Demon Graveyard

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Sasha walked through the grave yard with a drink in hand, her finger going around one small spool of yarn of eight in her jacket pocket. She was a sewer. Her hair was long, wavy and black. The girl of Japanese heritage wore spandex pants, a white t-shirt and a shiny leather jacket. It was a party and Sasha was there with friends. She wasn’t drunk but she didn’t want to be there for much longer. Her ex was watching her and following her through most of the party. When he wasn’t looking she slipped out.
Her car wasn’t too far away but still, she had already spotted her ex coming from behind. He was drunk and stumbling around. She looked around seeing a crypt. She rolled her eyes, usually in the movies she would be the first one to die by going into the crypt and waking the ancient horror within, a mummy, a zombie, some other kind of undead abomination. She slipped through the already open gate of the ten by ten crypt. She could hear him calling, and he was a violent man, never quite forgiving her for the break up. She kept backing up further and further until she was actually touching the crypt. Her tongue licked her large lips, her voluptuous butt pressed against the stone coffin, one of her sharp stiletto high heel platforms went against the stone coffin, sliding down it the stone surface landing on a pebble sized piece of stone protruding from the stones of gray brick. The entire coffin began to shift back, as she fell inside of the hole left from it. She landed on soft soil, looking up, there was a lever all the way down right by her that slowly start going up as the coffin shifted back into place. She pulled her car keys and lit the small torch flash light on it. She looked around hearing the door of the crypt squeak out further.
“Where are you bitch!” she heard him call drunkenly. She just started going down the corridor. It went down for a good thirty feet when she looked behind herself to make sure she could still see the entrance. But there was a two way split. She came from the left one, she pulled one of her spools and a small pocket knife and snipped a piece of yarn dropping it at the left entry. She then started walking further and ran into another one of these two way splits. She did the same for this one. Another piece of yarn. She found that these were ever more common down here. So she kept on doing it. She wandered down these halls knowing they had to lead to some kind of exit for an hour. Some of these passage ways having three or four ways to go behind them and some more. But she then saw light ahead. She smiled seeing a few people walking past the exit. She walked down with a sigh of relief leaving her last one when she called for help turning her flashlight off. One of the people, a silhouette in the doorway looked at her. The person seemed to laugh, judging by the heaving of the shoulders, its hands on its hips, it pulled its head over as a sign to come on and hurry up. She ran in her heels getting up to the person, still not being able to see it only as a black figure, the light behind it was so immense. She could really see it but could barely tell it held a hand out to her. Her eyes narrowed in an attempt to see and took the mans hand. They were very, very warm. It suddenly jerked pulling her into the light. It was blinding for a second or two but her eyes then adjusted and saw the man for what he really was. Not a man but a monster. His skin was bulbous yet looked strewn taut across its body, it roared in her face revealing a mouth of long sharp teeth, its eyes empty sockets filled with teeth themselves, all roaring at her. Its head turned into a fleshy cone that would fall side to side. Its chest another mouth, its hands had long razors on them. Sasha screamed in horror as the monster began to drag her away. Monster similar roared gathered quickly roaring at her.
“Can we eat her!” one roared,
“I want to take it loins!” another cried,
“No!” the one dragging her yelled, its voice having one solid thunderous voice, the second normal with a rasp, and the other two sounding weaker and more frail, “she will go to the butcher, like all of the other females that have wondered down her.” None of them seemed pleased.
She was dragged across the hard stone ground as the monsters surround her, broken and shattered bones, gnawed on and chewed up were scattered ever where. She was suddenly tossed forward. Face down, antalya escort bayan she started to lift her head.
“What have we here?” a gurtle and raspy voice asked, sound very loud. She slowly looked up seeing with a shuddering jaw. There she saw a nine foot monstrosity. A bloated and fat evil creature of hate sat upon a massive throne made of steel and bones. Orange and blue fires burned brightly all around the large room. They monster growled, with no lips but large visible gums the monster stared at her with slit evil red eyes, three horns, two on each side, one broken and one in the middle of its head. It wore a small loin cloth, not enough to cover the massive member beneath it. Its intestines had long blown from its bloated belly and had pieces of flesh hanging all over from it. It stepped off of its throne as all of the monsters surrounding it stepped back getting to their knees. The demons intestines lifted as if they had minds of their own. She slowly and timidly began to stand in full fear of the monster, its wings flapping once every few seconds.
“I am Asmazok, Demon of the Forge, Butcher of the Weak, Devourer of Flesh. There were legions of us, one as powerful as me and ones even greater, and endless ones of the weaker then us. I was a lord. Until the light was breathed into the universe we were trapped down here with four other lords. We fought each other and I was the victor. I still heal from my wounds so many years ago. We have been trying to travel those thousands upon thousands of tunnels for 100 years, when they first appeared. And they bare us no fruit. Your kind just keep showing up here.” By this time he was too Sasha and walked around her slowly, “And none of them know how to leave, so I devour them, before I have my fun with them first. You human females, are so soft, yet durable.”
