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Notes from the author:

All characters are FICTIONAL. All characters are 18+. They do not relate to people in real life or to those that are in any TV series/anime/manga/novel/audio-book/etc. This is my own work, and I’d like it if there was no unconstructive criticism (especially since I can’t guarantee that I’m a perfect writer XD)


Chapter 1

~December 2009~

“It’s cold,” my Japanese friend started. “It’s raining. It’s not winter; it’s the let’s-hate-Heero season.” We decided to spend some of our Winter Break walking around in a local park that our parents used to take us to.

“Good Lord, man, you sound like a whining girl.” I honestly cannot stand it when he brings out his incessant whining. “Scratch that, you sound, and look, like a bratty little girl.” It is true! The kid had so much raven-colored hair covering his face that he could probably pass as a girl… maybe if I got him to lose a dare and wear a dress…

“Shut up, Alex, you lollicon!”

“Alright, alright! You’re an adorable little boy, then,” I retorted, wrapping my arm around his shoulder and playfully poking his side with my other hand.

“Shotacon!” Suddenly, he tackled me onto a patch of grass and attacked my stomach with a damn frenzy of fingers that just kept tickling me in my most sensitive spots.

“No! No! Stop! Heero!” I couldn’t fucking breathe! He always did things like this, especially when we were little kids, but I couldn’t defend myself back then since I was always smaller than him. This issue has been reversed, however, due to God’s great gift of a growth spurt.

“Ha! That’s what you – oh my fucking god! Shit! No! Get off!” In a single swift motion, I had flipped the poor sucker onto his back and began my own tickle attack. His sweet spot was the area right in the center of his stomach, so you can guess where I struck first.

“No, that’s what you get! Haha!” Heero pushed against my chest fervently, tears welling in his nearly black eyes.

“I’m gonna get you back! I’m gonna get you back, you shotacon!” he yelled in-between laughing fits.

“Try me, Jap!”

“I will, Pole!”

The struggle continued for several minutes before I got tired and plopped down next to my panting friend. God, it really brought back some great memories from the past. This kid, this crazy Japanese kid, was my first best friend. Hell, he was my only best friend. We met in kindergarten during recess or some shit like that. Heero was the one trying to push me off the swing, and rightfully so since I was stubborn and didn’t want to give him a turn. Who would have thought that we’d be the best of friends? I swear, it feels like we’ve known each other since we were zygotes.

“Hey, Alex?” Heero called out quietly, breaking my almost-flashback.


“Look up.” He pointed up at a cloud that was passing by.

“It looks like a whale…”

“No, the one next to the whale!” Heero chuckled.

“You mean the demented duck thing?” I gave him a playfully irritated look as he laughed his ass off. “Please, Heero, it looks like a rubber duck that was chewed up, spit out, and then nearly flushed down a toilet.” That really got him hysterical.

“Ah, Nao-kun, this brings back memories,” my raven-haired friend whispered after calming down. His eyes were plastered to the sky. His gaze seemed eons away.

“Hm, ‘Nao-kun’ is something you used to call me when we were kids.”

“Yes,” he chuckled. “I used to call you ‘Nao’ because it means ‘honest.’ You, Nao-kun, used to be brutally honest with everyone.”

“Oh, yeah! I remember there was this one time where I told my mother’s friend that she looked fat in her dress!”

“Oh my god, I remember that completely! Dude, you were just so cruel.”

“Oh, shut up,” I snorted, rolling my eyes. “All young children are brutally honest.”

“You were ten years old! Hardly a young child!” he countered, punching my arm.

“Whatever!” I crossed my arms in mock contempt, but then relaxed as I turned to face Heero. My eyes fell on his. There was something about them that always seemed to draw me in. When we were teenagers, I used to stare at them without even noticing, and it certainly caused some awkwardness. What scared me most was the thought that I could be gay. My parents are super Christians and some of the biggest homophobes of the century. If I was gay, the least painful thing they would do is disown me.

However, after my… reactions… to hot girls…well, let’s masaj porno say that I definitely do not get that reaction from looking at guys. Although, sometimes when I masturbate, I think of…

NO. God, what am I saying? Forget I mentioned a thing. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m going insane.

