Desperate Times

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“Of course you’re welcome here,” Paige reassured him as her heart skipped a beat, “I’ll leave the door unlocked. Help yourself to whatever’s in the kitchen and get some rest. We’ll come up with a plan in the morning.”

An emotional wreck, Seth called her in his time of need and entrusted her with the sum of his emotions, good and bad.

And all she could think about was making him want her.

It wasn’t that she didn’t care about his pain. No, in fact, that’s what made this all the more right. They truly cared for each other and no one thought twice about how close they were. Paige was no blushing virgin. She saw how he looked at her from time to time, taking notice of a low-cut top or exceptionally short skirt. She knew what that meant where men were concerned. Add to that the increasing duration of lingering hugs, their witty (often graphic) banter about sex and dating, and Paige was absolutely certain Seth felt the same way she did.

But tonight, the fact remained that he’d had his heart broken, and rendered himself essentially homeless. As far as Paige was concerned, he should have kicked Jessica to the curb months ago, when it became clear (to everyone except Seth) that he was far more committed to their relationship than she’d ever be. But rather than harp on the obvious, Paige had chosen to be there for him, helping him work through his feelings of frustration and hurt. She’d even offered him honest advice while he tried in vain to save his relationship, all the while silently hoping Jessica might step off a curb half-a- moment too soon.

Paige flitted around her modest condo, making minute adjustments through the eyes of a guest, hoping to make herself seem more interesting (alluring, spontaneous…) than she had ever actually been. She ran a dust cloth over the furniture in the guest room and spritzed the sheets with a soft-scented linen spray. She swept the kitchen floor, fluffed throw pillows in the living room and hid an unruly stack of unopened mail in the junk drawer. Feeling satisfied with the appearance of her living space, Paige headed to her bedroom. After taking the quickest shower of her life, she threw her oversized sweats and high school volleyball t-shirt in the hamper and donned a pair of pink-striped boy shorts and a thin white tank top. Sans bra.

Paige used what she assumed were mere minutes remaining before Seth arrived to brush her teeth, moisturize her legs and apply clear gloss to her full lips. When she saw headlights turning into her driveway, she clicked the lights off, hopped back on the sofa and pulled a blanket over herself, leaving the TV on in the background.

Quietly, Seth opened the front door and dropped his duffel bag in the entryway. He walked over to a pretend-sleeping Paige and whispered, “You awake?”

“Mmmm…?” she feigned, “Oh, hey, you made it,” She sat up and let the blanket fall below her breasts, allowing him the opportunity to observe. “How are you doing?” she rested a genuinely concerned hand on his knee as he sat next to her on the sofa, running his fingers through his sandy, thick hair.

“Horrible,” he shook his head, his nose still red from crying, “Seems like everyone saw this coming except me.”

Paige hated seeing him this upset, and it made her feel guilty for focusing all of her attention on seduction rather than comfort.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she offered, “Beer? Glass of wine?”

“I’d love a beer,” he agreed, and Paige sprang for the kitchen before she remembered she was essentially in her underwear. Oh well, too late now. He was obviously too upset to notice her body, anyway. Her grand seduction plans would have to wait until he was feeling a little clearer-headed.

Paige returned with a bottle of Bud Light, tucking one leg under her bottom before sitting next to him on the sofa. “Want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know,” Seth offered honestly, staring at his hands as he picked at his fingers, “I feel like an idiot now, but I really thought I could fix it…”

“Seth, it was never your thing to fix,” Paige asserted, never one to mince words, “You did the best you could to work things out, but let’s face it – she just wasn’t ready to make the kind of commitment you deserve.”

Seth nodded, picking at the label before drawing the bottle to his lips. “It just makes me wonder what’s wrong with me, you know?”

Paige saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on the situation without being overtly slutty. Just kind of slutty. She replaced her hand on his knee, scooting a little closer this time and reassured him, “I promise there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.”

Seth must have sensed the sincerity and wicked intent in her statement, based on how quickly his head snapped up and met her gaze. For several seconds, Paige wondered if her Grand Plan had worked, if she’d been overthinking it from the start. If all it took were some kind words and skimpy shorts for him to take her and…

“Thanks, kid,” Seth patted her bare knee. zeytinburnu escort “I’d better let you get some sleep. Thanks for letting me stay here tonight.”

