Decumeron Ch. 04: Sat March 21, 2020

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Chapter Four: Saturday, March 21.

I lifted the fabric cover off of the mason jar and sniffed. The lumpy, gluey mass of George’s sourdough starter had started to look a bit suspect, and I was irritated that he was feeding so much of our rationed flour to this creature every day. I had to smile, though, at the thought of insatiable appetites outgrowing confinement.

George and Peter had gone to the market early–hoping to replenish our flour, among other things–and the house was quiet, with Katherine still sleeping upstairs. I was grateful for the silence as I padded around the kitchen, feeling a pleasant soreness around the edges of my cunt. Peter. My lower belly tightened, and heat rose on my cheeks as I remembered the sensation of his cock stretching me out at an unfamiliar angle. It had felt so good to be fucked by someone other than George, and I still couldn’t quite believe that our foursome had actually happened–it felt a bit dreamlike and hazy, although the soreness of my stretched lips and and a lingering sweetness of perfume–Katherine’s, I assumed–were tangible reminders.

“Good morning, Sonya.” Katherine’s voice startled me, and I turned around. She was standing a bit awkwardly in the doorway of the kitchen in a pair of terry-cloth shorts and a loose tank top, clearly also unshowered. Her long dark hair was piled on top of her head, showing off her long neck and the milky skin of her décolletage. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her large breasts curved naturally under the tank top. My eyes rested on their fullness as I imagined walking over and cupping their smoothness in my hands, reaching down into her waistband to check to see if she was wearing underwear.

“Morning.” I was enjoying how she was shifting her weight back and forth from foot to foot. “Cold?” I asked, making a point of looking at her nipples, which were just beginning to be visible under the loose fabric.

Her freckled cheeks flushed. “Maybe a little.” She walked into the kitchen and moved over to the uncovered jar on the counter. “Aren’t you worried that George will be mad that you touched his starter?”

I smirked. She was obviously trying to regain some of her lost composure from the previous afternoon. “I don’t think he’ll notice. And if he does, well . . . ” I met her gaze, and then turned around, watching her over my shoulder as I moved my hand to my dance shorts, lightly rubbing my ass. I knew she would be able to see at least one purple bruise whose edges extended beyond the minimal fabric.

Katherine laughed, relaxing her posture a bit. I could also see her eyes narrow in pleasure at the sight of the bruise, and I thought she might be imagining what it would be like to have George mark her ass.

Pouring Katherine a cup of coffee, I turned toward her. “I was also seriously asking if you were cold, because I was thinking of lighting a fire and having a bit of a stretch in the living room. I’m a little stiff from yesterday.”

“Me too,” Katherine said, rubbing the top of her shoulder. I watched as her tank top rode up a bit, exposing her rounded belly. One of the things I had learned yesterday was how soft my friend’s skin was, and I had enjoyed watching the way her hips dimpled under George’s hands while I explored her ass with my tongue. “And a fire sounds lovely.”

We took our coffees into the living room, and I set about piling wood into the fireplace. Katherine flopped down onto the soft looped carpet, propping herself up on her elbows to work the previous Saturday’s crossword.

Once the fire was going, I sat down beside it, leaning my back against the wall, and admired my friend’s backside. She was biting her lip in concentration, and had one leg bent at the knee, showing off her shapely calves. I stretched my own long legs out in front of me, nudging one of her arches with a painted toe. She looked up from the crossword. “Fuck, Sonya, how am I ever going to concentrate on anything else ever again?”

“You mean because of the virus?” I said sweetly. “I read that it’s totally normal to have fragmented attention. We are all processing a lot.”

“No, you jerk, because now that we are all fucking, it’s the only thing I want to do!”

“Oh, that.” I smiled, moving my toe to her ankle bone.

“And it’s really confusing,” Katherine went on. “Because even though I feel, like, completely turned on since Wednesday, I’m also nervous. And I don’t know if it’s just regular low-level Covid anxiety, or worry about becoming submissive, or concern that our friendship might change. Also, I’ve never been with a woman before, and Peter hasn’t ever said anything about wanting to blow another man, and it’s kind of a lot, you know? What if we get sick of fucking, or of being trapped in this house together?”

