DJ Pt. 16

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Coming it Part 16

DJ and Jamie visit Disney World

DJ models his sexy swim trunks

Girls are chasing after DJ and Jamie

DJ assumes his new position

Joe’s and Doug’s wedding plans are completed

DJ Part 16

Thursday night Jamie, DJ and I all got off work at 9:00 PM, and drove back to our house for the night. DJ had told Jamie that Joe was cooking and would have supper ready for all of us. The kitchen had a very enticing aroma when we walked in together. Joe dished up side dishes of steamed broccoli, and placed the pot of his creation on a mat in the center of the table. Whatever it was sure smelled good.

I dished a good portion on my plate, but the boys both took only a small spoonful, at first. After tasting it, they both took a much larger portion.

“Joe,” DJ inquired, “what do you call this?”

“I don’t know if it really has a name. It’s ground beef, onions, slivered almonds, and mushrooms, then a quart of beef broth, and rotini cooked in it, absorbing the broth, and, of course, some seasonings. Do you like it?” DJ nodded.

“Joe,” Jamie replied, “it’s scrumptious!

“What time is your air flight, Monday?” Joe asked.

“I don’t know,” Jamie replied, “Dad’s got the tickets.”

“We need to know,” Joe responded, “Somebody’s got to take you scalawags to the airport Monday, and someone’s got to pick you up when you get back Friday night.”

“Carl’s at work right now,” I said, “Let me call Karen, she may know.” I placed a call to Karen.

“OK,” I said, “Karen’s going to have Carl call me in the morning after he gets up, and give me the info.”

“I think I’m going to need to buy a suitcase,” DJ remarked.

“I don’t think so, DJ,” Joe said, “I’ve got one of those big ones, with wheels on the bottom. You guys are only going to be gone for 5 days, and I think it’s large enough to hold both of your clothes, you might want to take some carry-ons, like your back packs.”

“Baby,” Jamie said, “we share everything else, we can share a suitcase.” DJ nodded.

“I guess,” DJ added, “we’re going to need to pack, over the weekend. Joe, dinner was very tasty, and different. I could easily handle that meal again, in the near future.”

“Guys,” Joe replied, “there isn’t enough left to bother saving, can’t you guys finish it off?” The boys, both smiling, divided the remainder between their plates, and it soon disappeared down into their stomachs.

While Joe and I cleaned off the table and I assisted Joe with the dishes, Jamie and DJ sneaked off into the den and fired up the play station. None of us had to work early tomorrow, both boys were due at 3:00 and 4:00, DJ closing at 9:00 PM and Jamie at 11:00. Joe and I slipped off to bed, leaving the boys playing games.

Daryl was finished at his former store, and scheduled to work on New Years Day at 2:00 PM at the CVS store here in town. He was taking advantage of having the weekend off, and was hoping to get as much as possible done, getting things arranged in their new home. Randy was scheduled to open our store on Friday morning.

* * * * * *

Friday morning, December 29th, Randy and Daryl got up about 8:00 AM. Daryl had worked hard all day Thursday, trying to get at least some of their stuff organized. Randy said he was dying for a shower, and was prepared to take one right then. While Randy was showering, Daryl started a pot of coffee brewing, then joined Randy in that large shower stall, and they thoroughly enjoyed their first shower together in their new home.

Daryl had done a little grocery shopping Thursday evening while Randy was still working that double shift. He also had made some headway at the house, organizing most of the dishes, utensils and small appliances in the kitchen, as well as their toiletries and towels and wash cloths in the bathroom.

“Baby, shall we do the Bojangle’s thing again this morning?” Randy suggested.

“Nope,” Daryl responded, “I’m cooking breakfast this morning, for my love and I! We have coffee ready now.” Randy smiled.

The two men went into the bedroom, found their underwear in some boxes, and t-shirts, slipped on their slippers and headed to the kitchen. Daryl turned on the broiler-oven to heat, poured two mugs of coffee, then retrieved two thin breakfast rib-eyes from the fridge, seasoned them and placed them in the broiler.

Sipping coffee in between, Daryl proceeded to fry eggs and make some toast. A few minutes later, Daryl sat at the table with his lover and they enjoyed steak and eggs for their first home cooked meal in their new home.

Randy, a couple of tears escaping his eyes, “Baby, someday you’re going to make some man an awesome husband. I’m so glad I fell in love with you!”

Daryl, bending over to give Randy a loving kiss on his lips, “I hope that ‘someday’ isn’t too far away, I love you so much!

“Hun, if you’ll excuse me, it’s 9:15 and I really, really need to shave before I go in to open the store this morning, it’s been 3 days. You’ve done a terrific job here, getting things together.”

