Difficult Step Daughter Pt. 02

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Big Tits

My alarm clock starts screaming at me. I am not ready to wake having only gotten an hour or two of sleep, but my girlfriend will be home soon and I don’t want her to see me with dried semen all over me. She would surely question me so I slide out of bed and turn on the shower. In a groggy state, I try to replay all the events of last night but my mind only gives me snapshots.

Eight hours of work feels like a week in my warn out state. I leave work and head straight for my bed, crashing the moment I walk in the door. I sleep for a few hours until my girlfriend starts getting ready for work. She asks me why I am so tired and I tell her I didn’t sleep well. I feel safe with the answer because I am not lying to her.

I give my girlfriend a kiss as she is heading out the door. If I go back to sleep then I will not be able to sleep tonight so I decide to get up and watch some television. Katie walks through the room, ignoring me. As she is walking back through the room, I ask her what she is planning on doing for the night.

She replies, “Not getting you off if that is what you are wondering.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask.

“Oh come on,” she replies. “I know you were awake last night when I got you off.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask, playing dumb.

She looks at me with an attitude. “I know you were awake last night, but I appreciate you showing me that you can play stupid. You can play stupid about my job also just like you are playing stupid now.”

Her comments are pissing me off. I look at her with a stern look on my face and say, “Keep up that attitude and I will text your mother right now to tell her about your job.”

“You wouldn’t,” she says, her demeanor much more pleasant. “Daddy, what is it going to take to get you to keep quiet. I thought last night would do it.”

“Katie, you are going to call your boss and tell him you quit.”

“No, I will not do that. I am an adult. I can work if I want to daddy. You have to trust me.”

Seeing that she is not going to give up easily, I decide to put her in an awkward position to blackmail her into quitting. I look her up and down, making it obvious to her, then smile at her without saying a word.

“What?” she asks.

“Take off your clothes and show me the rest of your body. I have already seen 95% of it, but I want to see it all.”

“No way daddy. I am a dancer, not a prostitute.”

“You were offering to fuck me last night, now you are acting too good to even strip?”

“I was drunk last night. If you wanted it, you should have said so last night when I was willing to do so.”

Seeing the disgust on her face makes me want to see her body even more as she stands with a hand on her protruding him. She looks me deep in the eyes, pushing her curly brown hair away from her face. I pull out my phone and pretend to be typing a text message.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“I am texting your mother. She deserves to know what you are doing at night.”

“Fine daddy. I will strip in front of you, but that is all, okay?”

I don’t answer, simply staring at her. She slowly pulls her shirt over her head and begins removing her bra. My eyes focus on her breasts, seeing them in a close proximity with and in a lit room for the first time. Within a few seconds, her nipples begin to grow hard. Her long nipples are just like her mother’s nipples.

She slowly begins sliding her shorts down over her hips then dropping them to the floor and stepping out of them. My eyes scan her hips and focus on her crotch. The outline of her labia are visible through her panties. The anticipation is building inside of me. She is undressing like a shy teenager, much unlike the dancer she was last night full of sexiness.

Looking at my step daughter, seeing her vulnerability, I almost tell her to stop. Then it occurs to me that she may be playing me and acting to be vulnerable. Perhaps this is a part of her manipulation. After all, she has no problem removing her clothes in front of other men, circa her underwear.

“Come on, let’s see that beautiful body of yours in all it’s glory.” I encourage her.

Slowly, she begins removing her panties, pulling them down until the top of them rests just above her lips. She pauses a moment and gives me puppy dog eyes. If I was not drunk with lust and anticipation, I may buy into her childish act. Instead, I use my hands to say ‘come on’.

The panties slide down over her hips, falling down her slender legs and land on her sock covered feet. My eyes scan her beautifully toned legs up to the split divide between her legs. The folds of her lips are beautifully shaped görükle escort like a red pepper. My eyes study her lips for a few moments before scanning her stomach up to her breasts. She stands still like a mannequin with a blank expression on her face.

