Deepest Fantasies #03

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Skin Deep

I woke spooned with Sean in the minimalist hotel, my sopped golden mane dripping across an arm, which limply dangled toward my backpack stuffed with clothing. In the direct, heavy light flooding from thrown-back dusty curtains, I was naked and mostly exposed. My foot tangled with his under the scant white sheet, and I flailed briefly then coiled in the bed, hunting for more room. It was hopeless.

His lanky body draped my back with my head tucked near his chin, allowing about an inch for my broad frame.

“Mmm, hi angel,” he groaned sleepily, long dark hair tickling my side as that gravitational skidding from the bed feeling pulled at my breast and hip.

The digital clock read noon. I grabbed my numb arm and dredged it to the mattress then pushed back against him hard. -Still no good. “Morning baby,” I murmured then finally flopped around until I faced him, the sheets a white knot at my ankle.

Half asleep, his chest heaved another sigh, and his arms wrapped me like a new blanket. I kicked the sheet from the bed then nosed his neck and snuck my legs between his, wiggling until I smelled the hotel soap on his skin.

“Do you want to get up?” I asked quietly, nudging him until he was on his back.

Slender arms squeezing slightly, his head lolled lazily. “Mmmm nah uh,” he murmured against my hair.

My teeth dragged to his pale coral nipple, and I grazed it gently. “Are you sure?” I asked.

The peak contracted like his groan, and I felt him tense under my breasts. His cock stiffened completely against my thigh.

“Have to pee,” he sighed, silvery leaf-green eyes slowly slipping from under a long dark fringe.

I grinned and kissed his face, pressing my lips against his temple lovingly. “Hope you’re getting up for that, or we’ll owe them a bed,” I teased.

His fingers curled around my naked breast and squeezed, gently working the quarter-sized pink nub into a tiny berry with his thumb. “Can’t,” he murmured over my little moans.

I slunk from his slender hips, pouting at the cool of the bed as I watched him stumble sleepily toward the bathroom. I didn’t even remember what it looked like, I realized, and I didn’t remember bringing my bag in from the car the night before.

–Mmmm, the night before. If I could have kept him forever, hot and panting, I would have. I DID remember him bouncing on my thighs, riding the big vibe in his ass like the antidote to a particularly virulent poison. I remembered the pleasure-filled clench of his face as he exploded for the first time in my squeezing slick cunt. I remembered his tight ass vibrating against my hand and his smooth chest covered in hot bursts of his cum. I wanted a picture of every moment.

I glanced at my bag again.

“Gotta love technology,” I murmured, unzipping the case of my Kodak digi-cam.

Sean asked, “Hmm?”, and I nearly dropped the camera.

Clutching it to my stomach, I turned and gazed at him as he pulled the bathroom door closed then snapped a picture of him in his boxers. It would definitely be one of those shots for my hard-drive, the kind I’d drool over like a thirteen-year old scouring the pages of Teen, once he finished visiting.

He sat beside me, and I bit my bottom lip. “I’m feeling a little exposed here,” I said, casting a baleful glance at his boxers.

He wrapped his arms around me and put the camera beside the clock. “Better?” he asked, nuzzling my hair.

I shook my head then tangled my legs around him, tugging him to the bed on his side.

He slowly stroked my ribs, and I felt his eyes on my face a few times, though mine remained closed.

“Ya know, I think you’re beautiful,” he murmured, his thumb following the line of my lower abdomen.

I sucked in a harsh breath but didn’t argue. My mind spiraled through its usual denials. I was too thin up top, too fat below. My slate-blue eyes were squinty and my nipples too big for my small breasts. The list was endless, but Sean was cautious with his compliments.

“I know it doesn’t matter what I thi…,” he began.

I crushed my lips to his, fingers curling against his warm damp shoulders as he caressed the soft brownish-red patch below my pelvis. My hips rocked to his rhythm, and I moaned softly.

“Maybe it matters a little,” I quivered, my leg draping his hip and trying to urge his fingers closer to my molten core. My clit throbbed again, begging for his attention, but he continued slowly petting me, occasionally splaying his fingers against my abdomen or inner thigh.

Kisses washed like steamy raindrops along my throat, his soft moans teasing my ear.

When my head fell loosely and my back arched, he lapped at the smooth skin of my chest, drawing tight circles around the nipple with his tongue. My eyes slipped half-closed, aroused into bucking against an invisible cock as he played with my slick fleshy outer lips. His fingertips traced the cleft into my body, and I whimpered loudly, his gentle teasing coaxing more juices from my overflowing Betturkey folds.

