Detention with Mr. Davis

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On a Friday afternoon at 3:15, Mr. Davis was very frustrated. As a Biology teacher at a local high school, he wanted nothing more than to drive away from the tedium of his classes and head out to a cabin for the weekend, not worrying about students, or grading homework, or giving tests. Unfortunately, this particular Friday did not afford him that pleasure.

She was late.

Mr. Davis was a good teacher. However, he was also very, very strict, and he was known for giving out detentions faster than any other teacher at the school. Just the previous day he had given one out during his 5th period class to a female student in the front row. While Mr. Davis took pleasure in doling out these punishments, the unfortunate part was that he had to enforce them as well. And now he sat, trapped at his desk on a Friday afternoon, waiting for his student to show up to detention.

She was late.

As the clock ticked the seconds away, and those seconds turned into minutes, Mr. Davis grew more and more angry. The offense this student was being punished for was very grave indeed, and she was only making matters worse by wasting his time with her tardiness. Mr. Davis was about to go search for his missing student in the halls when suddenly the door to his classroom opened slowly, and in walked Alison Adams.

Alison Adams…

Mr. Davis watched as Alison cautiously poked her head around the door to look into the room where she usually had biology class. She saw her teacher Mr. Davis sitting at his desk and a sense of dread filled her chest as she saw the grim look on his face. Alison liked Mr. Davis, despite his strict nature, and was disappointed that she had made him so mad at her. She wasn’t even sure why she had received detention in 5th period the other day! She had just been sitting there taking notes on the difference between “meiosis” and “mitosis”, and then had accidentally dropped her pencil on the floor. She leaned over in her chair to pick it up, and when she was upright at her desk once again Mr. Davis yelled that she would have detention with him on Friday afternoon.

Without a word, 18-year-old Alison Adams entered the classroom and slowly walked to her usual desk at the front of the class. As she walked, her long, blonde hair flowed gently behind her. Her beautiful blue-green eyes sparkled and her voluptuous lips pursed in anticipation of her punishment. She wore her normal school outfit: a simple white blouse tucked into her miniature plaid skirt, with thigh-high white nylon stockings and black patent leather shoes. As she crossed the room, her breasts did not bounce at all, but remained taught and high, jutting away from her bosom with the mouth-watering perfection of her teenage body. Her long, shapely legs were something to be admired, but the true physical aspect of her body that begged for worship was her round, tight ass. Like two perfect globes, her butt was high and firm, large enough to call attention to itself, but not too big as to be a nuisance. Years on the cheerleading squad had given Alison Adams a spectacular form, and any man laying eyes on her instantly wondered what her body would look like naked and exposed…

Alison placed her backpack on the floor next to her desk and sat down, awaiting the harsh words sure to come from her teacher… Several long moments of silence ensued, and Alison risked a glance up at Mr. Davis. The man’s intense, dark brown eyes glared back at her, drinking in her form, and the pitiful way this little schoolgirl peered up at him from under her long eyelashes. Finally he spoke.

“Thank you for finally joining me Ms. Adams. You do know you’re late for detention don’t you? Now, why don’t we discuss why you have detention.” When the girl sat silently, refusing to speak, Mr. Davis continued, “You do know why don’t you? It’s because you weren’t wearing any god damned panties in my classroom yesterday.”

Alison gasped. How had he known?!? Surely he was just guessing… She could get out of this. She began to speak, “But Mr. Davis…”

“Don’t lie and say that you were!” her teacher interrupted her. “I saw! When you bent over your seat to pick up the pencil you dropped I could see everything clearly. I could see that you weren’t wearing any panties. As you bent over and your skirt rode up I could see your pouty little pussy lips spread open…”

The girl was speechless. She couldn’t believe her teacher had just said the word “pussy” to her! Let alone seen her cookie when she bent over… What was going on? She could barely think, and all she could do was stare back into her teacher’s deep, dark eyes, entranced by the man she admired and learned from.

Mr. Davis continued, “Ms. Adams, this is unacceptable. I can’t teach my classroom when I can see your little pink pussy lips touching the cold blue plastic of the chair that you’re sitting on. I can’t concentrate when I can see your juices running out of your cunt and pooling between your legs. You were CLEARLY excited from something. Would you like to explain why you weren’t wearing any bağdat caddesi escort panties in my classroom?”

