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Chapter 1

It started out as a long, hot day of sitting. Waiting on some hopeless individual who’s washer or dryer or some other wore out old appliance had quit working. Waiting for them to come by and purchase one of these second hand (also wore out) appliances that I sell. So here I sit. Waiting, dozing. To keep me from dozing, I read a few chapters of a crime thriller by James Patterson, an Alex Cross book, Jack and Jill is the name. Great book so far.

As I sit here though, my mind drifts. It goes to a place that I love to be, more than just about anything. My beautiful Babygirls arms. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I’m in her arms. But partly its a feeling of safety, comfort and relaxation. Its like the world just disappears.

As my mind drifts further, I begin to daydream, fantasize I guess you could say. I begin to see her and I, sitting on the couch doing what we love, watching food network. Whether it be Chopped or Triple D. She sits there quietly between my legs, slightly on here side, with her head resting gently on my chest. Her hand laying there also, playfully twirling my chest hair with her fingers under my shirt. As she continues what she’s doing I ever so gently push her hair behind her ear so that I can see all of her beautiful face. Her flawless natural beauty always gets me. God broke the mold after he made her, because I’m sure there could be no one that matches her stunning beauty.

As I brush her hair back, she turns and looks at me with her captivating green/gray eyes with little starburst in them. And let me tell you, when I get caught in those eyes, its like they take possession of me. I get lost every time. As she looks at me its as if she’s telling me something through her eyes or mind.

Kiss me.


Chapter 2

Kiss me!!!

With her thought running through my mind, I gently caress her face and turn her to face me. As I gaze into her eyes I can feel this burn, this yearning deep in my chest. She still makes me anxious. After being together for twelve esenyurt otele gelen escort years she still gives me butterflies.

Slowly I lean in to take of her sweet, supple lips. The taste of her lips is like honey. Subtle and sweet. The taste of her saliva is slightly salty. Sweet and savory have always been a favorite of mine. Her lips are soft like velvet. Perched slightly but just firm enough to meet mine.

As we kiss I slowly move my hand over her back, up to her neck. My fingers run through her soft hair that smells of hemp shampoo and conditioner. They slightly graze over her neck giving her goosebumps. I can feel the tension building in her.

She begins to kiss me a little more passionately. As we kiss I feel her tongue slightly touch my lip. I open my mouth just a little wider to take her tongue in with a welcoming feeling. We kiss slowly, passionately. Our hands begin to roam. Then she stops me.


Chapter 3

“Take me to bed!” she says, in a sexy yet demanding tone. “Yes ma’am.” escapes from my lips. I take her hand in mine and lead her towards our bedroom and our queen size bed. As we enter the door I turn and look her in the eyes. As I turn I take her in my arms because I know that’s where she wants to be. Held close and know that I love her. And I make sure that she knows that the love we are about to make is not just some random fuck, not just some wam bam turn over and go to sleep with hardly a word between us.

My hands begin to roam and caress her body. Down her back to right above her sexy, beautiful ass. I slide my hands under her shirt and raise her arms to remove it to free her glorious breasts. Her breasts are creamy white. Her nipples stand at attention before the cool air of the room hits them, letting me know she’s already very aroused. As it turned out she’d been that way most of the day.

I begin to kiss her slender neck, slightly sucking at little bits of it. I do my best to get her fully aroused with anticipation. As I kiss her neck esenyurt rus escort my hands move to her waist. I pull her tight against me so that she feels every inch of my hard cock pressed against her stomach. She lets out a light moan of approval. As I kiss her neck I start moving lower as my hands do. My fingers slip inside the waistband of the shorts she has on. As I move down so do the shorts. When I pull them down I notice a string of wetness between her shorts and her exquisite and delicate flower. There’s a wet spot on her shorts that tells me I must be doing something right. The smell of her sex fills my nose. This makes my cock throb as if the head could blow right off. When I see this I can’t help myself. I use my finger to gather all of the sweet nectar of her flower that I can and I put my fingers in my mouth. Mmmmmm she tastes so good.


Chapter 4

“Mmmm damn you taste good”

With the taste of her sweet juice still on my lips she pulls me up and kisses me deep. “I do taste good don’t I.” she says coyly. Then she starts to kiss my neck. “Yes baby.” I moan. Her hands begin to move over my body. Every muscle in my body tightens as she kisses my neck and chest. Her hand slides down my body taking hold of my rock hard cock.

Starting at the base she grips it and slowly moves up and down with her hand. She then glances up at me and says “This is mine.” “Yes baby every inch.” She slowly kissed her way down my body till she was on her knees in front of me. Looking longingly at my 8 inch cock only mere inches from her face. “All of it right?” And before I could get the yes out of my mouth she put the head in her mouth and sucked some precum out. “Mmmmm your cock tastes so good.” She then proceeded to lick the bottom of my cock with love and passion. She then lifted my leg up and put my foot on the bed and kissed my sack and sucked it into her mouth. Then below my sack she licked my perineum. “Damn baby that feels so good”. As she turned her face around, my cock rested on her face as she sucked delicately esenyurt türbanlı escort at my sack.

She then took the head of my cock in her mouth again. This time she didn’t stop there. She sucked my entire cock down her throat and held it there for what seemed like a minute. I could feel my dick twitching in her throat. Not from orgasm but just sheer pleasure. I pull her up and took her lips in mine. I love the way her mouth tastes after she’s sucked my cock.


Chapter 5

“I taste good too” “yes baby you do” she replied.

I then layed her down on the bed as I tried to catch my breath from the pleasure I’d just received. I started kissing her body. I started at her neck and worked my way down to her breasts. As I kissed her chest she began to moan, I then kissed her nipples softly and gently. Slowly pulling them into my mouth, she gasped and put her hand on my head and moaned “yes baby”.

I then moved up to her lips, and positioned myself over her my hard cock touching her. I reach down and parted her lips. I then raised up and looking straight into her eyes I placed the head of my cock on her moist slick flower. Then easily slipped inside. It was tight. She melted under me like butter. The feel of her tight wetness nearly sent me over the edge right then. I slowly eased every inch into her. Her eyes opened wide with pleasure. She looked at me and nodded. “Yes baby. Deeper!”

I steadied myself above her and plunged every inch I had into her. She let out a blissful scream. “Fuck me Seth.” She screamed. As we went we got into a sexy rhythm. I pushed in, she pushed down. It was amazing. As we really got into a rhythm I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock. Trying in every way to pull the cum out of me. As she tightened down I knew she was about to cum and the look on her face said it was here. As I slid in and out of her warm silky wetness my balls were swinging back and forth. Full of cum and ready to release. Harder, faster, harder, faster. I knew we were both close but I was going to make it last.

“Oooooohhh mmmmyyyyy Gooooooddd. Yes baby yes.” Randi screamed. And at the same time she tightened down like a vice I felt my cock begin to spasm and balls begin to twitch as I exploded hot cum deep inside her tight smooth wetness.

I held my body up over her. I wanted to just collapse. As I looked into her eyes I felt worlds away. “That was amazing baby!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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