I scooted closer to Katherine on the floor as she turned onto her side to face me. I reached over to her shoulder and brushed some of her hair out of the way, tucking it behind her ear. Propped up on her elbow and reclined on one side, Katherine’s breasts pressed together, threatening to escape from the gorukle escort bayan low cut neckline of her tank top.

“Well,” I started, “aside from the very legitimate sense of impending doom we all feel right now, I don’t think you need to worry about our group. This feels like the right thing for the moment, and just because we are fucking now, doesn’t mean we have to commit to this arrangement forever. Plague time is different.”

I ran the back of my hand lightly over her top nipple through the thin fabric, making her sigh.

“Now the sub stuff, I get that it’s a bit unnerving if you haven’t played with it much before. Is there anything in particular that’s worrying you? Do the bruises scare you?”

Katherine bit her lower lip. “No, it isn’t the bruises. The night that George was spanking you and Peter and I were listening and fucking, I came harder than I have in a very long time. I wanted that to be my ass. Like I told you, I’ve been fantasizing about just being told what to do, and I’ll gladly take the bruises as proof that I’m someone else’s pet for awhile!”

She looked into my eyes. “But there is something else.” Reaching her free hand between my knees where I was sitting, Katherine ran a finger over my crotch, feeling the swell of my lips underneath my skin-tight shorts.

I shivered. “Go on,” I encouraged her.

“I’d like to, um. The thing is . . . “

Being tongue-tied was very unlike Katherine, and I couldn’t wait to hear what had my friend so flustered. “Spit it out! Really, I am impossible to shock.”

She pushed harder onto my cunt with her fingers, and I could feel my clit starting to harden and throb against the seam of my shorts.

“Yesterday I learned that George, like Peter, is well-endowed. When he was holding my hips up and fucking me, I felt so full, like I was being stretched beyond capacity. And one of the things I keep picturing is what it might be like to have both of them fuck me, with your helping to force my hips onto them and holding their cocks together.”

I still wasn’t getting it. Why was this hard for Katherine to talk about?

She continued. “The thing is, I’m not sure I can. Take them together, that is. I mean, beyond figuring out where all of our legs would go, I just don’t think I stretch that much.”

Aha. Her needs were becoming clearer.

“And I was remembering your story of Allison–which you had told me before, by the way, years ago–and how much she squirted, making everything wet and slippery for you and what’s-his-face. And I was thinking that if I could do that with Peter and George, it might make this fantasy possible,” she explained, cupping her hand around the newly soaked-through crotch of my shorts.

I took her hand, which now smelled of me, and brought it up to my face, sucking on two of her fingers. “Are you saying that you want me to teach you how to squirt like Allison?”

Katherine nodded. “And, um, to maybe do it around something . . . large.”

This was exactly the sort of experimentation I liked, and I felt my cunt tighten at the thought of this perfect Saturday morning game. Katherine’s expression of open desire and the sight of her nipples through her shirt, which had hardened into stiff points from her confession, were all the encouragement I needed.

“Come here.” Grasping her hand tighter, I pulled her out of her side-lying posture and between my legs, which were still bent at the knees. She ended up in front of me, with her ass on her heels, knees apart and digging into my inner thighs. I felt warmth from her breasts, which were swelling toward my face with every inhale she took. Reaching under her tank top, I scooped up her left breast and freed it, so that it hung outside her shirt. As I admired her small nipple, puckered into a sharp point that matched the color of her freckles on her milky skin, I could feel my own breath become shallower. She sighed, leaning back on her heels and arching her back, her exposed nipple moving closer to my mouth.

I was enjoying her need, so instead of sucking on her nipple, I reached around behind her head, threading my fingers into her hair to move her mouth toward mine. I kissed her chastely, and then pulled her head back away, so that I could look into her big, beautiful eyes.

Katherine licked her lips, and I felt the sight of her small pink tongue swelling in my clit. I pulled her face toward mine again, kissing her deeply, moving my tongue between her wet lips. It was an incredible sensation to have such a feeling of softness between our mouths, and as I lightly nibbled on her bottom lip, I could feel her exposed breast pressing into mine as she took my waist between her hands, lightly playing on my ribcage with her fingers. Even through fabric, the feel of her nipple brushing against mine made me gasp.

Separating my mouth from hers, I kissed along the curve of her cheek toward her neck, burying my nose into the space between her earlobe and jawbone.