Little Alison was practically shaking. Her breaths were coming in ragged heaves. She had never heard an adult speak so dirty before! Let alone her own teacher! She could feel her face becoming flushed, and if she wasn’t mistaken there was a slightly damp feeling down between her legs… She opened her mouth to speak but simply couldn’t give the reason she had neglected to wear panties to Mr. Davis’s class.

“Ms. Adams!” her teacher barked.

At that moment Alison had never been more frightened, or excited! She decided that rather than enrage her teacher with her silence she had better just tell the truth… difficult as it was…

“Well…” she began, “I have gym class 4th period, right before Biology with you…” she stopped. She just couldn’t say it!

“And!??” Prompted Mr. Davis, getting more and more enraged by the moment.

“And, well… Ok. So we were done with gym class. The girls had just played volleyball all period. We were all really hot and sweaty and we got back into the locker room to change. So I was changing, and as I sat on the bench between the lockers I was putting on my stockings and I looked up and right next to me was my best friend, Jenny.” She looked up at Mr. Davis who was unimpressed, “You know, Jenny McArthur? She’s my best friend.”

“Yes I know Jenny McArthur!” Mr. Davis spat out at his stalling student. “I don’t see how she could have anything to do with you not wearing panties in my classroom!”

“But that’s just it Mr. Davis,” said Alison, “It was because of her. You see, like I said she was changing right next to me, so as I was putting on my stockings I looked over just as she was talking off her gym shorts… When she bent over, her butt and her cookie were sticking straight in my face. She was stepping out of her shorts and she was just spread open completely in front of me. I wanted to laugh as I saw a trickle of sweat run down her back and between her butt cheeks. I saw the same little drop of sweat pass over her… you know… and then drip down onto her cookie.”

“Her cookie?” Asked Mr. Davis.

“Yeah, that’s what I call it. You use the ‘P Word’ for it… Anyway, I saw the sweat run over her cook-… her pussy, and hang there from one of her lips. I remember actually thinking it looked really good. And it was so cool because I noticed Jenny shaved down there! All the hair was gone from her… pussy. Is it ok if I use that word Mr. Davis?”

He replied, “Of course Ms. Adams.” Then he shifted uncomfortably in his teacher’s chair. Alison wasn’t sure why… But she continued with her story.

“So I could see her pussy spread open and hairless.” The more she said the word, the more she enjoyed it! It felt so dirty and naughty to say it, especially to her teacher, and she could feel the heat between her legs making her even more wet. She liked saying it now. “And her pussy just looked so smooth and soft and pink. I liked how it looked. But I was embarrassed because I’ve never shaved my pussy.” Suddenly she stopped. It felt even dirtier to say my pussy. Why was she getting so turned on?! “I kept sneaking glances between Jenny’s legs as she toweled off and got dressed. I just really liked the way her pussy looked. I was actually kind of sad when she finally slid her panties up her legs to cover it. But I did get one last closeup look at it when she bent over to put her panties on. It looked so good! I just couldn’t stop staring at Jenny’s pussy!”

Now Mr. Davis truly seemed uncomfortable in his seat. As he shifted around he muttered, “Yes, yes that’s all well and good Ms. Adams. But get to the point.”

Alison was now fully aroused as she continued her story. “Well after seeing Jenny all shaved like that, it gave me an idea. So I waited until all the girls left the locker room and then I got out my razor and some shaving cream — I keep it in my gym bag in case I need to shave my legs. I took off all the clothes that I had just put on and walked over to the showers at the end of the locker room.” Alison couldn’t understand it, but it was making her very excited to be telling her teacher these private things. She decided that she had crossed a line already, so she might as well go all the way and tell him exactly what she did next, and what she was thinking as she did it. “So I got into the shower. It was nice having the entire locker room to myself. I waited until my whole body was dripping wet in the warm water, then I got out my shaving cream. I put a small dollop in my hand and reached down to my… pussy. It felt very naughty because I had never done anything like this before. I actually shivered as I felt the shaving cream against the skin of my little cookie — I mean my pussy!”

