Demands on Him

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I couldn’t help the groan that escaped when I pulled into the parking lot. The convenience of having a gym in the neighborhood was a great one, but I hated to work out. When my old gym had burned down I had seriously debated on not finding a new one to join, but as much as I hate to work out, I like being in shape more. And I know that my fiancé likes it too; she’d never tell me otherwise, but she’d be less attracted to me if I lost the tone and definition I’ve built over the years.

Grabbing my gym bag out of the back seat of my BMW I trudged inside to the locker room. It was late, close to midnight, and much later than I typically start my workout. Jenna’s parents had been staying with us for a week already, and I needed to escape somewhere. I was counting the days until Christmas, when they would leave and head up to suffocate her brother and his family. As long as my future in-laws were around, Jenna’s legs were closed, and the sexual tension I felt on top of everything else needed to be released. I knew Jenna felt uncomfortable having sex as long as her parents were around, so that left me two options: beat off in the shower or work out. As much as I needed to cum, I knew her mother would inevitably ask why I spent so long in the shower. The “I’m a big guy, there’s lots to wash” excuse was only valid once per visit.

Tossing my bag on the bench, I stripped out of my shirt and toed off my shoes. Yanking one of my old college t-shirts over my head, I let out a sigh. I was tired. Buck up, I told myself, the sooner you change, the sooner you can work out, and the sooner you can go home and sleep. Christmas is in three days; I can make it that long. Just three more days and I will be able to fuck my woman whenever I want, and the in-laws will be gone. Three. More. Days.

I walked out of the locker room and was surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one in the gym tonight. The fitness center was open 24/7, but even when I did come late at night it was rare that I saw anyone. There were two women jogging on the treadmills, and a guy using the bench press in the corner. Slipping my ear buds into my ears, I let music cover the sound of machines and headed for the bike. Twenty minutes of cardio and twenty minutes of weights and then I could go home.

I pedaled through my cardio, and the twenty minutes there seemed to fly by. My forehead was shiny with sweat, and I wished I had remembered to grab a bottle of water before I’d left the house. Wiping my face with a towel, I headed for the weight rack. I won’t boast and say that I can bench 350, but I can lift our two, hundred pound dogs without a problem. I worked through my routine methodically, fantasizing about what I’d get to do to Jenna once her parents were gone. It’d been a while since I’d fucked her in the kitchen, maybe I’d start there, or maybe I’d fuck her ass in the shower again—that had been an interesting evening, and one I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

The tap on my shoulder yanked me from my plans, and I jerked the headphones out of my ears. “Do you mind?” I snapped, turning to face whoever had interrupted me.

“Whoa there, Andrews. Just wanted to say hi.”

I groaned as I saw my boss standing over my shoulder. Todd Barkley was one of the founding partners of the advertising firm where I worked. He and his best friend started the firm before they’d hit 30, and it was now one of the best firms in the country. I was just a lowly junior executive, and I was surprised that he knew my name.

I stood, wiping my damp hands on my shorts before I extended a hand to him. “Mr. Barkley, sir, I didn’t see you. I apologize.”

“No apologizes necessary, William. We’re not in the office, we’re at the gym—just two guys working off some steam.”

I nodded, grateful that he didn’t take my greeting personally.

“I didn’t know you belonged to this gym,” he said, sitting down on the bench across from mine.

“Just joined a month or so ago. My old place wasn’t available any more.”

I watched as he picked up one of the 50-pound dumbbells and began to curl it. I’ve never been a small guy, but my boss seemed to dwarf me. My 6’3″ was overshadowed by his 6’6″, and while my muscle tone was nothing to laugh at, his was far more impressive. I had thought it was only at work that he was intimidating, but I was more intimidated here at the gym than I was in the office.

I caught myself staring at he curled that dumbbell. It was blatantly obvious too, if he were to look up at me, he’d see that I had stopped lifting my own weights and was fixating on his bulging biceps. Little beads of sweat had broken out around the cuff of his shirt, and were sliding slowly along the veins that bulged. I had to bite my tongue to stop the groan I felt welling in my throat. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was getting turned on watching another man lift weights.

Quickly I resumed my own workout, more anxious now than before to finish so I could go home. I curled two more reps and then jogged into the locker room. I was reluctant to xhamster porno shower at the gym, but forced myself to take a quick one, knowing that Jenna wouldn’t let me crawl into bed tonight unless I took one. She’d probably be asleep when I got home, and if I took a shower once I got there she would wake up and be more pissed at me than she already was. She hated having her parents visit as much as I did, and had been pissy with me since their arrival.