Sasha couldn’t move she was in so much fear. That was when she felt a large fleshy hand grasp her shoulder. She gasped being pulled into the air, its hand feeling her body up and down, a fingertip poking her pouty lips, then hands grabbing her well round ass, then going up her legs, the hands ripping off her jacket and shirt as a large tongue came out licking her C-cup tits. It then ripped her spandex pants off and her panties. She gasped feeling the massive three four inch around dick press against her soft, and oddly wet folds. She gave a very short lived contorted cry that turned into a gasp as it stretched her pussy wide. Inch by inch the large hard cock that must have been at least ten or twelve inches made its way inside of her. She gave loud growl of pain and pleasure. Its tongue lapped around her breasts, the long thing started wrapping around her body as she gripped his thick tough skin. She didn’t know what it was but she could feel something wiggling inside of her pussy, it felt so good, she couldn’t help but let the orgasm overwhelm her.
“Ugh! GOD! Uh!” she cried squeezing her eyes shut throwing her head back in pure delight. Her pussy was so soaking wet that it barely hurt anymore. The tongue was so sensitive against her soft flesh. She quivered in how weird it felt, but she couldn’t deny the feelings. Her juices squirted all around its long hard phallus. One of its large hands grabbed her ass one of its long pudgy finger with long black fingernails dipped into her asshole, it pressed through her tight little sphincter gauging her reaction of a scream, the cry of pain quickly turned into a moan of pleasure. The demon gave a deep gurtle laugh. Its lust only matched by its hunger lifted her and slammed her back down on its member faster and harder. Sasha screamed in pleasure. Both of them were insatiable at this point as it just slammed her body down harder and faster, Sasha just wanted to keep on feeling the pleasure as her moans turned to slurs in an attempt to catch her breath. It she gave a vicious roar as she felt it explode inside of her. It dropped her with an evil grin.
“Which one of my fallen was the one who found the girl?”
One of the foul fallen walked forward. Sasha looked, it was indeed the one who found her.
“Bring her to the torture chambers and do anything you wish to her. But I want to feast upon her flesh when you bring her out.”
“Wait!” Sasha cried out, her mind coming out from pleasure filled experience at the threat of torture and consumption, “I can get you to leave this place! escort antalya To go to the surface again.”
“No” was the simple reply, “The last fifteen said the same thing. They could not remember when they walked through those barriers. You will have no more luck then they, we have given up our hope on the matter of escape.”
The fallen roared grabbing her by the hair it started to drag her away. She screamed in protest and grabbed her captor’s hands. All of the fallen jumped around and roared at the one. She was led through the room and to a rock doorway. It kicked the stone door open rushing in it dragged her to a stone slab. It began to slap steel cuffs chained to the stone slab to her. First her wrists, then her ankle laying her on her stomach. Tears fell from her cheeks not wanting to die. She winced, feeling its cold claws at her back slowly sliding down her bare flesh. Her eyes scanned around. She needed anything, she honestly couldn’t remember what she did to make sure she could make her way back, she knew it, but honestly couldn’t remember what it was, the demon was right, her memory had been taken as soon as she went through the light. She peered past the slowly closing door seeing her clothes that were torn to shreds. She saw a color that didn’t belong there at all, cyan and silver, it was a yarn spool. THE YARN!
The door came to a close.
“Wait! Wait!” she cried, “I really do know how to get out of here. Please if you help me get out I’ll show you too.”
“How?” It queried with its unsettling voice.
“I have a way of getting out, but you have to promise not to kill me after we escape.” Silence lingered,
“Deal.” Was its singular response.
She felt the cold steel keep on going down her back and go over the sweaty flesh of her ass, her body glistened in it.
“I thought you weren’t going to hurt me?” she said beginning to breath hard.
“I am still going to have MY fun with you girly.” It said snarling,
It hopped on top of the slab, she gave a small gasp feeling its member slip and slide between her large round ass cheeks. Hers eyes went buggy in fear. It suddenly jerked its dick down shoving it into her asshole as she offered a violent scream and thrashed around feeling the hard long dick slide in slow and hard. She could feel the bladed hand grasp her soft wet ass cheeks hard and squeeze them together around its phallus. It gave a low pleasurable growl. It pulled out and went back in slowly catching speed. The young Japanese woman grunted trying to take the large member. She gave low grunted moans still feeling pain but nowhere close to what she felt with the demon. She lifted her pelvis giving the fallen a better angle and loosen her own asshole. It worked quite a bit she was actually enjoying the feeling now as she moaned back. It fell forward a bit, she felt its steel blades grasp each side of her jaw ramming her ass whispering to her, all three mouths on its head whispered something different. One whispered one of how it was going to fuck her till the end of time, another about how it was going to bite her little pussy off and eat her out for real, the other saying all the sexual tortures it was going to inflict the next one worse then the last by ten… All of them turned her on immensely. It then occurred to her.
Death was sexy.
She liked it when it whispered these things of doom to her. She felt its torsos teeth scratching at her back. Its tongue had ventured around her body and was licking her deep in her pussy. She gave a scratching moan that was a heavy orgasm. The monster started slamming harder and harder, slapping her ass very hard leaving bright red lines on her ass cheeks but didn’t pierce the skin. It roared as it jazzed in her tight little asshole. She giggled a little.
“Wow, your dick feels so good rammed up my fucking asshole.” It began to slowly take it out. She shivered sensually feeling it leave her ass ever so slowly.
A moment of silence went by. She closed her eyes with a little smile and then opened her eyes to see its horrid face in front of hers.
“Now!” all of its mouths said, “How do we get out?”