“Earth to Alex! Stop staring at me, loverboy,” Heero leered teasingly.

“Loverboy?” That certainly snapped me out of it. “Oh, so you think I’m in love with you, eh?” I gave him a quick wink.

“Jesus, no! You fuckin’ prick!”


“Oh!” he gasped. “You. Did. Not.”

“Oh. Yes. I. Did.” I mimicked. “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Out of absolutely nowhere, the kid leaped onto my stomach and pinned my arms above my head. He had this mockingly malicious look on his face as he sat just above my waist. Damn, the closeness… it was making it a bit hot. His face was just so fucking close and –

HOLY JESUS. Why?! My… My…

My dick fucking grew bigger! A hard-on! How the… What the…

I don’t even know. But, shit, really, my pants felt so tight.

“Alright, Heero,” I laughed nervously. “Get the hell off.”

“Oh? Why? I’m not getting up.” He shifted himself slightly back, his ass touching my erection.

“For the love of God, get the hell off of me!” Bucking my hips up, I managed to throw him to the side and slightly compose myself. “Sorry, Heero! Hey, you okay?”

“No, I am not okay. You just flung me into the ground, you prick!” The raven rubbed his side and then proceeded to glare at me. Fucking hell, at least he didn’t realize…

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you were gonna embarrass us! What if someone walked by?” Great excuse, Alex. Great. Now, he would definitely think that I was thinking about it. Maybe, he’d even go so far as to realize that I got hard from all that. Fuckkity, fuck fuck fuck.

“…Uhn,” he replied in that weird Japanese grunt-that-meant-yes. “That’s true. I wasn’t thinking, was I?” Heero turned his face slightly away. That’s when I noticed the light pink colors that were emerging on his pale skin. Oh, my Lord, he couldn’t be…

STOP IT, ALEX. Goddamn, I really have to just go and quit it with these thoughts of mine.

“Yeah,” I managed to chuckle. “Heero, I probably have to head home. My parents are expecting me to be home for at least the first few days of winter break. See you later, kid.” My hand found its way to his head of silky, raven hair, and I mussed it gently before standing up.

“Hai! Same here, actually.” He picked himself up off the ground quickly, swiping at the dirt that gathered on his jeans. “Tomorrow, though, we’re having a DOA series showdown!”

“You and your video games!”

“You like DOA, admit it! You think Hayate is smexy.” His turn to wink at me, now.

“Crap, dude! I do not! Although, I’m sure you have the hots for him.”

“Don’t shit me! I’ve got my eyes on Kasumi.”

“Jesus, alright. I’ll see you tomorrow, Heero!”

“See you! I wish you the best of luck with Hayate-sama~!”

The entire way home, I couldn’t help but nearly sprint down the sidewalk. God, my pants were getting tighter. I couldn’t help but think about how Heero was almost straddling my hips. During this walk home, I finally admitted to myself that it truly was Heero that caused my erection.

Oh my God.

Gay. I realized that I was gay.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Him, him, him. When I walked through the door, it was still all about him. My cock was throbbing in pain. I wanted him. I wanted him badly, but there was no way for me to ever get him. There was nothing else for me to do except run upstairs to my old room. I told my mom on the way there that I was turning in for the night because I was exhausted.

With that uncomfortable heat growing in my crotch, I hobbled onto my bed. Unzipping my jeans and pulling my boxers slightly down, I watched as my cock flipped out. Good Lord, the entire thing was swollen, and the tip was leaking pre-cum already.

Shit, shit, shit… is what I should have been thinking as I grabbed my dick and pumped it hard.

Him, him, him… is what I was really thinking. He was invading my masturbatory fantasies, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Let me handle your dick for a while, he said.

It felt like his hand was rubbing my humongous erection. His silky skin… His strong hand gripping my cock…That thought sent my orgasms öğretmen porno into overdrive. Biting on my lip, I attempted to stop the earsplitting grunts and whines that I’m sure someone in China would’ve been able to hear.

You like that, don’t you? You like it, Alex.