“I’m gaziantep escort glad I had these few days off, or I wouldn’t have been able to do very much. There is still a lot of stuff still packed, we ain’t done yet. What time would you like lunch?”


“Because, like a good boyfriend, I’m going to bring it to you. I can’t do that often, when we’re both working,” Daryl replied.

“OK, sweetheart,” Randy answered, smiling, “how about between 1:00 and 2:00. Maybe I’d better marry you soon, before some other guy comes along and grabs you up!”

Daryl, laughing, “I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that! I’m just a little too attached to you, to give you up that easily.”

Randy shaved, got dressed, kissed his lover goodbye, and headed out the door about 9:45 AM.

Randy got to the store at about 2 minutes before 10:00, unlocked the door and was followed inside by Cindy and Lois. They were all prepared for a typically busy Friday. DJ and I are both scheduled to come in at 3:00 PM.

* * * * * *

About 10:30 AM, DJ, Joe and I were at the table having coffee, and Jamie was, typically, nursing a glass of apple juice. My phone rang, and it was Karen.

“Good Morning, Karen,” I answered.

Carl, chuckling, “Good Morning Doug, but it’s Carl, on Karen’s phone. I guess we need to discuss getting the boys to and from the airport. Their departing flight is scheduled at 5:00 AM on the 1st, and that means they need to be there to check in by 4:00 AM. It’s about a one and a half to two hour drive to the airport, so they really need to leave here around 2:00 AM.”

“Doug, I’m off on Sunday, and New Years Day, so I can take them up to the airport, but I’ll be working Friday, and I cannot pick them up Friday evening. Their inbound flight is scheduled to arrive here at 8:20 PM, Friday night.”

“Carl, it looks like I need to talk to Randy. He’s pretty accommodating, and I think he may be able to let me go Friday evening about 6:00 PM, maybe 6:30, and I can go from the store right to the airport, and I should get there by around 8:00 PM.”

“That sounds like a plan, Doug. As I said, I’m off both Sunday and Monday. If the boys can have everything packed that they need from your house, they can come here, finish packing, and spend the night, and I can make certain we can leave here by 2:00 AM on Monday morning.”

“Great, Carl, I’ll talk to Randy when we go in to work today, at 3:00 PM. If there is a problem, I’ll get back in touch, but I don’t see a problem. Have a nice Friday.” We both hung up.

“OK boys,” I stated, “here’s the plan. You guys need to pack everything you need from here before Sunday evening, then you can go out to Jamie’s house, and pack whatever you need from there. You’ll spend the night, well, the three or four hours, at Jamie’s, and Carl will take you guys to the airport. You need to be there by 4:00 AM, as your flight is at 5:00 AM.”

“Wow,” Jamie exclaimed, “we’re leaving like in the middle of the night! Who’s going to get us, when we return?”

“Unless Randy throws a monkey wrench into the plan, I’ll be coming to the airport to get you guys, when your plane gets in at 8:20 Friday evening. I’ll talk to Randy today, worst case scenario is that you guys may need to hang around the airport until I can get there, which could be as late as 11:00 PM.”

“I think Randy will let you go early,” DJ remarked, “he really tries to do his people right. Dad, did you know that Randy is giving me a promotion?”

“No, I didn’t,” I answered, “Is that what he wanted to talk to you about yesterday?”

DJ, nodding, and beaming, “He’s promoting me to a trainer, I’ll be training any new cashiers that he hires. It came with a pay raise too, another fifty cents an hour, but I’ll still be mostly working as a cashier. It’s effective January 1st.”

Jamie, smiling, “DJ, you usually work about 30 hours a week, so that’s about a $15.00 a week raise! Baby, I’m so happy for you.”

“Son,” I stated, “I am so utterly proud of you, you’ve developed so much, just over the last 9 months, In a way, I hate losing the boy in you, but I welcome your growth into an incredible young man.”

“I have a feeling,” Joe remarked, smiling, “that the boy in both of these guys is going to rise up when they’re released on Disney World next week!” We all laughed.

“DJ,” Jamie spoke softly, “It’s only 11:30, and we don’t have to be at work until 3:00 and 4:00. Can we slip back to bed for a while?”

“Sure baby,” DJ replied, smiling. The two boys went back to bed.

DJ commented, “Why do I have this feeling you wanted us back here for something other than a little more sleep?”

“DJ, you owe me one,” Jamie said, mischievously.

“I do?”

“Baby, remember what we did in the shower a few days ago?” Jamie reminded, “I told you that next time I want to ride you.” Jamie is fondling DJ penis, which is starting to get hard.

“So I guess we need to take a shower?” DJ mentioned.