He brushed my lower lip with his slick fingers, and I lapped at one then took it deep into my mouth. Sean moaned, and his hips wriggled toward mine as my cheeks hollowed around his offering. The camera flash jolted my eyes open again. Apparently, we had the same idea.

He grinned and showed the still capture of me sucking his fingers.

“Good, but I plan on taking tons of pictures of you,” I breathed, nipping the curve of his wrist lovingly.

“Mmm?” he asked, cupping my cheek.

“You should probably get even now and get yours in,” I whispered hoarsely, “then draw me.” Maybe he could show me what he found so exciting.

He smiled and kissed my lips several more times. “Mmmk, but you can’t cheat and distract me.”

I screwed my face into a wide-eyed look of innocent insult.

“Known you too long for that to work,” he snorted.

I took the camera from his hands and turned on the video capture. “So, Mr. Strikkuj, what do you look for in your models,” I drawled, the camera angle sliding down his body. His chest tightened, and the thin black cotton of his boxers twitched.

Sean laughed and snatched it back. “She should be able to hold still for a lo…” he started seriously, as he centered it on my face. The sleek silver-lidded eye slid progressively lower on long moans from its operator as my tongue flicked and teased warm skin.

I grinned mischievously and nudged his boxers down completely around his knees.

“…or she could do that,” he sighed, zooming in on me as I rubbed my face against his thigh.

I lapped gently along the inside, gazing at his tilted chin.

Propping his back on pillows, Sean eased a hand over the bed and retrieved a mechanical pencil and white booklet. “You promised not to cheat,” he groaned loudly as I cleaned his pre-cum drenched cockhead with a long swirl of my heavy tongue.

I lifted his legs onto my shoulders, my arms bracing his thighs as my fingers surrounded his nipples. Their warmth gently pressed the tight nubs in while my nails scraped around them. “I need to be like this for the drawing I want. Is it *really* cheating,” I asked with a pout, my broad lick following the reddened line of his taint, “because I think you like it.”

“Uhghmm, not cheating,” he trembled, a knee jerking against my shoulder, “but won’t get much drawing in.”

His wobbly hands lifted the camera again then snapped pictures of me between his thighs, his elbows drawn tight against his chest.

I moaned softly, slowly suckling each of his balls like small tits.

“Mmmm, I want to see these in clamps,” I whispered, pinching and tugging gently at his nipples. He yelped, and I soothed the excited nubs with more gentle strokes. “I bet you wouldn’t stop squealing for me.”

“Mmmmhmm,” he moaned behind more snaps and flashes from the mechanical eye.

“Maybe… with a strap?” I broached, exhaling warmly down his blushing taint.

“Ohhmmmm, I’d bounce and moan like a horny bitch,” he breathed on a long shuddering gasp.

“Are you my horny bitch,” I drawled softly.

He sucked in a loud gasp and nodded several times. “Mmm uh huh… I’m your horny bitch,” he groaned.

As my nails scraped his chest into hot red lines, the camera flashed several more times. I rubbed my finger across his fluttering hole and surrounded his hot thudding head with my mouth.

“Mmmm suck me,” he grunted, his hips bucking the fat fleshy tip deeper.

Grinning around it, I tugged back enough to cradle his pulsing end on my tongue, gently rolling it side to side in my mouth.

“Seliiiiiiiiinaaa,” he protested hotly, the camera clutched limply in his hand.

I squeezed his hips lovingly and rubbed my face against his frustrated pole. “Put the camera on the table,” I commanded, “on video.”

He fumbled with the menus, groaning and bucking his hips into my ministrations before he found the right settings. The camera clicked as he put it on the table, and the lens adjusted its depth, automatically finding its moving targets.

“I want you to draw me,” I murmured, kissing the seam of his cock slowly, “while I suck you off.”

“Please, feels … sooooooo gooood,” he whimpered brokenly in *the voice*.

He couldn’t possibly know what that tone did to me. Halfway between a throaty moan and a whimpering purr, it lit a fire in my crotch that burned hotter than California wilds. My breath turned into panting gasps. I was going to rape him if he kept it up. Instead, I lapped in long lollypop-like licks from his balls to his swollen tip, swirling my tongue around it.

“Just suck me,” he continued to beg throatily, shoving his sketchbook to the side and pulling on my wrists. “Pleeeeeeeeease Selina.”

I lifted my face, catching a flash of copper-green as I nudged his dark fur-dusted legs from my shoulders. After kissing each of his widely spread thighs, I watched my reflection crawl up his body in his Betturkey Giriş hazy eyes.

