Departing in Diamonds

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Departing in Diamonds
Don’ you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
She’ll beat you if she’s able

— The Eagles, “Desperado”

“Thank God, it’s almost over,” she thought to herself as she looked out the window with weariness. It was another cold dreary day in the middle of October, and outside it was drizzle without end. It seemed like such a cruel irony that the sun should hide itself at this time of year. Its bright yellow rays would provide such a nice illumination on the trees, whose leaves had transformed into a rich pageant of fleeting golds and rusts. Soon the wind would release them from their mother limbs, and crooked skeletons would remain.

It was the last day of employment as a nanny, with a client she would hardly miss. True, the pay was good, but the job had a high price of its own. The couple had disagreements in plenty, but both of them had one thing in common — they clearly confused service and servitude, deciding that the former was synonymous with the latter. It wasn’t enough that she had to take care of the kids. She also had to help out at Jay’s office, listen to Laura vent about Jay’s countless shortcomings, and sit in the crossfire of their disintegrating marriage. At first, the drama had some entertainment value, but after time it had lost its luster. At least The War of the Roses had dark humor. This situation was just plain dark.

By contrast, the kids were giddy tonight because they were going over to some friends for sleepovers. She thought to herself that they probably couldn’t wait to escape this loveless home. She gathered up some freshly folded laundry to take to the kids’ rooms so that they could pack their overnight bags. They would be whisked away by the other parents’ SUVs sometime around 7.

Shortly after 6:30, the door to the house opened and shut. It was Jay coming back from work. Laura wouldn’t be home for another two or three hours because she was out with friends, seeking retail therapy at one of the many upscale establishments that helped to make the north side that hotbed of congestion that it was today.

Jay barked an obligatory, “I’m home,” and headed straight to the living room to pour himself a drink to unwind. He’d never quite gotten used to the role of hands-on-daddy, so the thought of striking up a conversation with the kids about their day was as foreign as foie gras. He turned on the TV to watch some ESPN.

The advent of 7 o’clock brought the arrival of the kid’s rides. Jay responded to their good-byes by the third time that they shouted them in the foyer. He didn’t even bother to get up to see them off.

Feeling free to finally leave, she made her way to the door. This time, Jay seemed very aware of his surroundings. “Tiffany? Can you come in here?” he called. She responded with a “Yeah, sure!” as she made her way from the front of the house to the living room where Jay was still lounging.

She noticed that there was something different about Jay, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Jay swirled the alcohol in his glass as he collected his thoughts. She looked at him awkwardly and beat him to his opening statement saying, “So I guess this is good-bye?”

Jay pulled out of his momentary stupor and said, “Yeah, yeah, I guess it is… Tiffany, you know it’s going to be tough to see you go. I’m not sure where those kids would be without you. Being a mother is about the last thing on Laura’s mind, and I’m not exactly great dad material, either. You’ll be a tough act to follow.”

She was surprised by the stream of compliments coming from Jay. Indeed, he was one of the slowest to come up with a grateful word in the day-to-day grind. Her mind scurried quickly to come up with something nice to say in return, “Thanks, Jay, that means a lot to me. It’ ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle sure is going to be tough to move on.” She thought to herself, “Nice goin’, Tiff. You just waded your way into the Bullshit Swamp. You should have just quite while you’re ahead.”

Jay replied, “I ummm… uhhh… had a little something to give you as a token of my appreciation for all your service.” Reaching into a vest pocket on his coat, he got a perplexed look, followed by a facial expression that clearly conveyed a feeling of “Oh, darn!” He looked at her directly and said, “You wouldn’t mind coming upstairs with me to go get it, would you?”

She was a little unnerved by this request, but she decided to take him at his word and follow him up to his room. Walking into the room, she admired the beautiful dresser with a mirror, wincing just a bit at the reflection she saw. She was okay with her full figure; so that was hardly a problem.

However the lax dress code of her job as a nanny had left her in something of a rut, dressing for maximum comfort rather than sex appeal. It was a far cry from the nanny archetype created by Fran Drescher some fifteen years ago. She soothed herself by believing her casual look would deter Jay from making any untoward advances.

As she distracted herself with the mirror, Jay made his way swiftly into the bathroom and back out. There was something in the grasp of his right hand. He approached her from behind and looked at her looking at herself in the mirror.