Stripping out of my clothes, I headed for the showers. Both of the single-stall showers had “Out of Order” signs taped across their doors. Groaning in frustration, I headed for the communal shower. I had escaped the awkward moment with Todd out on the gym floor, but I didn’t want to have the chance at another one when we were both naked, and I was sporting a semi. I didn’t notice him when I first entered the gym, but that didn’t mean that he hadn’t been there. He could be ready to wrap up his workout as well, and I didn’t want to be around when he did.

Pumping soap into my hand from the dispenser on the wall I lathered my chest, trying to decide if I wanted to do a full-body wash while I was still at the gym. Jenna didn’t like me to come home sweaty and stinky, but just being under the water would wash the sweat and the majority of the stink away, so I should be fine waiting until morning to wash my lower body. Rinsing the soap off my body, I reached for the shampoo.

“You missed a spot there, William,” Todd’s voice echoed off the tiled walls.

Fuck. I should have waited to shower at home. A pissed-off Jenna couldn’t be worse than this. I stood facing into the spray, wishing that he would go away, or that I had been hearing things.

“You shouldn’t neglect your body, William,” my gut clenched as his hand ran over my shoulder blades, sliding up my neck into my hair. “A clean body is a healthy body.”

I shrugged, trying to remain nonchalant. “This is just a quick shower before I head home. My fiancé doesn’t like me stinking up the car and the house.”

“Why waste water William? Finish your shower here, now.” He turned me to face him. “I’ll help you.”

I watched helplessly as he pumped soap into his hand, watched the lather foam between his fingers. I swallowed convulsively as Todd kneeled in front of me, his hands running up and down my legs, spreading the soap evenly. His fingers dug gently into my muscles, relieving the tension and sending it higher. The white suds climbed higher up my legs, inching up over my kneecaps onto my thighs. I clenched my eyes shut, hoping that he would stop, but then I felt his fingers curl around my balls, and I started hoping that he wouldn’t.

Shame blotched my cheeks as I watched Todd roll my balls around in his palm. I found myself hoping that he would suck my dick. The thought startled me, but I found myself craving it anyway. He looked up, his brown gaze searing into mine. He nodded, as if he was reading my mind, and his lips slid over the tip of my shaft. I wasn’t fully hard yet, but the moment his mouth closed over the tip and began to suck, I turned to stone.

“Ah, fuck,” I growled.

Todd pulled his lips off my cock with a pop. “Like that, do you Will?” I nodded, my hips thrusting of their own accord. “Relax, baby boy, I’ll give you what you want.”

This time, Todd sucked me down to the root. Jenna, even after six years together, couldn’t deep-throat my seven inches. I growled again, bumping my hips into Todd’s face. His hands slid up and gripped my hips tightly. “No,” he barked before sliding his lips down my dick again.

Over and over again he swirled his tongue around my shaft, skimming his teeth along the super-sensitive underside. Every time I felt like humping his face, fucking his mouth, his fingers tightened, reminding me of his order. I felt my balls draw up; I was about to cum. The shame I had felt as Todd had started to blow me returned, and I kept thinking that I should not be hard for, or getting sucked off by, another man.

Biting my cheek as the tingles started crawling up my spine, I fought the urge to rut against Todd’s face and cum all over him. It was wrong. I was a man who was attracted to women. I didn’t get my rocks off thinking about other guys. I was straight dammit. When her parents weren’t around Jenna and I fucked every night, in every position possible.

But when Todd said “Cum” I couldn’t help it. Pearly shots of cum shot from the end of my dick, and Todd swallowed them all. Jenna had complained once about the amount of cum I shot off when I orgasmed, but Todd said nothing as he sucked it from my cock.

“Good job, baby boy,” he whispered against my still-hard dick. He rose to his feet, his erection glancing my stomach. I gulped, feeling that impressive appendage pressed against me. Todd’s lips collided with mine and he shoved his tongue into my mouth, controlling the kiss.

I was knocked off balance, and clutched at his arms to steady myself as he plundered my mouth. Being accustomed yaşlı porno to being the aggressor, I was surprised as how quickly I let myself be taken by him. I could taste my cum on his tongue, the slightly salty taste made my dick twitch again, and he chuckled into my open mouth.

