Deadline Trouble

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Anal Sex

Okay… I am a woman, writing this from a man’s perspective… strange? Tell me what you think, please.

I was standing in front of the window, looking out over the water. I didn’t have any idea how I would spend this afternoon, now that the rains had come. I intended to sail out into the middle of the lake with my agent, Samantha, and show her the world in which I do my best work. Perhaps then, she wouldn’t ride me so hard about meeting this deadline.

“Shit, she knows I am having a difficult time of it since my wife left me. Hasn’t she ever…” my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the ancient buzzer on the door. Samantha was here.

Opening the door, I see Samantha for the first time in a year. She is even more beautiful than I remembered. Her dark, wavy hair spills over her shoulders grazing her ample breasts. And her blue eyes sparkle as she smiles her greeting to me.

“Hello,” she says brightly. “I don’t suppose you had a back up plan for the sailing gig, did you?”

“Well, to be perfectly frank… no.” I didn’t want to admit that to Samantha. She is always on top of things. Always has every angle fingured out. Dammit!

Stepping inside, Samantha removes her shoes on the mat near the door. I guess she is planning on staying a while. “This should be interesting,” I mutter, as I follow her into the living room. She plops down on the couch, her tits bounce, and I can see her nipples through her t-shirt. She’s not wearing a bra! My cock begins to stiffen, though I am willing it not to. I haven’t seen breasts like that since high school. Damn, they are nice! Round globes, smallish nipples with larger aerolae creating wonderfully peaked mountains that are poking right through the pink t-shirt she is wearing!

“C’mere,” she says, patting the couch beside her. “I’ve been thinking about what you told me… about not being able to write since Marnie left you. And I think I have the cure.”

With everything in me, I wanted to resist, but instead, found kağıthane escort my body obeying her and heeding her invitation. I didn’t take my eyes off Samantha as I walked to the sofa. Watching her lick her lips as I sat down a few feet from her, I felt my erection grow.

Samantha rose and stood before me… never taking her eyes off mine. Crossing her arms in front of her belly, she grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her gorgeous, breasts… with pouty, swollen nipples… fully taut… As her hair fell back across her shoulders, she tossed the shirt aside. Kneeling before me, she began to undo my trousers. Now loosened, my pants were easily removed as Samantha freed my stiff, hard, cock.

I started to object, and tried to stand, but Samantha put one hand on my chest and the other around my cock, and started slowly stroking along the shaft… up and down. Her eyes looked into mine, and as if she could read my mind, she lowered her head and using only the tip of her moistened tongue, licked the tiny trickle of precum that was making it’s way down the head of my penis. She looked right in my eyes as she licked her lips, and bent once more running her artful tongue around it’s head before taking my entire cock into her mouth.

“Arrrrrrggghhh,” I moaned… it was the sweetest thing I’ve felt in such a long time… since Marnie left.

My hands instinctively went to the tangle of brunette curls atop Samantha’s head, my fingers becoming entwined in her hair, as she raised and lowered her head rhythmically, up and down my throbbing cock. God, I hadn’t expected such lust to fill me, but I wanted Samantha, and I wanted her now! Not wanting her to finish me off just yet, I gently pulled Samantha away from my crotch.

“Take off your pants,” I said, as I pulled my shirt over my head. Amazingly, Samantha started to do just that! Having finished disrobing myself, I helped her with the buttons of her jeans, and slid them kartal escort down her smooth, shapely legs… where they pooled on the floor beneath her. As I looked up, I saw the most glorious bush… the type only a brunette could have. There were mounds of dark brown curls, marking the spot where my mouth so wanted to wander. Still kneeling below her, I lifted her leg, and tilted my head upward, so my tongue could reach her juicy pussy. I lapped at the wetness, slowly running my tongue from her hole to her clit, spreading the moisture along the insides of her swollen pussy lips. Her juice ran down my tongue, its sweet taste increasing my arousal. I began to concentrate on her clit… using a stiff tongue, I made tiny circles around it. Around and around, then a quick stroke upward. I inserted two fingers into her hot, wet hole, easily sliding them in and out as I continued to massage her clit with my tongue. I think I could hear her almost purr like a kitten as my mouth was working on her love button.

“God, I want to feel you inside of me!” Samantha said through her ragged breaths. “Will you take me… now?”

Not wanting to disappoint her, I carefully laid her back onto the sofa, but she quickly rose, and turned the other direction… bending over with her hands braced on the arm of the couch. Samantha spread her legs, exposing her asshole, and her glistening wet pussy. Looking over her shoulder at me, she said, “Take me from behind.” Not that I needed that verbal invitation… her open legs was all it took. Stepping behind her, I put one hand on her hip, and used the other to slide the head of my cock through her sticky wet juices… up and down, from her gaping hole, to her clit, running along her lips, my cock becoming slick with her sweet honey. At last, I pushed my cock into her. Seeing the head disappear as her tight pussy closed around it was almost more than I could bear. I felt myself getting ready to cum… already! God, no! I squeezed the base küçükçekmece escort of my shaft, to stop the seemingly inevitable flow of cum. It worked! I let go, and continued to pump, burying my entire length into her hot, wet, pussy.

“Oh, God, Robert…” moaned Samantha, and she rocked backward, pushing her ass against me as I rammed my cock into her tight hole once again. With both hands on her hips now, I pushed forward more forcefully now. The sound of our bodies coming together over and over again was a sweaty smacking noise. I then reached around to rub her aching clit. I found it erect and slippery from the profuse wetness that was between her legs. With strokes and rubs to match my own thrusting, I heard Samantha’s breathing quicken, and her moaning became more intense, almost screams, as her body shuddered with her release. As the juices spilled forth from the warm, tight hole, I could feel my cock sliding more easily into and out of her. I felt the familiar tightness in my balls, and the rising heat in my cock.

“Oh, God! I’m cumming! I’m… ” I was interrupted by Samantha.

“Cum on my ass! Shoot it on my back!” came the request.

I quickly pulled my cock out of Samantha’s puss. The first sticky, hot explosion went right in the crack of her ass. Then another and another, and still more spurts sprayed along her back, and on the soft round curves of her butt cheeks. Feeling the hot squirts landing on her cheeks, Samantha reached back with her hand, and swiped a finger through the thick liquid, and turning to me with a grin, put her finger in her mouth, sucking my cum off with a flair.

“Mmmmmm,” she smiled, “nothing better than the taste of hot, sticky cum on a rainy Saturday afternoon.”

With that, Samantha dressed unceremoniously, covering her beautiful breasts with her pink t-shirt once more, and pulling on the jeans that just a short while ago lay in a puddle on the floor. I simply stood there, my cock still in my hand, trying to process what had just happened. As Samantha turned and headed toward the door, she said, “I don’t suppose that you’ll be having much trouble meeting your deadline this time, will you Robert?”

And for the first time since Marnie left, I knew that I had a story to tell. “No, I doubt that I will have any trouble at all.”

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