“Fuck, Sonya,” she moaned as I nuzzled into nilüfer escort bayan her. “Your tits are so perfect. I just want to take them into my mouth and flick your hard, pointed nipples with my tongue as you fill me up with your long fingers.” She grasped my waist harder.

“You smell incredible,” I murmured, my lips pressing into the side of her neck.

She laughed, which made her breasts press even harder into mine. “Really? I was so tired last night and this morning, I haven’t even showered once since our group adventure on the sofa.”

That gave me an idea. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her back onto her heels, digging my knees into her sides as she sat back. Reaching down, I tugged at the bottom of her top, pulling it over her head so that she was left wearing just her loose shorts, kneeling between my legs. Instinctively, she moved to cover her stomach with her arms, but I grabbed her wrists before she succeeded, and moved both of them into my left hand.

“No. I want to get a better look at your gorgeous body.” Holding her wrists together in one hand, which pushed her breasts together even more, I reached down to her shorts with my right hand. Digging two fingers under the terrycloth, I moved the material to the left, exposing her labia and perfectly trimmed bush. I smiled as I noticed a drop of wetness on one of her lips, and I moved my fingers back to catch it. Running my wet fingers up over the length of her exposed cunt, I trailed over her clit, toward the swell of her belly, and finally under her breasts, where I could feel their heat and weight pressing down on my hand.

“I’m not even sure whose cum I’ve just used to trace your curves,” I said in a low voice. “Since you haven’t cleaned up at all since George fucked you, or since I had my mouth on your clit, and my tongue in your ass.”

Katherine’s eyes widened, and I could see her exposed cunt start to swell and glisten even more. I was very pleased with myself, since I hadn’t properly dominated Katherine before. But this seemed like the approach to use if I was going to get her wet enough to take my fist.

“I want you to stay here, in this exact position – cunt exposed, tits out, and on your knees – while I fill the bathtub. When you hear that the water has stopped running, I want you to stand up, take off your shorts, walk naked to the bathroom, and get into the tub. I’m going to tell you a story while we clean your cunt.”

I let go of Katherine’s wrists and stood up, gazing down at her. Although she looked a bit uncomfortable, she didn’t move to cover herself, and instead put her hands behind her on the floor beside her thick thighs, which were still spread apart, exposing her glistening lips protruding from the side of her shorts. This slight change in posture caused her tits to bounce a bit, and I felt myself getting even wetter as I imagined the prospect of taking them, slick from the bathwater, into my hands and feeling their full weight as I thumbed over her hard nipples.

Impulsively, I bent my knees slightly, and grabbed the back of her head, forcing her face into the wet front of my own tight shorts. I held it there, feeling her hot mouth gasping for air as her nose pressed into my swollen clit. I gasped and let go. It took all of my self control to turn away from her face and walk up the stairs toward the master bathroom.

Reaching down into the deep clawfoot tub, I put in the plug and started the water. As the bath began to fill, I closed the Venetian blind so that the room darkened, and rummaged around in my bag under the sink for something to put in the bathwater. I came up with a eucalyptus-scented oil, and poured a small amount into the tub, making a mental note to ask George to buy more bath goods on his next trip into town. I was enjoying both the preparation and the thought of Katherine waiting on her knees downstairs.

As the room filled with steam, I took off my shorts, noticing the slickness coating the crotch–evidence of how much I was enjoying teasing Katherine. I pulled my top over my head, and took a handful of warm water from the bath, which I ran through my hair and over my taut nipples so that they would look rosy and slick. I turned off the water and waited, turning toward the open doorway and putting one leg up on the side of the clawfoot tub so that Katherine would be eye-level with my cunt as she lowered herself into the bath.

It didn’t take long for Katherine to come up the stairs, and she walked on tiptoe toward the tub. It was both cute and precarious, and she gave a little wave from the doorway. She hesitated before moving into the bathroom, which gave me a chance to admire her from my own exposed position, tracing her body from foot to head with my eyes and lingering on her fantastic tits. I hoped that I looked coolly appraising; really, I was very eager to get her into the water.

I looked directly into her eyes and tilted my head toward the tub. “Please get in.”

Katherine looked excited, but also uncertain. “Aren’t bursa otele gelen escort bayan you coming in the water, too?”

