shower off first and then spend ten minutes in the spring. The place was very beautiful and it was like swimming in a very hot but calm tub. Santo sat on the side and sniffed the pool but wouldn’t venture in. The rocky terrain and the greenery made for a very serene environment. After a little while, we were waved out and laid out on massage tables to relax until our rubdowns began. The sound of the birds combined with the hot water made me a bit woozy. I think I fell asleep during the massage. By the time the experience was over, I was feeling very lethargic. I couldn’t figure whether I was like lox or like jelly. Either way, I was plenty mellow.

We slowly trudged back into Big Chocolate and had some lunch: Tuna Sandwiches with melted cheese on grilled rye and potato chips. Tasty! I rolled back onto the road slowly. Down 131, then east at McCoy to east on 70 at Gypsum to Glenwood Springs and south on 82, then straight into Aspen. Again, nothing to it. I felt like Daniel Fucking Boone. The land seemed more serene here. Even the canyons and rivers seemed more benign. The Colorado Rockies, with their far off snow caps, seemed to me to feel hospitable. As we came down 82 approaching Woody Creek, Amy pointed to the turn off and we were parking in front of her grand house a few minutes later.

“Let’s just go in and check things out. We’ll unpack later,” she said as she bounced out of the bus. Santo followed at her heels and ran in merry circles. He seemed to be aware that our journey was over, at least for a while, and he was loving up the wide open space. Amy’s caretaker pulled up in his Ford 150 right behind us.

“Ms. Bieler, the house is open and all clean. I put the air conditioner on because it’s been hot these past few weeks. They cleaned the pool and the tub. I didn’t know if you wanted the whole house opened but I did it anyway, just in case. Is there anything else I can do for you, ma’am?”

“Clarence, could you take a look at my cabin up on the mountain for me? Just to make sure everything is good up there? And please, give me your bill right away so I can pay you, will you?”

“Sure, ma’am. My pleasure. Is it okay if I go up there tomorrow? I promised I tend to some chores today.”

“Sure, Clarence. Thank you for taking care of this, you’re a dear. And please, say hello to Rosemary for me.”

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am.”

Amy’s house was a welcoming place. She took me by the hand and led me to the rear deck. I sat down to take in the view and she returned with a bottle of Moet and two glasses.

“Here’s to us…no one better!” Clink.

“Yup, that’s us…finest kind!”

She stripped down and stretched travesti porno out on a lounge soaking up the rays. I called Stevie. “Stevie! The eagles have landed! Yup, we’re at Amy’s sipping champagne….No, I haven’t fired one up yet, I’m waiting for you…Oh yeah? Cool…Great! See you guys soon.”

“They’ll be here in a couple of hours. Stevie says everything is great and he has some good news for you. He says not to cook because he and Sal are bringing dinner.”

“Mmmph,” mumbled Amy, who seemed nearly asleep. We were both still pretty lazy from our massages. I went and got some sunblock and oiled her down. She lay with a sweet smile as I applied the lotion all over her, no curve missed. I let her sleep while I went out to Big Chocolate and began to bring in bags. After I unloaded a bunch of things, I returned to the deck with my laptop. Amy had rolled over onto her stomach so I applied lotion to the rest of her, enjoying the curves I missed before.

I turned on the laptop and the wi-fi was iffy so I hooked it into the house cable. I first went to check my email. My daughter, Emma, wrote that she and Jack and the kids would love to come out for a couple of weeks or as long as we would have them. She also said that my other daughter, Carla, was off somewhere in Japan writing an article and wouldn’t be back for a couple of months. I was glad for her but a little sad that I wouldn’t get to see her. She and I haven’t been on good terms for several years now and, while she is very difficult, I was hoping to mend fences. Oh, well, that will have to wait.

