Did You Ever? Ch. 07

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In the shower with his naked mom after learning his dad liked to have sex with men, Tony was kind of OK with the situation, but not comfortable enough to deal with his erection. So the two washed quickly and headed to their respective bedrooms to dress.

Soon after, Tony was working on the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup Jenn had thrown together for a quick lunch. At first, Tony found it difficult to make eye contact with his mom, still thinking about how she had walked in while Max was giving him a blowjob. “Tony, calm down,” Jenn said. “This is no big deal to me. If you are bisexual or gay, I will love you as much as I ever have. I do have one concern, though, and that is Max. He has been your best friend and like a part of our family since you guys were toddlers. The last thing I want is for him to feel uncomfortable coming here. And I would never want your friendship with him to end. Why don’t you give him a call and get him over here.”

Tony didn’t know exactly what Jenn had on her mind, but straightening things out with Max made good sense.

He placed the call: “Max, c’mon down. … No, there is no problem; my mom’s cool with everything. … No, she is not going to tell your mom. … Just come in through the garage. I’m going down to watch some TV. … OK. Don’t worry. … Everything’s fine.” Max arrived about 15 minutes later, peeking through the door that separating the garage from the basement.

“Is it clear?” Max asked. “Is your mom …?”

‘Damn,” Tony said. “Just come in. She’s not down here waiting to ambush you. Geez, I said she was OK. She’s upstairs.”

“Sorry,” Max said, walking inside. “When I looked over the back of the couch and saw her, I freaked. I mean, she had to know what I was doing. Your mom knew I was sucking you.”

“We talked about it,” Tony said. “She said I would be surprised to know how many guys were bisexual. That’s what we are, I think, guys who are attracted to girls but who also mess around with guys.” Max responded with a nervous laugh and an attempt at humor. “Yeah, that’s me,” Max said. “But if I get a girl, I’m dumping you. My roommate at school got a girlfriend, and that was the end of him and me.” And then he whispered: “but until I get a girl, I am going to make full use of that thing between your legs. I hope the feeling is mutual.”

Max plopped down on the couch and teasingly grabbed at Tony’s jean-covered crotch. Undaunted, Tony returned the favor, and actually reaped a greater benefit. Max was wearing fleece sweatpants, and Tony ended up with a handful of his friend’s giant cock – and it was hard. Getting caught apparently did not diminish his sexual drive. Over the next half-hour, the two chatted about their respective colleges. And they couldn’t resist a little touching. Still hot from the unfinished business in the shower, Tony, at one point, had Max’s cock out of his sweatpants and was stroking it with both hands. Breathing heavily, Max quickly covered up when he heard the upstairs basement door open.

It was Jenn, nearly dancing down the stairs and singing. “N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle’s makes the very best – chocolate.” It was the old Nestle’s Quick jingle, and she always sang it while delivering chocolate milk casino siteleri to Tony and Max when they were young boys. Although the product’s name had change to Nesquik, Max was still a sucker for the chocolate powder that made cold milk so wonderful. His mom was a bit of a health nut and would never allow the stuff in the house. He always had to get his chocolate fix at Tony’s house. Still singing as she walked to the couch, Jenn had big glasses of the stuff and a plate loaded with ginger snaps, another of Max’s favorites.

“Here you go, boys, just like the old days – chocolate milk and cookies, loaded with sugar and bound to eventually kill you, according to the mother of Tony’s bestest friend in the world,” Jenn said, giggling. “I won’t tell if you guys don’t tell.”

The milk and cookie performance put Max at ease. It was just like the old days, when he was a little more comfortable with Jenn then he was with his own mom, who was pretty strict and the maker of many rules. The guys went after the snack with great vigor, Tony, who crunched the cookies dry, and Max, who dipped the wafers in the Nesquik.

The three chatted a while, and then Jenn turned serious. Facing Max, she said, “You know Max, when I said I wouldn’t tell, I was not just talking about cookies and chocolate milk. What you and Tony have going on is private business. Your mom will never know about this unless you decide to tell her.”

“Jenn,” Max said nervously. “It’s not only about my mom. I didn’t want you to think badly about Tony or about me. You’re like a second mom to me. Your opinion of me is important to me. When you walked in before, it was like I was letting you down and doing something wrong to Tony, making him bad in your eyes.”

“Well, my opinion of you is the same as it ever was. You are a great guy, and I am proud to have you as my son’s best friend,” Jenn said. “This is not like the old days, when you guys would be scorned for your sexual activities. Tony and I talked about this a little while ago, and he knows I have no problem with it. I know many people who are bisexual, some of whom would surprise you.”

Jenn didn’t mention anything about the shower discussion or her husband’s sexuality. In truth, she didn’t want Max to judge her.

“Tony said you two have just been experimenting since Thanksgiving, that this is all new to the two of you,” Jenn said.

Max shook his head yes, and Jenn continued, taking what she considered to be a big chance.

“Based on what I saw, and all I really saw was your head bobbing up and down, you were going at it fast and furious,” she said. “At times that’s what a guy wants, just to get to the finish line. But from a technique standpoint, there can be a lot more to it. It can involve much more pleasure for the guy on the receiving end. If you want, and only if you want, I can provide some pointers. If not, I can go upstairs and you can continue to experiment. If the advice is not welcome, I will never again bring this up.”

The two friends looked at each other and then back to Jenn.

After a really long pause, Max spoke.

“I think I’d feel a little funny talking about this to you, Jenn,” he said. “I’ve only done this a couple canlı casino times to Tony, and no one has ever done it to me. I guess I never thought about technique. I guess I’m interested.”