“Okay, that is enough objectifying me” Katie says as she covers up her breasts with one hand and her vulva with the other hand.

I stand up and walk up to her, running my hands up and down her hips then up her rib cage past her side boob and up over her shoulders then across the back of her neck. Her body shivers as my finger brings chills to her body. Her breasts jiggle before me behind her arm. My hand runs softly over her arm as I move behind her body and run a finger down her spine. Her body shivers a second time as she cranks her head back to see what I am doing.

I run my hand down the center of her butt cheeks causing her to take a step away from me. Not letting her get away, I pull her back toward me by the hips and run my hand down the front of her stomach to her inner thighs. My hand stops just before touching her outer labia.

Wanting to give her a taste of her own medicine from the night before, I breath warm air on the back of her ear and move my hands up and down her inner thigh and hip bones. She softly gasps for air and slowly releases the air with a shaky exhale. The room is silent except for the sound of our breathing.

My hands run an inch away from her outer labia over her silky smooth mound and travel up the center of her stomach until my fingers are just below her breasts. My fingers travel just outside of her breasts, careful not to touch them, and along her clavicle past her jawline up the back of her ears.

Katie spins around and gives me a long, seductive kiss. I return the kiss for the first time, grabbing each ass cheek with my hand, squeezing them like a stress ball. When she rears her head back from the kiss, I lift her up and throw her onto my shoulder then carry her into her bedroom. Like a caveman, I drop her down onto her bed. She lies on her back and stares deeply into my eyes with her dark brown eyes.

Resting her head on the pillow, I lay next to my step daughter, Katie and run my hands softly over her body, teasing every possible sense. Her body begins to respond to my touch quickly; her hips rising to meet my fingers and her back arching as my fingers slide over her sides. If me not touching any of her private parts is driving her crazy, it is two times the agony for me, but I am on a mission and will not be diverted from it.

She turns her head toward me, eyes closed, and reaches out into the darkness with her hands until she cups my face and her lips are pressed passionately against my mouth. I pull back until our kiss is soft. Despite her attempting to kiss me fast, I kiss her in a slow pecking manner.

Her legs naturally begin to spread apart as my hand runs down her inner thigh. Sweat is starting to form on top of her skin, letting me know that her body is heated up and she is getting turned on by my touch. She teased me last night by stroking me up until the point I was about to come then stopped several times before finally allowing me to reach an orgasm.

Tonight, I will see how she reacts to being teased. She will see that I am the master of teasing and have much more experience at this game than she. The temptation to feel her breasts is growing inside me until I finally give in after ten minutes of teasing her skin with the gentle touch of my fingers.

I run the tip of my fingers lightly down her neck line then over her right breast, causing her to gasp for a breath of air in her lungs. My hand slides down her chest and brushes over her hard nipple, pointing straight into the air. After making circles around her nipple, my hand moves to the other breasts and repeats the actions.

I cup her breasts and slowly fondle it in my hand, enjoying the feeling of her firm breast in my hand. In an attempt to entice me to speed up the process, she reaches down and cups my balls through my pants then runs her hand up the length of my semi-hard dick. In response to her touch, I remove my hand from her breast and slide off the bed saying, “don’t move” as I leave the room and head to my bedroom. In my closet, I dig through a bag of adult things that I have not used in a long time until I find a blindfold and hand restraints.

Returning to the room, I place the blindfold over her eyes then bind her hands to the headboard of her bed. Ready to continue teasing her body, I straddle her hips and run my fingers up her tensed stomach and fondle her breasts for a few minutes. As I play with her breasts, eskort bayan she release several moans, signifying that her breasts are sensitive and responsive. Wanting to know more, I brush her nipples with the tip of my fingers. Her back arches followed by another whining moan. Her hips press up against my ass, making me smile.