“Just can’t get enough, can you, baby boy?”

I shook my head, unable to help myself. I’d never cum that hard, or on command, in my life.

“Good,” he smiled, kissing me again. Our tongues dueled for a moment before he pulled away. “See you at the office tomorrow.”

With that reminder, I closed my eyes and waited for him to leave. The door to the locker room shut with a soft snick, but still I waited. The embarrassment washed over me, sending me reaching for the soap again so I could was my body. I didn’t miss an inch of skin, wanting to cleanse myself from his touch.

Jenna asleep in our bed when I got home, curled around my pillow like it was my body. Gently, I tugged the pillow out of her grasp and lay down beside her. She immediately snuggled into me. Despite my cleansing frenzy in the shower and all the shame that I felt, I was still hard. Determined to prove I was still a manly man, I pushed Jenna onto her back and stripped her t-shirt over her head. She mumbled incoherently, but didn’t open her eyes. When I set my mouth on her pussy, though, she awakened with a gasp.

“Will! What are you doing?” she hissed. “My parents are here!”

“Then you better be quiet,” I whispered, diving back into her lush folds. I lapped at her eagerly, devouring her musky sweet taste. Just when she was on the brink of cumming, I flipped her over and drove myself deep into her clenching cunt.

“Ohmygod, Will, ohmygod,” she chanted into her pillow.

I could tell she was trying to keep quiet, but that only drove me to try harder to make her scream. I was a woman’s man, and I was determined to prove it. Her pussy felt so good around my cock, hot heat that drenched my cock. I could see her juices flowing down her thighs, and her moans were growing steadily louder. Her pussy gripped my dick like a dream, far better than Todd’s mouth had. My cock tightened and I drove into her one last time, just as she screamed into the pillow.

I pulled out and watched as my cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh. It was such a turn-on, to see her marked with my seed like that. I swiped a finger through the creamy trail and raised it to her mouth.

“Suck it,” I ordered as she latched onto my finger greedily. Jenna was such a slut for the taste of my cum.

I curled up behind her and we fell asleep that way, with Jenna still sucking my cum-coated finger.

I kept glancing at the clock on my desk, watching the second hand tick by slowly. It was three o’clock, and I’d somehow managed to avoid running into Todd all day. Just two more hours and I would be home free, and wouldn’t have to fear running into Todd until after the New Year. That was plenty of time for both of us to forget what happened in the gym locker room.

“Hey, Will, package came for you.” Lindsay, my red-haired assistant smiled at me from the doorway to my office.

“Thanks, Lindsay, I’ll take it,” I said, rising from my chair.

She held out a small, cardboard box. She was actually the assistant that I shared with Paul, one of the other junior executives. A bathroom that we shared connected our offices, and Lindsay had a cubicle outside our doors. She was sweet girl, and Jenna thought when we first hired her that she would be a temptation for me, and I’d proved her wrong. Lindsay was a lesbian, who actually in a long-term relationship with as assistant to one of the senior executives.

Going back to my desk, I slit open the tape and opened the box. There was a note lying on top, and printed on it was:

You missed a spot. Do it now.

There was no signature, but I didn’t need one to know whom it was from. Setting the note aside, I looked down at the enema kit that lay inside the box. Panic clenched in my gut. I’d hoped that last night’s incident had been a one-time only event. I never wanted to experience that again.

I clutched the enema box in my hand, intending to throw it away, when my email pinged.

Waiting only prolongs the inevitable, baby boy.

Cursing in every way I could think of, I headed into my bathroom and locked both of the doors. It wasn’t necessary, since Paul was already on vacation, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Following the instructions on the box, I fulfilled Todd’s wishes and gave myself an enema. I’d never had one before, and I was surprised at how clean I felt when I was finished. I buried the kit deep in the trash, and brought the bag into my office to stash under my desk. I wasn’t going to risk the custodial staff seeing it and asking questions.

Sitting on my desk was another box.

Put this in and come to my office. You have 10 minutes.

My stomach tightened again, but it wasn’t repulsion that I aldatma porno felt this time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but as I ducked back into my bathroom, I knew that my dick was already hard.