The girl couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this, and she barreled forward. “I wanted to make sure the shaving cream really got everywhere so I started rubbing it in, and I accidentally made bahçelievler escort myself… a little wet as I did it. I mean, I was basically rubbing my pussy with my whole hand, getting the cream everywhere. Finally I was covered completely, and I grabbed my razor. I was a little nervous because I had never shaved such a sensitive spot before, just my legs! I was timid with the first stroke, but I got more and more comfortable, and as I watched, more and more hair disappeared from my little pussy! It was starting to look more like Jenny’s!”

Mr. Davis now seemed to be doing something beneath his desk, but Alison couldn’t quite see what he was working on, so she took a breath and continued. “So Mr. Davis, I shaved all the hair off of my pussy and then I rinsed all the shaving cream away. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed a single spot, so I rubbed my hand over my bald little… cunt to make sure it was smooth.” In her excitement Alison had remembered another word that Mr. Davis had used instead of ‘cookie’ and she reveled in using it front of him now. And she thought she heard him let out a little moan as she said it… but it must have been her imagination. “I loved how it looked, Mr. Davis. For the first time ever I got to look down and see my naked cunt freshly shaven and smooth, just like men like them. I had to admit, it looked good. I reached down with my fingers to spread myself open. I loved being able to do this in such a public place! Right in the school locker room! I guess I just wasn’t thinking! Anyway, the water was still running down my whole body, and I watched as the water dripped down into the folds of my pussy and then dripped off my lips to the floor. It was so cool looking! I was so caught up in how it looked that I didn’t hear the door open.”

“Then what?” broke in Mr. Davis. Alison could tell he was as engrossed in listening to the story as she was in telling it. She couldn’t wait to tell him the next part!

“So I looked up, and standing there in the doorway to the gym was Mr. Johnson, our P.E. teacher! I guess he was coming to clean up our locker room or something, but he caught me standing there, spreading my naked pussy open with my fingers! I could see his eyes were locked on my open cunt, water still dripping from my puffy little lips. I didn’t know what to do, so I screamed and immediately he ran back out the door. For a minute I stood there shaking. I caught my breath and looked down to my cookie again. I felt it with my hand and I realized it wasn’t just water that was dripping from my pussy! I was as wet as I had ever been with my own juices! My own pussy juices were running out of my cookie and dripping down my thighs. I couldn’t believe how exited I had gotten by getting caught touching my naked pussy! I wasn’t even thinking straight and I reached down and used a finger to push against my… what did you call it again when we went over the female anatomy? Something with a ‘C’ I think…”

“Your clit, Ms. Adams. You reached down to touch your clit.”

“Yeah! My clit! That’s what it was! Mr. Davis it felt amazing! With no hair on me anymore everything felt so fresh and exposed. As soon as my finger touched my clit I practically collapsed on the shower room floor! It felt that good! I sat down on the tile and began rubbing my whole hand over my pussy. Oh Mr. Davis… it was incredible. I loved having my fingers everywhere. I would slide my hand straight down over my mound and I could slip my middle finger right between my pussy lips and then my pointer finger and ring finger on the outside of my lips and just be touching everywhere! Each time my finger rubbed over my clit I wanted to scream out in pleasure. It surprised me too, because I’ve touched my clit at home before… I know I’m not supposed to! But I can’t help it sometimes! But it never felt like this before… And as I was rubbing my pussy over and over I suddenly felt like I wanted something… well, I wanted something up inside me! So without thinking about it I decided to slide a finger up into my pussy! Mr. Davis it felt so good! I felt so full and I wanted more and more, so I kept sliding my middle finger in and out of my shaved cunt. I felt so naughty and dirty sitting there on the floor of the showers with the water still running down over my body. But I just couldn’t help it. Even the cold tile on my butt was turning me on! Soon I added a second finger into my cunt and I was furiously thrusting my fingers in and out. God it was so good. And then… I think I actually had an orgasm Mr. Davis. I came! And I was lying there on the shower room floor quaking from my orgasm with a huge smile on my face. And to be honest, I almost wished that Mr. Johnson would walk in again and see me like that!”

Mr. Davis was barely breathing. His hottest student had just told him a story about how she had shaved her pussy for the first time and then fingered herself in the school locker room. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. And Al Johnson, the P.E. teacher, had never mentioned anything bahçeşehir escort about walking in on this girl! Mr. Davis brought himself back to the girl and said, “Ms. Adams, I’m very glad you told me that story, but I still don’t understand why you weren’t wearing panties that day.”

