Desires Reborn

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I leaned back and allowed the soft sounds of the big jet’s engines to carry me away from the stress of leaving my wife and daughter behind as I started a new job. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and I thought that I had been eliminated until one evening I received a call to return for another interview. The long and short of it was that they had a position to offer me, but it was halfway across the country. They would pay relocation expenses after ninety days, but I advised them that there would not be time to relocate my family prior to their requested start date. After some negotiations, they agreed to find me a studio close to the office for the first ninety days to allow us to find a house and make the necessary arrangements.

I laid it out for my wife and daughter and got mixed emotions. The daughter, of course, did not want to move and I didn’t blame her, I mean she had lived there and gone to school there all of her sixteen years. My wife finally encouraged me to accept it because, as she said, we would be empty nesters in three or four years and the financial gains were too great to ignore.

So here I was, flying off to a new future without my family. I’d been to the new office twice and after a few dead ends, had found an executive studio fifteen minutes from the office that would do just fine until I decided which direction I would take in regards to my family. The cab dropped me off and he wished me good luck and I was off and running.

After about a month of inconsistent meals, and trying to adjust, I began to settle into somewhat of a routine. One evening, I wasn’t up to fixing a TV dinner so I decided to go out. The area around the apartment is primarily a gay and lesbian area and most of the restaurants tended to be filled with the younger crowd. They were incredibly loud and crowded. I was also somewhat offended by some of the blatant affection that was exhibited there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-gay at all, I just believe that the place for that is not in a restaurant or bar. I feel the same way of heterosexual activity in public. Kissing, hugging and fondling are just fine within limits. In fact, I love to watch a young couple that is so obviously in love.

There was one place a few blocks away where the crowd was older, less boisterous and more comfortable. It was a bar but they had excellent food and the music wasn’t so loud. The two owners, Dennis and Archie, had made a point of introducing themselves and learning about me. In fact, they picked up the tab a couple of times. I found a table and worked on some notes while I waited for my food to arrive.

A short time later, a man came over, introduced himself as David Walters, and asked if he could sit down. I pushed my notes aside and motioned to the empty chair.

“Dennis suggested that I get to know you,” he said. “I understand that you’re a writer.”

‘I guess I’d be considered a rookie or something,” I replied. “I’m not close to getting anything published.”

“I just can’t seem to get the hang of it,” he said. “I get started, and after ten or twenty pages, I hit a brick wall.”

“I have a couple of books that may help you if you’re interested,” I offered, “but it sounds as though you would do well to consider a short story, at least for the first few attempts. There are lots of reasons for hitting the wall. Once you identify the problem, then you know how to address it.”

He bought my dinner and a glass of wine while we talked. He was in upper management with a manufacturer of computer related products. He also played piano at the bar occasionally just for relaxation. I asked if he could play something for me and I asked if he knew the Moonlight Sonata. He smiled and said that it was one of his favorites.

“They aren’t crazy about it here,” he said, “not many classical music buffs in this place. Would you care to hear it?”

“I’d love to,” I replied, “I haven’t got my music or video collection here yet and I miss hearing it in the evening.”

The instant he started playing, there was a chorus of complaints from the customers but I stopped everything and sat there, enthralled. Eventually I got up and walked over to watch him play, his long slender fingers caressing the keys with effortless skill. He smiled up at me as he played, and I smiled back, but then I closed my eyes and allowed the sounds of the piece carry me away. I was snapped back to reality when he finished to a smattering of applause, most of it mine.

We went back and had a few drinks together before I had to call it an evening. As we enjoyed each other’s company, he asked me if he could ask me a very personal question. I couldn’t see the harm, since I didn’t have to answer if I didn’t want to.

“I know that you aren’t gay,” he said, “but Dennis was telling me about your one adventure into the world of homosexuality. I understand that your first was not a pleasant experience.”

“I wish that I knew how to answer that without sounding naïve or stupid. You have to understand that I was quite young and inexperienced and I think that I was almost grateful that the rapist cared enough altyazı porno to take his time. couldn’t understand why I didn’t resist and why I wanted to see him again. It took several months with a bi-sexual couple to help me understand myself.”