Danny’s email told me that some of the masters were waiting for me at the post office and that Shadow had received copies as well. He also said that some of the earlier masters were in sad shape so he sent them to be baked in New Jersey and would ship them out when completed. He added that he took care of the special package I had requested from my old friend, Sam, who had a place in the Diamond District. It had been overnighted, insured, special courier delivered and was waiting at the post office. Good. He said that everything was well financially and that I should call when we’d settled in. I looked at the clock in the toolbar and it was still early afternoon.

“Amy, hon? How far is it to the post office? I want to pick up the masters.”

“I pick up my mail at the Woody Creek Post Office on Upper River Road. It’s not far at all. Let me give you my post office box key, too, so you can pick up my mail….and take my car. It’s in the garage. Here, let me get you the keys and some directions.” It was a treat to watch my naked girl walk around.

I headed down the road in her Jag. It was a real difference driving this after driving Big Chocolate. Too bad it was such a short ride. There was a lot to pick up at the post office. Besides a ton and a half of mail for Amy (mostly catalogs), there were a lot of packages for both of us. Still, in a short time, I was heading back to the house. I was behind Stevie and Sally and I pulled in next to them as they entered the house ahead of me. I also noted that Amy was dressed in a string top and daisy dukes (what a sweet ass!) as she welcomed them. It took me a couple of trips to bring everything in. Lots of hugs and kisses greeted me and it was good to see them. Kind of felt like home.

“Oh, Lord, look at all that crap. It’ll take me a month to get through all this. And look at all those packages. There’s something in there for you, Sal.”

“Oh, yeah! And I have something for you, Stevie, in the bus. Let me get it.”

“No, wait. How ’bout a champagne toast first?”

“No, hold on to that for a few minutes, I have my reasons.”

“Okay then, toke this. I just got it and it’s excellent.”

Stevie was right. It was. Amy was going through the packages to find Sal’s gift so I took the opportunity to go out to the bus. I brought back several boxes.

Amy had found the one and presented Sally with a silver necklace with emeralds and rubies she had shipped from San Francisco. I pulled out my gift for Stevie.

“Stevie, what do you think of this?” I handed him the picture I bought from Lenny’s daughter, Lena, in Santa Cruz.

“How fucking super is this? Look, Sally, Lenny drew this more than forty years go. It’s Davy – here, Lenny, Lizbeth and me. I love it! Thanks, man, this is great. This is too much. I think I’m gonna cry! Man, this really brings me back.”

“I got the other one…it’s similar…for myself. It’s hanging on the wall in Big Chocolate.” I knew he would love it. “Lenny and Lena’s memory and their legacy are like felt all around Santa Cruz. Their daughter, Lena, is a miniature Lizbeth. It’s a beautiful thing. Oh, and hey, here’s a Lenny Baseball Cap and a Lenny Mug.”

“Fucking A. Check this out! Listen, dude, speaking of Big Chocolate – that is some ride! You’ve got to give me a tour later.”

“Sure…and I have to play you the song about it that Ed Begley and Mark O’Flannery wrote. It’s güzel porno great. But ee have plenty of time. Let me check out these packages. My masters are here.”

Amy and Sally were now babbling in the kitchen. “Ready for that champagne toast now?” asked Stevie.

“Gimme another minute, okay?”

I opened the packages with the masters. There were a bunch of cd dupes and a note from Danny. The note said that the only older masters he had sent were from the “Greatest Hits” package and they would have to be remixed and remastered after the butcher job done on them by Warner’s reissue despartment. The note read that the others were all in lousy condition and had to be baked before being restored. Danny said he’d ship them to Shadow as soon as the job was complete. The other masters were of some stuff released to the end of my Warner’s contract. There were also other things, like a DVD of Sebastian’s Berkeley concert (Danny noted that it was excellent) and all the session logs.

Then there was the overnighted package. “I’ll be right back. You can prepare the champagne now.”

I took the package into the bathroom and locked the door. I examined it and was happy that Sam followed my instructions and had produced exactly what I had asked for. I returned to the living room as Stevie was pouring the bubbly and calling the girls to come in.