“You’re welcome,” Paige cleared her throat, ” Like I said, you can stay here anytime, for as long as you like.” She folded the throw over the back of the sofa, disappointed and flushed from the letdown of unrealized potential.

“Good night.” Seth smiled and kissed her hand as he rose from the sofa. He might as well have tazed her for all the spark she felt coming from his warm lips.


Jesus. Christ.

Seth shifted his weight in a desperate attempt to hide the burgeoning swell of his crotch after watching Paige disappear behind her bedroom door. He’d certainly earned himself ‘Pervert of the Year’. After imposing upon Paige in the middle of the night following worst breakup of his life, all he could think about was the firm, round ass beneath that pair of glorified panties. And how little effort it would take to rip them off…

Seth was fully aware of his ongoing flirtation with Paige. They were way past the point of pretending it wasn’t happening. But that fact remained that a liaison between them would be inappropriate – disastrous, even – if anyone ever found out about it. He assumed she knew that, too, and just used flirting with him as “practice” for the serious men in her life. Wrong or not, though, he’d blown more than one load to the thought of those pouty lips around his cock, the slap of his hand against her ass. The idea of spending himself between the soft, girly sheets in her guest bedroom was roguish and downright exhilarating.

As he unloaded his wallet and keys on the dresser, he realized that in his haste to rid himself of Jessica’s presence, he’d forgotten toothpaste. Hoping to catch Paige before she fell asleep, he darted down the hall to her bedroom, figuring she kept hers in the master bath. He knocked softly, but didn’t bother to wait before easing the door open.

The sight that greeted him made him forget all about social convention, toothpaste and Jessica.

Sprawled out on the bed was Paige, her head tossed back, hips gyrating in time to her own sexual ministrations. Her dominant hand was tracing furious circles beneath the very shorts that had tortured him mere minutes earlier, while the other hand tugged and flicked a nipple through the thin fabric of her top. She clearly hadn’t heard him knock. Or had she? Either way, this was delicious and undeniable proof that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Seth deliberately allowed the door to click loudly as he pulled it closed behind him. Startled, Paige’s head sprang forward and her legs snapped closed, her hand still sandwiched between them. He simply stared at her, unsure how to proceed, but certain he had to have her right then. She blinked a few times, her chest flushed pink as neither of them spoke a word. Then, just as Seth was about to cross the room, Paige lifted her hips. Eyes still locked with his, she slid the panties down her long legs, tossing them over the side of the bed with a dramatic flick of the wrist. With deliberate seduction, she ran her hand down her belly and spread her legs wide, using her first and second fingers to spread her labia, offering him full view of her tight, dark opening.

Seth growled as he crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” he warned devilishly, “Because you’re starting something I intend to finish my way.”

Teasing him with a grin of mock defiance, Paige moaned as she lazily stroked her clit. Seth grabbed her hips, dragging her toward him with a firm grasp and dark intentions. She giggled as he hauled her off the bed and into his arms, pulling the tank off over her head. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to suckle one pink pebble, and then the other.

Paige’s giggles turned to pleading cries as Seth slipped a finger between her slick, swollen lips to stroke the engorged bead beneath. Moisture pooled in his palm as she fucked his hand, grinding her hips against him. Within moments, her rhythmic, feminine sighs gave way to primal gasps and grunts far beyond her control.

As Paige panted herself back down to earth, Seth stood and unfastened his belt, pushing his jeans and boxer briefs to the floor. After pulling his shirts off over his head, he once again dragged her to the edge of the four-poster bed, drinking in the sight of her ragged breaths and dewy body. She’d responded so instantly to his touch, he knew she’d been close to orgasm by the time he’d come into the room.

Without hesitation he lifted her legs, resting her ankles on his shoulders, and poised his hard, aching cock at the entrance to her pussy. Her eyes flew open as she registered the implied promise, and Seth assessed her unwavering gaze as a declaration of ready. Without hesitation, he swiftly plunged into her hot core, drawing an overwhelmed, aksaray escort “Ohhh!” from the goddess beneath him. Giving her time to adjust to the assault on her senses, he used the pad of his thumb to massage her clit. The wriggling pelvis beneath him gave Seth the cue to proceed, and he anchored himself to her hips with both hands, thrusting madly in and out of her tightness.