Todd had included a small bottle of lube along with the butt plug in the latest box. I’d used one on Jenna before I’d fucked her ass for the first time, and I knew I couldn’t just pop it in there. Smearing a dollop on my fingers, I massaged my asshole. I pushed one finger inside, twisting it around. I was so glad Paul wasn’t in his office, because he surely would have heard the groan that escaped as I slid another finger into my freshly cleaned asshole.

I fucked myself with my fingers, loosening up my tight sphincter, prepping myself for the plug. It wasn’t overly large, but it would still be a challenge to take in my virgin ass. My teeth bit into my bottom lip as I pushed a third finger into my loosened hole. Twisting my fingers together, I concentrated on stretching the furled muscle ring, enjoying the way that it felt. I hadn’t allowed Jenna to play with my asshole before, but after this experience, I would have to let her.

Slipping my fingers out of my gaping hole, I immediately began inserting the butt plug. It was slightly tapered, but still thicker than my fingers had been. Remembering what I how I had instructed Jenna when I first took her ass, I exhaled as I pushed in on the plug. It popped into my ass, my grasping hole bringing the entire toy inside. I tugged gently on the base, insuring that it was snug inside my rectum.

Pulling up my pants proved to be a challenge, but I managed it and emerged from the bathroom. I half-expected anther box to be waiting for me on my desk, but there was none. I had my instructions, and looking at the clock, I had three minutes to get up to Todd’s office. I couldn’t walk quickly, the plug prevented that, but each step sent sparks of pleasure up my spine and swirling back down to my aching cock.

Todd’s office was three floors above mine; a corner office that was easily the size of four of the junior executive offices, which weren’t small by any means. He was waiting for me, sitting on his leather sofa, looking powerful and in-control in his suit. My dick leapt in my pants, the plug twitching inside my ass.

“Glad you could follow directions. Come,” he patted the cushion next to him. “Sit.”

I gulped, unsure if I was capable of sitting with the plug filling my ass. Todd noted my hesitation and raised an eyebrow.

“I said sit.”

Gingerly, I lowered myself onto the couch. The sensation nearly blindsided me. I felt stuffed full and fought the urge to squirm around until I shot in my boxers.

“Like that plug, don’t you, baby boy?” Todd crooned, stroking my hair. I nodded. “Just wait until it’s my dick, sweet boy. You’re going to love it.” He scooted closer to me, his mouth nibbling on my ear. “You’re going to crave my dick, want it inside you so bad you’ll do anything.”

Panic welled inside me, and I shot out of my seat. I wasn’t gay. I wasn’t. I didn’t want to get fucked in the ass by my boss. I didn’t want to be sitting in his office with a plug lodged in my backdoor. “No!”

Todd rose to his feet. “Oh, yes, baby boy. I took care of you last night, and now you’re going to take care of me.”

His hand clamped over my mouth, his mouth back at my ear. “Now are you going to be a good boy and do as you’re told? Or am I going to have to gag you?”

I shook my head vehemently. “I’ll be good,” I mumbled into his palm.

“Good boy.” His hand slipped from my mouth and slid down my torso to cup my cock. “Nice and hard for me already, I like that baby boy. I want to see your cock again.”

My hands fumbled with my belt, but I managed to open it and slide my pants down to my knees. My traitorous cock strained against my belly, pre-cum pearling at the head.

“Look at that,” Todd murmured. “Such a beautiful cock, and all for me.” He slid a thumb across my slit, collecting the white droplets. “Suck it,” he ordered, shoving his thumb in my mouth.

Even though I had tasted my cum in his mouth the night before, I had never tasted myself directly from the source. I groaned as I latched onto his thumb, savoring the moment when the salty bitterness was gone. I couldn’t believe the things I was doing for Todd. I’d never had inclinations towards anther guy before. I never would have imagined that I would be obeying his every command like this, hard a rock and craving more.

Todd shoved me away from him, his thumb slipping from my mouth with an audible pop. His fingers slid down my chest, undoing the buttons of my shirt. Once undone he flung the material behind him onto the couch. “Get on your knees, baby boy,” he commanded.

I lowered willingly, clenching my sphincter around the plug to insure it stayed deep in my ass. The burning sensation had long gone and I only felt the pleasurable fullness and the occasional rub against my prostate. I knelt at Todd’s feet, waiting for further instruction.

Fingers tore at my belt and he shoved my pants and boxers to my knees. With a hand at my back he pushed me down so my chest was on the floor, my hands stretched above my head. My ass was angled up, practically begging for his attention. I could feel his smile against my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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