Distant Outpost Ch. 03

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Farewell with the Arons might not have been too flashy or sentimental, but it was significant nevertheless. After all Sarah was wearing her customary flirtatious outfit she always picked for the morning workout; the thong of her leotard was digging deep between her pantyhose covered buttocks, enhancing their shape further. The Lieutenants both grabbed her firm exposed ass, one man each cheek, and groped it in front of all the soldiers. The Captain should have scolded them or at least pushed their hands away, but she did nothing apart from smiling like a flirtatious schoolgirl. The men’s palms touched her booty for several seconds before they finally let her go, went into their truck and drove away. The training could begin; the morning jog would be beneficial for the soldiers, because the blood would not go to their cocks. Although the ones at the front of the column had it tougher with their Captain running right in front of them; her firm buttocks and legs were moving in an almost hypnotizing fashion. Few hundred metres later everyone was focused on the running, but the sight of Sarah’s moving legs and ass remained an attraction.

There was also another issue with last night’s threesome, unbeknown to Sarah. The voyeurs had obviously shared the gossip, so everyone was aware of their Captain’s misbehavior and her love for group sex.

For the rest of the day the Captain decided to step up the teasing a little bit. For breakfast she again wore a summer dress, but a different one this time. This was more an item one would wear to a beach, it was light and loose, but ended right at the bottom of the buttocks, so avoiding upskirts was not an option. Underneath Sarah had a barely visible g-string. On her feet she wore twelve centimetres tall wedge heels, the tallest of that kind she owned. The effect was as she had expected – the soldiers found it hard to focus on the food, although everyone tried to behave as if everything was perfectly normal. The Captain found it amusing and pretended not to notice all the glares.

After breakfast the Captain once again visited her secluded spot. Just like on the previous day she took off all of her clothes before lying down to sunbathe. She was determined to leave Fort Holloway with a strong even tan. The small ‘loyal’ group of voyeurs followed her discreetly, after witnessing yesterday’s threesome they wanted to see her naked body again even more. Sarah remained oblivious to their presence. She even made a small spectacle when she rubbed the sunscreen into her skin; thinking she was alone she did not act demure. The young privates considered it the best strip show they had ever seen.

For the volleyball game Sarah put on a thong leotard, one of those she wore for the morning jog. But she did not wear any pantyhose with it, so her firm buttocks were visible for everyone to admire. She also cheered up her team by encouraging a touchy atmosphere, so those who played with her got a chance to playfully pat the naked skin of her round booty. The men did that whenever they had an opportunity and the Captain’s flirty behavior only caused them to act bolder; they sometimes grabbed a buttock for a short moment instead of merely patting it. There was something uniquely arousing in being touched in a semi-erotic manner in non-erotic circumstances. The fact that the men were her subordinates and on average fifteen years younger only added a kinky flavor.

The dinner was a repetition of breakfast, only this time Sarah played with her hair a bit more and flashed cleavage a few times. After the meal she stayed for a small talk. She pulled the chair back a little in a supposedly innocent fashion, just to have more space. But then she crossed her legs in a not-at-all innocent way; considering the shortness of her dress even the sides of her buttocks became exposed. The Captain feigned obliviousness to that fact and to all the lustful gazes of the men, just as she always did. As they chatted she wondered how large were the erections in their pants; she had no doubts that she managed to get them all hard. But that had all been just a warmup, she planned to have some more fun at the expense of the young men in the evening at the canteen.

Sarah was feeling extra naughty that day, it might have been caused by the fresh memories of the last night’s threesome. For the evening she decided to wear something more… flirty; at least that was the word she used in her head, most people would use a more definite expression. Her chosen dress was pink, tight and short, but these three words did not tell the whole picture. It was a bimbo shade of pink, usually worn by ditzy sluts; Sarah was confident enough of her intellect not to be afraid of that stereotype. The tightness hugged her every curve and was further enhanced by the thinness of the fabric. A dress could not get any shorter and still be called a dress; it ended mere two centimetres beneath the Captain’s buttocks, it was virtually impossible not to flash upskirts while wearing it. The item was strapless, ankarada sakso çeken escortlar so the cleavage could not be as deep, but because the dress should not be worn with a bra it felt just as revealing, especially since her nipples quickly got erect and were clearly visible through the thin fabric. The top and skirt parts were opaque, but the middle was made of tiny mesh. Underneath she wore a tiny g-string in a matching shade of pink.