“Not really,” Jamie stated, “We can do it here, and the bed is much more comfortable, and softer. If we use a condom, it won’t be nearly as messy. And we should have some, right next to the lube, here in the bed headboard storage place.”

“Do you know how to put them on, baby?” DJ asked.

“Well, I’ve never done it,” Jamie replied, “but they showed us in sex-ed class in school. If we both wear one, and we both get off, it won’t be messy at all, and our cum will be caught in the condoms.”

Jamie reached into the headboard storage area and picked up two condoms and a bottle of lube, and handed one of the condoms to DJ. They both opened them, Jamie showed DJ how to roll it down over his erection, and DJ followed suit.

Jamie lubed DJ’s condom covered erection well, then lubed his crack and boy pussey, using his finger to push some of the lube inside, and stretched his receptacle, preparing for a treat. Jamie then straddled his butt over DJ’s erect penis, a thigh on each side of DJ’s torso.

“I’m so ready for this baby, I can’t wait to feel you inside me. I’m new at this, but, well, here goes.”

Jamie started to push his anus onto the head of DJ’s cock, gradually letting his weight down until the head of DJ’s cock slipped through the sphincter ring, and let out a little cry.

“Are you OK Jamie?”

“Yeah—I think so, it just hurt a little more that I expected, I’m going to push down a little further. Oh, that’s feeling better, I want this so much.”

Gradually, Jamie started to slide his hole up and down over DJ’s cock, pushing a little further with each stroke. Finally there was no further to go as DJ’s cock was totally inside Jamie. Jamie then started a rhythmic up and down action on DJ’s cock. He then adjusted the angle of his orifice, causing the head of DJ’s cock to start hitting his sweet spot, and Jamie could feel his orgasm building.

“Oh, god, baby, this—feels—so—fucking—good! Are you—close?”

“Jamie, your pussy feels almost as good as your mouth. I’m not going to last very long.”

“DJ, I’m about to fill my condom, I’m—oh—fuck—I’m shooting.”

“Shiiiitttt—I’m right behind you, I’m cumming! I cummed!”

Jamie leaned down, DJ’s cock still in his ass, and mashed his lips onto DJ’s’ and they shared a romantic kiss, as both boys started to deflate.

“I think,” DJ whispered, “it’s all over, did you cum?”

“Big time, I filled this condom. I need to slide it off, or this cum is gonna run out. I don’t want to get up off you, you feel so good inside me!”

Jamie slid the condom off from his deflating penis, and tied the end, as one might tie a balloon. He could feel that DJ was also becoming flaccid. When Jamie finally started to raise his body up, DJ’s cock slipped out of the condom and Jamie grabbed the end of the condom and pulled it out of his hole. He held it up, and it looked like a rather large amount of DJ’s ejaculate ran down to the head end of it. Jamie held the open end to his mouth and drained the tasty cum, then swallowed it, grinning.

DJ, his mouth falling open, “I don’t believe you did that!”

“Why not, baby,” Jamie replied, smirking, “I wasn’t licking off the outside of it, just draining the inside, I wouldn’t want your sweet tasty cream going to waste.”

As the boys had discussed earlier, there was very little mess when using the condoms. They both used their mouths to gather any remaining man juice that might have been lingering on either the inside or the outside of each other’s cocks, then proceeded to get dressed.

* * * * * *

Friday afternoon, when DJ and I clocked in, I told Randy I needed to discuss something with him, and he asked me if it could wait until after Gloria arrived at 4:00, as we were quite busy, and I told him it was not terribly urgent.

When Gloria arrived, she was ecstatic, and couldn’t wait to show everyone the beautiful diamond that Jerry had given her on Christmas Day. She was now comfortable, and so proud to wear it. Every one of us offered congratulations on her engagement, but, of course, she wasn’t able to give us a date yet, as the Wedding Day was not yet confirmed.

Randy, a few minutes past 4:00, “Doug, what did you want to discuss with me?”

“Randy, I need a favor. I know you’re aware that DJ is going on vacation next week. Carl, Jamie’s Dad, is taking the boys to the airport on New Years Day, but he cannot pick them up on Friday evening, when they return. Can you possibly let me off by around 6:00 PM Friday so I can pick the boys up when their flight comes in, at 8:20 PM?”

“Doug,” Randy said, “I can do you that favor, but I need a couple favors in return. DJ normally works a double with Gloria on Tuesdays and usually cover’s your delivery shift on Wednesdays. I’ll get one of the girls to close Tuesday evening, if you can come in and open at 10:00 AM, as a cashier, then at 3:00 do your deliveries, and cashier in between. Can you handle an 11 hour shift?”

“I’m also going to need you to cover your own delivery shift from 3-9 on Wednesday, as DJ won’t be here to cover it.”