“Oh, God, Seth!” she whimpered, giving brazen truth to the wickedness they’d succumbed to. “Fuck me like that, fill me…”

Seth roared as he swept Paige from the bed, setting himself down in her place. Letting gravity force her down harder in his lap, the pair moaned in unison at the change in sensation. He steadied her against his chest with his hands on the small of her back and between her shoulder blades as she rocked back and forth. “I’m so close again,” she whispered in his ear as he kissed her neck. Feeling the stirrings of his own impending completion, Seth lowered his lips to a pink nipple, adding another log to the blazing fire.

Feeling waves of spasm around his pleading cock, Seth held her hips tightly as he felt the loss of control overtake him. Grabbing a handful of hair, he tilted Paige’s head back so that he could look into her eyes as he emptied himself inside her.

Seth collapsed back on the bed, bringing Paige with him, her damp cheek resting against his bare chest. He stroked her hair, not wishing to spoil the thrilling silence with what would most assuredly be the wrong words, no matter what he said.


Dusty beams of sunlight dragged an unwilling Paige from a night of deep, dreamless sleep. It took mere seconds for her to remember why she’d slept so well, and why her bed was so warm. She smiled as she rolled to her side and bumped into a comatose Seth. His broad shoulders, sparse chest hair and other masculine features looked so out of place wrapped up in her lavender paisley sheets, yet she found the sight irresistibly comforting.

Stealthily, she slid out of the bed and stepped into her bathrobe, luxuriating in the tenderness between her legs where Seth’s cock had challenged her body the night before. As she brushed her teeth, she remembered the sights and sounds of Seth’s orgasm, so personal and forbidden, something she was never supposed to have seen. And now, it was a memory she wouldn’t trade for the price of gold.

Paige knew there’d be some awkwardness to work through when Seth woke up. Having been raised in a Catholic family, she found food to be the next best buffer (second only to sheer avoidance) in diffusing uncomfortable situations. Cursing her lack of culinary preparedness, she nervously settled upon a menu of western omelets, cinnamon rolls and coffee. A shot of Jack Daniels’ certainly wouldn’t go unappreciated. She hummed as she cracked eggs, preheated the oven and programmed the coffeemaker. Her giddiness was short-lived, however, when she saw Seth appear from her bedroom. He was fully-dressed and, it would appear, in a hurry to get somewhere. Or away from someone.

“Good morning,” Paige leaned one hip against the counter, as she laced her fingers through the handle of her oversized coffee mug. “Sleep well?”

“I slept like a baby,” Seth offered honestly, looking nervous as hell. “Smells great in here.”

“I’m making breakfast,” Paige’s smile faded as she noticed Seth’s shifty posture and lack of eye contact.

“That sounds great,” Seth lied, rubbing the back of his neck, “I have to get going though, or I’ll be late for work.”

“It’s Saturday,” Paige stated blankly, hating how much she sounded like a scorned housewife.

“Yeah, I know,” he stalled, “But I have a ton of paperwork to get done, and I’ll thank myself on Monday—”

“I’ve known you my entire life and I’ve never once seen you work on a Saturday.”

Seth stared at the floor and shifted his weight. Looks like he’d rather be anywhere but here right about now.

“You know what,” Paige slammed her coffee mug on the counter and tossed her hands in the air, “Fine. We can do it this way, if that’s what you really want.”

“Paige, don’t—”

“You’re such a pussy!” Paige raised her voice in an attempt to combat the lump in her throat, “The hard part is over, Seth! We had sex last night. Really good sex that’s been a long time coming, wouldn’t you say?”

“Last night was amazing. It was literally some of the best sex I’ve ever had but…”

“But what?”

“But we both know it never should have happened.”

“Well, it did. And you know what? I enjoyed it,” she bragged, “In fact, I wanted to do it again until I saw your face just now. Now I just want to throw this whisk at your head.”

“You should,” Seth grumbled, “I deserve it.”

“And why exactly is that?”

Seth took a deep breath and pulled a barstool out from underneath her kitchen island. He rubbed his temples and grimaced, obviously searching for the right words. “Last night was entirely ataköy escort my fault,” he began. “I barged into your bedroom after inviting myself to stay indefinitely at your house, and then I took advantage of you. You’re more important to me than that. I completely broke the rules, and I’m sorry.”