I pinch her nipples softly a couple times, sending shocks of joy through her body. Her hips grind against my ass again, attempting to increase the pressure against her excited vulva. Leaning in, I take one of her nipples between my lips and suck on it in my mouth. My tongue rolls around her nipple, teasing it with warmth and wetness. After sucking on the second hard nipple, I slide beside her on the bed and allow my hand to roam around her inner thighs down to her knees. Her legs spread wider and she places her left leg over my own legs as I lay on my side, facing her.

My finger slides up her inner thigh once more then moves inward, making her think I am finally going to massage her labia. Instead, my hand moves up to her sweaty mound, smooth as silk. I massage the top of her mound with my hand slowly moving south until I am practically touching her slit. Her hips thrust forward, begging my finger to continue moving south. Teasing her hot, youthful body is a dream come true.

Never did I think that my hands would actually be roaming her body, bringing her pleasure and having my way with it. Here I am touching her anywhere I will to and everywhere I desire to. My finger finally touches the bottom of her slit and presses softly inward, careful not to break the crest of the outer labia. My finger collects a few droplets of her juices, bring me immense joy. Two fingers glide over her outer labia, feeling how hot and swollen they are.

Katie moans loudly as my fingers move to the top of her slit. “Please don’t tease so much. I didn’t tease you like this.”

Letting her have hope that I am letting her have a say in how things go, I press the first knuckle of my index finger inside her slit and wiggle it around. As her hips rise off the bed, I pull my hand back, not letting it sink deep inside her begging hot box. When her hips retreat back to the mattress, I insert the first knuckle again then run it slowly up her slit, stopping just before touching her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh” Katie moans in a begging manner, bringing me much happiness.

I drag the moisture collected on my finger up her mound and circle her navel. My hand gravitates up to her breast once more, this time fondling her breast more aggressively.

As I am fondling her breasts, I wonder if any man has ever taken the time to give her body this much attention. I lean in and kiss her jaw line as I dip my finger inside her steamy wetness. I have not felt a woman this wet in many years, perhaps not since the first few months of dating her mother.

Her tight inner walls dripping with juices is amazingly erotic to me. I allow her hips to dance on my finger a few times before I slide my finger up her slit, allowing it to softly graze her swollen clit for the first time. Her hips buck against my hand and cause her to belt out an aggressive moan of pleasure. My finger softly swirls around her hood before sliding back down and dipping inside her vagina.

Ready to take it to the next level, I lift her left leg and slide in between her legs. Sliding my hands up under her hips, I take two hands full of her butt cheeks and slide the length of my tongue up her inner labia then circle the tip around her exposed clit. Her hips begin rocking back and forth then shudder as sensations of happiness roll through her body.

Wanting her to feel extreme pleasure, I slide my hands further up her body then wrap my wrists around the front and pull her mound taunt. With her clitoral hood now pulled back, exposing her clit, my tongue dances around the sensitive tissue. Her body writhes around as if she were being tickled.

She lets out a loud scream when I suck her clit in between my lips and flick my tongue around the swollen tissue. “Please stop, that feels weird” Katie pleads.

Having a feeling that she has not ever had a person give her clit this much attention, I continue sucking on it, pushing her quickly towards the crescendo of ecstasy. My hands help hold her hips to the mattress as she attempts to maneuver them away from my tantalizing tongue. I can feel her juices gushing out onto my chin as I give her much pleasure.

It is at this moment that I am reminded of something I have always dreamt of trying and now seems like as good of a time as any. Sliding back onto my hips, I lift my step daughter’s altıparmak escort legs onto my shoulders and press my hips up to her body until my knees are underneath her butt cheeks.

“What are you doing daddy?” Katie gasps.

Without response, I slowly slide my hard dick a few inches inside her steamy, dripping inner walls, hoping this is not her first time. As my dick rests inside her walls, I feel her muscles contracting around my dick. Collecting her juices with my right thumb, I start softly massaging her clit with my right thumb. Her hips tentatively grind forward, pushing me deep inside her as her body responds to my thumb which is making small circles on her clit.