My balls felt like anchors as they stiffened, and my cock began to shoot out fountains of semen. Christ, it was hot. Hotter than hot. So hot I wanted to melt. I wanted him to really touch me. I wanted his hands to grab my still-throbbing penis and pump it with all his might.


…was the last thing that crossed my mind before passing out.

Chapter 2

When I came to, I felt exhausted. Hell, I felt like if I’d stand up, the first thing to hit the floor would be my face.

“Fuck… shit…” I moaned, shifting so that I could lay on my back. It was around four o’clock in the morning and pitch black. “Lovely… Oh, god, the stench!” The smell of my semen was everywhere. As I rubbed my hand along the bed sheets, almost every inch was covered in something sticky. Fuck, it was like a fountain!

…So, this is what Heero can do to me…?

All I did was think about him, and it sent me reeling into an unforgiving ecstasy. What the hell will happen if we actually do something? Ah, to hell with it all. Enough thinking. Anymore of that and I’ll be cumming again, and with ten times the force.

“Crap, it’s only four. What the hell am I supposed to do?” I muttered, sitting upright and running a hand through my tangled, long hair. “I feel wired… So sleep doesn’t seem like an option.”

… Growl~

Well… At least I knew what to do now…

“Seriously?” Heero asked, his voice sounding entranced, as he attempted to kick Hitomi’s ass on the Xbox. A.K.A. My ass. Failure = an understatement of what he was going through.

“Yeah! Dude, I couldn’t help it.” Effortlessly, my own fingers swept across the controller, inputting commands for advanced techniques. “By the way, if you don’t realize it, Kasumi has barely any HP left.”

“Shut up,” he whined back. “Anyway, what were you thinking!? It was only four in the morning! You could’ve slept a bit more.”

“I really couldn’t!”

…Awkward pause…

“You know,” Heero started. He paused the match. “My grandmother once told me that people cannot sleep when they lust for someone.” Oh fuck.


“Oh, please. C’mon! Who’s the girl? Are you in love with her? Done it yet?”

“Jesus, Heero, no! God!” Involuntarily, I proceeded to let out a very defensive pose…Which seriously would have given my “position” away, if Heero was smarter, that is.

“Hahaha, oh, wow, Nao-kun!” That hysterical laugh of his rang through his room, bouncing off of the walls. “You’re so priceless. Baka, I know that if you liked someone, I’d be the first to know.” Now, that wink! Goodness…

“Y-Yeah, you would be,” I managed to reply. “Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know about that special someone. Hell, you’ll be the best man!”


Phew, nice save…

“Alex?” Fuck, maybe I wasn’t in the clear. “Akai.” He pointed to my cheeks.


“Akai. Red. Your cheeks are red.” Suddenly, Heero leaned towards me. Better yet, he put his hand on my forehead. His pale face was only inches away from mine. He was so close that I could smell his sweet breath and the light cologne he always wears. If my face wasn’t beet red, it was now.

“H-Heero…” I stammered.

“You’re really hot, Alex. Are you sure you don’t have a fever?” God damn it, so close…

“I’m f-fine, Heero.”

“Last time you said that, you threw up in my bathroom for an hour,” he stated. That was a few years ago and… well… let’s just say I got severe food poisoning from some really bad sushi.

“No, I’m really fine…” Shit… Please, redness, go away. Now. Please.

“Hm, maybe it was just temporary… AH! You were embarrassed because I thought you had a girlfriend!” That hyper son of a bitch started to pounce on me, shoving my shoulder as I tried to withdraw from this ridiculous situation.

Fuck, Heero, I thought. Girlfriend. Yeah. Right. Gimme a break. Apparently, my body… and mind… want you. Gah…

While I tried to push him the fuck away, he decided that it would become a wrestling match. Funfunfun.

“Heero-kun~!” a shrill voice called out. Heero froze in his tracks as the door swung open and his oral porno older sister waltzed into the room. “Oh. My gosh. Am I interrupting something?” the raven-haired prep sing-songed.

I couldn’t blame her for that thought….