“Why didn’t you stay with them?” he asked.

“They moved, and he was getting too aggressive anyway. He was looking for a bitch and I didn’t want to be his bitch or anyone else’s. I’ve never tried it since then. That’s been over thirty years ago.”

Over the course of the next week or so, we became very good friends. He would always play something for me and I would talk to him about his writing efforts.

It was time to renew the agreement for the studio and I couldn’t decide what to do. We had decided not to move permanently but instead, I would find a larger apartment and when my daughter went off to college, we would look for a place here unless this job didn’t work out. At my age of forty-five, I didn’t want to look anymore if I could help it.

As I ate dinner one evening, I was flipping through the pages of an apartment listing when David joined me, as was our usual routine.

“Are you having any luck?” he asked.

“Not really,” I replied, “I don’t have time to go out apartment hunting but I guess that it’s what I have to do. Maybe I’ll take an afternoon just for that. I don’t know when that will happen, but I’m not homeless, at least not yet.”

We finished our meal and took our drinks to the piano bar. He played some of the light pop stuff that the customers liked and then he played one of Mozart’s piano concertos. He sure knew how to push my buttons. He finished and I bought him a drink.

He was quiet for a moment and then he put his hand on mine, something that I don’t remember him ever doing. “Rich,” he said, “I have a thought.” He put his hands together and put the fingers to his lips as if praying.

“I’m sure you do, Dave,” I light-heartedly replied, “perhaps more than one.”

He smiled. “Always a clown when you don’t need one. I was wondering if you would take a ride with me?”

“Are you taking me across state lines for immoral purposes?” I asked.

He didn’t reply, but got up and headed for the rear entrance. I knew that he had reserved parking in the back lot so that was no surprise. We headed north, driving into a rather exclusive area before he pulled up in front of a large condo complex and waited as the gate opened to the garage area. He led me to an elevator and opened it with his key card. Inside the elevator, he put his key card in and punched in several combinations of numbers. In no time at all, we were at his floor.

I stepped into the living room and stood there with my mouth open. The entire wall was glass with a fantastic view out over the lake. Off to the right was a large kitchen area a dining area that could easily accommodate twenty guests.

“Let me show your around,” he offered. He led me toward a long hall, stopping first at his office. It was very masculine with hand rubbed mahogany desk and matching wall unit, and bookcases. He had an excellent taste in literature. The carpet was lush and soft in a tan with a very light cinnamon pattern. His computer area was very neat and organized, with a fax machine and copier right next to it.

Next to the office was a nice sized bedroom in neutral colors, although still with a definite masculine touch. It featured a king-sized bed and dresser in dark walnut with matching bedside tables and lamps, A large matching computer desk stood on the one wall flanked by walnut doors that led to a huge walk in closet. The door on the opposite wall led to a private bathroom with Jacuzzi and four-headed shower. The wall that was opposite the shower was all mirrors. A large skylight flooded the room with the light of the setting sun and gave it a warm, friendly feeling.

“Notice that there is a lock on both bath and entrance doors that is locked from the inside,” he said. I was beginning to see why we were here although I half expected it when he invited me to go with him.

There was another guestroom across the hall with full bath and then we came to his bedroom. It took up the whole end of the apartment. He told me that the king-sized bed was custom made to provide for a full foot of additional width and almost a foot in length.

“I like large furniture,” he explained, as he showed me his custom made furniture, all in hand rubbed mahogany. He could have made another bedroom out of his closet.

We went out onto a patio that ran the full length of the building. A hot tub stood at one end and several table and chair set-ups were scattered the length of the area. He told me that a covered unit was a wet bar and another was an entertainment center.

We went back into the living room and he fixed us some drinks.

He sat, facing me as he leaned forward. “Listen Rich,” he said, “I’m not sure that I read you right but I’d like to offer you the use of the first bedroom so you can get out of your apartment. I’m not asking you to sleep with me but this place gets amatör porno awfully lonely at times. I have to keep up a certain image for my job but as you can see, this place is huge.

I don’t want anything except your companionship and maybe some help in the kitchen once in a while. We have full maid service, including laundry and dry cleaning pick up and delivery. You would have the run of the place, no exceptions, and if you choose to entertain, we can come up with a code to protect your privacy”.