He cleared his throat. “I would like to propose a -“

“Excuse me, Stevie. I’d like to say something first, if I may.” I walked over to Amy and got down on one knee. “Amy, you are my friend, my lover and my partner. I love you constantly. You are a blessing to me. Amy, will you marry me?” I handed her the blue velvet box. Her eyes bugged out as she opened it. Inside was a perfectly clear four-caret diamond. It was an antique diamond that had been in my family for over one hundred and fifty years. It was set in an elegant silver and platinum setting and it sparkled. “I really do love you, you know. You’ve made me so complete and I want to make it permanent. What do you say?”

Amy was nearly speechless. This was a real surprise. Tears rolled down her eyes and she looked at Sally who was also tearing up. “Of course, I will marry you, Davy Harper. Why not? It’s much easier for us to market one name!” I got up, placed the ring on her finger and kissed her ruby lips.

“This is good, you old rascal. When is the big day?” Stevie passed the bubbly around.

Amy piped up, “Tomorrow? At town hall? We can throw a little party, Maybe at one of the restaurants…Oh, I can’t want to tell everybody. I have to call Deb right now. I have to call Callie. I have to call Linda…” She ran off to get her phone.

“Congratulations, Davy. What a surprise! How wonderful.” The doorbell rang It was a florist delivering flowers sent by Danny. The card read. “All our love and luck to the perfect couple. Danny and Kathy.” That Danny! Impeccable timing!

I could hear Amy on the phone with Deb and she was laughing. Stevie and Sally came over to me. “So? What made you want to get married?”

“It was a smart move. It was the right move. Amy and I are so perfectly right for each other, it seems like the obvious move. We love each other…we have a lot of fun together…we have sublime sex…we just fit right, you know?…We like to be together…We are creative together…Her business sense is on the money whereas mine…well, you know about that. Anyway, I’d rather we be Harpers and happy. It makes a whole lot of sense to me. It feels right. And, I’m in love with her and she with me.”

“I think she’s thrilled, too, Davy. Mazol Tov to both of you. I’m so glad we introduced you two to each other. It was a mitzvah. So what’s next?”

“I have a whole list of things to do and a lot of them with you guys. I also think we should have another little concert at The Tavern to show off some new songs, what do you think? There’s a Denver concert with Los Lobos in a couple of weeks…you’ll come with us…and maybe my daughter and her family…we’ll take the bus. Speaking of which, want a tour?”

I took them out to the bus and gave them the Grand Tour. Like everyone else, they couldn’t believe all the features. While I was there, I uploaded the latest report to Tesla. But they were all over the bus, checking out this and that. They even tried out the beds which received their approval. They couldn’t believe the bathroom and the tub. Stevie loved the recliner and the big TVs. I walked them outside and showed them the rooftop terrace, the amp, the hot tub, the whole thing. Stevie suggested that we take an overnight on the bus and while I was amenable, I knew that it wasn’t in the near future. For the moment, I’d had quite enough of the road for a while.

Stevie helped me bring more stuff into the house. I showed him the peace pipe that Mark and Deb gave us and I placed it on the mantle over the fireplace in the living room. It looked good there. Amy was still on the phone, this time with Callie in Palm anal porno Springs. After a few minutes, she joined us in the living room.

“There are a whole bunch of people who want us to a) have a big party, b) wait for them to join us at the ceremony and c) join us on our honeymoon. I didn’t know what to tell them.”

“Where would you like to go on our honeymoon, honey?”

“Oooh, I haven’t thought about that! The Maldives…Europe…I don’t really care…anywhere with you, even the bedroom is good!”

“I like the bedroom idea,” said Stevie.

“Sorry, sweetie. That will have to wait for a few days. I’m spotting these days,” said Sal.


The phone rang again. It was Susan at Tesla. Amy filled her in on our engagement and they talked for a while. When she got off, she filled me in.