Paige put down the whisk, along with her murderous intentions. She crossed the room and braced herself with both arms over the counter, facing Seth. “You’re an idiot.”

Seth’s head popped up, his eyebrows stitched in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“Fuck the rules!” she shouted, “Do you honestly think that you are one-hundred percent responsible for last night? Or do you think that some well-played skimpy shorts and cold beer had something to do with it?”

“You mean, you planned—”

“Gimme a little credit,” Paige laughed. “I planned and plotted and it turns out I didn’t need any of it. I just lucked out that the moment chose us, and I didn’t have to force it.”

“I’m just afraid…” Seth hedged carefully, “I’m just afraid of disappointing you, of starting something you and I both know can’t go on forever…”

Paige leaned in, her lips a fraction of an inch from his, “I’ll tell you what. You sit over here and be scared,” she pointed across the room to her prep space on the counter, “and I’ll just be over there cooking breakfast.” With that, she spun around on her heels and sauntered slowly across the room. Halfway back to the kitchen, she stopped and peered over her shoulder as she painstakingly slid the bathrobe down her back, and tossed it over a chair.

The abrupt sound of the barstool screeching across the tile floor pierced the thick silence. Before Paige’s hands ever made contact with the utensils on the counter, Seth had his arms around her waist, pressing her naked body against his. He growled in her ear as she pressed her ass against his jeans-clad stiffness without skipping a beat, exhilarated by the scratchy denim against her softest parts.

Seth smoothed her hair to one side of her neck, and nuzzled his face into the other. He nibbled at the base of her neck and collarbone as she continued to move against his hardness. His breath in her ear and his commanding presence made her nipples hard as glass, and she could feel moisture pooling between her legs. As if on cue, Seth began rolling the hard gems between his fingers, tugging and twisting gently. Unable to contain her need for release, Paige reached between her legs to stroke her clitoris.

Seth responded to this by lifting one of Paige’s legs and resting her ankle on the counter, to the side of her body. This wanton position did nothing to assuage her throbbing pussy, making her eager to be filled. He ran his hand down the small of her back, past the cleft of her buttocks to the source of her ache. She cried out in surprise and relief as he unapologetically thrust two fingers inside her, strumming her very sensitive core.

“Come for me,” he demanded eagerly, as he used his free hand to flick and twist her nipple. She felt his strong arm wrap around her waist as her legs began to shake. She cried out in blinding release, grinding her hips against his hand.

As she rested her flushed face against the cool countertop, she heard the telltale sounds of a zipper. Seth pulled her hips closer to him, gently pushing on her back to guide her into a ninety-degree angle, her ass totally exposed. She hissed as she felt the pleasure-pain of her overworked nipples against the cold countertop. She felt the warm head of his cock nudging her still-quivering entrance. She expected him to slam eagerly inside her, but instead he slid home with a drawn out sigh as if he were stepping into a hot bath.

Paige arched her back, offering herself to him as he stretched and filled her pussy. The thrust and withdrawal pattern became so frenzied, all she felt was a buzzing, hot sensation between her legs. She reveled in the strength of the man thrusting behind her, using his powerful body to coax her over the edge. It amazed her how she could be so vulnerable, and yet carefree in the knowledge that she trusted Seth. She trusted him to give her what she needed, and challenge her to learn new means of pleasure in ways she needed, but had yet to experience.

As if he could read her mind, Seth brought his warm hand down on her ass cheek with controlled force. She felt her pussy quiver as her body processed the excitement of the sexy sting on her bare skin. She could sense by the change in his movements that Seth needed some reinforcement that he hasn’t hurt her with his racy experiment. “Mmm…” she purred, giving him what she knew he needed to hear, “Spank me harder…” Seth sucked a harried breath through his teeth before giving her a gentle but firm tap. Paige felt wetness gliding down her thighs as the sharp sting gave way to a warm tingle.

Pulled from her blissful oblivion, Paige’s heavy lids fluttered open to see Seth’s jaw set tightly as he lifted her from the countertop, cradling her nude form as he carried her into the living room. He kneeled before the sofa, setting her down gently as he removed the rest of his clothing. Anticipating more of the same intense treatment from her brooding lover, Paige was surprised as he tenderly kissed her neck, whispering, “Lie back, Sweetheart.”

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