Before Sarah pulled the thong up her legs she took a small butt-plug from her magic drawer. She lubricated the toy and her ass, then gently pushed it in. This night there was no need to prepare for anal sexy, but the naughty feeling extended beyond just clothes. She wanted to feel an additional physical sensation to match the excitement of teasing and flirting. Not to mention the fact that hiding a dirty little secret from her subordinates was arousing in itself.

On her legs Sarah put on a pair of sheer white stockings to break the uniformity of the colour. A pair of pink fuck-me heels on fifteen centimetre tall stilettos completed the outfit. Not to overdo with the bimbo aesthetics, the Captain kept her makeup mostly natural, apart from her lips which she painted, of course, pink. She was going to tease the hell out of the soldiers and she smiled at that though.

As always the Captain was the last one to enter the canteen. She walked in slow deliberate steps, rocking her hips to the sides, the clicking of her heels attracted the attention even before she appeared. She enjoyed the lustful gazes that ogled her body.

“Hello, boys,” Sarah said in a seductive voice, “were you waiting for me to start the fun?”
She waited for a moment although the question was rhetorical. She used the time to get into the middle of the room and strike a sexy pose. She could almost hear all the young cocks springing to attention.
“I’m in a mood to play,” she finally spoke again, in the same sultry tone, “who wants to lose a game of billiard?”
The Captain’s cockiness was justified, she won the majority of the games… in which she focused on the actual playing and not teasing. This time her outfit was revealing enough in itself, but it did not mean that nothing more could be achieved.
The soldiers fielded their billiard champion – Ted. Apparently the sexy sight had not distracted them enough and they still wanted to win the beer. Ted had an extra incentive (apart from pride), because he had been on Sarah’s team in volleyball; they had lost their game, so he was one beer shy.

NOT flashing upskirts in that dress was impossible when playing billiard. Sarah did not even need to try any revealing positions, simple bending over the table was sufficient. She played a more or less normal game, but she could not fully put her mind to it. It might have been caused by her naughty mood or the group of spectators ogling her mostly exposed ass; both factors have been present in the past, but on that day seemed more impactful. Sarah’s inner exhibitionist was excited about flashing her buttocks and thong, but in the excitement she somehow missed the fact that the soldiers would be able to notice her anal plug as well. When she finally realised it she blushed and spoiled the shot; it was too late to back out by then.

Whenever she straightened up she fixed her dress which only attracted even more attention. She wondered whether the soldiers would be able to notice that her pussy was slowly getting moist. Most of them were not experienced enough, so maybe that detail of their Captain’s naughtiness would go unnoticed.
Ultimately Sarah narrowly lost the game. The soldiers cheered after the victory of their comrade, but she was not sure whether they were celebrating the beer he won for all of them or applauding the show she just performed. Possibly both.

There were two more games to play in order to determine how many beers the soldiers would get to drink. Poker could be one of them and Sarah would most likely win, but it was also the least flashy and her naughty mood had not diminished, quite the opposite. She settled on foosball and darts, both were played while standing and required some degree of bending, so she could exhibit her legs and ass. Even though there were beers at stake the spectators were not focusing mostly on the game, the Captain could feel their gazes on her body the entire time; her arousal kept steadily growing. She could no longer forget that her anal plug could occasionally be spotted by the men.

In these two games Sarah was the least proficient, so it was not a surprise when she lost them as well. Finally came the time for the soldiers to reap the spoils of their victories and drink the beers they had won. They were all in a cheerful mood already, mostly because of their sexy Captain’s presence, so the arrival of the first round did not change the atmosphere too much; but alcohol tended to have a delayed effect on people.

The company spent some time just talking and drinking. elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar Sarah continued her flirtatious behavior, although there was less flashing for a while. She still played with her hair or let the soldiers gaze down her cleavage. Occasionally she would get up to play one of the available games, each time she had a full set of spectators. After each game they sat back down to continue drinking and talking.

