Deeds of a Butler

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A 20-year-old Shane slowly awoke from his slumber, ridding his body of the drowsiness from the day before. His hand gently struck a hard object, only it wasn’t an object; it was his butler, Aleksander. His bare mounded pecs squished together as he lay on his side with dormant eyes. Shane’s eyes grew warm seeing the good-looking stud sleeping soundly beside him.

Shane brought his nostrils up to his muscled servant’s neck, intaking the seductive scent that flooded his senses. He went closer, placing his cheek on the hot warmth of Aleksander’s body akin to having a heater on your face. Shane gave him chaste kisses leading up to a nipple before giving it a swirl of his tongue. Shane shamelessly feasted on the delectable flesh of Aleksander’s body not caring if he woke up or not.

Aleksander slowly stirred awake from the feeling of his buds being sucked on, enjoying the moment knowing it was his master pleasuring him this early in the morning.

“Young Master.”, Aleksander said with sleep in his voice.

“Don’t talk.”, Shane replied.

Aleksander obeyed and remained silent, focusing on the wet sensation of his master’s tongue on his nipple.

Shane soon grew tired of just tasting Aleksander’s nipple and he trailed kisses from his chest down his lean six-pack all the way to his v-line before stopping at the waistband of his grey sweatpants. Shane found grey pants to be very erotic as he could see any guy’s manhood erect or not, which is why he made grey sweatpants to be the uniform for his servants in his mansion.

Shane gripped the waistband, dragging it off to reveal a semi-erect cock only inches away from his hungry lips. He planted a chaste kiss on the tip giving it a little love before taking in more of the mushroom head. The cock smelled subtlely of aromatic soap as Aleksander took a shower the night before.

Aleksander’s moans filled the room as Shane slimed up his stiff length. He tightly gripped the silk sheets of the bed trying his best to stay still as he was being gratified, breath hastened and mouth agape feeling the overdrive of the pleasure. His ass tensed up at the warm touch of his master’s hands, wanting nothing more than to hold him by the head and fucking the absolute shit of his head.

He decided to put in some effort than just laying there and getting blown by Shane. He gradually started to thrust his hips, back and forth each time Shane bopped his head up and down, taking his cock further down Shane’s throat. The sensitive head of his dick collided with the back of Shane’s throat, sending electric pleasures up his spine.

Aleksander desperately wanted to speak but continued to obey his master’s command, always following his orders whatever they were.

Shane took notice of Aleksander’s thrusting as he could feel the back of his throat bahis siteleri being bruised by the hard meat in his mouth. Shane was on the verge of gagging and decided to retract his mouth from the cock, letting the spit-soaked monster feel the breeze of cool air.

Aleksander was disappointed when he no longer felt that sweetly agonizing feeling of being blown but was happily taken by surprise when the tight grip of Shane’s hand wrapped around Aleksander’s shaft, jacking him off from the base to just below the tip where his mouth would be sucking like a baby to a nipple.

One thing about Aleksander that Shane joyously discovered was that Aleksander reacted the best when his manhood was being gratified by different feelings. This is why Shane decisively nursed on the responsive tip while masturbating the shaft.

This went on for a while as Aleksander, agonized over being edged by Shane, curling his toes, contracting his rippling abs with each suckle Shane made. He was always profoundly amazed at his young master’s ability to satisfy him right before ramming his thick brick of a cock inside of him. Occasionally cumming before he could even penetrate that sweet ass of his. He would always try his best to hold it back to give the best load he could inside of his ass caverns but sometimes Shane would prevail and have a test before.

Aleksander was already halfway over the edge and his climax was nearing. He could only hope that his master’s jaw would get tired before he gets tired and decides to ride his cock instead.

And fortunately, his hopes have come true as Shane backed off from his twitching prick. His master looked at him lustfully and he knew that it was time for the real action to happen.

Aleksander was now on his back as Shane crawled above him, placing himself right above Aleksander’s glistened abs from sweat. He took two fingers in his mouth and slathered them up before reaching down to his eager hole and covering it. Next, he took Aleksander’s cock and pointed it right to his back entrance. It wasn’t the first time he had his cock inside of him but every time it was about to go in, he felt like a virgin about to get fucked for the first time.

Once the long prick was an inch inside he let go of it and slowly eased himself down to his crotch. His hands went to Aleksander’s flexed pecs, gripping them tightly as held for dear life. Aleksander most certainly didn’t plan to do nothing as his hands located Shane’s hips and gave it a tight grip as well.

The sensation was heavenly as his cock slowly went inside of his master’s devirginized ass, the virginity he took when they first had sex. It was almost a novelty each time they did it. Every time the two of them fucked it takes them back to the first they did it with each other. Once his bubbly butt felt canlı bahis siteleri the hot touch of Aleksander’s body hit him, he let out a sigh of relief mixed with bliss.