“Not yet,” I said haughtily. “I’m only going to join you once you are properly cleaned.”

Katherine seemed to accept this, and she moved over to the tub. I had forgotten how much shorter than me she was. While it was easy for me to stand with my foot up on the edge, she had to hold the sides of the tub with both hands to steady herself on her standing leg to get in. As she lifted her leg over the edge, she lost balance a bit, and ended up just grazing my inner thigh on her way into the tub, where she splashed the warm water up over my leg.

“Sorry, not my most graceful performance,” she said, feigning coquettishness by covering her eyes with her small hands.

I smiled. I was enjoying her deference, which was so unlike our real dynamic that it helped both of us feel comfortable with the new order. And beyond its smoothing over of social tension, she looked fucking adorable peeking out at me – and my exposed cunt – from between her fingers.

I couldn’t resist. I reached out my hand, grasping the top of Katherine’s hair, and pulled her face between my legs. “I am not going to let you make me come,” I said, a little bit too loudly. “But I want you to lick up and down my slit, cleaning up some of what’s your fault.”

Katherine looked up at me from the water, and I could see the raw need in her eyes. Delicately cupping her breasts to lift them above the water line, she shimmied over to the side of the tub. With her breasts still cupped under her palms, she took hold of her hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her mouth opened slightly as she played with her nipples, and she moved her face slowly toward my waiting pussy, which was throbbing from the heat of the steam and my general arousal that whole morning.

Still rubbing the hard, puckered points of her small nipples, Katherine buried her nose in the soft folds just below my wet cunt. Using just the tip of her tongue, she lightly edged around the parting of my lips. She pulled back and looked up at me, and I could see a droplet of my glistening wetness decorating her upper lip. She giggled, and licked her top lip.

I swallowed, hard. “Did I say you could stop?” I hoped I sounded convincingly pissed. Really, I was dripping even more at the sight of her cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples while she tasted me on her lips.

She looked down in deference, and moved her freckled face toward my cunt again. This time, she went straight for my swollen clit, which she tongued lightly, drawing a circle around the most sensitive part. Then, without warning, she sucked my whole clit between her lips, pressing down firmly and lifting its hood back with her tongue.

“Fuck!” I yelled. This was way too much stimulation right away, and it sent a jolting spasm through my whole body as I threw my head back. Recovering myself, I slapped Katherine, my long fingers and open palm making contact with the fullness of her right cheek. The sound of the slap filled the bathroom, and she splashed back into the water, startled. She raised a hand to her cheek, which was turning read. “Hey!” she protested, “I need some warning for that.”

I felt a bit bad, but also didn’t want to risk breaking my role. “Maybe you should have thought of that before you took my entire clit between my lips when I only gave you permission for a taste.”

To my relief, Katherine smiled. “It’s ok,” she said. “That just surprised me. I actually, um, liked it.”

She reached up from her face to my right breast, which she could now access as I was crouching on the bathmat. She spread her fingers out, covering my whole breast with her small hand.

“And I especially like how your chest flushes when you are so turned on.”

I looked down, and sure enough, my normally alabaster skin was turning a dappled pink between my breasts.

Fuck. Katherine was now taking my nipple between her two first fingers, squeezing them together as she thumbed the slight curve of my breast. It was an incredible view, seeing her partially submerged in the tub, my whole breast in her hand, as she continued to play with her own nipple. Most of her hair had slipped out of its topknot, and was hanging in damp tendrils over her narrow, freckled shoulders while she watched me closely through her long eyelashes. She was really so beautiful; Peter was one lucky man.

Encircling her wrist on the hand that was playing with her own breast, I couldn’t resist leaning forward to kiss Katherine again. As our mouths met, I tightened my grip on her wrist so that I could force her hand away from her chest. Propping myself up on my knees, I let go, and put my hand on her shoulder to draw her closer to me as we kissed. The feeling was electric as our chests met. I could feel her full, heavy breast pressing into my ribcage, while her fingers were forced further into my right one, compressing my nipple. I pulled my mouth back a bit so that I could bite her upper lip lightly, my tongue edging around one corner of her mouth, and then the other before kissing the middle of her full lower lip. I continued this pattern as we kissed, enjoying the feel of her heartbeat through her chest and the friction between our breasts, as she shifted her hips back and forth in the bathwater.

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