It was too good of an offer to refuse so we sat down and tried to anticipate any problems. We both snore so that was a wash. We are both very clean types so that would not be a problem. “I have to warn you though, that I do walk around naked a lot,” he said, “I always have so it isn’t meant to be a temptation or solicitation.”

“That’s fine, because I enjoy that myself, especially right after a shower.”

“I assume that you masturbate,” he said. While I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t shocked by it.

“Of course,” I replied, “and I assume that you do as well.” He nodded in reply.

“Are you loud?” he asked.

“Only when it’s really good,” I replied, “sometimes when I’m watching a really good video.”

“We’ll have to compare our collections,” he said with a smile.

We couldn’t think of anything else so he handed me his spare key card and a card with the codes on it for the security system and the elevator. “I’ll give you the garage opener when I reserve your space tomorrow. I’m glad that you accepted my offer.”

When he dropped me at the apartment, we agreed that I would move in that weekend. He took my hand in his and I didn’t refuse it.

Saturday morning, I heard a knock on my door and opened it to find several men standing there that I recognized from the bar. “Dave hired us to move you,” one of them said. “We’ll have you in by tonight.” They were professional, fast and careful. I left to get some beer and when I came back, they were ready to leave. “See you at the new place,” he said, “Dave is meeting us there.”

I stopped to buy Dave a bottle of good wine and a thank you card. By the time I got there, the truck was unloaded and gone. I walked into my room and stopped short. A new computer system sat on the desk, the bed was made, towels were in place and everything was finished.

Dave laid his arm on my shoulder. “I hope you like it. The things that we moved that weren’t needed will be in the storage locker and you can get whatever you need at your convenience.”

“Dave,” I said, “I had a pretty decent computer. You shouldn’t have done that.”

“There are two things that you need to know about me Rich.” he said. “I have more money than most people have ever seen and I love to spend it. If I didn’t make another dime, I could live in luxury the rest of my life. I work because I love what I do, not to pay the rent. I like buying things for people, not to show off, but because I’m like a kid in a toy store. Living here is like Christmas year around, but I do not, and I sincerely mean this, I do not want you to reciprocate. Just let me have my fun. Besides, I get computer equipment for next to nothing.”

He showed me how to access the message system so I could leave him messages and he could leave some for me. I had five private e-mail accounts and unlimited internet service.

We spent the rest of the day growing into each other and ended it with cocktails on the patio.

I had trouble sleeping that night and even my usual masturbation didn’t relax me. Sometime after 2 a.m., I drifted off but tossed and turned all night.

He woke me at 9:00 the next morning, inviting me to breakfast. I showered quickly, slipped my robe on, and wandered in to a great meal. He’s a good cook, that was apparent and he enjoyed doing it.

“That’s probably the best breakfast that I’ve had since I left home,” I told him.

“Thank you for your kind words,” he said, “sometimes I just crave a good breakfast.”

As we talked, I noticed that he stared at my robe. I looked down to see that my robe had loosened and my privates were on view. I thought about pulling it closed but remembered our conversation about nudity around the apartment. He said nothing about it, but I felt those eyes on me until I finally went to get dressed.

After lunch, he decided to go play tennis and I had to catch up on my e-mail and my writing. About three hours later, I heard the elevator coming up so I poured him a drink and sat it on the bar. He came in, sweaty, his hair mussed, and went to take a shower, taking his drink with him. He came out nude and flopped into his favorite chair. I fixed him another drink and handed it to him. I couldn’t get my eyes off of his beautiful cock and balls. I estimated him to be eight and a half inches and quite thick. Even flaccid, it was a cock to envy. It was also a cock that could, and did, awaken feelings long since forgotten.

I suddenly became aware of a growing pressure in my slacks and I sat down quickly to conceal it. We discussed his game and what we wanted animasyon porno to do for dinner. He put on some good music and we just relaxed. After a while, he sat his drink down.

“Rich,” he said, “let me make a suggestion. I know that you didn’t sleep well last night and sometimes it helps if you leave your door open to get better circulation. If your worried about me watching you jerk off, don’t be. I’ll be too busy getting off myself.”