“You promised to tell us your break-up story,” said Ted, always the most brazen of the bunch.
“I did?” Sarah’s voice sounded uncertain.
She did not exactly promise to tell them, but that was not the source of her uncertainty. She was simply wondering whether she was drunk enough to actually tell the story. The soldiers misread her reaction.
“Yes, you did, Capt’n!” the men eagerly took Ted’s side.
“Well… that’s a kinky one…” Sarah continued to act hesitantly.
“Unlike the previous,” someone commented and the soldiers laughed.
“All right, you pervs,” Sarah laughed as well, “but this stays between us.”
“Sure thing, Capt’n.”
“Have you heard of Lauren Luscious?”
“Captain Luscious?”
“Yep, her.”
“She’s almost as hot as you.”
“Thank you, but she’s hotter. Over the years I learnt to accept this fact. We’ve known each other since high school and hated one another almost as long. Lauren is a real bitch and considered me her rival. Life somehow kept putting us on the same path, so we collided over and over.
This time it was another game of pool, the cursed game seems to be the source of all my problems. Me and Rick against Lauren and her then boyfriend Mike. We were all after a few drinks already and the guys came up with an idea to add us, the girls, to the stakes. Lauren’s enthusiasm surprised me. I knew well enough she was a bitch, but I wasn’t expecting her to be that adventurous. She said ‘Yeah! I’d love to fuck that whore.’ I knew she wasn’t a lesbian, so she was just taunting me. I replied ‘go fuck your father instead.” She said “I already fucked yours. Was it painful losing your virginity to such a fat cock?”

“Ha! Catfight,” interrupted Ted and the men laughed.
“Nah. We didn’t fight,” Sarah replied with a weak smile, “we were both smart enough not to fall for the mutual taunting. You get used to it after some time, you know…
But just like that we agreed to put our asses on the table; figuratively for now.”

“I guess I don’t have to tell you that Rick and I lost; this time it was fair, both of us wanted to win and we played our best. They were simply better. But drinks or not I didn’t want to keep my end of the bargain. Fucking strangers was bad enough, but I hated this bitch. I took Rick to the side and told him so, but he kept persuading me to go on with it. That it would be fine, that I’d enjoy it, that Lauren just had a big mouth and most importantly that he’ll be there with me the whole time. I was still reluctant, but the last part convinced me not to walk out of the place right away.
‘That’s a good girl’ said Rick in his sweet-asshole voice, ‘it’ll be fun, you’ll see.”
When we returned to our opponents Lauren told me to take off my dress. I felt as if she wanted to add a word like ‘slut’ or so at the end, but bit her tongue. She must’ve sensed my reluctance and didn’t want to push me too far… yet”

Sarah made a pause to take a sip of her beer. She remembered that incident as clearly as if it had happened yesterday. She did not like that memory, but at the same time just thinking about it made her pussy tingle. The captain had not gotten to the spicy parts yet, but she could sense the anticipation of the soldiers already.

“We were still in the pub, mind you. There weren’t many people, but it still was a public place. There was a couch by the wall, we moved the action there. It gave a little bit more privacy, but not too much, few of the regular guests could still see us. Once my dress was gone Lauren told me to remove my bra and panties. Being fucked in public is much worse than being naked, so I didn’t oppose it. But something in her tone caused me to be a bit afraid. Moments later my worries were proved to be justified. Once I was naked, apart from my heels and stockings, Lauren took out an anal-plug from her purse. What kind of pervert carries a butt-plug in her purse?! That crazy bitch! She put it to my mouth and told me to suck it. It was stupid and humiliating, I should’ve taken my clothes back and walked out of the place. But Rick came in from behind and began to caress my body. He always knew how to touch me and once again I gave up. I sucked on the plug until Lauren told me to stop.

‘Bend over, slut!’ she said in a commanding voice.
This time she did not skip the ‘slut’. It was Rick and his magical hands that guided me into the position. The asshole even spread my cheeks, so the bitch could insert the plug into my ass. Later I regretted giving the man so much control over my body, but at that moment I couldn’t help sincan gece kalan escortlar it, he was just too good. And anyway it wasn’t like Rick’s influence over me appeared overnight, it was a long process and I had enjoyed every minute up to that point. The plug did not feel bad either, it was small and I even moaned when Lauren pushed it in.
‘I knew you’d love that, you slut,’ she commented.
At that moment I’d gladly slap her face, but she was kinda right. A part of me hated the whole experience, but another part was beginning to enjoy it; the latter was taking over.

