Day With the Girls

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The cold steel felt so good against my wrist, he tightened them another notch which brought a smile to my lips. Seeing this he just smirked, stripped down to my bra and panties I laid there on the bed, the silken sheets feeling so good under my form. Hands moved in every direction, tugging at my hardening nipples, dipping in to my wet snatch. Then when his lips, kissing my body, tingles running through me, eyes closing as I murmered a soft moan, feeling his tounge flick over my nipple as his finger moved to my clit.

Hips rocked slightly as he moved his hand in, wiggling two fingers around as he kissed each of my nipples then out of no where a harsh nip was given to each, forcing me to jump slightly. It hurt at first but the slight pain faded away and it started feeling great.

Then everything went dark, a blind fold went over my eyes, preventing me from seeing what he was going to do next. I could hear a soft buzzing, then it grew louder and louder. I wondered where he had gotten that, how he new I even had one. He always new.

Then the door bell rang and I forze in fear, was my father home so early? I would glance to the clock if it wasn’t for this blind fold. I felt the bed shift as he got up, heard his pants zipp, damnit…Then the door opened and he left, shutting it behind him. What was he doing? Leaving me hear like this? I wondered, what would my father do, finding us like this. On top of it using his handcuffs…I was in trouble, or so I thought.

Voice were heard, soft on the other side of the door, female. Sam was here, my best friend of forever, talking to Troy. Then another, a louder giggle, another female. It wasn’t untill she spoke that I knew who it was, Melissa, one of my friends from school. I remembered promising them a girl’s day out, going to just chill…Damn them for showing up so early. Little did I know that they came at the right time.

My cheeks flushed a deep red as I heard the door open and Troy walk in, he was gonna let me go, or so I thought. I was so embarressed, caught the way I was by my friends. I felt his hands moved over my breast, gracing my nipples gently, then another hand, smaller, softer…Sams. I didn’t know what to do, wasn’t sure what was going on.

I caught on real quick as I felt her kiss me, her tounge dancing along with mine, both of her hands gently kneeding my breasts. My best friend, who I thought was safe was kissing me with a passion that I didn’t know she held.

Then another set of hands, Melissas, moved over my damp pussy, touching and teasing my clit and slit. I was in heaven, two beautiful girls, two sets of hands, going where ever they liked, I was at their mercy and I loved it. Then the door closed.

“Troy? ” I asked softly, though it wasn’t heard as Sam’s tounge shoved it’s self down my throat, forcing me to hush up for the time being. Another tongue moved over me, running circles aruond my clit, Melissa was already going at it, tasting me, commenting on how sweet it was as she did so.

Then Sam pulled back, sitting beside me she ran her hands over my cheek, talking to me.

” He left…Sent him out for some cigarettes. So your all ours” Her voice was soothing, yet the tone was odd, one I hadn’t heard her use before.

Lips parted as I went to speak but nothing mut a moan came through as Melissa started to rapidly lick my cunt and clit. Hips lifted, my head tilted back and I started to moan uncontrobly, it felt so good.

Then concentrating on my clit with her tongue her fingers moved in to my wetness, roughly fingering me. Teeth grazed both my nipple and clit, they both nibbled harshly, sending waves through me of lust and pleaser.

Sam suckled happily on my right nipple, fingers pinching, tugging at my left as Melissa’s tongue worked wonders. I must hard porno have gotten loud because someone’s thong was shoved in my mouth, muting me for the most part. The vibrator went on again and I felt it plung within me, moving in and out in a quick thrusting manner, Melissa was anything but gentle. It hurt at first, having something that big and hard plunging in to me, but after away it was awsome.

I was so close to cumming, I could feel my pussy tighen up as I neared my climax, it was on fire. Then everything went silent as Sam stopped sucking and Cathy turned the toy off, pulling it off. I was so close to bliss, and they took it away from me. I twisted and turned, groaning against the panties, my body covered with a thin layer of sweat, so close. They both laughed, as I laid there, swuirming, wanting to cum.

The panties were pulled free and someone stradled my face, suffacting me with their sopping pussy. I kissed the blad mound, it was Melissa who was begging for me to lick her now, I did as Asked. My lips did the best they could, parting hers, my tongue running up and down her slit, tracing around her clit and going back in to her wentness. I my self had calmed down some, but then I felt fingers shove in to me, fingering me softly, teasinly. I moaned in to her pussy, feeling her push down against it, rubbing. I quickened my tongue’s pace, runningig it rappily over her, tonguing her with all I had.

Her hips rocked with my movements, crushing my nose every time she moved. My clit was pinched and I jumped, moaning louder.

Mintues past so slowly for me as I sucked and licked on Melissa, nibbling on her clit as she had mine. Her cries filled the room, echoing off the walls and back to my ears, just turning me on more. As she neared, I neared, Sam had pushed another small finger in, finger fucking me as hard as she could. It was great, I opened my mouth so to moan again but I choked reklamsız porno instead as Melissa flooded me with her juices. Smiling I licked her clean for a few moments, before she got off.

At that point in time my pussy was burning, craving a good fuck right now. And That’s what I got Melissa took her turn on my breasts, abusing my nipples as Sam pushed the vibrator in me, it was turned off but still felt great. In out..In out..So close and then again it all stopped. I groaned loudly, begged them to finish me off, but they just giggled and said something to each other.

I felt like a bitch in heat now, wanting it so bad. To be taken and used by these to, needed to come so badly, but with these two I wasn’t sure if I was going to or not. They let me cool off, leaving me in the room as they went out to smoke a joint. I didn’t know how much time past, I was so out of it, struggling to get free so I could finish what they started.

Someone had entered the room with out my knowing, the bed shifted and with one quick thrust something filled me. It wasn’t my vibrator I knew that. LEgs were grabbed, lifted and settled over broad shoulders, Troy. Rappily he moved in and out of me, thrusting deep within side, filling me compltly. Eyes rolled in tot he back of my head as I moaned loudly, no caring to heard me.

Beside me I felt two bodies, the girls were back and Sam was moaning, Melissa giggling as she was doing what ever to her. Troy’s hands roughly kneeded my titts, pinching and pulling on my nipples as if trying to rip them off. It hurt so badly and felt just so damn good.

My body was growing stiff as that warmth had spread all over, forcing me to feel like I was on fire as he pounded away at me, taking is grand old time.

I could feel all 9 inchs twitch as he came, me following him shortly after, Sam and Melissa after us.

Body drenched in sweat I laid there, feeling them pull the handcuffs off, I just laid where I was, not in the mood to move. That orgaism had hit me so damn hard, almost passed out from it.

With Troy’s arm’s wrapped around me and my friends to my side I closed my eyes and smiled. It had been one hell of a day with the girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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