Staring at the floor, Tony chipped in: “I’ve touched Max, but I’ve never done the oral thing to him. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and have been afraid I wouldn’t do it right. And that finish line thing, I’m a little freaked out about that happening in my mouth. I’ll listen to your advice.” Jenn smiled. “All right, then, let’s start out by saying that caring people decide in advance what happens at the end. Many, many people engage in frequent oral sex and have never tasted cum.”

Hearing his mom use that word – cum – was hard on Tony’s ears. “Do you …? Tony blurted out, stumbling over his words. “Have you …?

“I do and I have,” Jenn replied. “I don’t mind it. It’s a little salty, and it definitely doesn’t taste like ginger snaps and Nesquik. And while it seems like a guy is cumming a gallon when you see it on the Internet, it isn’t really very much. But it is thick, and it takes some getting used to.”

Imagining his mom sucking cock and swallowing cum, Tony shook his head wildly from side to side. “WOW!” was all he could muster. Max sat there speechless, his eyes bugging out from their sockets.

“Listen,” Jenn said. “You both have to understand this. People have sex. You didn’t invent it, and it doesn’t just exist on the Internet. I could tell you about it, but I think it would work better if I actually talked you through it. If you’re really serious about this, get your clothes off and let’s get started before everyone gets home.”

The two hesitated, but eventually Tony took off his shirt and kicked off his sneakers, and Max followed. Each stood up, statue-like, and waited for the other to make the first move. A couple minutes passed, and Tony finally said, “What the hell, I’m in.” He dropped his jeans and pulled down his boxers. His cock had been hard while on the couch, but it went soft as he grew more nervous.

“Max, I’ve seen plenty in my life,” Jenn said. “You have nothing that Tony doesn’t have or what any other guy I’ve seen had.” Max took a deep breath, pulling his sweatpants and boxers down together. Jenn gasped. This was something she had never seen before. Max’s cock was huge, dark, heavily veined and rock hard. “Max,” she exclaimed and then went silent. “What?” Max croaked, turning his back. “Is something wrong?”

Stammering, Jenn replied. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s OK. It’s just, Max, that is really something.”

“What do you mean, really something?” Max said. “What!?!”

Laughing, Tony said, “What’s something is the size of that thing. I had the same reaction when I saw it during Thanksgiving break.”

Amazed, Jenn said, “Max, that’s the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

“Geez,” Max said. “How many have you seen.”

“I’ve seen enough of them to know your cock is extraordinary,” Jenn replied. “I think I am envious of Tony getting to handle that monster.”

“Yeah,” said Tony, taking a step forward and wrapping both fists around Max’s cock. The first time I saw it, I wanted to touch it. When I got the chance, I couldn’t resist.”

Max kaçak casino collapsed to the couch with Tony in tow, pumping furiously. “Tony, slow down,” Jenn scolded. “You want this to last, to give Max real pleasure. Explore it, touch his balls, stop every once in a while to make him last. Max will cum harder if you make him last.”

Not exactly sure what she meant by exploration, Tony went to the soft tickle that led to this moment. Using his fingertips, Tony tickled all up and down Max’s cock. When Tony tickled the underside, just under the tip, Max bucked his hips. A bubble of clear fluid oozed from the head, and Tony spread it from the tip to the base. Max repeatedly groaned as he struggled to stay still, his cock spasming and pulsating in Tony’s hands.

“Don’t forget his balls,” Jenn said. “Cup them in your hand. Stretch out the sack as far as you can. Tickle them. Squeeze them until Max says it hurts. Test his limits. Tony followed Jenn’s instructions, and as he did, Max panted. Becoming inventive, Tony held the balls in his hands and began to twist, feeling the sack tightening around them.

“Oh!” Max shouted, covering his face with his hands. “Oh!”

“Too much?” Tony asked. “Want me to back off?”

“No!” Max grunted. “Harder! I can take more. The pain is, uhhhh, good. More! More!”

Tony increased the pressure. As the pain increased, Max rolled half onto his side, exposing his bum to Tony, who slapped it – HARD!

“Geez, Tony,” Max screamed. “Again! Slap me again!” Tony gave him three hard whacks as Max howled in both pain and pleasure.

“Ughhh, ohhhhh,” I’m close,” Tony growled. “I don’t think I can hold off much longer. Help me! Help me!”

Max rolled onto his back. His cock, darker now than before, was tight against his stomach. Tony looked to Jenn, who was beet red and sweating, crushing a breast in each hand.

“NOW,” Jenn squealed. “Pump it as hard and fast as you can. He needs you to make him cum right now. Hold it against your cheek and pump like hell.”

Tony complied. He wrapped both hands around Max’s cock, squeezed tightly and stroked as fast as he could. Max reached down and grabbed handfuls of Tony’s hair and pulled him close. The shaft was against Tony’s cheek as he stroked.

“This is it,” Max roared. “I’m cumming. Tony, Tony, I’m cumming.”

Tony could feel the wave of cum rolling up the underside of Max’s cock. The first blast of cum was magnificent. It splashed mightily onto Tony’s temple and into his hair. Still grasping Tony’s hair, Max twisted his friend’s head until Tony’s lips were against the shaft. He didn’t open his mouth, but didn’t try to move away. Max came and came, his sperm splashing onto Tony’s forehead. After a minute, it was over. Exhausted, Max was slouched on the couch, unable to move, his legs splayed. Tony was equally worn out, his head in Max’s lap.

And Jenn had somehow slid out of the easy chair onto the floor, her hair matted with sweat, three buttons missing from her plaid shirt and he bra exposed.

Ten minutes passed before anyone spoke, and Jenn broke the silence.

“Tony, I guess you won’t need any more masturbation lessons,” Jenn said, a small smile on her face. “You got Max to where he needed to be pretty well. Still, there’s more to learn. And Max, you can rest up a little before you finish what you started earlier. And it has nothing to do with ginger snaps and Nesquik.”

Next: A proper blowjob.

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