“Ohhhh daddy. Oh shit that feels so good.”

“Have you had sex before?” I ask my daughter, oddly wanting her to say yes and no as the same time. Yes so that I am not the one to take her virginity but no so that I can live in my dream that she is still innocent.

“Yes, I have a few times daddy,” she gasps over her heavy breathing.

Katie begs me to let her have an orgasm, telling me how much she needs one. I tell her that I will let her have an orgasm if she can answer my questions. She says, “okay”. As I am massaging her clit and feeling her hips rock against my dick, I start asking her questions, knowing she will have a hard time thinking.

“Why did you start working at the strip club?”

“Ohhhh shit, I am getting close,” she replies. I slow down the speed of my thumb then repeat the question.

In between gasps of air, she says, “My friend…Shelly…told me…how much…she maid. I wanted…to make…good money too.”

After she finishes her answer, I start massaging her clit faster, with more pressure, wanting her to get close to an orgasm. Within a few seconds, her hips are bucking and thrusting my dick deep inside her contracting walls. I have the urge to thrust forward, but want to let her do the work in that department.

“Second question, what is 13 plus 9?”

“Um…umm…I don’t know.”

“If you don’t know, then you don’t orgasm.”

“Okay, okay. Let me think.”

“You have five seconds to answer or else I stop altogether. 5…4…”

“Wait, wait” she says, “I know…it is…it is…”

Her having trouble doing simple math tells me that she is on the brink of an orgasm. I stop massaging her clit and wait for her to answer me. Her hips fall to the mattress like a ton of bricks when I pull my hand away. “3…2…”

“Damn, don’t stop daddy. Please don’t stop,” she whines. “It is 22. There I answered it.”

My finger starts slowly massaging her clit again. Her hips are bucking against my dick, while I can virtually hear her clit screaming for more pressure and for my thumb to go faster. My hips start thrusting forward, rocking against her hips. I know that if I keep thrusting, we will both be a mess in less than a minute.

“Who was our last president of the United States?”

“Daddy, don’t do this. I can’t think anymore. Ohhhhhh that feels so good.”

“Last president or else I stop and don’t start again in 5…”


“Wrong, he is our current president. Who was before him?” I ask as my thumb slides away from her clit.

“Fuck, I can’t think right now. Not fair.” she replies.


“Okay, shit don’t stop. It was oh my god…it was…”

As she is trying to answer, I slide my hips back and remove my dick from inside her walls regretfully. Her hips try to rise up in attempt to keep me inside of her. Her panting is sexy as hell and has me turned on more than I have been in a long, long time. I cannot get enough of hearing her heavy breathing, her moans, the motions of her sexy body.

“It was Bush,” she finally answers.

Wanting to give her a fantastic orgasm, I slide my face down between her legs and start lapping her juices up, enjoying the sweet tasting nectar. My tongue slides up her wide spread slit and starts thrashing against her clit, which I know has to be sensitive by now. Her hips buck up, smacking the bottom of my chin and almost causing me to bite my tongue off. I use my hands to restrict her hips as I lick her clit feverishly, sending her into an intense orgasm that lasts several seconds. Her moans flow as freely as her juices as a strong orgasm rocks her thrashing body.

I slide up her body and dip my dick inside my step daughter once more and begin thrusting feverishly inside her walls, pushing my aching dick toward an orgasm of it’s own. When I am about to shoot deep inside her, I withdraw and shoot my semen all over her stomach. I feel like I am coming harder than I ever have.

After I am finished with my orgasm, I unbind Katie’s hands, watching them fall to the bed like dead weights. I pull the blindfold from her head to find her eyes still closed. Quietly, I slip out of the bedroom, leaving my daughter covered in semen just like she did to me last night.

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