Deon Pt. 03

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Deon turned to me and said “I’ll keep the noise down from now on if you agree to keep your mouth and pussy on call 24/7 until I leave.” “Deal” I croaked as I licked my lips, he took one last photo of me licking his cum from my lips and went to the shower…

I stood on shaky legs and wobbled my way back to my bedroom, ass clenched to stop anything dripping on to the carpet, I noticed the time as I went to the shower, he had fucked me near constantly for two hours! I started the shower and slumped against the wall, letting the hot water wash over me and clean off all the evidence of what had happened. I remember getting out of the shower, brushing my teeth and getting dressed, the rest of the day passed by in a blur. My wife was tired when she and Jake returned so we ordered pizza and watched a movie together, Jessica and Deon cuddled up on one sofa, nothing indecent thankfully. We shared a bottle of wine between us all after Jake had gone to bed, Deon apologised for the noise and promised they would save their intimacy for when we were all out of the house.

That night passed peacefully, I slept like a baby, my mouth suckling at an imaginary cock.

The next day was our annual trip to the pantomime, as Jake was now 13 it would probably be the last time we would be able to take him before his objections became too hard to ignore. Deon and Jessica came with us and behaved themselves, Jessica was dressing more conservatively and Deon was making an effort to dress a little smarter as well.

When the lights went down my hand automatically made its way to Deon’s lap and worked its way into his pants to gently stroke his soft cock.

At the intermission Jessica and Deon went to the toilet while I made my way through the scrum of the ice cream queue and Julie dragged Jake with her to try to get the autograph of the ‘celebrity’ guest star.

I was in the queue for the ice cream when I heard Deon calling my name, I turned to look and there he was, his head poking out of the accessible toilet, calling for me. I sighed and left my place in the queue to see what he wanted, as I walked into the stall Jessica sat on the toilet in front of me, proudly showing her spectacular 32DD tits, covered with love bites, belly button pierced, legs spread wide, pussy as smooth casino siteleri and hairless as it was when she was a baby.

Deon locked the door quickly and Jessica said in that sexy, sing-song baby girl voice “There’s no toilet paper daddy…” one of her hands drifted between her legs to rub her pussy “and I’m all sticky…” I went to my knees in front of her and she eased herself forward, spread her legs wider and leant back to give me total access to her beautiful pussy.

I started to kiss and lick her inner thighs, Jessica cooed in happiness and ran her fingers through my hair to pull me closer. “Don’t tease me daddy…” she whispered, so I started to lick her pussy passionately, licking up and down her lips, darting my tongue in and out of her hole, making her gasp, lapping around her clit, then repeating again and again. I took a second to take a breath and sucked on two of my fingers, after I had licked her lips, I lapped at her clit and gently eased my fingers into her, she bucked her hips forward and back and groaned out an orgasm. I kept my tongue lapping at her clit and curled my fingers up to stroke the inner wall of her hole, searching for the magic spot. A shudder ran through my daughter letting me know I had found it, so I carried on stroking that spot with my fingers as I lapped at her clit, she was getting close and I knew we were running out of time so I added a third finger to her sopping wet pussy and gently bit her clit. Jessica screamed silently and passed out in Deon’s arms.

I gently licked her pussy lips clean of her juices and gave her a love bite on her inner thigh to remember me by. Then I stood up grinned at Deon, who was looking at me in shock, kissed Jessica on the lips, smearing her lipstick a little with her juices and quickly washed my hands and face to get rid of any evidence.

I waved and left the toilet just in time to rejoin the ice cream queue before the two minute curtain call.

When Deon and Jessica got back to their seats it was dark so no one could see what a mess Jessica was in, thankfully she had recovered and made herself presentable by the end of the show.

Afterward we all went to dinner at a restaurant, I sat with Deon and Jessica, Deon was in between us. As my wife and I were trying to persuade canlı casino Jake to try to eat something slightly more healthy than a burger, I felt Deon take my hand and move it below the table onto his crotch, without thinking I began to stroke his cock through his jeans and felt my dick stiffen as his grew.

After the waitress had taken our order, I excused myself to go to the toilet, Deon said he needed to go too and my ass started to wiggle as I walked to the gents, the closer I got the more my ass stuck out and my hips rolled when I walked, just as I got to the door I looked back to see Deon staring at my ass with a look of lust on his face, behind him back at our table no one was looking our way. As the door closed behind us I knew what was coming and I wanted it badly, Without checking to see if he was following I walked to the accessible cubicle, took my jacket and shirt off, took my chinos and underpants down and sat on the toilet waiting.

Deon came into the cubicle and closed the door, his cock was semi hard after my stroking it earlier, I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and leant forward. Neither of us said anything, the room was filled with the sound of a sloppy blowjob, his hands went through my hair to the back of my head to control the pace and depth and one of my hands crept down between my legs to finger my ass hole, the other fondled and tugged, rolled and squeezed his balls gently. We both knew we didn’t have much time so he picked up his pace and started to really fuck my face before he shot his load in my mouth. I saw stars as the flavour, texture and volume of his cum overwhelmed me. I was still new to this and in my excitement of sucking this superior man in a public place I couldn’t swallow fast enough and his cum started to drip down my chin onto my chest.

Deon zipped up and left and as I was starting to get up another man stood in the door way with his hard cock in his hand.

He came into the cubicle, closed the door and whispered “Suck it whore.” That was the magic word, I couldn’t help myself I became a cock zombie, I leant forward and took his cock into my mouth. My fingers returned to my ass hole as I sucked on this new cock, it wasn’t as long or as thick as Deon’s, but it was a good looking cock and he had called me kaçak casino a whore so I happily sucked him until he spurted a weak shot or two in my mouth, zipped up and left.

There was another stranger standing outside the cubicle as I slowly made my way to the sink to clean up, he came up behind me, ground his crotch into my still tingling ass and pulled on my nipples as he whispered “such a good whore” in my ear. His hands dropped to my waist and he brutally pulled by trousers and pants down in one motion. He kicked at my legs and pushed one hand on the small of my back and the other over my mouth and without warning I felt his hard cock push between my ass cheeks and against my wanting hole.

I had been horny since I stroked Deon’s cock in the theatre and eating my daughter at intermission and giving those two blowjobs had only made things worse, so when this stranger started to grope me in public my cock cravings took over and I reached behind me to spread my ass open as wide as I could. The man needed no further invitation and rammed his cock into my greedy ass hole.

I had spent some time after my shower this morning rubbing baby oil around and into my ass and I was now very grateful that I had, as the stranger was not gentle. I pushed my ass back to match his rhythm and milked his hard cock with my ass muscles, I could feel the warm pleasure radiating from my ass, the feeling of an itch being scratched, the incredible toe-curling pressure beginning to build, that happy fog of cock lust starting to cloud my mind when he shoved his cock inside me one last time, bit my shoulder to smother the sound of his orgasm and spurted four or five shots of cum into me with such force I felt them in my ass.

He pulled out quickly and I turned and dropped to my knees to clean his cock but he was already buckling his belt and leaving.

I was still on my knees with my mouth open, happy fog of cock lust clouding my mind when Deon came back into the toilet. “Julie sent me to look for you, your food is going cold” he said.

By the time I came back to the table, the food had been cleared away and there was no disguising that I was in a state. I made an excuse about an upset stomach and when my wife wasn’t looking Deon whispered in my ear “too full to eat?” I ignored him and kept my head down. I nursed a glass of water through dessert and paid the bill, apologising for my loss of appetite.

As I was getting dressed for bed that night I noticed that two business cards had been put into my jacket pocket.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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