Hot kisses and a scalding tongue flicked over my ears and throat, moans following. Our hips built a thrashing machine of brittle skin over crashing bones. My nails dug his shoulders, and through creaks from the mattress and our labored cycles of breath, I heard him moan, “turn.”

Suddenly, I didn’t feel so brave, but trust spun me without argument.

He pushed me forward slightly, the tip of his tongue wiggling my clit before tracing a line from it to my uncomfortably vacant opening. I whimpered softly, my thighs trembling as I fought to keep my weight from his face, but Sean wouldn’t have that. -Not even a little bit. He pulled me down and licked ravenously around my swollen button again, his fingertip thrusting with shallow teasing that promised something bigger.

My nails scraped his calves, and my toes curled as his cool exhales tickled my tight furless star. My tongue slathered his cock in frantic hungry licks, and my hands lifted his balls with the same hot passion. I groaned when his fingers pulled away, rocking recklessly against his jaw and nose, which he eagerly submitted.

The cool squirt of lube drew a soft oooo, which quickly found his cock in my mouth. I moaned and sucked it deeper as his hot fingers poked my tight ass, spreading the heavy scent of oily sugar-laden strawberries. Wet moans broke the tickling sensation of his vibrating head against the back of my throat, and the soft hum of his toy brought drastic mmmphs! each time he dragged it from my clit to my clenching pussy.

Saliva pooled at the base of his rod while his pre-cum doused the back of my throat. I clawed his thighs, and he slowed the frenzied piston of his hips long enough for me to squeal and arch my back hard into the hum of the vibe he slowly pushed into my ass. His lips never idled around my clit, gently coaxing louder moans from me as my surprise passed at the invasion.

“Filling all your holes,” he murmured before covering my clit again. His finger slid just inside my soaked pussy and wagged, his other hand positioned on my ass. He kept me exposed, rubbing the humming plastic inside me via one cheek while he softly licked around the vibe, turning it down whenever my breath grew erratic.

Mr. Tease. I would have my revenge.

Lurid spanking fantasies rushed my fevered mind. I’d tie him up and squeeze, pinch, and spank that tiny ass. No, I’d paddle him raw and red and begging. No, maybe I’d use a cane. My planned aggression knew no restraints as he tormented me. Wetness splashed down my thighs, overflowing as I bucked on his fingers, the vibe, and his wiggling, thumping tongue.

My voice rose to beg around his cock, my fingers pressing behind his balls toward his prostate as I whimpered out incoherent pleas.

He bit one cheek of my ass gently, earning a long shaky gasp and the momentary still of my hips. His hands rubbed the mark slowly, cupping my ass cheeks and pressing them together in a firm massage.

“Mmmmm please make me cum,” I repeated. My eyes closed tightly as I unevenly sucked his cock, lifting with each stroke to tease the swelling head with my tongue.

“Keep doing that,” he moaned encouragingly, his kisses lashing my clit frantically again.

I didn’t answer him but did as he said, muffled sounds of pleasure gagged against his slick shaft. The steamy satin of his tongue tickled, and his fingers teased then tapped around the vibe. I squealed against his cock as he increased his pace, and my clit swelled and throbbed. My ears rang, and my lungs suddenly ached as I exhaled around his stiff pole. I pulled my mouth from it, biting into his thigh as my back arched.

“God … Sean, make me … cum,” I demanded roughly, bracing my hands on his legs and grinding against his face. My hips rocked to the blood song in my ears, pushing the vibe deeper and bucking on his fingers ravenously.

Hot fingers circled my shoulder and pulled me back, the angle tilting until I squealed anew. Each digit inside me seemed to swell to the size of another cock, and the room tilted dizzily.

“Cum for me,” Sean moaned, his voice raw against the folds of my body, his grip keeping me from touching his cock as he returned to licking my clit.

Pressure built in the pit of my stomach. Like a spring, I coiled tighter, squeals of his name starting near the throbbing pleasure in my crotch. My face lowered to his thigh again, nails raking one side as my excitement intensified into a feeling close to falling.

“Oh, god you’re going to make me… oh…please mmm there…” I couldn’t finish a sentence, my nails digging his thighs even harder. “Oh god, Sean!” I screamed, bucking furiously against his tongue as he sucked and stroked my swollen nub. Like an erupting volcano, my core squeezed the fingers he gently wiggled in my soaked constricting depths, and my ass seized on the vibe.

“Ohmmmmm,” I exhaled against his sweaty hot skin as the last spasms faded into a long thorough milking of his fingers.

He stroked the curves of my hips and ass gently, his face resting against my leg.

I released a soft mmmmg as the vibe slid from me and bit his thigh at the intense sensation.

