Desires Realized Ch. 1

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Another day of work ahead of me and all I want to do is find some way to hide from the world and go play. My mind is a million miles away, and in my thoughts a seductive black haired vixen is sitting on my face, rubbing her pussy over my lips, my tongue and sliding over my nose. I try to steady her by holding her hips with my hands drawing her even closer to my face as I lick, suck and kiss her all over from her asshole to her clit. God I love the taste of her, my cock is so hard and sticking straight up begging for her to bend over and take me in her mouth.

I inadvertently glance at the clock and see its time to get my butt rolling or I will be late, better start getting dressed. I reach into my underwear draw and decide to wear my favorite, a black velvet string bikini I appropriated from a one night stand over a year ago. I love the feeling of wearing such a sexy pair of panties under my suit, it keeps me horny all day. Sometimes I wonder if my coworkers can see my panty lines. I finish getting dressed and head out the door, another day another dollar as they say and its off to work I go.

The ride to the office is long and boring, my mind again returns to the black haired vixen last seen riding my face like at the cowgirl rodeo. I haven’t had a decent relationship for years. Since my divorce, I just haven’t been able to connect with anyone except on a sexual level. My fantasy world has been growing around me isolating me even more. I just seem to have this brick wall around me keeping me from getting emotionally connected to anyone. As I continue the drive my mental fantasy continues and all I can think about is the black hair girl sitting on my face. She grinds her pussy so hard against my tongue I can barely breathe. My cock is still begging for attention and thankfully she leans over engulfing it in her mouth. I wrap my arms around her body holding her pussy close, eating her for all I am worth. Her juices are flowing coating my face making me look like a glazed donut.

I can’t get enough of her in my mouth. My hips start bucking thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth as we clench each other in a blissful 69. She wets a finger with her mouth and slides it over my asshole, slowly probing it and slowly sliding it inside of me. The sensations are exquisite and I am about to explode. I thrust my hips and feel my balls tighten as the first blast escapes, she swallows each blast of cum sucking my cock harder and harder as the first blast is followed by another and another then {{{wam bam boom}}} God Damn it I forgot I was driving and hit the car in front of me. My forehead is cut and bleeding and the steering wheel I think has broken some ribs, I can’t believe this shit. edirne escort I am disoriented and hurting and in and out of consciousness. The ambulance and EMT’s get me to the hospital where the triage nurse looks me over decides I am not critical and sets up a series of tests to check further.

I am wheeled to x-ray and left to wait. I can’t believe this, my days turned to garbage and its a waste, all because of my fantasies. I lay there watching the hustle and bustle around me belittling myself for being in this spot. I still can’t believe I let this happen. A technician arrives and pushes my gurney into the x-ray room. She moves me around like a sack of potatoes and starts removing my clothes. Then I remember my panties. OH God that’s it let’s add insult to injury and let the world know what a pathetic pervert I am. My mind is racing but what can I do there’s no escaping it, she slides my pants down and I see the amazement in her eyes as my black velvet string bikini panties come into view. I wish the floor would open and swallow me. And of course she’s an attractive women and I can just see her now telling her buddies all about the guy in panties, all of them laughing. But she never says a word and continues doing what she’s supposed to do. After removing all of my clothes, getting one of those horrible hospital gowns wrapped around me, she takes the x-rays and wheels me out to the waiting area. Fortunately the tests show no major problems and after some attention from the doctor I am given my clothes and told I can leave, of course I have to call a cab cause my car is in some state of ruin and I don’t even know where it was towed. As I get dressed, I can’t find my panties, I look all through my clothes and they are just not there, oh well that’s the least of my problems let me just get out of here.

By the time a week has passed, my injuries are healing I have a rental car and my life is getting back to normal. I sit down to diner just as I hear a knock on the door. I am surprised to see the x-ray technician from the hospital standing there. I greet her and ask her to come in and we take a seat on the couch. She says she was just curious if I was doing OK and wanted to check up on me. As she’s speaking my mind races back to the moment she pulled down my pants revealing my now missing black velvet string bikini, I am not sure what to make of this. A thousand thoughts cram into my brain all at once, some good some bad. Before I can ask she blurts out that seeing me lying there in those panties was the sexiest sight she has ever seen! I am glad she’s in the health field cause I think I am going to have a heart attack. She stands up quickly slides her pants down edirne escort bayan and there are my missing panties! She says she’s been wearing them all week and couldn’t stop thinking about me in them.