I was so hard that it hurt just thinking about him watching as I pounded my way home. I leaned back and relaxed as my hard-on just became more obvious.

For some reason, I opened my eyes. Standing out from his lap was this fantastic hard-on and his fingers were lightly stroking it as he sat there with his eyes closed. I watched, transfixed as the blood engorged knob slid in and out of his hand, his long fingers drawing the skin back with a firm grip. He began to make soft moaning noises and I licked my lips subconsciously as the first drop of pre-cum appeared in the slit. He leaned back into the chair and lifted his hips up just as a final stroke sent his semen flying in spurt after spurt that landed on his chest, stomach and legs. I found myself wanting to lick every drop from him, but I held my hunger in check.

He left the room to clean himself but returned shortly looking a bit flushed.

“I apologize for that, Rich. I just wasn’t thinking about you being here.”

“You needn’t apologize, Dave,” I said, “I kind of enjoyed the action if you must know.”

“I know,” he replied, “I was watching your cock rise. I’ll bet that it’s hurting right now.”

I looked down at the tent in my slacks that was indeed, painfully struggling to escape.

“Why don’t you go take care of it?” he asked, “or better yet, let me watch just like you watched me.”

My fingers had been rubbing against the knob and I didn’t know what to do. It was as if someone else were getting up from the chair and stripping off his pants and briefs. I hadn’t been with a man for years, and here I was, not only naked, or nearly so, but willing to masturbate in front of him. I sat back down and began slowly stroking up and down the pole. He handed me some tissues and I leaned back and moved into it, pumping faster and then groaning as my balls began to swell and then I exploded, missing the tissues with my first blast and getting it on my arm. I milked it down and waited to be sure it was done before going in to clean myself up. As I passed his chair, his finger flicked out over the cum on my arm and I looked back to see him licking it off.

About a week passed without any further incidents and then he went out of town for a couple of days. I found myself fantasizing about him all the time. Like a lovesick child, I even jerked off in front of his mirror one afternoon. I could see no point in pretending any longer. I was pretty sure that he knew and I finally accepted it.

When I heard the elevator announcing his arrival, I stripped and went to my room. When I heard the doors close, he went right to his room. I heard him place his suitcase on the bed and waited. A few minutes later, I heard him start his shower.

I walked in to his room and saw him as he entered the shower. He turned his back to the spray and I quickly opened the door to step in with him. He stood there for a few seconds, looking at me.

“I hope I’m not misinterpreting this,” he said.

“You know what I want Dave, and I know what you want. I’ve thought about it and fantasized about it all week. Now I want you inside of me.”

“I can’t believe it,” he said, “I had hopes and visions, but I can’t believe that you’ll allow me in there.”

I had his cock in my hands, slowly stroking him to full erection. He turned me around to lean against the wall of the shower. He spread my feet wide and moved against me.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

By way of reply, I thrust my ass against him, feeling his big cock against the crease of my ass. It had been so long that I had to be loosened but he did it gently and smoothly. I wanted more every time he rammed those long fingers home.

I felt the approach of his big knob as he spread my cheeks wide. He was so gentle that there was only a second or two of pain before it slipped past the sphincter and began the journey into my bowels. I winced a couple of times as he moved deeper but refused to complain or cry out and he moved ever so slowly until he filled me with his cock and I felt his balls against my ass.

He began with smooth, slow strokes, long and deep until I begged him to fuck me harder. For a long time, he moved faster, pushing into me each time and then I heard his breathing become more labored and I knew that he was close. he began jamming me harder and harder, faster and faster until he forced my cheeks wide open and rammed into me with a force that brought tears to my eyes. Bam, bam, bam, four time, five times, six times and then he pushed in and pulled me to him. I felt his cock pulse and felt his hot come spray my rectal walls. He stayed inside sp I pumped my ass into him just enough to keep it hard. Then he pulled it out and we got out of the shower. He pushed me to the floor where I pulled my knees up and opened my ass to him. He pushed into me again and fucked me hard until he finally came again. My ass hole was tender from the pounding it took, but I didn’t want him to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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