“Selina,” he murmured, his thumb tracing my clit again. The contact prompted an over sensitive shudder of my hips and a cry of pleasure-filled pain.

He kissed the sensitive crease of my inner thigh, and his voice lowered a timbre. “Come ride my cock, angel.”

A soft groan escaped me, and I kissed his still twitching cock before straddling his chest.

“Mmmhmm,” he sighed, dark curtains of lash slowly falling across his eyes until they disappeared entirely.

My juices glimmered across his nose, chin, and lips. I licked him clean gently as I rubbed my parted pussy lips up and down his cock. “It’s so sensitive,” I bemoaned softly, my clit bumping him each time.

His fingers found my nipples, and he toyed with them gently, prompting a quick bite to his shoulder and a grin. “Those are too!” I yowled in half-hearted protest.

“Mmmm, but I like them,” he countered lazily, grinding his hips up to mine slowly.

I bit down on my lip hard, close to yelping each time my body collided with his. The pleasure was too intense. “I want to try anal,” I breathed.

“-Just did,” he teased, his fingers walking up and down my chest.

“No, I mean… you…” I blushed. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

He stared at me, obviously surprised. I was always anti-anal. In fact, it was surprising to us both that I let him go as far as I did with the toy.

Pulling me into a soft kiss, he murmured, “Mmmmk angel,” then nudged me until I knelt by his side. “You just have to relax.”

I lifted my ass for him, wiggled it, and moaned as I lay my cheek on the bed.

Sean’s grin matched mine, and he massaged my wagging ass-cheeks. “Mmmm gonna be kinda cold,” he murmured, squirting lube onto his fingers then brushing them across my tight bud.

I gasped and bucked toward then away from him, hips churning.

His hot breath drizzled down the back of my sweating spine as his finger inched inside. “Just relax, Selina. Relax angel,” he exhaled. “I won’t hurt you.”

His opposing hand stroked the fleshy soaked folds of my labia, and I rocked back against his finger until he added a second one. My cunt oozed cum and new wetness, whimpers parting my lips constantly as his fingers slipped in and out on the lube.

“Please fuck me,” I begged, muffled by the mattress.

“Mmmm, what was that?” Sean asked, adding another finger. He paused, cautiously rotating all three digits and tickling my sensitive pink insides.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease fuck me, Sean!” I squealed into the bed. “I want your cock so bad.”

He resisted my begging as well as I resisted his, and his fingers slipped out of me on a ragged breath.

He turned me over on my back. “Put your legs up, angel,” he murmured, deftly crossing them with an arm when I did.

The thick fleshiness of his tip rubbed and rotated against my twitching hole as goose bumps prickled my shoulders. His caress slid between us, teasing the throbbing stud hidden in my secret folds. Beneath my skin, every nerve flared, burning like a phoenix for the world to see through the curtains. I wanted him to fuck me more than I ever had. “Mmmm, please, Sean,” I begged again, louder this time as my small breasts flushed and heaved before me.

I tugged at a rock-hard nipple, whimpering and bouncing my ass enticingly against him.

“It’s gonna hurt,” he fretted, his thumb stroking my clit toward my navel.

“Ughh, I don’t care,” I gasped, consumed by the pleasure flooding my cunt.

I wiggled my ass encouragingly again, and he pushed forward, his hand kneading my upturned hip hard. It felt like he would grind me forever before his broad head popped inside, and a sudden yelp squeaked past my lips.

Slivers of pain raked my insides like a cracking sunburn, but Sean held me still, his breath softly soothing while his fingers stroked my pussy.

“Relax for me, angel,” he purred, barely moving, his fingers strained against my sweaty skin.

I rocked against him slowly, growing bolder when I realized that he was as nervous as I. The initial pain faded into warm buzzing, and I grasped his hip, pulling him into me harder. “Fuck me, Sean,” I gasped softly. “It’s okay, you can fuck me.”

“Mmmm, thanks,” he half-teased, pushing back to the purple tip of his throbbing cock then slamming in. It felt five times bigger, and I instinctively tilted my hips higher, whimpering loudly.

“So big,” I groaned. “God, I love your dick.”

The grin in Sean’s voice grew, and he pushed my legs back even further. “My dick thanks you,” he mumbled, pumping against me quickly, “Ohmmm and loves you too.”

My ass bounced and wiggled for more, the sensitive ring on fire as I tugged harshly on my nipple. Clit no longer painfully sensitive, my thumb spread my blushing purplish lips wide, and my index finger attacked the hard pearl.

Sean groaned.

“Mmmm, love your balls slapping my ass,” I murmured, devilish grin prancing across my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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