Now this girl is no slouch, she stands about 5’6″ 130lbs beautiful auburn hair, has perky titties that will fill a mouth and an ass that fills those panties better then I could ever do in a million years. My mind is a wash with thoughts, I can’t decide what to do so I let my most primal desires prevail. I fall off the couch onto my knees before her, wrap my arms around her legs pulling her close to me and plant a big kiss right on the front crotch panel of those panties uttering thank you thank you and continue kissing her mound through the black velvet. She holds my head in her hands stopping me from kissing her and asks me if I would put them on for her again. Of course I blurt out as she shimmies out of them and hands them over to me. I tell her how I have always been rejected because of my fetish for panties and haven’t shared my secret with anyone since the last time I was open and made fun of for my honesty.

I quickly undressed right there in front of her and pulled off my Hanes tossing them to the corner like the rag it is. I bring the panties to my face, inhaling her aroma deeply, my head starts spinning I pull the panties up my legs and have to fight my raging hard on to get them on. She’s staring at me and asks me to turn around for her and bend over and move around just a bit. Willingly I do as she asks, I am filled with joy and feel an emotional surge welling up from within me. She comes closer and slides her hand over my panty-covered ass rubbing me all over. Its like electricity coursing through my body, what her hand is doing to me right now I have never felt before.

She moves around the side of me and with her other hand she cradles my panty-covered cock and caresses it with a loving tenderness I have longed for. I am putty in her hand, my legs feel like Jell-O and my heart is pounding. I reach for her and pull her tightly to me, we embrace and kiss with a passion I have dreamed about but never thought I would experience. Our hands and all over each other as our tongues intertwine seeking out all that the other has to offer. I push her to sit on the couch and I am straddling her leg so my panty-covered cock is rubbing over her leg as we continue our embrace. My one hand on her breast the other cradling her and keeping me steady. I break off our kiss and lick slowly down her neck to her chest and finally my lips capture her nipple. I suck it into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. I bring my hands to her breast squeezing them and escort edirne fondling them as I suck her nipple. She raises her knee further stimulating my panty-covered cock. I am in heaven.

It pains me but I release her breast and my mouth trails down to her navel wear I lick and kiss her several times, slowly I move down further and have to remove my cock from her leg. I bring my face right into her crotch and slide my tongue all around and inside of her. God she tastes so good I can’t get enough of her. I don’t ever want to stop eating her. I bring my hands to her and pull her lips apart as my tongue dives in as far as I can. I lap at her and suck her juices as the excess covers my face. I push my face against her as hard as I can trying to crawl way up inside of her but having to be content with just being stuck to her like glue. I push first one then two fingers inside of her as I suck her clit. She screams out in climax and with both hands pushes my head away as she gasps for air.

Stop stop I can’t take anymore she cries out, I sit next to her on the couch and caress her as she continues to quiver from the orgasm I unleashed in her. Her hand finds my cock and she caresses it through the velvet material, there’s a giant wet spot of pre-cum growing on it. She pulls the leg band of the panty to the side releasing my cock that feels harder then it’s ever felt before. With the tip of her finger she scoops up some of the pre-cum and rubs it over her lips and sucks off the rest from her finger tip. She then leans over and kisses me making me taste my own fluid. It never tasted better then from her lips. As we kiss she’s stroking me and rubbing my balls, which are still encased in the panties. She lowers her head and sucks my cock deep into her mouth and bobs her head up and down. Her tongue is more like velvet then the panties and I drift off into paradise as she lovingly sucks me and caresses me. It doesn’t take long until I feel I am at the point of no return, I consider just for a moment not telling her but I can’t do that and tell her I am about to blow. She doesn’t miss a beat and increases her rhythm sucking me hard and harder.

I feel her power as my cum erupts form deep inside of me and she sucks it down without missing a drop I cum and cum and cum. It feels as if she has sucked the very essence out of me and I feel totally drained as the last spurt shoots out of me. She brings her head up to me and kisses me. Oh my as I realize she didn’t swallow it all and saved some to share in a kiss with me. We swap some of my cum back and forth slipping our tongues in and around. What a women she seems to sense my every desire and my every need and in the short time we have been together has satisfied them beyond my wildest dreams and we haven’t even fucked. She has made me feel like a whole man and a desired man, what power she contains, does she realize her power or have any idea what she has just done for me?

This is just the beginning of the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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