“I can do that, Randy,” I replied, “since we’re closed New Years Day, so I won’t be working that Monday evening and I can be rested to do the 11 hours on Tuesday, and still do deliveries on Wednesday. I really appreciate your cooperation. DJ told us this morning that you gave him a promotion?”

Randy responded, “I may get some flack from a couple of the girls that have been here longer than DJ, but Gloria and I both feel that DJ is the most qualified person for the position. That young man is absolutely amazing! If DJ keeps his grades up, and manages to carry on to a four year college and get a pharmacist degree, he could eventually become a store manager.”

“As for next Friday evening,” Randy continued, “I’ll get you out of here at 6:00 PM, I wouldn’t want to see the boys stranded at the airport. I’m changing DJ’s schedule to an opener this Sunday, and out by 5:00 PM, as I’m sure he will have packing to do.”

* * * * * *

Jamie asked Anthony if he could be scheduled out early this Sunday, as he and DJ still needed to finish packing, and they would be leaving at 2:00 AM Monday morning for the airport.

“You know, Jamie,” Anthony stated, “you being gone for a week leaves us a little thin on servers, but it’s probably one of the best weeks to be short handed, as the first week of January is typically one of the slowest weeks of the year.”

Anthony continued, “I’ll let you out about 5:00 PM on Sunday, which is also New Years Eve. We tend to be quite busy on New Years Eve, but it’s mostly carry outs, for New Years Eve Parties, and not many eating in. You will be available to work on Saturday and Sunday, after you return, won’t you?”

“Yes, Boss,” Jamie replied, smiling, “I can close both nights, but I would appreciate not needing to come in too early on Saturday.”

“Jamie, call me Friday night after you land, and I will confirm your schedule for Saturday. We’re going to miss you next week, but we’re happy that you two are going to have some fun. I hope you guys don’t forget to come back home.” Anthony smiled.

Saturday, December 30th was pretty normal for everyone. Since Randy was letting DJ off early Sunday evening at 5:00 PM, he had asked DJ to do the opening shift Sunday at 10:00 AM. The boys were at our house both Friday and Saturday nights.

When Jamie got off at 11:00 PM on Saturday night, he brought an extra large pizza and fed the four of us. As DJ had to go in early on Sunday morning, the boys hit the sack shortly after.

We all got up early on Sunday morning, and had a pleasant breakfast together. DJ was to work at 10:00 AM and Jamie at 11:00. Joe and I both were scheduled to work at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, and this would be the last time the four of us would be together until after the boys returned from Florida next Friday. Joe and I are really happy for the boys, but we know this next week is going to be pretty lonely for us, and likely for Carl and Karen too.

* * * * * *

Sunday, December 31st, while Joe and I were working, the boys got to our house about 5:30 PM and started their packing. About 7:00 PM they placed Joe’s big suitcase, and their backpacks, into Jamie’s car. Leaving the Tracker at our house, they went to the Seldon’s, arriving there a little before 7:30. They brought the luggage into the house, and Karen had an evening luncheon set up.

By 9:00 PM, the boys had finished up their packing. Jamie made certain that he packed DJ’s new sexy swim trunks as well as his own in the large suitcase. They laid out clean clothes to put on, and shared a shower, then slipped into bed to catch a couple hours sleep. Karen and Carl also went to bed about the same time.

Monday morning, January 1st, Carl and Karen’s alarm went off at 1:30 AM. Both jumped out of bed, Carl pulled on his briefs and Karen put on her robe, and she headed to the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker. Carl headed to the boy’s room, smiling as he looked down upon the two boys, cuddled and sleeping so peacefully. He reached down and quickly threw the covers off of them, exposing their naked bodies.

Carl, grinning, “OK guys, time to get moving, we gotta leave in half an hour!” Carl announced.

“Dad,” Jamie remarked, “you didn’t have to pull the covers off of us!” The two boys jumped off the bed, grabbing for their boxer-briefs.

Carl, laughing, “I just had to prove a point, that you guys don’t wear pajamas to bed, or even underwear. It’s not like I’ve never seen naked male bodies before. Coffee should be ready.”

As Carl and the boys entered the kitchen, Karen already had three mugs of coffee poured, a glass of juice for Jamie, and a plate of pastries in the center of the table. Karen disappeared to the bedroom to dress, and Carl soon followed. As soon as they ate and drank, the boys went to their room and got dressed, and Carl went out and started the CRX to warm up.

Karen had decided to go along for the ride, mostly to keep Carl company, and awake, on the way back home. It was actually close to 2:15 AM when they actually got under way, Karen in the front passenger seat, and the boys in the back. They arrived at the airport at 3:55 AM, and Carl handed the boys a handful of tickets and receipts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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