Aleksander’s entire cock was filling him and more in ways that weren’t just physical.

“Please move. I need more.”, he pleaded to his muscled servant.

Aleksander didn’t need to be told twice before he instantly quicked his pace, fucking his master’s cock-starved hole mercilessly, just how he likes it. The sound of ass and hips clapping each other filled the room, mixed with the gratified moans of their voices.

Aleksander’s growls turned animalistic as he huffed while roughly pistoning himself in Shane’s starved bottom.

“Oh fuck yeah! Just like that! Fuck me with your giant cock!”

Shane’s sex talk only served to turn Aleksander on as he quicked his rhythm once more. The symphony of his thrusts was melodic, almost like music as the sounds soothed Shane’s need for Aleksander’s monstrous cock to fuck him to next week. The way his servant’s pecs jiggled with each thrust he made was a movie. Everything about his every being fascinated him to no end.

Aleksander made it his life’s goal to satisfy his master to the best of his abilities through any means necessary. He would be anything and everything for him if he desired it.

His upper body from his chest to his face started to redden from the blood rushing up to him. The rock-hard biceps that looked like they were sculpted by god fully flexed revealing the prominent veins underneath spread out like roots. Shane highly appreciated the sight of a panting stud as he penetrated him. He let his hands wander Aleksander’s body, worshipping the well-built muscles he trained for years. Pinching and flicking the erogenous areas on his pecs to kneading the smooth muscles of his big biceps.

White liquid was already oozing out of Shane’s used little hole, moistening his ass and Aleksander’s hips.

Aleksander perused over his master’s naked body, wreathing in pleasure and ecstasy on top of him, impaled on the very cock that made his master desire him so. The desire was mutual on both sides as Shane was the embodiment of his greatest carnal desire. Submissive yet a bit commanding in bed, sometimes even taking the lead, not to mention possessing the skill set of driving his mind and body crazy. The couple was perfect for each other, complimenting each other’s likes and desires.

“You’re driving me crazy Aleksander! You’re so big inside of me I can feel a bump on my belly.” Shane placed his hands on his belly as if he was carrying a child. He had a blissful expression as if his mind was lost in the lands of insatiable pleasure.

Aleksander’s groans turned to a higher pitch indicating he was close to reaching his climax. Another thing canlı bahis Shane learned about him as he decisively switched their positions so now Shane was lying on his back, legs hung over the broad shoulders of Aleksander while the near-finished cock continuously fucked him over and over.

Aleksander was closely leaning toward Shane as only inches distanced their faces. His panting and parted lips looked quite inviting as Shane took hold of the sides of Aleksander’s face and smashed their lips together. His cock wasn’t the only long thing about him as his tongue also acted like a snake. Wet noises of their kisses matched with the thrusting of their hips like music.

Aleksander decided on a change of rhythm as they turned hard but slow, with fast thrusts and a second gap interval between each one. The smashing of flesh grew louder and kisses turned into whines as Shane was unable to hold back the inexplicable feeling he was currently experiencing.

Aleksander’s growls were beastly but that wasn’t the only thing animalistic. His fucking was ravenous like a demon crawling from the abyss. With every movement of his cock fucking his master’s needy hole, rewarding noises from the opposite orifice yell out in satisfaction.

His breath grew unbalanced as he was nearing his climax. His last few thrusts turned harder than before as hot white liquid ejected from the sensitive that laid rest in the tunnels of Shane’s satiated ass. Multiple streams of hot cum gushed out of his tensioned shaft as he stood still releasing himself soundly.

Shane’s eyes rolled backwards in satisfaction as his own cum spurred like a water gun reaching as far as his neck, nicely decorating his exercised body. His limbs grew limp as he released his hold on his lover, delighting in his orgasm. Aleksander didn’t collapse completely as his body shuddered after finishing inside of his master, breathing unbalanced and body painted in glistening sweat.

He only stopped holding himself up when his master’s arms wrapped around his neck and drew their lips together once more for comfort. Their bodies squished together making an appetizing cum sandwich.

Their kiss lasted for what felt like a lifetime as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

Aleksander pulled back as he said, “Was it to your satisfaction master?”

He continued to kiss his master’s neck patiently waiting for his answer. The sex was a most appreciated thing to wake up to and his repayment would be the satisfaction of his master.

“Oh, Aleksander. There will never be a time when I’m not satisfied with your ballgame.” Shane said as he reached down to fondle his butler’s groin sending a haste intake of breath to his target.

“Then my only desire is to be of use to you in any way I can be.”

“Don’t worry about that. You’ll always have more uses for me than you can imagine.”

“I can only hope so master.”

“Alright enough talk. Give me those fucking lips.”

Aleksander drew a smile before responding, “As you command master.”

The End

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