“Susan says they got the module report. Elon told her that they have some module updates and some tweaks to perform. She said that they’re looking into a place around here where they can do the work and she’ll call back in a little while. Meanwhile, I’m going to send out some emails with the big news. And, by the way, those flowers that Danny and Kathy sent are gorgeous. Let me put them in a vase.”

Stevie and Sally sat outside in the back watching Santo run around. We talked about the trip and about all the music plans. They loved the story about the negotiations at Warner’s. They told me about the success of the restaurants and the country club. They’d brought reports for Amy to look over. All were turning a nice profit even in this lousy economy. Amy joined us in time to hear about that and promised to look over the reports later.

“I’m thinking about adding some new facilities to the country club…some very luxury additions.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, like maybe a Sybian!”

“Great, baby. You just keep thinking!”

The phone rang again. It was Laura. She just got Amy’s email and she was very happy for us. She suggested that perhaps she could fly in next week for a couple of days to update her story and do some follow up. The phone rang again. This time it was Susan again. They found a shop in Aspen that had the room to handle the bus. She asked if she might fly out for a couple of days to oversee the mods and I immediately said yes.

“So next week, we have both Laura from Vanity Fair and Susan from Tesla coming
in for a few days. There’s going to be a whole lot of estrogen in this house! I may need your help, Stevie.”

“What do I look like?” Sally commented.

“Yes, I think there will be enough cootch to go around…sort of Pussy Galore. And Susan is some new stuff, too,” added Amy.

“And after they leave, I want Emma and Jack and the kids to fly in. We’ll all go to Denver together. It will be nice and you’ll love them, babe.”

The phone rang again. It was Linda congratulating us. When she mentioned that it was Ronstadt, Stevie and Sally’s eyebrows lifted. The phone rang again. It was Deb again. After a few minutes, Amy passed the phone to me. Both Deb and Mark were crazy happy for us. Mark said that New Orleans was good but that we should wait until they flew to Aspen for us to get married. In fact, they demanded it!

“So, A, let’s get married when everyone is here next week. That good with you?”

“That’s perfect, Davy. Where should we do it? At the country club or at one of the restaurants?”

“I’ll leave that to you…”

“And Sally!” Sally quipped.

“It’s a deal, pal. More champagne. Where’s that joint?” Amy and Sally high-fived. Santo, who could feel the vibe, happily panted under her feet.

After about an hour of stories, pictures, champagne, smoke and excitement, it all caught up with me and I fell asleep on the chaise. I must have been out for a couple of hours when Amy woke me with a kiss. “Come in for dinner, my love…my fiancé.”

I ambled into the kitchen and the aroma was wonderful. “It’s a new dish we’re serving at the hotel, I hope you like it. Stevie and I worked on this with the staff for a few weeks. But we really can’t take credit for it, it was really a terrific example of group effort,” explained Sally.

“So what is it? It smells great.”

“What it is…is my Grandma’s Chicken Fricasee…look, vegetables, chicken soup gravy…even little meatballs, And…are you ready?…on the side, we have her homemade kishka, also known as Stuffed Derma…and…a bissel Noodle Pudding…just a bissel, a fore-shpice, if you will. Straight from Bensenhurst, an old Goldfarb family recipe! It took me more than forty years to get it right!” Stevie bowed as we applauded.

Let me tell you, it was just this side of phenomenal. I haven’t tasted Jewish cooking like that in I can’t remember how many years.

“Here, take a piece of challah to zop it up with.”

We ate like we’d never eaten before. I swear. He told us that he put it on the menu over a month ago and it’s the biggest selling dish. On the weekend, they go through two dozen challahs and they can’t bake them fast enough. I could see why. When we cleaned the plates – and I mean, we cleaned the plates, we all sat back and rubbed our bellies.

“Stevie, we’ve eaten some of the best food on our trip, but this beats them all,” said Amy. “I can’t move I’m so stuffed!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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