He cleared his throat a bit to catch her attention and said, “You like that dresser, don’t you? We spent way too much on it. We spend way too much on everything. But you only get to live life once, so you might as well enjoy the days you have for certain.”

His voice shifted from the conversational to the tentative, “I uhhh… know this might seem to be an odd gift to give you, but…” His arms came from behind her to garnish her bust with a beautiful diamond necklace. “… I think you deserve it.”

She was floored speechless for a moment, and as she came back to her senses she made eye contact with him in the mirror. She realized where she had seen this piece of fine jewelry before… on Laura! She tried to refuse, “Jay, doesn’t this belong to…”

Jay camly hushed her and said, “Yeah, but don’t worry about it. Laura’s got so much of this frickin’ ice that she probably won’t miss it. Besides, it was all bought with my money, anyway. That bitch sure can burn through a stack of C-notes….”

Jay caught himself verging on yet another tirade against his wife in her presence. Even he knew that was way out of line on such an occasion, so he immediately stood down from attack posture. Jay cooled down and turned her around so that he could look at it on her. She didn’t seem too rattled by the aborted rant.

At this moment she looked very attractive to Jay’s eyes. Although her hair was pulled up in a quick do, and she was wearing a heavily faded pair of jeans, her sweater did have a daringly plunging neckline that flattered her form, and he wondered why he hadn’t picked up on her sexiness all along.

He didn’t say anything further and placed a kiss on her lips. She knew that this was very wrong, but she couldn’t resist matching lips with him. She knew that Laura was indeed a bitch with a bad spending habit to boot. She had even been the beneficiary of some of Laura’s long distance shopping trips.

Whatever trace of loyalty that she may have felt toward Laura due to those trinkets was being dissolved by quickly by the power of Jay’s tongue. After first ceding her mouth to him, she pressed back with her own to match in a slippery duel that would foreshadow an even deeper union.

She biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle felt his mature, strong hands cup her ass cheeks and press her body to his. She could feel the hardness within that awaited her. Her breath began to become deeper, and her inner depths grew wetter. Her hands massaged his back, encouraging him to proceed further.

Jay moved his hands up her sweater to grab her full breasts. Her endowments had grabbed the eye of many a man before, and soon they would overpower him. Off came her sweatshirt and her bra. He rubbed the nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, stimulating them to full erection, stopping only occasionally to cup and manhandle her milky white tits.

She began to feel a just a little selfish for receiving so much so she unbuttoned his shirt to feel his chest, caressing the muscles of the front of his body, stopping short just south of the navel, bringing out moans that clearly stated he wanted more than that She wanted to tease this prick and make him earn her.

He undid her pants and shoved down her panties to expose that well-shaven pussy. Her stance was such that there was enough of a part at her crotch to allow him to drag his index and middle fingers across the mound of her pussy, and he did, picking up the first fruits of her nectar. She would be ripe for the taking soon.

His slacks and underwear came off, and then his socks. Soon there was nothing left but the nude bodies of two very different people, at very different places in their lives, with only one common short term goal.

Jay forced her onto the bed, with her lying on her back, and began nibbling at her neck lightly, like a lustful vampire. Her heart quickened and moaned in approval. His very hard cock first pressed against her soft belly, leaving behind a trail of pre-cum, like some sort of seminal slug, as he made his way to her warmth.

With authority, Jay rolled her over onto her hands and knees, positioning her ass at the end of the bed. He grabbed his manhood and pierced her folds easily, sliding all the way into her. His hand grabbed her hips as he performed a few slow reciprocations to ensure that her body had fully accommodated him.

Her mind and body were prepared for this. The constraints of societal norms and moral codes were slowly sinking into a heated pool of raw desire. It had been a while since she had been with a man, several weeks perhaps. Like a desert primed for the ever so rare rain, she was ready to take in his torrents.

Jay started to thrust her faster and deeper, experimenting with pace until he found a rhythm that suited him. She closed her eyes and clawed onto the bed’s comforter as she withstood the pounding. The beautiful bed started to rattle and squeak from their union. She gasped and bit her lip, every once in a while eyeing the mirror to see what it looked like.