“I want my meal soon.” The demon lord said resting a hand on his top chin.
The stone door busted open as they sprinted out together. The Demon lord narrowed his eyes in anger as the fallen began to gather around and give chase. None of the fallen had expected this, never antalya escort had a single fallen ever went against the word of the master. They were outraged. Sasha and the fallen sprinted through the door of darkness.
“Hold!” the demon said standing, speaking to all of the fallen that had gone in. “I will lead this assault.” They all gasped in surprise. The demon lord had not taken to the tunnels in search for a long time. It was rare indeed. He charged like a bat from hell through the large door and barely saw as they went down one of the hundred of tunnels lined up.
Asmazok went forth. For an hour this chase led, and Asmazok saw that they had reached a dead end. He kept going forward as the two talked between each other.
“A dead end? What a surprise!” the great demon lord said with a vile and cruel laugh.
Sasha shook her head, “No Asmazok, not a dead end.” She said pulling the lever. The ceiling shifted over as the cool still air of the decaying dead filled the stuffy ancient air.
Asmazok gawked in amazement. “The surface.”
“I told you demon lord, I told you I knew. And so did this brave fallen, he knew the truth in my words.”
“This is a great treat, and if I am to lead a campaign in this world or leave in it as a secret danger I need lieutenants, smart ones. You both shall be them. I bestow this gift upon you.” The wretched demon said lifting both of them with a vile laugh. He put his tentacle intestines on each of their mouths as he began to get thinner. The fallen, and Sasha started to glow a bright yellowish red as their forms changed.

“I don’t know where that little cunt went.” Randy, Sasha’s ex told a young blonde girl in a miniskirt.
“Well…” She started with a little smile, “If she doesn’t want to play with you, I will.” She giggled, she pulled him close kissing him deeply, he immediately grabbed her ass, she liked it.
They stopped as everyone started screaming. Randy looked up seeing monsters tearing people to pieces. Among them… SASHA! But she had wings, beady black eyes, small horns and a tail.

Sasha laughed seeing all of these people, most of them see honestly hated anyway. If she saw any of her friends she would save them, but she was pretty sure they were all running. But then she spotted her ex staring at her. She gave a quick smirk. Her new lover next to her, a newly appointed demon lord, appointed, Azelam, Harvester of the Innocent. With large black wings, new pure white eyes, still a large mouth torso with gleaming white teeth, large wicked black and twisted blade fingers, his legs were shaped like a goats but had human feet. Two long and curving horns on its head with several smaller horns on it. Its white eyes reeled back showing mouths on the opposite side of the eyeballs, small globs fell from them, they grew fast turning into amoeba like oozes that went on the chase.
Sasha jumped at them and landed right in front of Randy. She smiled wickedly.
“Here I am bitch.” She whispered, his eyes were that of terror, “Is this your new fuck toy?” she asked seeing his hand still firmly planted on her ass, “What’s wrong Randy? Don’t you want to fuck me?” she asked grasping his privates. She then tackled him as he screamed in horror and pain blood splattering everywhere. The blonde girl got blood all over her clothes too afraid to move. Sasha stood up and looked at her. She got in her space smelling the side of her face. Her bloody hand going up the inside of her thigh.
“Sorry, I guess I got you wet.” She said with an evil little grin. She grabbed the blonde girl’s ass. She yelped and stepped back, “not as good as mine, but it’s alright, I think my lover might like you. He’ll break that little ass in, what do you say?” she asked, tears were already streaming down the blonde girls face in terror. Her back then hit something. She gulped once slowly turning around to see the demon lord standing above her. Azelam my love, please show my dear here sexual horrors like she could have never of dreamed of.” She said hissing a giggle. He grabbed the girl lifting her to his eyes and stared deeply into hers.
His hand reached back and grasped a handful of her perk ass. His claw cutting through her panties.
“I am going to rip your little asshole apart with my dick while shoving my fingers in that filthy little cunt. I will call you whore, and that is the name you will respond to. I hear by lay a curse upon you. Sasha and I can rip you apart in every way possible but you will not die, you will heal in a matter of hours to this in perfect health form. You will know pain human. That I promise.”

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