Heero’s entire body was nearly lying on top of mine, and he had both of my wrists pinned above my head. Even my shirt had ridden up, exposing the bare skin of the majority of my torso.

“N-No! This is NOT what you think, Suzuki!” I rebutted. Fuckfuckfuck, why us… why now…

“Hm? So what does Suzuki think this is…?” I can’t believe it. Oh my God, no, Heero! Why?! AGH!!

“GAY. SEX,” she screamed. Thank God their parents aren’t home. Thank God. Thank Jesus. Thank Budda! But, seriously? Gay sex? Suzuki… “I can’t believe it!”

“It’s not—” I tried to interject, but my unbelievable chill friend over here cut in.

“You can’t believe it? Is it maybe because you want him? Well, you can’t have him.” He leaned into my body defensively, his cold cheek brushing past my own. I couldn’t breathe. I just couldn’t… I couldn’t…

Gosh, Alex. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

“Heero…” I began menacingly. “What is the meaning of this…?”

“What? Oh. This. Haha.” Quickly, the raven flung himself backwards, landing on the opposite end of the couch. “Suzuki-chan, do you really think that Nao-kun and me would be having intimate moments on the couch?” Finally, some sense…

“I suppose not…” she replied, looking a lot calmer now.

“Exactly.” –pause- “We wouldn’t be doing anything on the couch. We’d be doing it on the bed.”

-insert gigantic mental flail here-


“Ahahaha, oh my gosh, Alex, you have the best boyfriend right there!” Suzuki laughed, her hyena laugh filling the room.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Well, shit, here comes the fury. “He’s not.”

“Alright, alright, whatever floats your boat,” the hyena continued. “I was kidding, but your reaction makes me think otherwise!”

“No!” I clawed at my head in a rush of fury. Why is this happening?!

“Okay, Suzuki, you’ve have you fun, now get out,” Heero commanded, shooing her out of the room.

“Don’t do anything stupid, you two!”

“Heero, what the fuck was that about?” I asked for the umpteenth time in the past ten minutes.

“Well, I thought it’d be funny. It certainly was funny from my perspective.” He chuckled lightly, then he threw me a look that said, “I’m about to do something, and you’re gonna flip out.”

“Heero… Heero. Heero!” The boy was coming on to me! Literally! Before I could protest further, he silenced my lips with his own, pressing gently against my hesitant mouth. His lips were cold and soft at the same time, and we’d molded together in a single heartbeat. Nothing… Absolutely nothing… Had ever felt that good; Nothing was ever as amazing as that kiss.

“Alex…” Heero whispered in my ear in the most melancholy tone I’ve ever heard. He almost sounded scared. “Please… don’t hate me…”

“Hate you…? Why would I hate you?” Ever so gently, I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him closer.

“I know that your parents would hate this, and I think that you hate this, too, to some degree. And that can easily make you hate me and what I’ve just done.”

Heero knew what he had just done. Heero knew what he’d gotten himself into. Heero knew that there was no turning back.

But, he didn’t know that I didn’t want to turn back.

…That is, until I pulled his face into mine, locking our lips together again. This time, it was more urgent. More necessary. We both needed it.

I couldn’t control myself, and I lost it for a few minutes. My tongue started to swipe across his lower lip, savoring the sweet taste and the luscious moans that rumbled within the trembling raven. The moment he parted his lips, I nearly forced my tongue inside his mouth, and his moans became increasingly urgent. A fierce battle was fought between our tongues until Heero had to break away.

“Heero, we both know what we’ve started…”


“I’m not giving up on us, even if my parents decide to be douchebags.” His light, feathery chuckle filled my ears, and then he leaned in once more for a final kiss.

“This one moment is the epic beginning to our future. Get ready, Alex…”


Author’s Notes:

I hope you liked it ^^” . I’m not exactly proficient at writing, and I’m sorry if I really sucked. Don’t kill me… Please…

Anyway! You might be hearing from Alex and Heero again soon, but it will probably be for some extremely erotic scene… just to please all you out there who want some action ;D

I’ll be seeing you around! __Kuriousity__

P.S. yes, I know I spelled it wrong. So sue me.

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