She couldn’t get over the way Jay paced his fucking, holding off his orgasm. He was nothing like the guys her age, who popped their corks in less than two minutes. Every once in a while, Jay would slow down and deliver some very powerful slams deep into her. His voluminous balls would slap against her, reminding her of his dominance in this setting. He was definitely an alpha male.

To her it felt as if he was transforming the rage he felt toward Laura into pure sexual energy. Every blow he could have thrown at her in an act of violence was being delivered as a deep stab into her pussy. The orgasms started to sweep through her body. The room was full of entwining male and female moans. Beads of sweat began to glisten on both of them.

Coherent thoughts became scarce through her mind, but the one that surfaced was just how good of a fuck bizi ayıran çizgi izle Jay was. She could understand why Laura might have stayed with him so long. But a steady stream of money and mind blowing sex goes so far.

Jay slowed his from-behind banging to a halt, and quickly rolled her over onto her back and held her legs at a V. He proceeded to fuck her at all deliberate speed. The increasing frequency of his moans and growls foretold of a climax. Suddenly, another coherent thought emerged from her consciousness.

“Jay… unnhhh… I… IIII… I’m… not… on… the… piiiilll… Jay! Pull… out.. please?” The fragmented request finally registered in Jay’s brain and at the very last second, he pulled his cock out and proceeded to stroke it furiously.

“Ooohhhhuhhhuu… Yeaahhhhhhhhh,” Jay growled as his cum proceeded to shoot out in large spurts, the first landing just shy of her full tits. The streaks landed nearer to her belly each time, leaving a pearly white mess all over her midriff.

Jay came out of his post orgasmic trance and looked down at the fruit of his labor and said, “Oooh Tiffany, baby. Damn, that was good.” He ran to the bathroom to clean off his cock and prepare a warm, wet washcloth to clean up the mess on her. They kissed and cuddled for a few moments in a euphoric afterglow.

The ring of a telephone interrupted their cooing. Jay answered. It was Laura, she was on her way back from shopping, and she was about 10 minutes away. Quickly, they hurried to get dressed and get her out of there. It was shortly after 9 pm, and they’d have a hard time explaining why she had lingered there for so long.

Later that weekend, she got a phone call from Laura. After she picked up the phone to answer, Laura said, “Tiffany, hon, we didn’t get a chance to say ‘good-bye.’ Could I interest you in maybe a lunch date?” Feeling a bit squeamish given the events earlier in the week, she accepted the invitation.

The lunch went fairly well, give or take the obligatory soon-to-be-ex-husband bashing. Toward the end, as they were waiting for the waiter to come back with Laura’s credit card and receipt, Laura leaned forward and looked into her eyes. “Tiffany, I want to thank you for all you’ve done.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a disc jewel case with a home-made DVD. In black marker ink was written the words, “Smoking Gun.”

She began to get a puzzled look on her face as she looked back up at Laura. Laura continued, “I knew that son-of-a-bitch couldn’t keep it in his pants after I cut him off, so I had the bedroom equipped with cameras, so I could catch that rat bastard when he’d finally be too weak to resist. I caught ev-er-rey minute of it.”

Suddenly her face became white with anxious terror. Laura picked up on this and gave her a friendly look, “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m not mad at you. Hell, if I was in your shoes, I would have jumped at the chance, too. I just needed an bit of evidence to help me out as I try to get this divorce settlement worked out. You just gave me a big advantage. And don’t worry, I would call you in to testify or anything like that.”

She breathed a sigh of relief, even if she still had trouble shaking off the initial embarrassment of being busted. “Thanks, Laura. I appreciate you keeping me out of this.” Laura replied, ” Tiffany, I need to get going because I’ve got a hair appointment in 15 minutes. You can keep that DVD. I made a copy for your own… ahhhh… entertainment… And, by the way, that necklace looked good on you. Feel free to keep it.” Laura gave her a peck on the cheek and headed on her way.

Later that evening, as she lay in bed, she broke out the DVD to give it an initial screening. As she leisurely stroked her clit to the action, she was impressed at how Laura had positioned the cameras in all the right places. It was just as good as a porn video, if not better. But unlike the many vids she had watched before, this one included a mental recollection of what everything really felt like.

She’d probably never see Jay and Laura again, which was a good thing, but she’d never forget the way they said good-bye.

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