“Oh I’m nearly there Mr. Davis! Then you’ll understand. So you see, I finished showering and I cleaned all of my cum off my body — I was just wet all over! So finally I was all clean again and I toweled off. I knew if I didn’t hurry I would be late to your class, but I still couldn’t help looking at myself. Once I was dry I inspected my pussy again. It looked just like Jenny’s! It was all smooth and pink and my lips were all swollen from being excited like that. I wanted to finger myself all over again but I had to get dressed and get to Biology, so I put my blouse on, and then my skirt and my stockings, and when I got to my panties, I was about to put them on, but something made me stop… As I lifted a foot to slip on my little panties I felt a cool, cool gust of wind blow against my crotch. It felt like heaven! The cold air against my hairless lips… Mr. Davis I don’t even know how to describe how it felt. Like I said, it was heaven! So I didn’t want to put my panties on and cover up my sensitive lips. I folded up my panties and put them in my gym bag then walked to your class without them on. That felt good too! With each step I took my legs squeezed my pussy lips together and I got excited all over again… I guess that’s why I was turned on and dripping on my chair during class. And that’s why I wasn’t wearing panties in your class yesterday.”

A long moment of silence ensued. Alison looked at her teacher and he stared back at her. There were practically sparks shooting between them, and both were breathless from the telling of such a private, erotic story. In fact, Mr. Davis had a raging erection that was threatening to burst through his slacks. This was the reason he had squirmed so much during the story, he had been forced to readjust over and over again. Mr. Davis was first to break the trance and came back to his senses. This was his student! He could probably be fired for what they had been saying to each other! He needed to control the situation. “Ms. Adams!” He stammered, “Despite your story, it was completely inappropriate to do that. You can not come to my classroom without panties on. For your information, I happen to admire girl’s panties and I am extremely disappointed in you for neglecting to wear a pair to my class. I am very upset with you. In fact, I think I’m going to have to call your parents so they know what you have done.”

Alison gasped. Not her parents! They would be furious! The girl had grown up in a very strict household and she knew she would be grounded if they found out about what she had done, and what she had just told her teacher. They might even refuse to let her go to the upcoming Spring Dance! She had to do something… but what?!?

Then it hit her. Mr. Davis had just said that he liked panties. How much did he like them though? Enough to let her off the hook if he got to see some now? A wicked idea popped into the schoolgirl’s head and she jumped up out of her seat. Walking slowly toward her teacher, Alison Adams said softly, but firmly, “But Mr. Davis. I’m wearing panties now. They’re one of my favorite pairs. They’re satin and smooth and I just love the way they feel pressing against my newly shaved pussy. Would you like to see my panties now Mr. Davis?” It was a risky move, but from the look in her teacher’s eyes the girl knew it was the right one.

For his part, Mr. Davis couldn’t believe what was going on. Here was his hottest student, suddenly offering to show him her panties?!? It was Friday afternoon for Christ sake! Anyone could walk in… But he simply couldn’t bring himself to say no… Instead he found himself staring down at the girl’s skimpy little plaid skirt…

“Mr. Davis,” smiled Alison, now confident in her ploy, “I think you DO want to see my panties…” And with that she reached down for the hem of her skirt. The girl was standing directly in front of Mr. Davis’s desk, affording him a front row seat to what was about to be the most tantalizing sight he had ever seen. He watched, with his dick throbbing in his pants, as Alison slowly slid her skirt up her thighs. His mouth opened slightly as the tops of her stockings came in to view. The lacey elastic at the top of each stocking was tight against the girl’s muscular thighs and Mr. Davis ached to be sliding those stockings off her little body one after another… The man then watched as his student ever so slowly slid her skirt higher exposing more flesh. Mr. Davis nearly came in his pants when Alison’s little pantied crotch was finally exposed to him. The tightest little white satin panties clung to the heavenly V between her legs.

Mr. Davis simply couldn’t take it anymore, and he immediately began rubbing his dick through his pants. He didn’t care if the girl saw what he was doing. This was absolutely the most erotic thing he had ever seen, and he wasn’t going to miss this chance to enjoy it. Alison saw her teacher’s hand move to the bulge in his pants and new she had him where she wanted him. In fact, it was turning her on just as much to be in this situation! She only hoped she could refrain from touching herself!

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