Once the plug was in Lauren spanked my exposed ass hard and told me to lie on the couch on my back. When I did, she sat on my face and said:
‘Lick me, slut!’
I’m not a lesbo, so licking a pussy is as attractive to me as sucking a cock would be to you. But at that point I no longer had a choice. At least she was clean shaven and Mike soon got between my legs and began to lick me as well. His skilled tongue somewhat helped me to forget about my predicament. I got wet pretty swiftly and soon Mike got up from his knees and put his cock to work. I could feel that he wasn’t much smaller than Rick. I had to admit that Mike had the skill to match his size and he wasn’t being selfish. I did enjoy the fucking despite Lauren sitting on my face. As I kept licking her she was playing with my boobs; maybe she had a bi side after all. And she wasn’t being rough, as one could expect; it was moderately pleasant, considering the circumstances. In the end Mike made me cum and then shot a load in my pussy.

Lauren didn’t cum so I expected that my ordeal wasn’t over. I was soon proved right, when another cock entered my pussy, to my relief it was Rick. Believe it or not, but he managed to make me cum again, soon after my first orgasm. He also shot a load in my pussy and the bitch Lauren still hasn’t cum. I shouldn’t have been surprised, my pussy-licking skills were somewhat lacking. I hoped that she’d simply sit on my face until I made her cum, but no such luck. As soon as Rick stepped away, another guy approached me. I couldn’t see anything, so I had no idea who it was.

Fucking strangers wasn’t a part of the deal, but I wasn’t in a position ot protest. That fucker Rick should’ve stopped the guy, but he didnt The stranger had an average cock and finished quickly, another one came right after him. Again Rick did nothing. Lauren kept playing with my boobs and I wished I could use my fingers on her pussy, but my arms were pinned down by her legs. The second guy also came quickly and then Mike fucked me again. I had a third orgasm and to my huge relief Lauren finally came too. The bitch squirted right into my face and did not let me go until I finished. Rick the Fucker did not even offer me a towel! Imagine that it was Mike who handed me a handkerchief. Fortunately Lauren didn’t try to push me further and just left without a word. She must’ve seen in my eyes, that if she had tried to mock me I would’ve killed her. As things were I just kicked Rick in his balls hard, put on my clothes and left. I never talked to him again, although he tried to call me many times. Too bad he blew it, the sex was really good.”

“We were hoping for a hot story, not a sad one,” commented sergeant Mitch and the company laughed.
“Don’t worry, my heart wasn’t broken for long,” Sarah replied with a wink, “I was mostly pissed, but I’m a tough girl.”
She was fully aware that the story WAS hot and the soldiers must have been as aroused as herself. She tried to not be too obvious, but managed to catch a glimpse of the outlines of their erections; her pussy had gotten moist as well. There was something strangely arousing about the memories of the kinky humiliating event.

“How about a dance?” Sarah suddenly suggested with her usual smile on her face.
She felt like she needed a change. Obviously no-one refused, even though most of the soldiers would not get a chance to be her partners. The Captain was selfish in that regard and preferred to pick the men who could dance the best; Sergeant Mitch was her first choice. Someone put on the music, not too loud, the song had a mediocre pace, good enough to get close, but not a teenage-hugging-ballad. Sarah and Mitch did not dance THAT close, but by the end of the song she could sense from his motions that he had an erection. He was not the only one being turned on by the dance. The proximity and the touch of a male body had an effect on the already aroused Captain as well. By the time they finished her pussy was more than just moist.

Sarah’s next partner was a private named Dan, who took dancing lessons back in high school, so he knew what to do on the floor. Their dancing looked similar and had the same effect on both, only for Sarah it was cumulative. The Captain’s third partner was Ted. He might not have been a top dancer, but she liked his boldness and had already gotten in the mood for something mildly crazy; she had a feeling that the Corporal would not disappoint her. Ted was more touchy from the get go, his hands enjoyed a bit more of his partner’s body than just the customary points held during the dance. Sarah remembered his behavior a few days ago when he grabbed her breasts. Back then she untangled herself from his grasp and left the canteen, she did not mention the incident later. On that day they had also drunk three beers…

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